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  1. @Deuce_Mod Are you still liking your ReadyLift kit? Did you replace your shocks? How is the ride after a couple months?
  2. Ok, I disconnected the negative battery lead and let the computer clear any learned programming. I then let the truck run for 15 minutes to learn the new CAI. The light is off for now. I'll keep you posted if it goes back on.
  3. Over the weekend I finally got around to installing my S&B cold air intake on my 2017 Silverado 5.3. Since I finished it up late last night I never took it for a drive. This morning I tried to start my truck with the remote start and it didn't work (I'm guessing due to the check engine light being on). When I started my truck the engine light was on. I do remember installing the air flow sensor in the same direction. Anyone have any ideas as to why the light would be on? Chris
  4. I installed the High Country Grill on my truck. It ran over $600 if I recall correctly. PN: 84056776
  5. I agree. 1/4” is as big as I would want to go Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. With the 1/4” spacer, did you have to change out the wheel studs? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Now I have a lot to think about. Now I’m leaning toward getting the Halo Boss Ultimate Kit but to keep my factory wheels I will need a spacer kit. I have never liked spacers but do you think I can get away with 1/4” spacers, with a 285/60/20 or do I need to stay with the 275/60/20? But the Eibach Kit is $550 while the Halos Kit is $1200. That’s a good difference. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. What did you not like about your Eibach kit? What Halo kit did you get? What made you change over? Do you have any rubbing on your upper control arms? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Hey everyone, I have been reading through the forum and was going to post this in the “leveling kit” thread but like a lot of questions that have been asked I didn’t want it to get lost in the 475+ pages. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 4x4 LT. I have been putting off installing a leveling kit till I needed tires and the time has come. I’m looking at the Eibach Pro Truck Kit with Rough Country 2” rear blocks. After reading the leveling kit kit tread I’m a little confused. I have the stock 20” High Country wheels on my truck and really like them. Can I go to a 275/6
  10. Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this off. After watching the videos this really wasn't a hard install. It just took a little patients. I ended up finding a set of steps, off an 2018 Denali, on facebook marketplace of all places. I started to put together a parts list of all the wire, wire terminals, connectors and tools. From there I decided it was easier, for me, to buy the chassis wiring harness and stripped out what I needed. It was really easy once you started and all the original mounting hardware is already mounted on the harness. It ended up looking like a stock install. A
  11. Is there a way to manually retract the steps? This project may take a couple days due to my schedule. The steps I purchased are in the extended position. If I install the steps and I need to drive the truck before I finish the project, how can I retract them?
  12. Does anyone have a part number for the dash switches with just: Traction Control, Cargo Lights, Pedal Mover, Parking Sensors and Running Boards? Does that exist? I can order the fully loaded switch bank but will just not use the other switches I guess. (Hill Braking and Lane Keep)
  13. Thank you for all the information. Has anyone figured out why @pgomboa didn't have to use the dash switch and you had to, to get yours working?
  14. On the switch, it doesn't look like there is an option with out the lane keep or hill braking. I still should be able to use it with what I have and not be able to use the other switches, correct? Also, has anyone figured out why some people need to install the dash switch and some people do not? That's very odd to me.
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