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  1. They are definitely better than LS for most builds atleast until you surpass the lt4 fuel system ~800hp and below = lt>ls Above ~800hp and above ls>lt
  2. Dude, custom tune. if you had cold weather issues with your other tunes it was just a coincidence. I’ve driven nearly every year and every motor of k2xx, they all feel the same. a custom tune is night and day. The lazy throttle is the torque management. Nothing to do with ignition or fuel tables.
  3. I’m not doubting its better, I’m doubting it’s “that” much better. I’m also doubting your civic would not be in nearly the same condition had you used regular oil. I use mobile 1 extended performance.
  4. Next your going to tell me your mercedes 240d lasted a long time because of synthetic
  5. A civic with a long lasting drivetrain is your anecdotal evidence? I once bought a a ‘95 civic somebody never changed the oil it, it had 95k miles on it and a hole in the block where the rod punctured it. I could literally stick my fist into the block. well guess what, I still drove that civic for 2 miles to a mechanic. Yes, a civic that had no oil in it, had been sitting for a year, with a hole in the block, down a cylinder, still drove 2 miles. you could probably put olive oil into 90’s civic crankcase and it’s get you to 200k Synthetic was not why it lasted a long time
  6. That’s ridiculous. Modern engines are way way more reliable than older engines. Hell even supercar engines are way more reliable than they were in the 90’s.
  7. I wasn’t really talking about engines from 1936
  8. It’s probably more like 500k miles with synthetic and 700k miles with your super oils Let be honest here, most engine failures have little to do with the lubrication if you’re changing it responsibly i dont know about you, but every car I’ve trashed had nothing wrong with the engine and that’s without even using synthetic. The engines last far longer than the body, interior, frame, ancillary engine pieces, transmission. I think you’re wasting money using a considerably more expensive oil. take the extra money your spending on amsoil over mobile 1, and do an extra trans/diff/transfer case oil change, likely a better allocation
  9. You don’t need to check rpo codes. There is no such thing as a 6.2L that can accept e85 from the factory. If you want to run e85 you have to convert it. Thankfully, compared to a lot of other vehicles, it is pretty easy to convert. You can find out how to convert with the info above, in the post with the links.
  10. In regards to the warranty this is what for example happens when you buy a callaway at a dealership https://www.callawaycars.com/homepage/cars/callaway-c19-sporttruck/ They provide their own warranty the powertrain. It is not a gm warranty. GM still provides the bumper to bumper, but not the powertrain. Pretty much all dealership modified cars are like this. The dealer can probably fudge a lot of stuff as being unmodified. But if you have a supercharger with an aftermarket tune, and the dealer has to send gm the ecu/tcu data, gm will not cover it and it is up to the dealer or the company that provided the supercharger. this is how it is for all brands as far as I know. Some aftermarket companies are much better than others of course at honoring the warranty.
  11. Do you know how to google? first code says low voltage from a circuit 2nd code says maf sensor check your maf sensor, maybe clean it with maf sensor cleaner, check your intake connections and the wiring to the maf, make sure it’s plugged in etc.
  12. I’m guessing the members on this forum will start to degrade the further the k2xx depreciates. Gonna have to upgrade to the t1xx if more people start replacing S with Z
  13. Well, this is a stupid thread and you definitely should have not expected to find any useful information. Asking how much hp a supercharger makes is like asking how much hp nitrous makes. You can make whatever the hell you want. It’s more complicated than that and anybody that knew a lick of information about the internal combustion engine would not be asking it.
  14. Actually they don’t as far as I know. They sell them with a powertrain warranty from the supercharger company. Pretty sure the powertrain warranty from GM is voided.
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