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  1. Plasti dipped the wheels to go with my wannabe midnight edition. Haha.
  2. Think I might buy the bulldog kit for 70 bucks and install it myself
  3. 305/50/22 on a 2" level? Will this work without rubbing?
  4. I called two dealerships this morning. Both said they couldn't. One even said that I would need a whole new harness if I did it through them
  5. I called my dealer and they have no clue. Said I needed to get aftermarket.
  6. I'm wanting to install keyless entry. I have power locks. Is it complicated? Shops around here want an arm and a leg to install it.
  7. Seemed to be something with my cable. The one giving me issues would work fine with the 12v plug in. I changed cables and I think it's better now. I'll try this for a few days to make sure
  8. So my iPhone 5s has issues charging/ being connected to the USB port in the center console. Starts to charge then stops. I can move the line and it'll work and then stop again. So I thought it was the charger cable but it works fine when I'm plugged into my 12v outlet Ugh. The little things in this truck.
  9. Anyone gotten rid of only the resonator and flapper valve?
  10. What does a tune consist of? I'm use to VW's where you can mail in your BCM or whatever and they flash it and send it back. Not the case with the Silverado?
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