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  1. Voltedge, I have the same trailer except mine is 8.5 x 18 with extra high head room. My trailer is the same brand and color but I like your aluminum wheels better than my steel wheels! I have made many improvements to my trailer but the first thing I noticed towing it home was the extra height on my trailer made it tow with additional resistance at highway speed compared to my open steel car trailer that weight in around 1850 lbs. My new Silverado is a 2017 1500 CC with a standard box 5.3 6 spd. 3.54 rear, you should be fine with your 6.2. Let me know if you want to see the products I installed to the trailer. Good luck towing, safe travels!
  2. Looks like my 2014 exhaust valve, my 2017 has a round housing not the square design?
  3. Installed the 2018 front emblem on my 2017 LT with no mods, but it clips into the grill a little looser than the OEM black emblem? Love the looks and it matches the Ocean Blue paint color too!
  4. I installed a product that works well for me on my 2017 Silverado "Sprint Booster" P/N # SPRCH011 Sprint Booster V3. ~ $289.99 simple install and you set it to your driving needs.
  5. Just ordered a set from you now, will post pictures when I get them on the truck! Thanks!!!!
  6. Just called my local GM parts guy, he states that they are still on "National Back Order" so I will contact one of the web sites for availability.
  7. Wonderful!!!!! Now I wonder if my local dealership can order these now? As of May 9th they couldn't Has anyone tried to order these this week at their dealership??
  8. Just asking...why couldn't we swap out the newer cap less filler neck with a 2016 design filler neck? Has anyone tried this yet? This would solve the fuel tank contamination issue and if you wanted to add a lockable fuel cap you would that option too.
  9. I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice this issue. The first time I saw this was in a heavy rain storm when I filled with gas, the water was sitting on top of the cap less flapper and I thought this can't be good over the life of the truck!? I haven't looked close at Ford's design to see if their having the same problem. I hope GM will look at this before some damage is done to the fuel system?
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