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  1. Are you still happy with this setup? Think I going to pull the trigger on the 6112s and 5160s as well, hoping the extra coin above the 5100s is justified. I've had several sets of 5100s on my jeep in the past and wanted to explore the next step up.
  2. Thanks for uploading those pics, the flares look great. Do you have a link to the website you bought them from? Also, is it all mechanical fasteners holding them on or is there any adhesive involved?
  3. Thanks. Yeah that's the only one I can find. Should have been more clear. I'm looking for non-studio, like real life walk around pics.
  4. I cant find pictures anywhere with these exact flares installed. Anyone installed them? They have a rectangular notch at the top of the flare and I am curious to see it looks with the body.
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