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  1. I have the same question...I'm thinking about getting my truck in to be checked because according to my DEF gauge I have a full DEF tank since new with about 3K with a little towing. Seems like everyone uses a lot more DEF after the update?
  2. My dealership filled my DEF tank when I took delivery of my new 2020 Silverado 1500 3.0 Duramax, I now have ~1800 miles on the truck and the DEF gauge still reads full, when will I see a drop on the DEF gauge? Mostly highway miles not towing yet, average mileage 27.9 to 29.1. Love the truck but I'm starting to wonder about my DEF usage???
  3. The "diesel off-road package" RPO code B4U trucks must be kind of rare, I never found one near me when I bought my 2020 truck. Please continue to share your towing driving reviews and mpg results with the rest of us Duramax 3.0- 3.23 ratio folks.
  4. What purpose is this hole for, located on bottom the passenger side mirror only?
  5. Checked already about this and found Titan makes Aux fuel tanks that fit in place of the spare tire for other pickup trucks. This would be an option once they make one for our trucks!?
  6. Welcome, one of my reasons for buying my Silverado LT 3.0 Duramax was the tow rating at a reasonable RPM, I towed with a 2017 5.3 and was tired of the 6 speed transmission and the high RPM's at highway speeds. As for your question about the oil change cost between the Ram ecodiesel and the 3.0 Duramax this was another reason I picked the Duramax. I compared the oil, oil filter, and fuel filter cost and was disappointed of how expensive the Ram was for common maintenance! I did test drive a 2020 Ram ecodiesel and liked the engine and interior but did encounter a few harsh down shifts from second into first gear. The lower maintenance cost on the GM Duramax is what finally made me decide on the Silverado and the better mileage on the Silverado too. I get a discount at my Chevy dealership on parts and paid under $5.00/Qt. for 0W-20 Dextros D oil the engine takes 7 qts. vs. 10.? in the ecodiesel The oil filter was also under $5.00 (PF-66), I haven't bought a AC Delco fuel filter yet but I did look at the Ram fuel filter cost...WOW! Good luck on your new truck and buy what works for you!
  7. Has there been any noticeable changes to highway mileage since installing your caps? Increase or decrease?? Thanks
  8. 3.0 Duramax LM2: Fuel Filter tools! T40 wrench to drain water from filter (located under the seat floor pan on the drivers side) 36mm 6pt socket to replace the fuel filter element.
  9. Thanks again for your help!! Just wired up my led lights this morning and checked for operation after lunch, everything works great!
  10. Thank you for the wiring update! What color is the BCM "connector X4-13", thanks again. Ralph
  11. That's excellent news!! My 2017 5.3 struggled to pull my empty aluminum extra tall enclosed trailer with the six speed transmission, that's one of the reasons I traded it in on my new 2020 3.0 Duramax! I can't wait to tow after the engine break in, I really like the way this new truck accelerates and shifts.
  12. Barring the mileage, how did the 3.0 Duramax do towing your tall trailer compared to the 6.2? ie : RPM at highway speed (70MPH) downshifting / upshifting etc. Thanks Ralph
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