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  1. A/C Condenser

    Is there any reason you can’t braze the joint to seal it without replacing the condenser?
  2. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    I’m adding hydroboost to my truck and have been reading about cooler placement and orientation. This was an interesting read and it seems the principle would be the same for a trans cooler. http://www.pscmotorsports.com/pdf/tech/cooler_mounting.pdf
  3. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Looking at the pictures of your cooler, I’m wondering if you have air trapped in the cooler since the lines enter and exit out of the bottom. Perhaps that could also explain why it only took 12 quarts and your temps are so high. I was always under the impression cooler lines had to enter and exit the top or the side. My understanding is that if they connect on the side, the discharge should be the higher port and the intake should be the lower port.
  4. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    I have no mods done yet to my trans or cooler. It’s pretty common for me to see 195-199*F. I’ve never seen 200*F. However, trans fluid is leaking from somewhere. It’s either where it connects to radiator or from the factory lines, so I’m going to be installing new lines to a remote cooler and bypassing the factory setup soon. I’m thinking about adding the cooler just behind the front bumper and removing the plastic between my tow hooks for airflow. Basically, grinding out where the front license plate would go. There are two large holes in the bumper that would allow a fair amount of air in. Then it’s a matter of fabricating a trim piece to make it look decent in the front. Not sure if that’s an option for you or if flipping the fan is all that’s needed.
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    About 1.5” lift in the front. When the tires were brand new, the sidewall lugs on the tire rubbed the driver’s side sway bar at full lock when turning left. If I was 10 degrees shy of full lock, nothing rubbed. Now, I don’t notice any rubbing. Not sure if it’s from my most recent alignment or if the lugs wore down but I haven’t noticed any rubbing in months.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Thanks! Ride height adjustable Bilstein 5100s up front set on the second highest setting. Stock leafs in the back. Cooper STT Pro 275/65R20 tires.
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Finished welding up my dual lighting exhaust. It’s a speed engineering true dual dump exhaust modified to exit on the side. I also welded in 8” flowmaster metal substrate 200 CPI cats after the x-pipe just to refine the sound a little and now it sounds perfect. It’s still really aggressive, loud and deep but now it sounds much cleaner and more refined.
  8. Frame Coating

    Sorry I missed this question. It held up great right up to the moment the truck was rear-ended and my frame was replaced by insurance. Ironic, right? Since I had a do over, I decided to have the new frame powder coated. The replacement frame came coated in wax, and it was an absolute b**** to remove. My powder coater sandblasted it, baked it, blasted it again then hit it with a brush torch and still, there was some wax hiding that dripped out during the cure process for the powder. Once I got it back, I sprayed 3 cans of Eastwood’s internal frame coating to seal up the inside of the new frame. I’m really impressed with it. Sprayed great, great coverage and stuck like glue. A tip for anyone who is going to use that product is to make sure you straighten out the nozzle extension hose with a hair dryer. I taped the hose straight onto a yard stick then heated it with a hair dryer. After everything was warm I ran it under cold water, then removed the tape. The hose stayed straight after that.
  9. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    What part(s) failed in the trans?
  10. Yes. I have a 2014 Sierra and upgraded the projector along with installing HIDs.
  11. Yukon Axle Shafts Ordered

    It was made by Shaftmasters. imiller74 runs the same driveshaft. https://shaftmasters.com
  12. Yukon Axle Shafts Ordered

    I rarely drive my truck over 70mph and didn’t notice the shake with my 3.42 gears. After getting 4.56 gears, the shake was pretty obvious at 70mph. One of the most reputable shops in the area installed my gears and replaced all of my bearings with Timkens. They echoed all that has been said on this thread and notified me the original gears weren’t properly shimmed. They also said it’s a pretty common finding on our trucks. I upgraded to a 5” diameter, 0.125” thick aluminum driveshaft with the goal of increasing the critical speed rather than to address the shake. I also installed the Raybestos police rotors. After installing these components, the shake was nowhere to be found up to 85mph (hadn’t driven any faster). Two months ago, the truck’s frame was bent in a crash and replaced. Part of the frame replacement required all suspension components to be removed and reinstalled. Every single bolt was torqued to spec and marked with paint across the bolts. There is no shake up to 100mph and I won’t drive any faster (it should be noted that at that speed with 4.56 gears the driveshaft is spinning the equivalent RPM as a 3.42 gear driving at ~120mph). I’m running Cooper STT Pro 275/65R20. It’s a 34” diameter, wide-lug tire when new. The wheel/tire combo weighs 115lbs each. I wish I would have been more methodical in evaluating the results of each change I made to the vehicle to determine exactly which component solved the shake and at what speed. There may be a lot of merit to the theory that steel driveshafts would help eliminate the shake. In my case, the truck is performing great with an upgraded aluminum shaft.
  13. Gauge Pod

    I don’t have it. If you look at the right side of the gauge pod there’s a cutout where you have access to the hazard button. I’m looking for a dual version of this or to retrofit two gauges on the upper right and left corners of my instrument panel. I’m going with gauges from Speed Hut because I can build custom gauges that look very similar to the factory gauges in the instrument panel. Their wideband gauges are available for a variety of wideband sensor/processor combinations. I’m going with PLX for my wideband.
  14. Gauge Pod

    Steering column. Ive found that sometimes they don’t list our trucks as being compatible with the products when they are. This is one case where auto meter doesn’t list it as being compatible but Jegs does. Everything that I’ve found regarding gauge pods that is made for the 2500 can also be used in the 1500. https://www.jegs.com/i/Auto-Meter/105/15009/10002/-1?ymm=4294829560+4294829741+4294829282 I’m preparing to mount gauges also and have been doing a bit of reading. You can prime and paint the black pillar pod mount. If your interior is grey, the recommended paint is “SEM Color Coat Medium Grey.” I will be using the “SEM Sand Free Adhesion Promoter“ to prep the ABS plastic for paint on a triple pod pillar mount.
  15. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Nice! You’re gonna feel like you have a whole new truck with how it drives after the gears and now these.

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