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  1. The c7 vette, which the engine is identical, has a stock redline of 6500 rpm. So 6200 is no problem.
  2. Torque actually looks pretty bad on the low end. Looks like it doesn’t start pulling until 3700ish. definitely more up top though
  3. So the reason your trans went and the reason it hit 220 on the interstate is because your trans thermostat was stuck closed. The thermostat regulates the trans temp from 190-200 in all conditions. The factory cooler is adequate for 99% of people. So basically you deleted the thermostat and you installed a more powerful cooler when the oem cooler was more than adequate. The best way to solve your issue is to reinstall the factory trans thermostat.
  4. The perfect all season tire for our trucks is the summitomo encounter ht everybody has an opinion and nobody will care about this post since there is so many of them. The performance of wet traction, dry traction, road noise, mpg, snow traction, is everything I could ask for.. It also happens to be one of the cheapest tires you can buy for it.
  5. The worst kind of advice possible. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about but you don’t. The carbon buildup is in the intake path, particularly around the intake valves, because DI no longer has fuel being sprayed into the intake path which caused the valves and intake ports to clean themselves. So what do you recommended to this guy -a fuel based cleaner to solve the carbon buildup that is only there because the fuel never touches the effected areas. -top tier fuel? Again -and you recommended an oil additive cleaner as well? Hopefully the guy sees this and does not waste his time and money on that crap
  6. I’m all about specialty enclosures to fit cleanly into a vehicle, but due to the fact it’s $1k, and we have ample room under the rear seat for a diy box, i would have to say hell no to that. $500 maybe, $1k is absurd
  7. Do they salt in canada? when I lived in ND they didn’t use salt because the outside temp is usually lower than the melting point of salt water
  8. Thanks, and to spare me a lot of searching parts required? I believe I need a new brain for the infotainment, but can keep everything else? any advantage to doing it in tandem with the denali cluster upgrade? fyi I only use the mobile site, so if you have any links in your sig, I can’t see them. The admin of this site thought it would be fine to not include a desktop format link for phone users.
  9. Who on earth drives on a flat road for 100’s of miles with cruise set on 59mph. obviously that is not a realistic long term average. Lol at feeling the need to even bring it up.
  10. Pretty much exactly what I get on dead flat surfaces at that speed in my ‘14 6.2
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