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  1. So I'm the latest victim of crappy condenser. I have a 2015 Sierra with 53000 miles on it and weld in the upper right corner where my condenser was leaking from. Thanks to carnau's video and instructions, I was able to do it myself in about two hours plus time to vacuum and charge. Thanks Carnau!
  2. The temp doesn't matter with linex. They tell you not to put anything in bed for a few days to fully cure. The only thing that will take time will be the uv protection if you choose to get it. That has to remain above freezing to dry, kinda like paint
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain- 19,000 miles So I complained to dealership about brake pedal squeaking, driver seat moving, and bad xm reception. Truck was at dealership for 8 days, pick it up tonight after hours (I have a real job, can't get there during service hours). They replaced seat bracket, xm antenna, and brake booster. But now, I barely have any brakes. I push the pedal to the floor and I come to a soft stop. So my question is, is there anything I can do to fix this myself? is there an adjustment on the brake booster that I can adjust, or do I need to bleed brakes? I have no faith in the mechanics at this dealership, so if I need to go back, I will be going somewhere else. Thanks for any help PS: Hertrich GMC service in Seaford, DE sucks big huge monkey balls and needs to be put out of business
  4. These trucks have diffused lenses, which break up the light pattern and makes it more dim. Halogen bulbs seem brighter due to the brightness of the bulb. LED's are more white, which seem to not light up as much with diffused lenses. I have the same problem.
  5. It's not plug and play, sorry. For what you want, you will have remove wiring harness for your 7 pin plug and splice in your 4 prong into those wires. If you're not comfortable enough spicing wires correct, I would suggest a auto audio store or a place that installs receiver hitches. They will splice in, shrink wrap and then put it back in a protective sheath. Your only other option would be t-wire splices. A little connector that splices one wire and T's off that wire. So to run your reverse led light bars, you would need to splice into the reverse light wire for your power wire, then Just find a good ground. Prob a self tapping screw to frame. That will complete your circuit for your light bar
  6. So winter is approaching very fast up here in the north east and it's time to change headlight fluid and blinker fluid. So what is the best headlight fluid on the market? Also, which is recommend for GMC Sierra's blinker fluid..... Dot 3 or dot 4 synthetic blinker fluid? And remember to change out your summer air in your tires for winter air. I did that yesterday
  7. Plasti dip front and rear emblems and all terrain emblems In one year, the plasti dip still looks great.
  8. I hope to answer your questions: I didn't install my level kit. I had a audio/video shop install. They also specialize in level kits and tires. Rough Country kits are not cheap. Just bc they are lower in price doesn't mean they are cheap. I haven't had any problems in the suspension at all. But if you can remove your front shocks, you can install this kit yourself. It just might take you more time than a professional Haven't changed to Fox shocks. Changed my mind and decided to run the course of the stock shocks. When they go bad, I will upgrade to Fox. I'm basically done spending money on my truck now. About the tires. Love the toyo mt's. Have worn great in the first year. Rt's are less aggressive. I would rather prefer bf Goodrich at's than toyo rt's. Can't suggest anything wider than 275's. I rub on the fender wall with 275's. Anything wider on stock wheels will rub and compromise the lower and upper control arms. You will need a wheel with a zero offset or any wheel with a negative offset. Do I have any regrets on my current set up? No! I love it. Would I buy toyo mt's again? Don't know. An aggressive at would be just as great. GoodYear Wrangler duratracs were a front runner when looking. Bf gs were next. If fuel economy is important to you, get the duratracs or bf g's.
  9. No power loss at all. One year with this set up and no problems so far
  10. I don't drive interstate, but I average 20mpg while driving 60mph for more than 10 miles. I do average over 15mpg with every day driving still. Except winter time with remote start. My average does take a hit while letting the truck warm up in the mornings. Ride is same as stock.
  11. I went with the gator fx3. Same as the bakflip g2, but a few hundred less. Got it at tonneaucovers world. Put it your cart, then do a chat with a sales rep in a chat box and I got 10 or 15% off.
  12. My '15 Sierra All Terrain had different color wires in box 10 to 18. Box 10 was brown/ purple and jumped to box 18 which was All Brown wire. But the box diagram is still correct! Thank you spurshot!
  13. That's exactly what I'm saying. I have vled 921 bulbs and they suck. They look bright, but they don't project outside bc our trucks have diffused lenses over the reverse bulbs. If the lenses were clear like previous generation trucks, vled bulbs would be great. These reverse lights don't even light up my driveway. I have a 130' driveway I have to back down, so I back my truck up every day. But if you live in a neighborhood or a city with street lighting, you would prob think these lights were good.
  14. You must not back up with your truck, ever!
  15. 275/65/20 Toyo Mt's on stock wheels (+27 offset) A +17 offset will push your tires out 10mm.... 1cm..... Approx .5" over a stock offset. The smaller fender flares will cover a +17 offset, you will need the bigger fender flares if you want to do an offset closer to 0 or anything negative. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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