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  1. I had this but returned now I wish I would have kept but at the time money was tight. So went with the truxedo truxsport. Can’t stand all the wind flapping on the truxsport I see RC has a new hard cover on their site now. 649.00 I may check this out
  2. I’m seeing a new tri fold on rough country.com https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-low-profile-tonneau-cover-47119551c.html?find=2018-gmc-sierra-1500-2wd-374178 anyone know who is making these for rough country ? Seems a lot of companies have the same covers with a different logo slapped on the product just curious thanks
  3. Fuel. I’ve never been a fan of any stock wheel on any vehicle ive had the black OEM on my Sierra the paint and finish on the fuel is way better. (Gloss black) seems the finish on my fuel sledge is top notch in the past I had kmc slides and the paint was no where near the finish of my fuels
  4. Added the license plate leds that were mentioned in this thread.. they are bright
  5. Not pictured mods remote start flowmaster 40 with resonator delete single in single out which to me is not loud enough so I might change to the super 10 single in single out or single in dual out 40 led license plate bulbs still debating on adding leather interior
  6. Most recent is the black grill overlay
  7. Did not like the stock running boards finally settled on the Westin thrasher running boards wasted my money on the ici magnum steps so if anyone is looking for a set
  8. Don’t have a good pic but also added truxedo truxsport cover with Gmc rubber bed Mat ( got with points) gmc under seat storage added truxedo truck luggage cargo bag
  9. Removed the front lower air dam but later on reinstalled cut in half
  10. Debadged entire truck except the front GMC removed the pin stripping and plasti dipped the front Gmc
  11. First thing I did was add spyder taillights matching third brake light also
  12. Day I picked her up i dont like keeping things stock so here we go
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