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  1. FS: Two 2016+ Escalade Driver Side Mirrors

    Bump Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. I have two driver side mirrors (long story) that will fit 2016+ Escalade and can be added to Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon Xl but you'll have to retrofit the camera if you want it working on anything other than the Escalade. Think there are some posts here on that. These mirrors are fully operational with no blemishes. One mirror has the black cover and the other has a silver cover that's been removed with one of the cover clips broken and also one of the clips broken where it connects to the door. Door clip won't matter as the three bolts hold securely. The mirror with the black cover is $160.00 plus shipping The mirror with the removed silver cover with broken clip is $120.00 plus shipping. Prefer local pickup in DFW area. Mirrors include the following options: -Heated -Power fold -Blind spot -Auto sim -Camera -Puddle light -Turn Signal
  3. FS: AFE Momentum GT Intake

    Bump. Price dropped.
  4. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

  5. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

  6. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

    SOLD Selling the grille off my 2016 Yukon XL Denali. Prefer local pick up... I'm in the DFW area and can meet up. Grille is in good condition with no nicks.
  7. Wireless charging

    I think I'm just going to wait for now. I just flipped my current mat around and it works fine.
  8. Wireless charging

    Okay this is too funny to not post... Not only is the part ridiculously priced but I looked on gmpartsdirect and they want 50 bucks to ship to Dallas. Pfff...ha!
  9. Wireless charging

    Here's a photo of the new mat... no official gm part numbers. Interesting it says "powermat version gm".
  10. Speed radar

    Easy chief... was just using aerial as an example since that's what I was most used to. Clearly "visual" can be various methods cruiser, motorcycle, etc. Case in point, don't want a ticket... don't speed. I absolutely agree.
  11. To be honest... you don't even have to modify. I hooked them up to test and it was a tight connection. I have just been too lazy to get back under there and file the plastic notch and everything has been fine. It's still a positive/secure connection. Outside of that, everything fits completely as stock on my Yukon XL Denali. Well worth it IMO compared to alternatives given the precise light output. Btw... I'm running Morimoto XB 6500k HIDs in the low beam for reference.
  12. This shows the crisp cutoff from having effective projectors focusing the beams. You can see the flicker...
  13. Here are some photos from both within the vehicle and outside for comparison. Both with just fogs and then fogs and headlights. I'll try to distinguish but am posting from my phone so we'll see how this goes... First three Inside with fogs only. Next three inside fogs and headlights. Last two outside with fogs only so you can see the cutoff and side throw...

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