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  1. My daughter, for medical reasons, needed to go on a very low carb diet. She was a bit resistant so my wife said " we will do it with you", and that was pretty much it. I lost close to thirty pounds, and my wife and daughter each lost 10 or 15. We really did not do it for weight loss - it was just a side effect, and not a bad one. We were not fanatical and did not cut out all carbs but almost all of them. No more rice or french fries or bread but my wife was very creative in finding other recipes and things to eat. We have not gone hungry.
  2. I was about 205# until a diet about 18 months ago and dropped to about 175. Over the last three weeks since this 'back thing' which now is requiring surgery, I have dropped some more. I was 168 at the doc yesterday. Maybe my wife being about 120# is the problem for her, too. They need some 'skinny people' truck seats now that I am one....I haven't weighed this since I think my sophomore year of high school.
  3. Well, I am trying a number of things. I contacted the best auto upholstery guy I know. He is reaching out to his GM contact to see if the cushions themselves are different in High Country, Denali, etc. If so I will consider changing although it will be expensive. He does not want to do anything otherwise 'custom' to the cushions due to the heating and cooling and the many sensors, etc built into the seats. Additionally, I bought one of these "ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion - Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain - Office Chair Car Seat Cushion - Sciatica & Back Pain Relief" from Amazon. It is too thick and really not comfortable to me. So I went a different direction and ordered this from Amazon and they should be here in a couple of days: "Sunny color 2Pc Premium Pu Car Seat Cover, Full Wrapping Edge & Non-Slip Bottom Front Seat Protector Compatible with Most Vehicles Black". I can't say I love it but if they fit and provide some cushion, I can live with them.
  4. My seats are power on both sides. FWIW, my wife was so uncomfortable in the passenger seat and found it so hard, she preferred to ride in the back seat in the one trip she took with me. The other option I obviously have is to trade the truck for the High Country but I really don't know if it has better seats either. Does anyone know? I hate to spend the extra money just for the seats....I know I will get other features too.
  5. I did try the heat and it did not help. Quite frankly, I don't want to bake and sit on a brick as a 'remedy'. A second concurrent form of discomfort doesn't fix another. From research I have done, it seems the refresh seats are the same - but I have not seen them first- hand yet.
  6. First - I apologize for what is about to be a long post but I am going to start at the beginning. I have a history of minor back problems but have not had any issues in seven years. I got my truck right before the end of 2021. Right after new years I started having regular lower back aches. I did not attribute anything to the truck - in fact I thought the trucks firm seats might be good. However my condition seemed to be getting worse. Three weeks ago I had three road trips within a few days. Atlanta to Huntsville, AL to Chattanooga, TN and back to Atlanta. Atlanta to Chattanooga and back to Atlanta. Atlanta to Tuscaloosa, AL and back to Atlanta. Upon my return to Atlanta following the last road trip on April 10, my back went totally out that night and over the next couple of days my conditioned worsened to the point that I had to take an ambulance to the hospital because I was unable to move and in tremendous pain by Wedneesday. I was discharged on Thursday but still in rough shape. Over the next few days I developed far worse excruciating pain like I did not know existed and was hospitalized the following week for four more days. I have just been out of the hospital about a week and become somewhat mobile. I have a herniated disc with a pinched sciatic nerve. Let me say, I lifted nothing and did nothing strenous that preceded this. Furthermore, I am 55 and 6' tall and 172# and in generally very good health and I can only think of the road trips as a contributing factor to my current condition. My wife actually pointed it out first and I initially defended the truck but the more I thought about it, the more I think she is right. I am not claiming it is all the truck's fault - I think I have/had and underlying condition that the truck must have exacerbated. That said, I cannot live with these seats and need to find a solution. I am open to suggestions - regardless of cost, as I really like the rest of the vehicle and I just got it. I have thought of a few things so far that I will investigate. Seats from maybe something like a 2017 era Escalade. It would seem that the frames would fit (being a GM product) and maybe the heat/cooling stuff might fit too. Obvioulsy I have no idea about any airbags in the seats or any of that stuff. Seats from a Buick Enclave(again a GM Product). These are probably comfortable but again no idea about connectivity, etc. Taking the current seats to a qualified automotive upholsterer and having the foam redone in some way to make it more comfortable. Installing an RV captains chair if they will fit. Again - connectivity and airbag issues. I know these are very comfortable as I used to have an RV. Something like one of these...https://shop4seats.com/rv-furniture/rv-captain-chairs.html In the interim I am going to use a gel/memory foam seat cushion but I want a permanent solution. Of coarse - I cannot even drive yet....it has been three weeks and I have not been able to sit longer than it has taken me to type this. Getting stir crazy.... Again - I am looking for other suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  7. My last couple of cars could be programmed to fold the mirrors in when the car was turned off and the return them to the normal position when you restarted the car. Obviously, we can move them with the button (or the fob) but is there a way to make this function automatic? It sure is nice in tight parking lots, etc.
  8. I guess I am just going to have to drill the rivets to see what I am working with. If it is too ugly, I will put it back on.
  9. Although I am in GA, given how low truck inventories are and the fact that pretty much all the dealers around here wanted huge 'market adjustments' added to the cost, I ended up buying from a dealer in Wisconsin. I had a fantastic experience and would absolutely buy from them again. After I had 'issues' with shippers jacking their prices after I had commitments, the dealer even took the truck to O'hare and met me and I drove it back to Atlanta. They said they do that all the time at no cost. In fact, they were doing multiple vehicles the same day that were headed all over the country.
  10. The dealer put on the front license plate bracket before I bought the truck. I am thinking about drilling the rivets out and removing it but dont know what I will be left with. Has anybody done it? I figure I can put short carriage bolts in the holes or chrome caps to fill them but I would really like to know ahead of time what I might be dealing with. I don't want to have to replace that entire chrome piece below the bumper...although I would not mind knowing the part number so I could get the cost if entirely necessary.
  11. I noticed when I turn my diesel off it makes a bunch of weird ticking noises - sort of sounds like a loud clock ticking. Does everybody's do that? Normal?
  12. I never get any smell while driviing but it has been real cold (relatively speaking to those of you in the North) here lately so I decided to try the remote start function on the keyfob. After I let it run in the driveway for a few minutes and went and got into the truck, it smelled - and I don't mean just a little bit - it was strong. I had to open the windows to let it out. It was not a one time occurence. It has done it every time I tried the remote start - about 5 times. Is this happening to others? FWIW, my truck has 2000 miles on it and I have had it about 3 weeks.
  13. I have had my truck about 2 weeks. Today I had a notification come on my screen that said my Nav system would quit working in a couple of weeks unless I chose a subscription plan for Onstar. Is this correct. On my last car, my nav continued to work, it just did not update maps and traffic without a subscription. I thought (assumed) this would be the same. If this is not the case, it really sucks that I paid for Nav and it does nothing without ongoing 'pay to play' program. Yes, I know I can use Android Auto and/or Carplay.
  14. I know this is an old thread but I just got my truck this weekend and drive through the mountains a bit and like to know the altitude/elevation I am at. Dissappointing to realize this is not a feature in the built-in nav. I am trying to find out if it can work through one of the Android Auto apps. I know there are apps that tell you the elevation. Both of my Audi's do this - a '15 Q5 and my wife's A5 Convertible and their systems are really archaic. Maybe someone can chime in if you know the Android system answers as this is very new to me.
  15. I just got a '22 LTZ Friday and have been trying to figure out why I could not lock or unlock at the back door. Just saw this thread. Went out and looked. There are no buttons on my truck. This sucks. I am used to using all the doors on my old car.
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