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  1. Did you like your STT Pro’s? How many miles did you get out of them?
  2. I've been eyeing these control arms. I hate to hear the bushings are failing this quickly. Hopefully Motofab makes it right. Are you running stock wheels? Do the tires rub the UCA?
  3. I know the topic of tire fitment with which level kit has been beat to death. However, I’ve scoured these forums looking for anyone running the Cooper STT Pro 295/60r20. This particular tire measures 34.29x11.5. It’s a hair taller than the 275/65r20’s that most people like, but 1/2” wider, which I like. I have a 2016 All Terrain with stamped steel control arms and a 2” RC level. Currently running 275/60r20 BFG KO2’s but they look way too small. Looking for taller and as wide as I can go. It sounds like the stamped steel control arms will limit me.
  4. I haven't decided yet, but I think I will be going with the 295/60r20 Cooper STT Pro. I like the look, the height and we need as much width as we can. The 275 wide tires are just too skinny.
  5. Irish, are you using the 2” RC block in the rear, or just the upper and lower spacers on the front? Truck looks good.
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