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  1. With the AFM in Chevy Suburban, I had to be steady footed for a while to activate it. I do not know about the DFM in my Cheyenne since I can't tell if it's kicking in. I thought DFM could go down to one cylinder. Wear and tear are not an issue because all are still spinning, but without fuel input so there's no extra fuel being used, and wear and tear would be even on all cylinders. I assumed the DFM would be reluctant to turn on at a speed of 80 mph because of the possibility the driver may need to speed up to pass a truck. Going 55 mph on a right lane, following trucks, with a very steady foot, the DFM is more likely to engage. I got great gas mileage out of AFM too. How quickly does the DFM turn on? AFM took a while for me, about ten seconds of steady foot. I can see why some didn't like it, it sometimes took a while to disengage and allow me to pass slower moving vehicles.
  2. I get much better gas mileage going 55 mph in a V8 Cheyenne than a Ford EcoBoost (with all cylinders powered and no DFM). Usually around 30 mpg compared to 25 mpg. I don't think DFM will activate at 80 mph since it will need the power from all eight cylinders. And people will push the gas pedal to keep up with 80 mph so the cylinders are constantly fired up, always prepared. If it's a very steady foot at 55 mph, I get 30 mpg, I don't even think more than two are needed at that speed.
  3. Ohhhh, I was referring to the key fob! I didn't know the interior had a button for that!
  4. A separate button? On mine, I just lean on the unlock button to open all four. Useful during hot days. Before, leaning on the lock button would get all four windows up then somebody's head got chopped off so now you can only roll them down but not up.
  5. I have a flashlight that's using the USB port in my console box and it's why mine has not worked since then. It only activates when there's sufficient power in the battery.. and I noticed mine would activate only after very long trips so I realized it was the battery.
  6. Depends on which part in Southern California.. I am in Orange County but I went to Quality Chevrolet in San Diego for my 2019. They have quite a few right now and are discounting them as usual. I bought my Silverado RST from them in 2019 before the shortage.. $10k off on a first-year model, way better than other dealerships, and I fully expected a bait and switch.. but there were none. They threw in life-time oil change. I can't get a better deal than that... and I see their inventory is pretty good right now.
  7. At least my price is fixed at what I bought it at.. if I bought it now, it would be around $3,500 more expensive.. so it's not that big of a deal but I'm kind of anxious to see what would happen if it becomes a 2023 model... will it be repriced and I get stuck with paying $3,500 more or whatever inflation decides. I already have my 2019 Cheyenne RST, I just hope I don't get a ticket on it because it has Mexican plates, hence the name Cheyenne, not Silverado...
  8. Ford, not RAM. I will not consider RAM. In fact, I ordered a new 2020 F-150 Lariat.. because it was 3% below invoice (which makes it roughly 9% below invoice). And it has 7.2kW generator in it, it will be great for my camping trips. I know I will have to wait for a long time, it's already been three months, and some have waited eight months.
  9. Gas tax is only 30 cents higher in California than Arizona, yet we pay $1 more.. so it's not the tax, it's price manipulation, but right-wingers want to blame taxes. Even here in Orange County, Costco is 70 cents less per gallon in northern Orange County. Don't tell me it's taxes. They think we're all filthy rich here in southern Orange County and stick it up to us. I am only here because I never sold my place, I pay pennies on the dollar when it comes to property tax because it's fixed at the amount I bought it at, not the current value.. the people moving out, well, they made a few poor decisions. There's a fine line between burdening the engine with high gear and optimum gas mileage. I have been trying to find that over the past few months.. and the sweet spot is 62 mph . I've been averaging 28 mpg lately. No braking at all. At 70 mph, I watched my fuel economy drop substantially to 22 which is still respectable.. but $6 a gallon, man... you bet yer ass I'm going 62 mph.
  10. Which transmission do you have? 10-speed or 8-speed?
  11. Lifts greatly impact gasoline motors but not so much with diesels.
  12. That's in line with other Duramax 3.0 engines...
  13. That gas mileage is horrible! I regularly get 28 mpg going 60 mph on a very flat surface on the highway and that's with the 5.3 V8 with 8-speed automatic. My last 400 miles shows an average of 22.5 mpg, roughly 70% highway and 30% city. I regularly drive below the speed limit on highways, that helps a lot.
  14. That is hilarious.. but the problem was it was a 35-mph road and I was doing 30 mph because of the dried dirt caked on the road. I've driven over it many times in different 4x4's... and if you have been here for a while, you'd also know I'm not the only one with the fishtailing issue. It seems to be unique to twin-tube shocks found in RST Z71's.
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