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  1. I don't buy used.. and there is no reason to when the Silverado have fantastic re-sale value. All used car dealers have bad reviews. 75% of dissatisfied customers will post a review while 75% of satisfied customers will not bother. Grain of salt.
  2. Same here.. I guess they don't know what an RST 4x4 with a 5.3 is.
  3. Same issue here, very annoyed by it... now, I start my truck remotely as I walk towards it. Warms up the transmission and it gets a lot smoother when I drive it away.
  4. I'm probably in the minority but was annoyed by the vibrating seat in the Suburban since roads are not very well-maintained in Mexico and are usually missing lanes. I'll admit the red thing saved my ass though when a kid on a bicycle jumped in front of me. I suppose it works the same on the Cheyenne, my Cheyenne doesn't have that feature but I don't really miss it. It depends on the price.
  5. Same reason why I have air conditioning. It's there whenever I need it even though I am near the beach where it's been 72 degrees for the past month. Same thing goes for the back seat of my crew cab. It's there when I need it. I've used it to bring office furniture. And I drive it around in crowded areas in Newport Beach, the short box makes it easier. Everybody's different. Not everybody has the space for two cars. It's mostly laid back folks like me who drive crew cabs. Nobody wants the double, it's ugly as ******. Dear God.
  6. CarMax gave me a better deal the last time. I am not trading in my Silverado right now.. inventory is low and I am not seeing good deals on trucks anymore.
  7. Those reporting worse gas mileage, did you take the bricks off of your feet before driving?
  8. I believe it. I fill up whenever I am in Mexico.. gotta love the Pemex gasoline, no ethanol bullshit in it like California's. I get about 5 mpg better. I have gotten 28 mpg out of my truck that way, going 65 mph on a very flat surface.
  9. Try this link... https://www.cars.com/for-sale/searchresults.action/?drvTrnId=27105&mdId=22061&mkId=20053&mlgId=28872&page=1&perPage=100&prMn=10000&rd=99999&searchSource=GN_REFINEMENT&sort=price-lowest&stkTypId=28880&trId=36431245&yrId=36620293&zc=92675 I picked only TB Trail Boss and only 4x4... plenty at $10k to $12k off. They can't fib on the MSRP, that's set by the factory. What they can try to do is add in extras that you won't need or want such as interior protection. Call them before and tell them you don't want surprises. I didn't know where you were so I did a nationwide search and it's in the link.
  10. No, bad deal. I got $10k off of my Silverado when it was new.
  11. I thought it was bad when a Ford F-150 owner had his truck broken in and the thief also got the keypad code out of the driver's manual. Now, the thief can get in and out of his truck because it cannot be changed. I think he wound up permanently cutting the line to it.
  12. https://www.sargentgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2020-GMC-Sierra_1500-SLE____Kodiak_Edition-Grande_Prairie-AB/4602808073 Doesn't seem to have LED brake lights in the back....
  13. I found out GMC Sierra still had buttons on all four while Chevrolet took out the rear buttons for the 2020 model year. My 2019 RST has it on all four. I love this feature, I use it all the time, I would hate to have to push the front button then go back and open the rear door.
  14. I use the rear door about 3 or 4 times a day at the ranch. I also back in my spot against the wall with the right side also against the wall. I suppose I use the rear door button a lot more than the average Joe.
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