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  1. All my trucks in the past I have had leer and ARE fiberglass tonneau covers decided to try undercover since they are easy to take off and only weigh 65lbs love it. paint has a lifetime warranty sorry this is the only pic I have so far
  2. Damn that’s nice to know the battery has lasted almost 4yrs had mine installed about 2 months ago. Love having this feature.
  3. I use custom offsets website Great site and great gallery. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/
  4. Mine is 20x10 -24 I trimmed a small piece of the plastic fender flare and it works just fine. (Gmc Sierra) with 33-12.50 20
  5. Here is mine with it off. But I did not like it. Looked unfinished in the front to me So so I cut it half and re installed. Much better
  6. Ditto on the airaid jr. Had the K&N - noise and lag were too much. I did the airaid MIT and a K&n filter. Much much better.
  7. This is great to know as I’m in search of a new cover and I have a swingcase. Been looking and thought I was limited to a couple that say they work with a swingcase. Thanks slide
  8. Kind of shocked no one has done 3 orange lights in that spot (raptor style)
  9. Try eBay. I did the tailgate latch -handle. It was about 25.00
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