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  1. For me, it's Mexican gas. There's a good reason for it.. no ethanol. I get significantly better gas mileage.
  2. I'm aware of that and intend to put it on once they make the front shocks as well. Don't want to come back and forth twice.
  3. I had two Ford F-150 trucks, a 2012 and a 2016. Both XLT with 4x4. I never had any problems with either one. My 2019 Cheyenne is giving me a lot of problems and have had warranty work done once over a leaking rear window. I've had issues with the back end wildly shuddering and losing traction on certain pavement (even on straight roads which makes it a safety issue), and owners of RST 4x4's with twin tube shocks have mentioned the same thing. The 2020's don't have the eight-speed anymore, mine's been a nightmare but I was told it'd go away as I drove more on it. When it's cold and I shift it to D, it feels like somebody rear ended me with a startling thud. Now, out of habit, I start it while walking towards it. I rarely drive it nowadays, I prefer the other 4x4's on the ranch. I drive off-road for about five miles a day and don't need a truck with the back end wildly flailing around. I haven't had vibration issues or any other issues, but then again, I don't drive much on it. I think I have around 3,000 miles on it, it's over a year old. One thing that impressed me though is the gas mileage, I managed to get 28 to 30 going 60 mph on highways on a 100-mile trip back and forth to home. Not bad for a 5.3L V-8. The ride is pretty good, the traction is fantastic only on roads without ripples otherwise the back end goes wild. It also has had a lot more recalls in the one year I owned it, more than my other two trucks over seven years, then again, it could be because the 2019 was all-new and it's a gamble.
  4. I've only used it once and was VERY glad I could! A car was parked a couple inches behind my rear bumper as my front tires leaned against the curb with a brick fence past the curb no more than two feet away. I used the 4L to carefully go over the curb that was about 9 inches high, went back and forth as I turned it around and was able to get out without hitting anything. Man, I'd be pissed if I needed it and did not have that option!
  5. I have a Cheyenne RST and am based in Tijuana. Is there a way they'd let me know right away when it's available? I don't want to do the rear then the front but I haven't driven it due to handling issues. I drive about 10 miles on dirt roads every day, the other 4x4's handle it very well and I can even hit 80 km/h (50 mph), but not this Cheyenne, I was doing 50 km/h and the back end was wildly swaying back and forth. Once the front becomes available, I wanted to do it all at once.
  6. I hope so because others got rid of it by changing shocks. The front end stayed firm to the ground though which was good. The other 4x4's I've driven, all wheels occasionally lost traction at higher speeds which is perfectly normal. The RST I have.. just the back end flailing wildly even if I wasn't accelerating or braking which made it a safety issue. That was definitely not normal and it is because of that I don't drive it anymore.
  7. RST owners were the only ones who had that issue, not the others. That was why I asked. Mine was so bad it went sideways and I wasn't accelerating or braking. The back end had no traction and was wildly flailing back and forth. My first incident was on a regular road that was caked in mud and I nearly hit a guy on the sidewalk. That was about a year ago when we had the floods and mud came from the nearby hills. I'd have to point out that kind of ripple was not common, it has to be at the right rhythm for that to happen. I drive on the dirt road to the ranch every day and I have run into that issue quite a few times. The Cheyenne RST is not a truck I'd want to be driving on the dirt road even at 30 mph (if it is straight, smooth, with excellent visibility). I have driven all the other 4x4's much faster than that and all handled better. I don't even drive it anymore, it has been sitting there for the past six months.
  8. Were both RST 4x4s with twin tube shocks?
  9. Parked on the street where tract homes are. I tried to duplicate that several times, pulling the door handle would never do it. I only got that ONCE and that was when I was locked out of my truck (with the key in a tin can, I wanted to see if it really worked, really dumb idea, I know now!). The guy used a jimmy to get in and I saw that warning for the first time. No way a pull on the door would cause that but I will try that and see (with the key away, of course) Haven't gone to the stealership lately so that's out. Mine's been great, lifetime oil change, $10k off my new truck, no BS. I love Dana Point, grew up in San Juan Capistrano.
  10. I have only driven about 1,000 miles in the past nine months since I cannot use it at the ranch. I was kind of surprised to see that when I got in my truck an hour ago. What would have to be done in order to trigger such a warning? A rock on a window? I looked around and could not find anything.
  11. I got mine back, just a caulk, and there's a storm coming in a couple days. Fingers crossed.
  12. The first time, it was a rental car and, strangely, wasn't a GM. The difference was the first time, I wasn't going to Mexico. This time, they had loaner cars but I could not take it to Mexico. He said that he'd offer to pay for the rental so he called Enterprise, Enterprise said no GM vehicles, so I paid out of my pocket, went down to Mexico then back, then it was back in the loaner car. A Chevy Trax with only 60 miles on it. I was kind of annoyed by it.
  13. I turned in my Cheyenne to fix the leaky back window. They were going to give me a rental car then informed me the rental car place was out of GM vehicle so I had to pay to rent a car. Is that normal?
  14. I always have the window vent on because it kind of spreads out the wind in my truck, but I stopped doing that because it does turn on the air conditioner. I realized that after the autostop feature didn't kick in whenever I had the windshield fan. Now, I have the bottom and middle on, not the window.
  15. My gas mileage has been fantastic and I can barely feel the DFM, it has to be on the highway and getting it up to speed then you can feel it kicking in slightly. I try not to move my foot at all and gas mileage has been remarkable. Very happy with the gas mileage.
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