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  1. There’s plenty of camaros with e85 conversions, they are adding about 30-40whp
  2. The 6.2 is not e85 compatible from the factory. That’s probably why it’s not rated higher with e85.
  3. False, the 6.2 has a higher compression ratio for sure its either half a point or a full point higher
  4. Ask about gm paying some of it. 3 months ago costed me $400 for my 2014 with 45k miles, at the dealer. I jus tasked the dealer about the gm assistance because its a known issue and he say sure no problem. Just called whoever he calls at gm and took care of it right away.
  5. When someone takes this much of their personal time to discover and share information with others, it is truely a great thing. Thanks.....round of applause for Jon-A
  6. Not saying this with any bias as I love all kinds of motors. The 6.2 is without a doubt a better powerplant overall. I’d think most ford 3.5 owners that know a lot about both motors would agree as well.
  7. Personally, in comparison to most vehicles with similar levels of utility, weight, and ground clearance, the 2014+ Gm trucks are pretty much 911 gt3’s. In one day I drove an early 90’s astro van, then a ‘97 tahoe, and then my truck. My truck pretty much felt like a race car that day.
  8. Borrowing $100 from a friend and stiffing him isn’t illegal, but it’s a dick move, kinda like high powered headlights in halogen housings.
  9. sigh, I miss my aftermarket boost gauge
  10. Go with l86 stuff, lt1 intake hardware is margionally better and way more involved to install.
  11. Many of us have driven both the 6.2 and 5.3, including myself. you’re the only person who thought the 5.3 is quicker in any sort of driving style you’re also the only person who noticed a significant difference in fuel economy drove the 5.3 like you stole it and averaged 18mpg? There are without a doubt hundreds of people on this forum who own 5.3’s and would say that’s baloney.
  12. Lots of us have had that issue. Nobody knows the cause as far as I know. <had same issue with 3 injectors replaced
  13. Fyi I believe the crew cab weighs about 60-80lbs more than double cab
  14. Might not be a need for a tune on new trucks as they have a sport mode That's all the tune really does, is fix the horrendous shifting, throttle, and torque management. Something that could easily fix in a sport mode.
  15. I don't think it can, because it installed an 8l90 transmission in the truck, the same trans used on the z06. The 8l90, even the one specifically in the truck, has published specs for hp and torque handling, and it is way beyond a stock l86 with a K&N intake. That would be valid if it was say, a driveshaft or diff, items that aren't used on other vehicles, but not with the trans. This one is an easy win if it ever went to court, especially considering there is so many known issues with the trans.

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