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  1. I have the elevation package of course this package does not come with a few options I had on my 09 sle anyone ever add the locking compartment under the jump seat ? thanks in advance
  2. Front air dam removal?

    Yeah mine was lifted already. Once I saw a pic with it off I decided to remove it Just did not look right on my truck
  3. Front air dam removal?

    Removed mine. Much better look IMO
  4. Did you ever mount these in that spot ? If so can you post pics ?
  5. Anyone try to mount them in this blank spot above the grill
  6. I’m thinking about ordering the third brake light myself- 58.00 is a good price and will match the spyders I just installed also
  7. Took the black plastic air damn off hated the way it looked also installed spyder led tail lights
  8. Looking to add it - my dealer says the part I need is 84424015 part is 175 installed 268 looks like it’s just the fob so 100.00 for just programming that’s crazy to me I have a 2018 Sierra elevation
  9. Installed the Gm under-seat storage. 150 flat with shipping off of eBay
  10. I have this set up your looking at. No rub on any fender. Only the sway bar at full lock I may get half inch spacers to take care of it. But def no rub to the fender.
  11. Thanks Sorry that was a typo. Yes 33/12.50r20 nitto ridge grappler
  12. Bought mine last day or the year. They had it on the lot like this. 305/12.50/ 20 with a level kit
  13. Yeah it says GM just on the other side of the wood. Other than that I bet they are identical
  14. It’s the GM mat. Got it with rewards points really good and heavy my brother just got the Deezee and he says it’s great
  15. Got a liner installed this morning Came home and Took the Sierra off my tailgate was bored so I painted the pc of wood in my bed black and reused the Sierra emblem lol

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