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  1. I just used a metal hose clamp but that looks way more professional! Looking back it was more like a 10% increase in sound. Quite noticeable on cold start up. You could hear it more when you "got on it" Just right for me.
  2. I Sold the truck recently with the exhaust system so this is No Longer Available.
  3. Yeah I wish I saved the box now for shipping. I've had it for sale for a very long time on craigslist too with absolutely 0 interest or offers. I suppose I should just be more patient.
  4. I have an 18' flatbed. I've been using Sport Mode when empty and flat and Tow Haul when there is any significant weight on it. No matter what the terrain is flat or hilly.
  5. The parking sensors are nice. I had mine turned off and I backed into a shopping cart some A-hole left behind my truck. Wound up shoving it into a curb and damaging my tailgate. The feature I like is the "heads up red alert" and "seat vibrate" when someone slams on the brakes in front of you or pulling a trailer with no brake lights and you are closing to fast. When I bought my truck I wasn't really interested in the "safety package" but now I like having it for sure.
  6. 2019-2020 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 - 2wd & 4wd Factory 17x8.0 Wheel Offset = +24 mm - Back Space = 5.44" Inches Factory 18x8.5 Wheel Offset = +26 mm - Back Space = 5.77" Inches Factory 20x9.0 Wheel Offset = +28 mm - Back Space = 6.10" Inches Factory 22x9.0 Wheel Offset = +28 mm - Back Space = 6.10" Inches Lug Pattern = 6 x 139.7 *** Please note: Brake caliper clearance has changed on the 2019+ GM vehicles. 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 - 2wd & 4wd Factory 17x8.0 Wheel Offset = +24 mm - Back Space = 5.44" Inches Factory 18x8.5 W
  7. After more thought and listening I think the rubbing & groaning noise may be the leaf springs, I think it's the axle twist acting on the springs, which are a known source or rear end noise on these trucks. I still have no idea on the slow speed clunk or knock sound on uneven ground.
  8. Can't help you but mine does the same thing most mornings after sitting 12 hrs. Seems like it is the rear brakes dragging? Plus it clunks over any bumps or uneven surfaces. Planning a dealer trip soon.
  9. Valvoline Advance Fully Synthetic 5w30 and a Delco FIlter every 5k miles Runs about $20 to $25 for a 5 qt jug from walmart Unfortunately after adding the running boards I can't slide up under the truck like I used to.
  10. After about 1000 stop & go miles I got a teaspoon amount of oil out of the UPR Can. I just did a 5K oil change too. Oil was still at the top of the hash on the stick before changing. When I installed the kit the breather tube I removed was oil wet inside. I'm sure the intake was already soaked too.
  11. The UPR I bought is the single sided $200 version. https://uprproducts.com/19-20-gm-chevrolet-gmc-truck-5-3l-single-valve-oil-catch-can-separator-plug-n-play/?_ga=2.152360185.1792572736.1587132329-469327756.1586022756 About $50 more than the JLT. The UPR looks to have more storage capacity and the hoses look more factory too. On mine the hoses are a little too long but I'm sure they would be easy to shorten. I will probably shorten the hoses when I do an air intake kit. The factory air box hide the hoses now. I'm no expert but the dual set up seems a li
  12. There is a hanger over on the back drivers side that you will need. The price starts to ad up pretty quickly with the parts but it should be very easy to do.
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