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  1. It's a debating tactic.. a very cheap one, if you ask me. I have never heard of people being told, "It needs to be replaced because you downshifted a lot." When you downshift, you're actually going the other way with the transmission teeth, the parts that very rarely get used. You're FAR more likely to be using the opposite side of the teeth that gets worn out anyway. He thought that engines wear out a lot if you downshift too, it doesn't. Shows how much he knows.
  2. There's a hill that drops about 350 feet within half a mile. The worst part is that the speed limit drops from 50 to 35 in the middle and at the end is a stop light that is ALWAYS red. I am going to try the cruise control. I don't want it to brake.
  3. I had a similar experience with the Impala I rented. I was impressed at the technical part of it and how it would seem to know what's the best by downshifting and rev matching. Ford and Benz braked instead and I was disappointed. I haven't really had the opportunity to do that with my current Cheyenne since it's been at the ranch, but it will soon be my daily commuter since gas mileage is so great.
  4. Oh, God, he said hills, not stop lights. I don't downshift at stop lights! Geez.
  5. I tried that with my Ford but it seemed to prefer braking instead. That was annoying, but I know I've rented numerous cars and some were good at downshifting. Haven't really tried that with my current Cheyenne, but it wasn't hilly when I drove to LAX and back, netting 31 mpg on my 5.3 V8 with 4x4.
  6. When you drive, you're always using the back of the tooth in the gears, not the front. Downshifting, you're engaging the teeth in the opposite direction, might as well put that to use. As for the engine, it's the compression stroke and anybody will recommend that over using the brakes. I have gone through 14 cars in my entire life and not one have had brakes replaced. If you think it's great braking instead of downshifting, then you're clearly not worth my time. Good riddance.
  7. A few more miles? I have 3,000 miles and 98% left. I can do about 300,000 miles before needing one. My Ford was at 92% when I traded it in at 44,000 miles. The drivetrain is very solid and it is made to do that.
  8. You can do it now. I was already doing that when I got it brand new. The V8 has decent braking power so I don't need to hit my brakes when I'm driving the steep road next to the ranch. And there's always a cop up front. I was told coasting doesn't use gas. And I don't know if the engine braking uses gas, the DIC shows 99 mpg (the maximum) as if I was coasting on neutral.
  9. I go four-wheeling every day and I find the 4L useful at times. We have dumb asses here in the forum who think only amateurs use 4L. It has gotten me out of awkward situations. One was when I was parked with my front tires resting against a curb, a car an inch away from my rear bumper, and after the curb was a wall about a foot away from my front bumper. I don't know how the fake 4L's would work, I had to crawl at 1 mph and I had to keep my foot on the brake. Having it at 4H meant a higher chance of overshooting and hitting the wall or failing to run over the curb and hitting the car behind me. With 4L, I was able to turn the truck and get out of the awkward situation. So glad I have the Z71 package, I didn't know I needed it to have the 4L. It was $10k off the MSRP if I got the Z71 and it was priced identically to the ones without the Z71. I liked the Z71 badge without knowing about the two-speed transfer case. Edited: Changed all 2L to 4L, I'm an idiot..
  10. Around here, 70 mph is a suggestion. People still drive around 80 to 85. Even in southern Orange County where it's posted at 65, people drive 80. Even back in the old days when it was 55, the highway patrol hardly cared if one did 75 mph. Cruise control - it brakes while I'm doing downhill. Don't like that at all. I don't really need to do neutral coasting anymore since the top gear is so high.
  11. I know l/100 km, I used to live in Germany. I can believe it. I am easy on the gas, I try to drive as if there's an eggshell between my foot and the gas pedal. Makes a huge difference. With stop lights, I use the brakes as a last minute resort and I wind up passing other people who decided to speed up and then come to a full stop just when the red light turns green. Sometimes I get into that car's lane because other people behind me want to accelerate faster. I try not to inconvenience anybody. It's pretty common to see cars going 80 mph (130 km/h) around here on the I-15.
  12. Ha ha ha! I am the EXACT same way! I go 45 mph and hug the right lanes behind other 18-wheelers going uphill. Downhill, I regularly exceed 90 mph on 70-mph highways. People don't understand me when I am all over the highway, going left to right then back to left and changing speed. It's all about hypermiling, boys and girls.
  13. Many seem to be unable to wrap their heads around that, mostly Americans who have never been to Europe. Trucks can't exceed 62 mph (100 km/h) and there are cars barrelling on the left lane, easily exceeding 100 mph (160 km/h). It's not privilege, some want to go slow, some want to go fast, it's all about harmony. It's sehr verboten to pass on the right lane so people MUST get back to the right and allow the faster cars to pass. I have absolutely no problem with people wanting to go faster and will even speed up if I'm on a one-lane road then use the turnout. Driving back and forth on the 74, I can say with certainty I have never had more than a car behind me for more than a few minutes. If two cars come up, I will go faster. Fortunately, multi-lane highways are very common here in southern California. Ortega Highway is some of the most dangerous in the U.S., about 99% is one-lane and speed limits range from 55 mph to yellow signs showing 25 mph. I'm not kidding, it is really twisty. By law, people must use the turn out if more than three vehicles are behind. I still do it when there's a single car. Even if one car comes up, I will go faster, perhaps exceeding the limit, then getting off to let it pass then I am back on it going lower than the speed limit and hoping nobody gets behind me.
  14. Believe me, they piss me off too. I try to stay at 55 mph even on the twisty Ortega Highway. If any car gets behind me, I will use the turnout and let them pass. A lot of times, I travel during odd hours so that's not a problem, nobody gets slowed down and I achieve my 31 mpg. Easy peasy. Spending quite a bit of time in Europe, believe me, I hate it when I am costing somebody else time and will get out of the way.
  15. I do that all the time especially when there's nobody behind me. If there is a left lane open, use it, don't get behind me and get pissed.
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