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  1. I have 20" Goodyear Trailrunners on my Cheyenne RST with the 5.3 V8, very happy with it, quiet, great traction on wet roads. I usually drive at around 60 mph and have been getting 26 mpg. Best was 30 mpg on a very flat surface.
  2. I used to think the chip shortage was going to go away soon... but now I am not so sure. And there'll be a flood of Silverados when this is over, I expect big discounts. I am not counting on getting the 2022 even when it comes out in April.. more likely 2023 which probably will come out in October or so...
  3. I'm going to do that but will not get another RST with twin tube shocks, never again!
  4. Keeping your foot firmly on the brakes makes a difference. If you lighten it, the truck thinks you're just slowing down in traffic. I also think having accessories being charged shortens the off time.
  5. And GM is pushing Super Cruise? If they cannot even get that fixed, then I don't think I'd want that. The system malfunctioned, why is that so hard to understand? That's a safety issue here.
  6. I'm at the dealership right now.. yeah, they are out of cars.. not only that, so is Hertz. At least there's complimentary coffee and I'm a huge coffee drinker so that pans out. I have only one car because I live near the beach where parking is at a premium. I'm already pushing it with a big assed truck, but I love driving trucks so much so this is clearly not going to change. Insurance isn't even a hassle, they don't ask for it or make it difficult. Unlike the Benz dealership when I had a Benz, it was always a pain! My credit card, a Sapphire, offers PRIMARY car insuran
  7. It so happens I am going back to the dealership tomorrow to have several issues fixed (left front window going down on its own, check engine light on, and recent brake failure where I had to really push the pedal to get it to stop) along with recall notices and an oil change. The last two times, they had loaner cars so I was unable to see if the policy was in effect. It was just that one time, and they were indeed out of loaner cars that day.
  8. Likewise, I was going 30 on a 35-mph road, foot off the gas due to the caked dirt on the road from the recent floods. I never expected the whole back end to fishtail, causing my truck to immediately veer off-course. I was really pissed when this happened, this has never happened in any of the other 4x4's I've driven. What made it much more dangerous was the front end seemed to do a good job of staying planted but the backend fishtailed wildly, within five seconds, it was already over 30 degrees off-course. Had all been even, I might have slowed down, but this.. is unacceptable. The
  9. I am annoyed by the nagging.. I don't get it, sometimes it kicks in when I am not even past the first stop light from my house, sometimes it kicks in a few miles later. I don't know why, but.. this feature, no, no way.
  10. On the SLT, the 5.3 V8 is $4,000 more than the 6.2 V8. With a price like that, I sure as ****** hope they throw in free leather interior for the SLT! Oddly, the 5.3 V8 on the AT4 is $2,000 cheaper. I am going to wait until 2022 then.
  11. I found that starting it remotely as I'm walking towards it then driving it when it's warmer alleviates the problem so I'm okay with that. Sometimes I forget and it lurches forward, it's more of a minor annoyance than a big issue to me.
  12. Eh, I'm no mechanic but I had that issue since the day I bought it, could it be bad from the factory? I had the dealership look at it, reprogram it, and the guy in charge said there was a TSB on it. That was a year ago and I don't think there was that much of a difference in cold starts, but it's a lot better after it's warmed up. Could it be bad from the factory? I know it's over two years old, but it has only 6,000 miles on it.
  13. I have a 2019 with the 5.3 and 8-speed. I had that done too and it seems to have helped. I still have the morning clunks from cold starts, that part seems incurable.
  14. Wild expectations are normal if you're younger. My first 4x4 was an Isuzu Trooper when I was 21 years of age (only because it wasn't sold in Mexico and I wanted something unusual from the U.S.) and I have done a lot of four-wheeling since then with the different trucks at the ranch. We had all, even the Dodge Ram Charger (2WD, not 4x4 though), Ford Lobo, Chevrolet Suburban, so I became pretty adept at four-wheeling. As for 4WD capabilities, this one seems similar to the others I've owned. I bought this one because it was $10k off, a great deal for a first-year model, I didn't have
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