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  1. My personal review of the RC I purchased the RC but returned it after see my brothers extang solid fold 2.0 the fit and finish on the rc does not compare to the extang RC rubber seals are exposed all the way around where the extanG they are covered and in the Florida heat I did not see this lasting RC The trifold joints are exposed - extang covers them finally the finish on the RC top is a shiny black where the extang was a mat black all over i did did not purchase the extang only cause I did not want to spend 900 on a cover i settled for a truxedo truxport and hate it. Too much of a pain to roll up and roll back. But 300 compared to 600 or 900 another thing I asked RC how come they only post 5 star reviews I gave it a three and they did not post lol
  2. Installed the truxedo truck luggage - to keep chairs and cooler organized in the bed. Installed cab end of the bed then plan on a swing case for jumper cables etc.
  3. I installed a single side flowmaster 40 and resonator delete to me it’s perfect not too loud but you def hear it. Only wish i would would have done dual out for looks but at the time I was trying to save money
  4. Installed the seat lift kit. My elevation came with no power seats. Seat was too low in my opinion this kit worked out perfectly.
  5. I did the same thing. Thought well let me keep the resonator with the 40 - drove off and went back the next day to have them cut the resonator off.
  6. Thanks Dan they are 33-12.50 r20 Great tire if you ask me. they are really quiet
  7. Finally got around to installing my Ici Rt magnums got them on sale American trucks dot com for 277 delivered.
  8. I went with a 40 no flapper no resonator. Single side To me me it’s perfect.
  9. Mine came with the round steps elevation package and it’s prob the one thing I hate about my truck (Look wise) but not a fan of no steps found these on sale for 277 they are in the garage waiting for me to get off my ass lol https://www.americantrucks.com/ici-magnum-rt-cab-length-side-step-bars-black-1417-double-cab-crew-cab-gmc.html i bought my my truck from the dealer with 3.5 rc lift ( they did lift and 33” tires) heres a pic for ref since you are thinking of a lift
  10. New rims this am. 815 and out at 915am fuel sledge- already had the rubber
  11. I agree with you. I took mine off - sorry but the Sierra does not look “finished” with it completely off it def looks like something is missing now. I may throw it back on
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