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  1. Adding some pictures over the past couple of months. Love this truck.
  2. Any Rub? I like the look of how tall the tire is.
  3. Why in the world is this not inclusive to 2018s?!??!?!?!?!?!
  4. In the same area. Would also like to know. Installed the back shocks myself however I'm not entirely comfortable doing the fronts for the spring transfer.
  5. Yup! All terrain wheel specs are 20X9 so they're plenty wide to support 295s and even up to 33x12.5s 2" level kit meaning a spacer, strut, or coilover to raise the front and nothing is needed in the rear. Road noise is a given, but the tires that I have mentioned before AT3 4s, AT3w, Ridge Grapplers, all have great reviews stating low road noise. THIS BELOW IS LARGER THAN A LEVEL AND BIGGER TIRES
  6. I'm taking my Z71 package shocks off mine currently. I replaced them with 5100s. Love the ride now. I'm no longer wrangling a bronco whenever I go over bridges or construction zones. However these Z71 shocks were incredibly smooth in every other regard on the road.
  7. I'm getting the 295 55 20 Ridge Grapplers put on in the next month or so. From all that I have researched and talked with tire shops. There is no rub and gives a wide stance that I'm wanting. These are the same height metrics as their 33s. But 295s measures at 32.72 x 12.17. This requires at minimum 2 inch lift. Other options that also require 2 inch lift and wont rub: 275 60 20 285 55 20 285 60 20 33 11.5 20 Stay with stock size if you do not want a lift. I would look into Cooper AT3s (XLT or 4s) or Faulken AT3w for the stock 275 55 20
  8. There's also leveling kits that go on the lower mount of the strut also. Much more common and usually give you 2 inches.
  9. THESE LOOK GREAT!! Really making me question Fualken's Now anyone want to test the XLTs?
  10. 275/65/20 in BFG's usually don't have rub due to the BFG's being a tad bit smaller than other brands. Hope you can find a deal on some! I also really like that tiresize site too. It's on my bookmarks.
  11. No problem Ted! Happy searching! I wish there was a template or sticky on this site. I was on a tundra forum that had all the info you could ever want in any subtopic stickied at the top of the thread. Maybe SierraDan could do that since he posts so much.
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