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  1. The start button would work if the battery's dead?
  2. Why is there, "Mexico is currently supporting Maduro in Venezuela." - I can assure you Mexico does not recognize Maduro. And I really don't see a lot of changes happening for 2020. If it has a new transmission, I would wait a year to make sure all the kinks are out. It is very rare for a 2nd year model to have that many changes. Ford didn't have that many except add in Android Auto the following year after the new model came out in 2015. Honestly, the interior seems fine to me. I can tell you this: it's better than my 2016 F-150 XLT 4x4 with luxury package.
  3. Nobody thought of this.. how about moving so that you're north or south of your work instead of east or west? That along with polarized sunglasses and tinted windows should do wonders.
  4. I just went outside and took a picture of mine.. everything's identical so I'm pretty sure this Mexican truck is California-legal. I nearly bought a new F-150 when the peso went to 21.50 for a short time before going back to 18.5. That would have been a good 17% discount right there. I remember many years ago, we bought a new Suburban when the dollar spiked against the peso. That was way back in the 1990's and it was probably the only one with a stick shift. It wasn't California-legal so we kept the Mexican plates on it.
  5. Not mine. My Silverado is American with a 1. I went down there to see if I could get a Cheyenne and register it in California. Did it say anything about being California legal?
  6. Ah, now that you mention it, I think the VIN has to be registered by the manufacturer in order to make it legit. Since it's not intended for the California market, obviously... I don't think it's California legal even if it is. I just know that CARB requires stickers even if the vehicle has all the equipment. Will Chevy get me a sticker? Ford won't because the F-150 is much cheaper in Canada with higher trims going for at least $20k off. In Mexico, it's a little less for now.. but if the Peso screws up again, I am headed straight for the border.
  7. I'd think you have a leaky antenna on the top of the truck. Sometimes it's not sealed in, take it back.
  8. This picture was in Tijuana... I looked under the hood to see if it was California compliant. Is that good enough? It had "California" in it.. so.. hmm? Can I buy it?
  9. Naw, don't think it's ever coming.
  10. It is a short bed. I don't think it's 5.5' anymore, it's now 5.8'
  11. Some members here seem to like the two-door version of the GMC Sierra. I'm back home in Tijuana right now and checked to see if there were any. Seems the Cheyenne (Silverado in the U.S.) does not come with four doors and the people here don't think it's coming, but Sierra has some. Here are the pictures..
  12. Just got it yesterday.. and, yep, shifted it in reverse right after starting it. Had to look it up to find out what was causing it. Never had it before and I realized it's because I always back in my garage so I never saw it in the mornings.
  13. Having some issues

    Since it wasn't a daily occurrence.. more like a weekly thing.. I didn't do anything to it and I didn't see it as a safety issue either. It was more of an annoyance. I think something is telling your truck the tires are locked up, at least that's what it feels like.
  14. Having some issues

    It sucks when that happens, I hear you. I had two Ford F-150's and both were fantastic. I'm having no mechanical issues with my 2019 RST Z71, but I know it can be a hit and miss. You just seem to have the worst luck. What you've described.. I had that in my Audi A4. Sometimes there's pulsating and the pedal would push back up. The car apparently thought the four tires were locked up but I was actually parked. Kind of strange to me. Anyhow.. two visits within a six-month period is unacceptable. Of all the new cars and trucks I've bought, I have not once had to take a car in for warranty repairs. Two Audi, a Benz, two Isuzu, a VW, two Ford, and now this Chevrolet. I'd be furious if I had to take a car in for repairs!
  15. Good Deal or Not So Good?

    Honestly, nobody really knows. That's why I find myself using cars.com and search new cars. It will show the MSRP and the dealer's total price which is usually $10k to $12k off MSRP. Some months, it's only $4k off, some months, it's $12k off. Sometimes GMC/Chevy advertises the incentive, sometimes it's an incentive that goes to the dealership such as meeting a quota so the dealership knocks a few thousand off to boost the sales number to get the bonus which can be a lot.

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