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  1. Check out customwheeloffset.com their photo gallery is huge. I used them for mine. Fast shipping also.
  2. I still see 595 but mine is a double cab and not sure what seller you are looking at. I was wondering if anyone has used this seller and if it really is Katzkin https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2018-GMC-Sierra-DOUBLE-Cab-KATZKIN-Black-Leather-Seat-Covers-Kit-WT-Bench-/153633738981?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  3. I just received the carplay2air unit Friday. After using it all weekend I have not noticed any music issues- it works great. Simple set up i modified the armrest for wireless charging with an Apple MagSafe charger set the phone there and it automatically connects to the truck and brings up CarPlay. Have not noticed any lag etc.
  4. I ordered the carplay2air should be here this week. Will update you once I have it up and running
  5. I’d like to do this mod. where is everyone buying the center consoles from?
  6. That looks way cleaner nice job Where did you find the trim ring ? the wire is already on my nerve so may update it soon
  7. Have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and my truck has no wireless charging so did the mod to the armrest - (center lid indentation) bought the MagSafe charger and double sided tape - works great.
  8. All my trucks in the past I have had leer and ARE fiberglass tonneau covers decided to try undercover since they are easy to take off and only weigh 65lbs love it. paint has a lifetime warranty sorry this is the only pic I have so far
  9. Damn that’s nice to know the battery has lasted almost 4yrs had mine installed about 2 months ago. Love having this feature.
  10. I use custom offsets website Great site and great gallery. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/
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