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  1. I was actually adding to your statement. Almost all parts are made by one manufacturer, not multiple manufacturers. A transmission assembled in U.S. or Afghanistan would use parts from the same source.
  2. Where it is made has never made a difference on where the parts come from because nearly all the parts are made by ONE manufacturer and most would be in Mexico for sure.
  3. That doesn't surprise me. I am willing to bet there were at least ten countries, even Communist China. My statement still stands, majority of parts came from Mexico anyway.
  4. It's laughable to think there's a difference between the two. Avalanche was crap not due to the location, it's just crap. People claiming parts are locally sourced for the Mexican ones vs. American ones are full of crap, the majority are already made in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. anyway.
  5. Oh, my God, it looks EXACTLY like the 2019 Cheyenne RST I owned.. same color, same wheels, same tires, everything! Fun to drive, downside is the jittery rear suspension, that's it. Don't know if GM still uses twin-tube shocks for the rear suspension in the Z71 models.
  6. My 2008 Benz C350 didn't fare as well as yours.. and it was a baby deer while I was going 90 km/h. $4,500 in repairs. it sucked because the car was only two or three weeks old.
  7. That was precisely why I went back to Ford and its BlueCruise. I was able to order one with it while I could not with Chevrolet. It's amazing, I used to be a naysayer but now I'm a believer. I love it!
  8. There are several dealerships selling below MSRP. I got my new 2022 F-150 for $6,000 below MSRP, then it went through two price increases, and the sticker shows $75,000. I paid $62,000. The new 2023 model is now $79,000. Feds are aggressively tackling down inflation, and the shortages are affecting everything. Hell, Ford even announced a shortage with its blue oval badges! I think the chronic issues will continue through 2024.
  9. I have 35% ceramic all around mine and it makes a HUGE difference with the heat! A week ago, there was a nasty heat wave in southern California but I was able to drive around with the A/C fan speed set at the lowest setting. It no longer gets really hot inside quickly, I have 3M Crystalline which is not ceramic, but it's heat-rejecting and patented by 3M. I am now a firm believer. I don't drive much at nights, only in the daytime, and I only drive about 3,000 miles a year, so this was perfect. I live in the city where everything's lit at nights so it's no big deal. The windows look black but when you're inside, it's not that bad. Typical sunglasses are darker at 20% to 30% VLT while mine's at 35% VLT. Now that I am filtering out heat radiation, I don't have to worry about premature wear on my dashboard.
  10. I can do it myself and take 15 hours to do it.. or pay a professional $100 and watch him take an hour or so to do it.
  11. I know, I've given up with waiting and went back to Ford. My new 2022 Lariat comes with BlueCruise and it makes my drive so much easier!
  12. I no longer own the Chevy, but have to point out Ford has done the same. I ordered mine when it was $71,000 in January 2020. It was $74,500 by the time I got it, but my price was fixed so I didn't have to pay. A dealership in Iowa offered 3% below invoice so my price was $63,000. The 2023 model shows $79,000 for the exact same configuration I have.
  13. Doesn't even have to be dark, light ones (particularly 3M Crystalline) can repel solar heat (on top of UV heat) and greatly reduces glare too
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