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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I myself have to go through 3 set of tires and countless trips to different shops and dealers to find out driveshafts are the problem. Hopefully the vibration ends here...
  2. They can usually narrow down or find the source of vibration by a picoscope. So have your dealer do that and have them measure run-outs on your driveshafts to make sure they are in spec. -John
  3. So I've been getting vibrations that would come and go at highway speeds. After 3 different set of tires and 2 different rims, and a bucket load of anxiety. They finally put some sensors on my truck trying to figure out exactly what is causing the said vibration. They just got back to me, turns out both my front and rear drive shafts are out of spec. Has anyone ever had this problem with their 1500s? Or am I just super unlucky?
  4. I would strongly recommend buying from a local vendor instead of buying them online. This way if anything happens, like a defected tire, you know you have someone to go to. And DONT get them from KAL Tire because they would mess up your truck. I know too many stories of people getting **** over by Kal tire and myself inuded. So anywhere but kal tire. If you want more info on My experience with them, you can look up my thread. -John
  5. Lucky you, we have about 7 months in a year where the city spray gravels on every single road, clean those out for summer and than spray them back on again. What I find was the ko2's have cuts tangent to the tire at the base between sippings. Tiny rock chips get lodged in those cuts and cause the lug to swell up. This in turn made some sipping to wear on the edges, possibly reducing its ability to grip on ice and hard packed snow in the long run.
  6. It is me or these ko2's pick up tiny rocks in the sippings like there's no tomorrow? I wonder if those lil rocks will do damage in the long run.
  7. I think the lower profile bigger wheels and heavier tire doesn't help either. And you slap on a 8ply sidewall and you're in for a long day. Cost you and an arm and a leg to balance those bad boys out...
  8. Lol with the gas price right now, 15mpg doesn't seem all that bad eh?
  9. Which tire are you running? And I hear the axle ratio will decide how badly the tire affect your mpg? Mine came with the 3.08 rear and I think that's why my mpg took a such big hit.
  10. Did you see a difference on mpg? Mine went from 20mpg avg on stockers to17mpg avg on the new tire/wheel combo. Lost about 200km to the tank.
  11. It is indeed very quite given the aggressive tread pattern. And I just set it at 38psi cold to get a better mpg.
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