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  1. We have to get back to normal I’m bored and can’t stop with mods to the tuck. Installed Airaid MIT and K&N air filter - left the stock air box. Much better response and mild sound. Had a full cai from K&n hated the lag and noise.
  2. Yes but I wonder if anyone has ever tried to wire it.
  3. I highly recommend them also. Gallery is insanely huge - you tube videos are very informative. Great group of people. Got my wheels from them.
  4. Had a full K&N CAI for maybe 2 months max. I’m not a fan so went back to stock. Waste of money in my opinion. Up for sale I was getting worse gas mileage response was horrible almost like waiting for a turbo to kick in noise was annoying to me. Today i installed the Airaid MIT and K&N filter -kept the stock air box Test drove after - no annoying “kick in noise” and the response is so much better. 200.00 total compared to 300 on the CAI kit.
  5. Added the keypad today. It’s def a feature I missed from my f150. I’ll use it a lot locks - unlocks and rolls down the windows also lights up at night when pressed
  6. Took my K&N CAI off this morning - one test drive back to stock and already noticed it silenced my exhaust. I have a flowmaster 40 with third cat and resonator removed. There is a def sound loss with the stock Ai. Quick update after a couple of drives I would say the exhaust tone is not lost - just less cabin noise with stock air box
  7. Design of this one is better than the old ones. Wonder if this works for an 18
  8. I’ve had the same experience to the point I am thinking about going back to stock. If you ask me the noise sounds like ******. I am also getting about 1 mpg less. Thought this was to increase mpg ?
  9. Thanks Cash lift the dealer installed before I even seen the truck. its the RC 3.5 with UCA drives just as smooth as stock. Heres a pic from the day I picked it up. Give you more of an idea with stock rims you have
  10. Did the boost auto - auto fogs mod today. Very simple mod. Works great
  11. Second time changing after market wheels. First I had fuel sledge 20x9 but felt it was a crowded wheel for that size. Too many spokes and a pain to clean. Finally settled on Moto Metal MO970 but gloss black and went 20x10 -24 so much happier. Love this wheel. Tires are Nitto rg 33x12.50 x 20 had to do minor trimming on the plastic.
  12. Any of you that have installed a cold air intake ever gone back to stock ? after having mine on for about.a month or so I’ve seen a dip in mileage and the sound to me sounds like crap. Should have listened to some of you who said it’s just a gimmick.
  13. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/electronics/keyless-entry-keypad-23473339?year=2018&make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&modelId=548&body=Extended Cab Pickup&bodyId=18&wheel=Standard Box&wheelId=132&trim=Base&trimId=20&drive=RWD&driveId=7&engine=5.3L V8 FLEX&engineId=2059&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=12013 when you checkout shows dealer install options click install it will calculate 36.00 for install plus tax and the total. Take a screen shot and show him or pick another dealer
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