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  1. Which brakes to buy...

    Thanks Are those bolt on for our trucks? Like do we have the same caliper as the police package? Is it possible they are for the tahoe? I know the police silverado is not pursuit rated. Anybody have any feedback on these?
  2. Which brakes to buy...

    That’s not oem though is it? i’ve bought plenty of cheap sets of brakes and they don’t last long at all. I trust ac delco for most parts, I dunno about 4 sets of pads and rotors for $150 though. That’s about the price I paid for the crappy stuff at advanced auto.
  3. Which brakes to buy...

    Hmmm, anybody know more about the police package?
  4. Modifying with shocks updates?

    They are softer riding in some aspects. Put a G force meter in the truck when you go over a good size bump. The bilsteins will crush the oem ranchos. They are literally the perfect budget shock. Most people don’t really want “softer.” What they want is to go over a speedbump and not feel like you hit the bumpstops. They want to keep the good handling nature of a firm suspension yet still be compliant when asked to do something. And bilsteins deliver on that.
  5. So the time has come for new rotors and pads. Can’t decide between powerstop z36 package and oem. The powerdrop brakes are drilled and slotted rotors. I can’t help but think a lot of people go with them for the appearance. There are some positive reviews of them on here though. For someone who doesn’t give a damn about appearance and just wants long lasting and good brakes, what are your thoughts? Don’t want to shell out for big brake kit. Too much $$$. what does an oem setup cost btw? Where should I source them...
  6. All k2 v8’s have the factory cooler, and they all reach their operating temp if you have a thermostat, which we all do, how on earth would it not reach design temp
  7. Its nice that you found the active ingredient, but what your doing is worthless without valve pictures. also pouring the fluid in is the worst idea ever. How exactly is that going to get to the valves in the back? The reason we use aerosol cans is because it mists the solution so that the intake path can carry it. Just pouring a liquid into the intake might clean the front two cylinders, and thats it. Good chance of hydrolocking also if you pour too much in.
  8. Suburbans are pretty expensive to rent for some reason. Like their rental rate is considerably higher than other vehicles at a similar msrp. Unlikely some 20 year olds rented it. 99% of the rentals are likely people with large families. The people who just need utility usually rent a van or something. Suburban is likely one of the least abused rental vehicles I can think of.
  9. Help with 4X4

    When you put the truck into 4hi, the front wheels and the back wheels are locked together. So when you turn, especially a tight turn, the fronts and backs need to rotate at a different speed. This is why you are never supposed to use 4x4 on a dry surface. In 4auto the front and back are not locked, they are seperated by a clutch. This is why 4auto is ideal for patchy situations. It’s also why you don’t want to use 4auto in conditions that are 100% snow, because there is no need to work the clutches when you can just lock them together in 4hi.
  10. Yes I see a ton of smoke come out of my tailpipe if I give it the business and havent done so in while. I’n convinced that oil sits in the intake and when you floor it it sort of clears it out
  11. Which why that formula is not ideal its really not that tough to do the math in your head. The correct formula is x1.8 + 32
  12. With a brake controller and trailer brakes every single pound of your truck and trailer has rubber on the road and brakes for that rubber. The weight of the truck will not effect stopping distances if your trailer brakes are setup correctly, and your trailer doesn’t have complete crap tires. There are a lot of factors, and a yes heavier tow vehicle is better. I’m mainly just pointing out that it doesnt “take weight to stop weight.” Welding a 500lb steel plate to your 1500 isn’t going to make it stop the trailer faster.
  13. Imo- I think a 1500 with air bags and bilsteins would tow just as well as a 2500 6.0. I think the main difference between the two is the drivetrain, suspension, balls joints, everything is built to last longer in the 2500. It’s simply designed to handle the stresses of towing and work duties at the expense of gas mileage, comfort, turning radius, fun, etc etc. The 6.2 1500 will be far superior to drive unloaded.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    Yes, but all I said was “how much to change my front shocks out if I have the shocks” service advisor said “oh no biggie 1/2 hour labor each one.” I don’t think they realized they had to convert the spring over to the new one. Probably assumed I had the whole assembly to swap out or something. I too got much higher estimates from other places. that did not include alignment because I left it at factory height
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    Burns gmc did my 2 fronts for $120. Do the rears yourself, literally takes 5-10 minutes if you have an impact gun.

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