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  1. Many years ago, I was rear ended and I brought up diminished value.. when that didn't pan out, I had a lot of tests done on my neck to be absolutely sure there weren't additional damages. I know that was petty, but to hell with them.
  2. Mine won't shift to the higher gears if I'm going downhill. Never on a flat surface.
  3. I've been trying to get it back to the way it was.. I regret pushing it in.
  4. Or it's just that the vocal minority like myself drive on dirt roads quite frequently? For me, it has created dangerous situations and I nearly ran over a guy on the side of the road. Others have reported the same. It isn't something I'd quickly dismiss just because I'm on the highway all the time.
  5. What does it do when you push the Calendar button? Does it show the calendar or?
  6. I liked it when my car would show me appointments but it stopped doing that a month ago. I.. want.. the.. calendar.. back!
  7. Mind telling me how you got the Calendar on the screen? I spent the past hour trying to get it to show. I have the others except Calendar and this is frustrating.
  8. You have calendar!? I only show Podcast, Maps, and Waze. I have calendar in mine for sure but I have to use the phone, not the screen!
  9. Just be grateful, there was the 400-SS package in Mexico and the trucks came with 400-SS on the sides. It was just a lousy sticker, nothing special.
  10. The suspension makes me miss my old Ford F-150. It was soft all around and soaked up bumps nicely. No jitters from the rear end or anything. That is my main issue with the twin-tube shocks from the RST Z71, it is the worst, period. It gets out of control way more than all the others I've driven. In fact, I have never experienced that in ANY of the company trucks. I have been looking at the new 2019 Ford F-150 trucks, the handling is unacceptable. I drive on dirt roads every day to the ranch.
  11. I only want to change mine from MPH to KM/H (it goes up to 220 in Metric, that's the only reason why). Is it any easier?
  12. Geez, I thought you said 5.3 MPG and I was shocked!
  13. I have a CCW but it's almost not necessary. Same reason why I have a 4x4, 99% of the times I don't need it, but there could be that 1% when I need it. Same thing with being armed. 99% of the times I'm not, but there could be that 1% when I need it. Being prepared is my thing. Never know, ya know?
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