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  1. My wife tells me every car or truck I buy is a mid-life crisis purchase. So apparently I've been having one since I was 25.
  2. Yeah, he'll play with it. He loves anything mechanical.
  3. My son would love this. Is it still available?
  4. It's people like this that ruin it for the rest of us. Just wear a damn mask so we can continue towards normal. Doctors and nurses wear them to protect their patients, why can't we do it to protect each other? Oh wait, I forgot it hinders our freedom. I'm just gonna sit over here and shake my head in disbelief.
  5. One good thing I was reading is that the virus has started mutating to a version that is less deadly but transmitted faster. So hopefully less serious but expect more cases. I should probably note that this good news came from CNN, so it's probably totally biased and fake news.
  6. The problem isn't that students are high risk. It's that they're carriers. Which means that their families and teachers which make up the older population are now at risk. It's not a simple solution when you factor in who they're in contact with daily.
  7. The process of refining such a system would take at least 2 years of training, redesigning our logistics, and millions of dollars to create a new infrastructure capable of supporting it. We're losing $1.5 million in state funding this year alone which is making us scrounge for the necessary funding just to get us in a better place than we were last year. We overtaxed our online learning platform last year which created numerous problems. There were students without access to computers or the internet. We were problem solving on the fly. And this was just in my district. Statewide would cost hundreds of millions if not more to create a viable infrastructure. We also have to consider the fact that most of our families don't have anyone home during the day to monitor the children. My wife and I, both being teachers, are scrambling to get one of our parents to possibly watch our son if we do a partial opening. There are so many factors that play into this it's mind numbing. Honestly, we could easily do it in NJ if we weren't contributing so much of our federal taxes to other states. I already posted a link about federal funding so I won't go any further back into that.
  8. We're still being told to prepare for 3 possibilities. 1st is a full return, which is what the department of educating is pushing for. 2nd is a partial return with students coming in half time on a staggered schedule so only half the students are in the building at any given time. 3rd is a continuation of online learning. My gut feeling is that we'll return full time in the beginning, but there is a real possibility that we'll do online learning once flu season starts. Most teachers I have talked to want to return full time knowing that online learning isn't beneficial to students. We know the risks and will support the teachers that shouldn't return because of their underlying health conditions. We'll never be able to social distance in a school building and we know this. My wife is already preparing to have to wear a full face shield when she goes back to her classroom since she's high risk. It's not ideal since she teaches kindergarten and 1st grade. We'll figure it out, we always do.
  9. Washed the TB since it wasn't supposed to rain for the next week. Fast forward 6 hours, and it's raining. Gotta love summer weather.
  10. Saw the same thing on my local news. Kinda speechless.
  11. Looking forward to the Xfinity series running the Indy road course. Hopefully it's a entertaining as the Roval.
  12. That last lap at Talladega was good racing. Gotta enjoy a race when the finish is that close. Back to back at Pocono this weekend. Hopefully Chase can rebound and get some stage wins.
  13. I understand that reporting of decreases is important. And my local news has been doing that better than any of the major news corps. But let me pose this question. Our hypothesis thus far has been that the increased heat and sunshine should weaken the virus. It was discussed at the press briefs by both the current administration and the task force. If this is the case then shouldn't having 20+ states showing increases be important?
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