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  1. Sounds like a ground issue. happened to me on the highway. Engine stayed running but the dash was freaking out. There's a known issue with the ground cable from the battery. To test it, I connected a wire from my battery negative terminal to the body (cowling) and haven't had the problem since. I even bought a new negative cable, but haven't installed it yet. It's all been good. Clean any other ground connections to the body while you're at it.
  2. sure sounds like a head gasket. Pressure test each cylinder with air pressure with the coolant cap off and watch for bubbles.
  3. looks like alternator or A/C Compressor. If the two wires are bundled together farther up the harness it's probably the alternator
  4. Did you replace the fuel filter? just because you have good pressure at Idle, it doesn't mean you have good flow. My son's truck did the same thing. Replaced the fuel filter and all was good. hope that's your issue.
  5. Probably still a good idea to bring it in, maybe a failing or dirty abs sensor. I also have an old safari that the wheel sensor wire insulation rubbed through and was grounding causing the same symptoms. Hope it's nothing serious.
  6. I don't remember any warning lights when it would happen. Mine also got worse and scary in a parking lot parking maneuver. There were times I didn't think the truck would stop.
  7. Sounds like an ABS Sensor issue. My old 2001 had a recall on it. Didn't think it was an issue on the new ones.
  8. Hi guys, Wondering if you can help me ID what transmission I have in a 91 k1500 silverado 5.7 liter tbi with a 241C transfer case. It's an automatic and having some issues. Hard 1-2 shift and it slips out of 3rd gear when cold. Seems to ok once it's warmed up according to my son. It's his truck. He just picked it up and it has 360000 miles on it. It's on it's third transmission and we're told it doesn't have many miles on it. I know the guy we got it from and he has owned it since new and has taken care of it pretty well over its life. The transfer case is toast and we recently picked one up from a junk yard. The old one has a crack in the case. Haven't put it in yet because we might have to pull the trans, so might pull the trans and transfer case off together if necessary if we can't fix the slipping issue in the truck. Thought about a rebuild kit for the transmission if it turns out to be a clutch pack. Any recommendations there? Thanks.
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