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  1. Loaner

    Function > form
  2. Well, the digital cluster is calling your name if you can’t find a replacment
  3. Forgot to mention to you guys I DD a stock 6.2 with a black bear tune. I recently took a trip to florida and rented a navigator. It has the same engine and trans as the raptor. It wasn’t slow, but definitely not as fast as my 6.2. Not sure how much the navi weighs though. BTW, off topic, but holy shit is the navigator nice inside. Literally the nicest vehicle I’ve ever been in or ever seen in person. Unreal.
  4. The rear springs have a lot to do with the ride, I think more to do with it then the front. I had bilsteins just installed on the rear for a couple months, made a big difference in the overall ride. I mean if you put 1k lbs in the bed centered over the rear axle, the ride gets a whole lot better and it puts zero extra weight on the front axle. Which is pretty much proof that the rear axle is a huge part of the ride quality. Upgrading the shock can only take you so far. I mean what’s the weight distribution on our trucks, like 60/40 front/rear? Lets just say it is. That means when GM had to choose the springs for a 2k lb payload, that means they had to have springs that suspend 2200lbs unloaded and 4200lbs loaded. Short of variable spring system such as airbags, its pretty much impossible to design a spring that can perform in that wide of weight margin. So basically, ultimate ride quality and performance = significantly softer rear springs + airbags + 4 shocks+ Front coilovers
  5. Turbo 6.2 almost done!!

    How does one run a trans that was offered in a diesel and a older big block mate up to a new for 2014 small block? are we just picking transmissions out of a hat that are strong or do you guys know something I don’t?
  6. Yeah the 6.2L probably weighs less
  7. There is no GM 1500 pickup with a tahoe suspension. They do not ride like tahoes. I realize that a tahoe is the same platform, but the ride is softer and it has less capability. I used to have a tahoe. The springs have to be different, hence why I mentioned it. I just put 2300lbs in my bed the other week, my truck was basically level. That is absurd spring stiffness.
  8. Yeah well unfortunately GM doesn’t have any spring options. I’d prefer a nicer ride, but it’s not everything. Not enough to buy a ram.
  9. Maybe he wants a pickup truck that rides like a tahoe. I know I do. There are plenty of truck owners that need a truck but don’t need to put 2k lbs in the bed. A suspension tailored to to max out at like 1200lbs or less would be welcome and I wish they had that option.
  10. Add 120 volt outlet to pickup box

    Yeah but the oem source needs key on. If you’re only looking for a battery charger, sure.
  11. I sometimes have to switch to the radio and then back to the phone. It’s finicky unfortunately. Bluetooth lets me full blast for sure, sometimes the source volume is too low. I believe you can download an app on your phone to increase bluetooth volume. Some sort of eq that just stays in the backround. I’d recommend trying that first since bluetooth connection is so much more reliable than the usb. I’ve fiddled with both of them countless times. I don’t use usb anymore.
  12. Add 120 volt outlet to pickup box

    There’s only 2 ways to get power. 1. Tap into our existing 110 volt outlet. 2. Just buy an inverter on amazon and wire it straight up to the battery. Make sure you add a fuse to the power wire, add the fuse near the battery. Only number 2 makes really any sense
  13. Mid-sized truck logic?

    You can have a rear facing child seat behind you in the ‘19 I’m 2 inches taller and I have rear facing in my double cab. Because I have the car seat in the center. The front seats are actually so far apart that the car seat fits between them. in a k2xx crew, with the seat behind me, I have to move up a couple inches. in a t1xx crew I did not have to move up at all midsize forget about it
  14. Mid-sized truck logic?

    They are cheaper than I thought now, I just looked them up. Ok so 80% of the price is fair. They do get better gas mileage than I thought according to the epa. So you were correct about that as well. 90% of the capability? Nah Just look at the backseat room crew cab vs crew cab. The full size has mercedes s-class leg room and the midsize has like honda civic legroom. The interiors are considerably nicer in the full size. They obviously can’t deal with even close to the same weights. IMO, more like 80% of the price and 70% of the truck. With the volume of production of the 1/2 tons that should be no surprise that the full size is more truck for the money. Volume brings down costs. But I can see how they are popular. Last time I looked at pricing they were closer. When they are similar in price it’s a joke to buy a midsize.
  15. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Yeah, I don’t know why anyone buys them. The full size trucks are such high volume and so competitive that it brings down the prices. I mean after you look at incentives, if you price out the trucks the same, you are getting way way more truck with 1/2 ton. The 1/2 tons also have much better motors in them. I’d take a 5.3 over the v6 any day. Probably the same gas mileage too. I mean for the price of a diesel colorado I’m pretty sure you could get an slt with a 6.2. If there is a physical limitation such as garage space, sure, but otherwise, full size all the way

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