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  1. I found that starting it remotely as I'm walking towards it then driving it when it's warmer alleviates the problem so I'm okay with that. Sometimes I forget and it lurches forward, it's more of a minor annoyance than a big issue to me.
  2. Eh, I'm no mechanic but I had that issue since the day I bought it, could it be bad from the factory? I had the dealership look at it, reprogram it, and the guy in charge said there was a TSB on it. That was a year ago and I don't think there was that much of a difference in cold starts, but it's a lot better after it's warmed up. Could it be bad from the factory? I know it's over two years old, but it has only 6,000 miles on it.
  3. I have a 2019 with the 5.3 and 8-speed. I had that done too and it seems to have helped. I still have the morning clunks from cold starts, that part seems incurable.
  4. Wild expectations are normal if you're younger. My first 4x4 was an Isuzu Trooper when I was 21 years of age (only because it wasn't sold in Mexico and I wanted something unusual from the U.S.) and I have done a lot of four-wheeling since then with the different trucks at the ranch. We had all, even the Dodge Ram Charger (2WD, not 4x4 though), Ford Lobo, Chevrolet Suburban, so I became pretty adept at four-wheeling. As for 4WD capabilities, this one seems similar to the others I've owned. I bought this one because it was $10k off, a great deal for a first-year model, I didn't have
  5. I simply stopped driving it on the dirt roads (it first happened on a dry road with dirt caked on it from the rains) and I only use it on highway drives. I am aware of the Bilstein 5100, but it seems to be backlogged so I'm going to wait on this. I want to get all fours on that.
  6. Wasn't hitting gas or the brakes, and if you were paying attention, you'd notice others with the same RST with Z71 have reported this. I was the first to mention it because I was one of the first few with the same configuration. Had to deal with stupid people with different trucks chiming in on my driving habits. Hilarious? No, it was a dangerous situation and that should not have happened. This goes to show you I am not the only one. I'm still putting you on ignore for thinking it's "hilarious" - you're not worth my time.
  7. In my RST Z71, I've lost traction because of the violent judders in the back which sent my truck into a tailspin and I nearly hit a pedestrian. I don't drive it much anymore, it was going to be a truck for the ranch but now it sits there nine months a year. I will never drive it again.
  8. The 5.3 V8 was discounted by $10,000 so it was a no-brainer for me. Now the dealers are no longer discounting them, it's making my decision a bit harder. I get around 25 mpg on my 5.3 V8 (best I've gotten was 28 but that was going 50-55 mph all the way on a flat surface). If I can get a Duramax for less than $2,000 more, I'd consider it, because that's how much I'd save in gas mileage after 60,000 miles. Right now, I get $6,000 off for gasoline and nothing off for diesel so I'll stick with gasoline for now.
  9. 10,000 km Report (6,250 Mile Report) Our ranch has several vehicles, Ford Lobo, RAM, etc. This well-optioned Silverado was bought in the U.S. as my personal vehicle in April 2019, $53k MSRP, $43k dealer, with California registration, then I switched to D.F. plates only to have COVID delay my move to Mexico City so I'm still in Orange County and Tijuana. I also owned another Cheyenne down in Mexico but this one is about the first Silverado I had. Best gas mileage I've gotten was 7.6 l/100km (31 mpg) from a slow 55-mph drive on flat terrain from Dana Point to SNA airport
  10. Okay, just did a 30-mile drive with the A/C off the whole time (no fan at all) since it was cold here in the morning. It never kicked in after I got off the freeway and came up to a stop light, hit the brakes then pressed it harder. Nope. I never saw the green circle with "A" in it again. I don't think it's coming back.
  11. Not when it's 68 here in Dana Point, it hasn't gone above 75 the past month. For the most part, I keep the A/C off because I don't even need it.
  12. I think it was just the really long drive that did it because I usually keep it parked for weeks and weeks at times. Sometimes I don't drive it for a month. But it doesn't seem to be having issues with the battery, not that I can see. It didn't kick in after the long 500-mile drive to Hermosillo.. only on the way back to Tijuana.. and it didn't even kick in until about an hour in Tijuana (despite the stop and go traffic). It doesn't bother me but caught me off guard. I totally forgot about this.
  13. It's cold here in Dana Point, I don't even think it ever went above 73 in the past three weeks even in the daytime. Initially, it didn't kick in whenever I had the A/C on, but then it never kicked in, with or without the A/C running, summer, winter, cold start, hot start, 50-mile drives to Los Angeles, it never kicked in. Then it suddenly kicked in after a long 500-mile drive back to Tijuana. And I never use the thermostat at the auto-level, I always have it either LO or off, usually with A/C off. I had it off driving towards Hermosillo because it wasn't that warm at nighttime and I was t
  14. I can assure you none of that applies. It never kicked in since I had it when it was pretty new until just now. This is why it surprised me. I've taken long drives. The climate in Dana Point is always nice and cool, not hot or cold. I don't disconnect batteries. I don't keep my foot on the gas. I always put it in "D" when I am driving. No steep hills during my drives to L.A.
  15. It depends on dealer, not the factory, and if you want another oil change, you have to go to the same dealer. The Silverado we have came from a dealership that offered lifetime oil change so we get it done there.
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