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  1. I've got the Weathertech. Works just fine.
  2. My dad, 61, got his first shot on 3/9. Tested positive for Covid-19 on 3/26. Gotta still be careful after that first dose. He's doing better, but it hit him like a bad flu. First shot probably helped minimize what it could have been.
  3. I'm with you on this point. I do mostly city driving so I'll take all 8 going 24/7.
  4. The ZR2 Blazer was a blast to take off-roading. Very capable. As for the others, while they weren't serious off-roaders, they were at least capable vehicles that could be turned into fun vehicles. And I do like the look of the new Blazer. I just would have liked a midsized SUV built on the Colorado platform. Whether that be the Blazer or Trailblazer.
  5. That dealership should pull the front fender pieces and paint match them. Other than that I like it. GM offers such boring colors for most of their lineup. Between that, wanting to be all electric, and ruining classic nameplates like Blazer, I'm starting to lose my patience with them.
  6. Amazing what some powder coating will do for stock rims.
  7. Is this the kit that goes on the top of the strut? If so I'll take it.
  8. I have those on my truck. My truck is in the pics on that site.
  9. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine about 10 days ago. I go back for the second dose in another 11 days. Arm was a little sore and I had a brief headache. My wife had the same reaction I did. I've heard the second dose hits hard for a day. I know a decent number of people that have gotten it. No major reactions.
  10. Installed my Lasfit LED high beam bulbs. Already had the low beams so this completed the set. Very bright and an easy install.
  11. Looks good. Those angles with the stock arms look dicey. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade.
  12. That's good to know. Gonna go order one now. Thanks for the info.
  13. I have the Spartan bumper from Road Armor and I know they make a skid plate to work with that bumper. Might be worth looking into whether that fits the bumper you're getting.
  14. I go back and forth with my decision all the time. Shadow gray is very nice but I think if I could do it over I'd go satin steel.
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