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  1. Same observation with my truck, I think you'll like it with the screens covered. It's much more noticeable. I thought it sounded pretty good and not too loud.
  2. Looks like UPR just updated their website. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they offer anything for the 2019 5.3? I wonder what is so different about the 6.2 and 5.3 hook ups for a catch can?
  3. Thanks Zach, I'm definitely putting on a catch can now! Looking forward to the UPR pics Seniorjumper82
  4. I'd like to put these wheels on my truck but I don't think they will fit with the backspacing. Basically a 22" version of what I already have now.
  5. Bump I think JLT is the only one that has any pictures or videos out there. Does anyone have any more different brand catch can installation photos? I'm finding a bunch of nothing online for the 5.3 T1's ADD-W1? UPR? Elite Engineering? McNally?
  6. The tip is real nice. I wound up tacking it on but it does come with a clamp. Like I said before, fit, finish and quality are top notch! One nice thing about this system is the ability to use a different muffler with ease as it uses a 3" straight in, and straight out. The muffler is 24" long 8" thick and 12" wide so a JBA 40-302201 or a Flowmaster 70 series and the larger bodied Magnaflows will fit. May have to use a short extension pipe but that's it.
  7. Ok this isn't working. won't let me upload anywhere near the limit?
  8. Here are some pictures of the GM Performance Single system Installed
  9. I've been toying with my stock 5.3 single side exhaust lately. First I pinned open the flapper, this added a slightly deeper tone, especially on start up. No drone and no womp, womp sound at 40 to 50 mph. Overall about a 10% increase in sound. It is very slight but after you drive around for a few days you notice the slight increase in volume. Completely removed I'm sure it will go up a tick more. Next I added a 3" full tailpipe, ( no screens) flapper still open. I was actually shocked at how good the stock muffler sounded! For me it was the perfect volume. It was a nice deep sound. It sounded about the same as the GMP/Corsa 3" system but at 40% of the volume, not rowdy and overwhelming. So with the mesh screens gone I could hear the womp womp sound but it really wasn't that bad and besides I hate driving 40 to 50 mph anyway. I put the stock tailpipe back on and decided to go the quiet route after all. But I am going to have the flapper section completely removed soon. I think the flapper itself is a pretty major restriction at WOT even pinned open. The 6.2 is a different animal all together. I wonder how a 6.2 would sound with just the flappers removed?
  10. Flapper pinned open, stock 5.3 single exhaust so far maybe a 5% increase in sound. No undesirable noises. Going to put some miles on it to make sure.
  11. I think once you get the system enabled at the dealer for the NAV you can install an updated SD card later on as needed.
  12. I just ordered another kit yesterday but I haven't gotten any confirmation yet so we'll see... It's funny how these dealers list stuff for sale that they do not have in stock?
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