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  1. I like that! Haven't seen those before. Been looking at aftermarket for a while but haven't really found anything I like yet. What brand are those? Do they come in 22" ?
  2. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the color at first but no regrets.
  3. Wow, that color with the black looks so good! Haven't seen that combo before. Congrats
  4. Installed Iconic 41 Running boards after work yesterday. I definitely needed a step to get in and out.
  5. Good looking truck, digging the brown! Looks Great and you aren't going to see very many out there that color.
  6. I've searched and haven't found any offerings on line for the 2019-20 T1 trucks? Looking for something either black or stainless. I can tell over time mine will be destroyed. The wife uses the sill as a step when getting out. Running boards are on the way so that should help.
  7. Installed a wire tap kit for my radar detector. Very easy! Removed the Texas Edition badges and installed a set of Weathertech splash guards.
  8. Also interested in whats on the rear drivers side for mounting points? Looks like there is an additional heat shield on that side as well...
  9. That looks real nice! Leaning towards 22" High Country take offs for my LTZ Or a 22" version of those wheels
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