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  1. I find the front seat more comfortable than the back seat.
  2. Have you slept in the bed? I'm 5'10, didn't need to bend legs while sleeping diagonally. I had the short bed RST Z71. I could not do that on the Ford F-150 so I had to order the long 6.5' bed so I could sleep comfortably. The Silverado's bed was a lot wider so the 5.10' bed was a lot bigger diagonally than the 5.5' Ford bed. My current Ford F-150 has the tri-fold tonneau cover which I use as shelter. My 2016 Ford had the camper shell, it got way worse gas mileage (I lost around 3 mpg) so I didn't do that for my 2022 Ford F-150 and the 2019 Cheyenne RST Z71.
  3. Last year in 2022 when I was looking for a new truck, I looked at Silverado High Country, F-150 Lariat, and Tundra 1794. The Tundra looked really stylish but I got inside one and felt a tad underwhelmed because it was missing features although I could not pinpoint what it was missing. It was weird. The RST Z71 I had in 2019 was too skittish but the 2021 High Country's suspension was comfortable. The Tundra was surprisingly smooth, probably had the best compared to the others.
  4. In many cases, the darker ones don't do much. The ceramic tint, oh, goodness! Huge difference. What sucks is that when it's cold, my interior doesn't warm up as much as it used to! Ha ha, but it's good in the summers. Can't win 'em all.
  5. You're not kidding. It was the least thing I'd expect from a car on a straight road especially at 35 mph. The ripples got the rear end wildly jiggling so I let off the gas on the dry and straight road with dirt caked on it. A good 10 seconds later, the rear was going off while the front end stayed planted on the road. Maybe I should have gone faster, it was the right frequency of the ripples that sent the rear end off, a very odd experience. Have only experienced it twice, the second time was on the road to the family hacienda. In fact, I drove back and went about 10 mph faster and it didn't get jiggly so I went back on the road at 30 mph and it got jiggly. I am not the only one who experienced that, but definitely the first to mention it and got questioned over my driving experience. So stupid.
  6. Doesn't matter anyway, any vehicle should not be fishtailing, period. None of my other cars have, none of my other 4x4's have. I shouldn't be needing to make adjustments to an OEM vehicle to make it safer on the road. Not once have I been forced to slam my brakes on a slow-moving vehicle to correct it, and I drove on the autobahn with no speed limit, I used to live in Rochester with snow, etc., etc. Keep making excuses, fanboys.
  7. That's why I waited until the 2nd year. Have never had issues with mine. Handling is much better, people are talking about performance mods.. at 55 mph, I'd understand fishtailing especially on dirt roads, but not at 35 on a straight road. In fact, I am now back to driving at 55 mph on the dirt road at the hacienda. It's long, 6.5' bed, very comfortable, powered my house during outgage. Sure, it gets jiggly and I slow down, that's perfectly normal, but fishtailing at 35 mph while I am not braking or hitting the gas.. apparently some think that's normal, I don't.
  8. Rough slick road? No, it was a road with dirt caked on it from the recent storm. Has nothing to do with getting happy if you read my posts.. it was the fishtailing. I have you set on ignore because you're an idiot.
  9. It's not just a wheel hop, it was the fishtailing that caught me off guard, the road was straight. Wasn't hitting any one of the pedals when it happened. I was going 30 mph. I was pissed. Never again.
  10. It wasn't even off-road when that happened. The dirt wasn't even more an inch tall. It was on a straight, level road, and I have driven on that road many times. Truck was brand-new, tires were at 33 psi, no load. I would not expect ANY vehicle to fishtail. When I first mentioned that issue, I had to deal with ignorant members blindly loyal to Chevrolet. Now that others have experienced the same, it's unacceptable. Nobody should have to install BFGs-KOs to fix this safety issue. Chevrolet should be getting sued on this, I would be surprised if nobody has been killed.
  11. This was clearly a safety issue. No damn car should be fishtailing on a straight level road, no matter what's on the road, including caked dirt. None of my other cars and trucks have done that (I have owned at least 15 and driven over hundreds of other vehicles). I had my hands on the steering wheel and the back was still jiggling so I let go off the gas for a good ten seconds, but it kept jiggling and the whole truck fishtailed, forcing me to slam my brakes in time before mowing down the guy on the side of the road. It wasn't a jump, it wasn't a shift, it was a slow, jiggly fishtail. Had I stayed on my side of the lane instead of the middle of the residential road, I would have run over him. Doesn't matter to me anymore, I already got rid of this safety hazard.
  12. I went through that with mine.. the 2019 Chevy Silverado RST with Z71 was the ONLY one that had really poor handling especially on ripples that shuddered the rear suspension and it fishtailed while my foot was not touching any one of the pedals. The dealership was aware of the issue. It was rare though, it has to be the right amount and frequency of ripples, I experienced that going 35 mph then again at a similar speed and that was on a completely straight road! I've owned at least ten pick-up trucks. Instead of replacing shocks, I got rid of it. There are stupid Chevrolet fanboys here who refuse to admit it (and I have them blocked, don't care for their opinions anymore), and there are people who have mentioned having that issue.. especially with the twin-tube like RST with Z71 like the one I owned.
  13. Mercury Auto Transport based in Davie, Florida. They coordinate between a bunch of shippers and also try to get the best prices. It has great reviews too, check it out in Google.
  14. Mine was shipped 1,800 miles after purchase.. no problem at all. I didn't even need to be there.
  15. There's only one invoice price. Incentives are added later.
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