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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    It's looking promising for the 6112's according to this as well: https://cart.bilsteinus.com/Portals/0/BILSTEINOff-RoadCatalog-2018-WEB.pdf p/n: 47-273702
  2. 2.5" level in front on 275/65r20 BFG KO2s (had to ziptie fender liners back and now its 0 rub). I believe in these pix I have stock block in rear but I've since put a 2" block in place of factory 1.25" block.
  3. If you are talking to me the measurements are correct. Pics may be a bit deceiving but it has about 1" of rake.
  4. I ended up with the 275/65-R20 KO2s - got a deal from 4wheel parts I could not pass up. With the 2.5" front leveling kit the fenders measure 39.5" front and 40.5" in rear w/stock block. Before and after:
  5. Looks like a busted upper ball joint. Tough to tell from the pics, as I can't ID that upper control arm- but I wonder if it was one of those 3.5" stretched / level-lift kits?
  6. Got some tires installed today: BFG KO2 275/65-R20 (on 2.5" leveling kit). Fenders measure 40.5" in rear (stock block) and 39.5" in front - In case anyone is wondering.
  7. I would have them check the axles being out of round as well. The wheels/tires could be perfectly balanced but if you have the same issues shown in the vid, you would get the shake you are mentioning.
  8. Thanks guys, keep 'em coming! @Johnv76 How are you liking that setup? Any chance you could post up some fender measurements?
  9. I presently have 2.5" level and trying to decide between BFG KO2s 275/65r20's or 285/65r20's . The latter is significantly more expensive. I've searched quite a bit on here and only found a hand full of guy running 285/65r20s on a 2.5" level. Of the pix I have found, one looks like that setup is "stuffing them in the wheel wells", while the guy running the exact same setup looked perfectly fine. If you have that setup please post up pix! Or if you have the 275/65r20s and wish you had gone bigger, please chime in also!
  10. FYI- A tune from blackbear performance will fix the upshift/downshift garbage software transmission programming from the factory. No dealer will be able to address this.
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Nice job - looks good! Entertaining how much bigger your truck is next to the white one (assuming that is stock height). Out of curiosity what does the height of the tire measure out to while on the truck? Also interested to see the fender heights if possible.
  12. Can you elaborate on how the ride is w/the new setup? I have a 2.5" leveling kit now and was thinking of changing over to the same exact setup as you have - but have been struggling to find any solid feedback (assuming you have the 2.5 non-resi shocks). Maybe something like stock ride rating on scale of 1-10 (10 being best) vs 1-10 rating for the fox 2.5's + cognito UCA .. ?
  13. If you have tapered blocks, are they both installed the same way? Another thing to check to see if the ubolts are installed properly in the upper spring plate/cup...?
  14. Boss Coilovers 0-3" of lift

    Can someone from HaloLifts shed some light on the below comment? The topic of this thread seems to indicate the coilovers can be adjusted from 0-3". However, the below statement seems to indicate that in order to go higher then 2" you'll need to use spacers....?
  15. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You get an alignment yet? That could definitely be the issue if not.

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