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  1. I did the same thing. Thought well let me keep the resonator with the 40 - drove off and went back the next day to have them cut the resonator off.
  2. Thanks Dan they are 33-12.50 r20 Great tire if you ask me. they are really quiet
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Love this truck
  4. Install the ici steps this am
  5. Finally got around to installing my Ici Rt magnums got them on sale American trucks dot com for 277 delivered.
  6. I went with a 40 no flapper no resonator. Single side To me me it’s perfect.
  7. I want ur opinion

    Mine came with the round steps elevation package and it’s prob the one thing I hate about my truck (Look wise) but not a fan of no steps found these on sale for 277 they are in the garage waiting for me to get off my ass lol https://www.americantrucks.com/ici-magnum-rt-cab-length-side-step-bars-black-1417-double-cab-crew-cab-gmc.html i bought my my truck from the dealer with 3.5 rc lift ( they did lift and 33” tires) heres a pic for ref since you are thinking of a lift
  8. New rims this am. 815 and out at 915am fuel sledge- already had the rubber
  9. I agree with you. I took mine off - sorry but the Sierra does not look “finished” with it completely off it def looks like something is missing now. I may throw it back on
  10. Cool thanks for the response.
  11. Ajt fans is it not double the thickness of the stock one? curious about them but they look huge - pockets I like to stay at minimal size
  12. I’m looking into these rims. What size did you go with ?
  13. Which grill is that? Pic from the front ?
  14. Can anyone recommend a lower cost cover that does not flap in the wind as you’re driving? Tri Fold or roll up I bought the truxsport and already one weekend and it’s aggravating to see in the rearview mirror that my truck has a cape Or should I take it that all the vinyl cheaper covers are going to flap in the wind Thanks and advance

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