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  1. More of what I’m doing tomorrow to my truck lol Have fuel sledges on my truck now but I’ve never really liked them. For a 20” wheel there are too many spokes on the sledge and a pain in the ass to clean. So I’m swapping them out tomorrow am for the gloss black MO970’s
  2. Did the wireless charging mod to the indentation in the armrest. Just hope I remember the phone is sitting there before going into the console lol Very simple mod and works great.
  3. Same with me Dec 29th is my 1 year they also sent me a letter. I’m very happy with GMC. One big thing that made me come back to a GMC- seat comfort. Had a 2009 Sierra that I loved so much and it was 6 months from being paid off - traded in for F150.(dumb move) I could never get comfortable in that truck and hated the eco boost engine. so I went back to GMC same package elevation 2018 black but over the year I have done mod after mod. best mod I did to add even more comfort to the seats ? That seat booster on eBay- the best money spent since no power drivers seat. here is how it sits today. only 5600 miles since last December- work close to home and some days work from home.
  4. Not sure I’ll check but I did cut the length so it fits in one of the grooves of the swing case. the case has about 4 slots down the side so I cut it to just rest in one of those slots. If I want to remove it I just push it towards the right and lift
  5. Agreed once they sent me the right length bracket it was fine. I don’t go in the swingcase daily so it should last.
  6. Installed swingcase and access led battery powered light strip lets see how long the batteries last
  7. I’ll confirm in the am for you but I’m pretty sure yes. Then again they they come out so easily that you could remove when having the bikes loaded.
  8. Well they only sent me the bracket. Which has the mounting bolts out further. No new latch. So I’m not happy with a plastic latch. I feel that’s going to break after a couple of months. Gonna call undercover Monday to see if I can buy a spare metal latch - it’s in tho. I was able to fit everything I wanted to and more
  9. Real truck got a hold of undercover they overnighted the right bracket n latch. ( I hope it’s right ) will update tomorrow
  10. For a brand new product right out of the box ? don’t think so plus not everyone has a metal fab shop in their garage lol
  11. Here is why it does not work. Garbage plastic latch and bracket all in one you can see in the second pic on why it’s short and does not latch
  12. Bought from Realtruck.com they have to call undercover then issue a replacement.
  13. And of course I ordered it from real trucks and it has taken 2 days with still no resolution
  14. My latch Is plastic not like the above metal latch. Problem is my bracket and latch are made as one unit not like above where the bracket has the latch bolted to it. That’s why you guys have clearance. Mine needs to me about another .25 inch over more
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