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  1. I found this supplement in my warranty booklet, am I reading this right, our 3L Diesel’s get 5 year/ 160,000km (100,000mile) powertrain warranty instead of the typical 100km?
  2. Picked up a 3L GMC Sierra last week and noticed after a short trip with 400kms on the truck it smelled like burning crap when we got home, I wonder if that’s a passive regen? i was reading, does this truck passively regen every time it gets hot? Does it even need to active regen? i found this online ” There's no DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) on the exhaust under the truck. Unlike its big brother, the 3.0L Duramax doesn't have a traditional DPF. The clean-sheet design allowed the engineers to combine the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DPF into one unit, which Barta's group refers to as the "SCRF." "The SCRF is coupled close enough to the turbo that we actually do the regen post- injections on the exhaust stroke, and that extra fuel flows out the exhaust valve and straight into the SCRF," said Barta. This design makes the "passive regens" automatic and seamlessly unobtrusive to the driver.” https://www.fourwheeler.com/news/features/1908-first-look-tech-details-behind-2020-silverados-new-3-0l-duramax-6-turbodiesel/
  3. thats not terrible, my V6 3.5L Gas Tacoma 4wd only gets 11-13L/100km on the highway ... Aka 18 - 21 MPG... so sounds like itll be the same, or the AT4 might by marginally better.
  4. thats not great. how fast of highway speeds is that?
  5. Hi there! Im looking at buying / ordering a 2020 AT4 Diesel up here in Canada. Anyone have one yet? How is the fuel economy verus a non factory lifted trim How is the DEF system in the winter when it freezes up at night Thinking of ordering it with the 18's for more tire selection, maybe put a 265 70 r 18 Cooper AT3 4S or Toyo ATII AW? same width as factory but a bit taller? Any feedback greatly appreciated! Read up alot online from the 5.3 and 6.2 owners already, you all seem pretty happy so far.
  6. im curious if anyone has one with the I6 diesel, whats the fuel economy versus a non lifted AT4?
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