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  1. Toss in a couple throw pillows? I believe all come with storage underneath but it is too low and should not be making a difference. If you're going to let your kids tell you what to buy, that's your prerogative.
  2. Maybe I'm in the minority but.. it's either the console or... if I could, nothing between the two front seats so that I could walk through it. My friend's Honda CRV was like that.. and he could walk from the front to the rear seat without having to go outside in the snow. That was nice.
  3. If both were priced the same, I'd go for the GMC Sierra since it still has four unlock buttons outside the doors while Silverado had it in the 2019 (like mine), but took out the buttons for the two rear doors for 2020 and after.
  4. I had the TSB fluid change done at around 2k miles and asked them to reprogram or reboot it. I know they did it because everything in the computer was reset. It still did the jerkiness. Sometimes if I forget and jump in and shift it to D, the transmission moves too slowly from 1 to 2 and seems to just sit in the middle of the two, causes the rear tires to squeal once it latches on the 2nd gear. Only on cold mornings though, out of habit, I now remote start it a few seconds before getting in. It's a regular occurrence for me.. and I now have around 5k miles on it. Nobody wants to drive it anymore. Mine was built in April 2019 so I assume it's the earlier version. I know it's a lot better now though, even with the 8-speeds. Once it warms up, it's great.
  5. It's not made for GM. I want something that is permanent, like in front of the rearview mirror and embedded in the walls, not hanging out like an aftermarket.
  6. An ideal one would be able to stay on while the vehicle is parked, drawing little power and watching it at nights. Something that's permanently wired and not hanging from my front window like an aftermarket. Maybe a small one under the mirror? It can be done.
  7. Extremely jerky in cold mornings. My remedy is to start it from a distance as I walk towards it. Give it about 30 seconds then it's way smoother. Warm, it's fine.
  8. I have been very happy with my 5.3L V8, the gas mileage is terrific, and I only wish the 8-speed automatic was smoother....
  9. I'd love to see an optional built-in cam, I'd even spend $500 for it and not worry about it. I've seen some fall off windows during warm days. I've seen some have SD card issues.
  10. I'm glad my RST Z71 has 2-speed, it got me out of an extremely tricky situation once where my front bumper was an inch from a brick wall, the back bumper was about a foot away from the bumper of a car parked close to the back of my truck, and my front tires were against a curb. So glad I had it and would never order one without 4LO but the computer version supposedly does a good job.. all of my 4x4's had 4Lo, I love it.
  11. Useless to me too, it won't even work without key in ignition.
  12. Tried it.. stayed on in reverse but not drive... and the DIC said "Cargo lamps disabled" when I tried to turn it on whilst in motion.
  13. Only 31 mpg? I have the 5.3 V8 with 8-speed and 4x4. My best mileage was 28.8 going 55 mph on a very flat surface. And that was going back and forth on a 35-mile stretch. I regularly get 20 mpg since most of my driving is now city. Yes, bigger tires do make mpg worse and for my F-150, a topper cut off 2 mpg.
  14. Liability is probably why GM made it difficult. And if it's illegal, GM could be liable if one of the LED lights pop out and blind you thru your rear view mirror. I know it's dumb but GM is going to try its best to make it impossible for you. The less liability for them, the better according to their peanut counters. A while back, a dealership got sued left and right for putting the license plates behind the rear bumpers that were optional on Toyota and the small Japanese pick-up trucks of the 1990's. The bumper was factory too so liability was shifted to the manufacturers. The bed lights don't seem to be really useful when I am hooking up a trailer. If the bed door is closed, there's no illumination for hooking up the trailer. I know the 110V plugs still work though, but the motor has to be running. Kind of inconvenient for me.
  15. I'm very happy for you. I only said that just in case the OP was wondering why the truck doesn't allow it and it might be difficult to circumvent this feature. And if the OP chooses to bypass this feature, he might be risking a ticket. I've gotten cited by sharp-eyed cops for having ECE (read: non-DOT) headlights on my car. It wasn't directed to you anyway.
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