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  1. I agree with you. I took mine off - sorry but the Sierra does not look “finished” with it completely off it def looks like something is missing now. I may throw it back on
  2. Cool thanks for the response.
  3. Ajt fans is it not double the thickness of the stock one? curious about them but they look huge - pockets I like to stay at minimal size
  4. I’m looking into these rims. What size did you go with ?
  5. Which grill is that? Pic from the front ?
  6. Can anyone recommend a lower cost cover that does not flap in the wind as you’re driving? Tri Fold or roll up I bought the truxsport and already one weekend and it’s aggravating to see in the rearview mirror that my truck has a cape Or should I take it that all the vinyl cheaper covers are going to flap in the wind Thanks and advance
  7. I’m about to give up on all covers under 600 first I ordered the rough country hard Tri Fold Was not happy with the look and finish of the product so figured I’d save some money and try the truxport by truxedo. I like the look of a one piece cover much better but the flapping in the wind is already driving me nuts. (Not even 24hrs) lol trying to stick to a budget of under 600 but looks like I wont be happy with that price range. Back to researching .....again
  8. I have the $20.00 - 6” antenna from autozone and it works great.
  9. I just worry about it not holding up to the elements here in Florida during the summer it rains every day with the hinges exposed i’d have to worry about Corrosion Same thing with the rubber seal down the sides the sun here in Florida is very strong and I’d worry about the rubber not holding up to the heat
  10. Returned my rough country hard tri fold few things I did not like about it. Hinges on top and exposed rubber seal on both sides are exposed all down the side Florida heat don’t know how that would hold up. Middle panel sat sat higher than back and front panel due to no clamps in the middle panels are shiny I would prefer mat black panels. Seems this is is made from another company for rough country and the quality is not there compared to the extang Yes price is great 599 feee shipping and no tax but I was just not happy with it
  11. Just installed the rough country hard tri fold over the weekend but I don’t know if I’m keeping it. I don’t care for seeing the rubber seal all the way around the lid and not sure I like the look of seeing the tri fold seams
  12. Nah looked at your build saw the pic and recognized the dealership cause a good friend of mine is a sales manager there.
  13. Yes sir buy your truck at autonation Chevy on US 19 ?
  14. Tailgate handle covers 23.00 ebay why this was not included from the factory baffles me rough country hard trifold. ~ not sure if I’m keeping this. 599 no shipping no tax but I’m not sure I like the look of seeing all the seams think I’d rather save 400 and go with the tyger soft cover about to to take the elevation badge off both doors too
  15. Only 2 thIngs and one I got used to 1: elevation came with no power driver seat hate how low it sits 2: most annoying arm rest. Hate I mean hate the hole in the middle - arm constantly falls in there. Just want it flat no indentation

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