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  1. LLJ Customs car audio fabrication is doing my harness. I have an IOS with no factory amplifier
  2. You've read my mind. That's who is getting my loop harness put together. Looks like you've do ur homework
  3. Hey there, if it planning on keeping the oem head unit you're going to have to install an LOC, it's a processor that allows you to use your infotainment system if you plan on upgrading with speakers and or amplified. I happen to be in the process of upgrading. I've already installed new speakers, subwoofer. Just waiting for my harness that's been made so that I can set up and install my processor and amplifier
  4. I have a 2019 silverado 5.3 and in I had 2 bad lifters on driver be side so all lifters on that side were replaced . Truck only had 11000 miles. Dealer repaired under warranty and actually runs better than first bought. Black sunshine now has 19000 miles and runs great
  5. Decided on Cooper discoverer ATW 285-65-r18 w/ 2" leveling kit and Magnaflow catback exhaust performance Sent from my BND-L34 using Tapatalk
  6. Undecided whether to go Street look or Off- road on my 2019RST
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