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  1. Truck looks great... That's pretty much what I'm looking for,,," better stance and more tire" thanks for sharing.
  2. Truck looks great, do you have a leveling kit or small lift on that ?? Do you have any rubbing issues??
  3. Yeah that looks perfect..exactly what I'm looking for " more tire " I appreciate you getting at me with a picture...oh just wondering does the trim PKG matter , rst, lt, custom ?? I've got the custom...truck came with some decent black alloy wheels 18 x 8.5 ya think Maybe I can use them with the 1.5" Lev & the 35" Bfg's ?? Seems every local shop around here (L.A. CA) just wants to push a $6500 lift rims and tires.. crazy
  4. Hey looking to put 35"s on a 2020 trail boss... Local shop said I would need new rims and a 6" lift kit...???? If so is there anything I need to know about what type/ kind of lift to go with to avoid future issues..looking for some product recommendations.. don't care for the way these trucks sit stock, tires seem small????
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