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  1. I believe it. Once, it fishtailed so badly on a straight but very dirty road, I was at a 45 degree angle. It is a safety issue. It's done that two more times but wasn't as severe as the first time. I'm already thinking about getting rid of it but will see if it gets better as I put more miles on it. Others reported improvement.
  2. You know what, looking closely at the pictures, I realized they are slit marks, NOT crack marks. My old Wrangler SR-A had chapped and crack marks, but this... You sure you get along with your neighbors? Co-workers?
  3. Ah, I based it on that.. But that was without reading further down.. the OP was mistaken, it wasn't 6, it was actually 8 so .. my apologies.
  4. I had cheap Wrangler SR-A on my F-150 and it had cracks everywhere from being parked in the sun. They told me it was normal so I didn't pursue it any further.
  5. I'm in the same boat but I didn't care much about ride quality. It's the handling I'm having issues with since I drive on dirt road every day and it handles much worse, especially on dry dirt.
  6. Yes, six quarts. I checked before posting When I said buying oil, I wasn't looking at synthetic, was looking at the cheapest oil. That's why it's ridiculous to do it myself. It costs more and is very time consuming.
  7. Electrical Plug

    Picture,. Difficult to reach in mine!
  8. Electrical Plug

    Silverado RST with Z71 and 4x4. It's in a much more hidden spot, took me 20 minutes to find it. It's not hanging out like yours, it's lodged between two parts.
  9. Electrical Plug

    I went out and my truck has the same thing. Been looking all over Google images for the past hour. Still looking.
  10. Electrical Plug

    Are you the original owner of the vehicle? The guy above thinks it's aftermarket and I want to eliminate that possibility
  11. Electrical Plug

    Could you pick it up and see if there's number on it?
  12. Scratch repair

    First of all, my condolences. Second, chase down this ****, set him on fire, and throw him off a cliff. Or break his kneecaps and drop him off in the middle of a desert, the hotter, the better. Third, you really sure you can't get it buffed out? I just had a damage that looked really bad when the nozzle scraped the side of my truck. I sent it to a good car wash and they managed to do it for $150. There were at least 6 or 7 scrapes on the side and my finger was unable to rub it out but they sure got it all out.
  13. I think you need to keep the flares on since tires are sticking out.
  14. The adaptive cruise control was the WORST feature in the car I rented in Germany, and could NOT turn the damn thing off! There's no speed limit so I would travel at 80 to 90 mph, trucks cannot go above 60 mph so I would have to watch the left lane for a gap so I could jump in and pass the truck. Sometimes, the cruise control would act up and slam the brakes whenever I got too close to the truck in front of me, but the car would not know I already intended to move to the left lane. And then with it going slower, I'd mess up the traffic rhythm on the left lane and watch all the angry glares while moving back to the right lane, still behind the truck. I do NOT want it and will NOT consider a car with that bullshit!
  15. Mechanics have electric lifts, electric impact wrenches, containers for used motor oil, filters readily available, oil purchased at wholesale price, etc. or you can do it yourself for a couple hours. My dealership has free lifetime oil change. Midas does it for $19 and throws in tire rotations for free. Or I could buy six quarts of oil for $5 each.. that's $30. I can't buy wholesale. How much is the filter? $10? So that totals $40. So that's spending more time and more money. Error, does not compute, error, error.

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