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  1. I believe the afm is completely different for the new motors
  2. I would say a canned tune was a bad idea, (well obviously now) that’s just going to increase your shift pressures I’ve never heard of a hard 1-2 shift while accelerating. I would get a custom tune where they can actually decrease the shift pressure on the 1-2.
  3. Have you tried dousing it in gasoline and throwing a match on it? that’s exactly what I’d do if I had to listen to the chime more than 5 seconds
  4. I’ve never tried this, but I have used one and they are amazing. i’d bet a thermal camera could see the draw if the place your in is cold enough. Home depot rents pretty good ones. I think you can buy reasonably priced ones that attach to your phone as well. They come in handy. Found so many thermal leaks in my house using one.
  5. I think there are Interior fuse panels on the left and Right side of the dash. You have to remove the interior panels. They are panels that are only exposed when you open the door. They are literally on the side.
  6. well the obvious thing to do is use a multimeter and pull fuses one by one until you dont see the draw did you do that yet?
  7. Its more of an 8 speed issue 6speed issues are fairly rare. but yes, if it was an 8 speed, a way to confuse it would be to slow down from highway speeds like normal, and then wot at like 40mph.
  8. Fyi, performancetrucks.net is a better place for your question. It’s more oriented towards gear heads with heavy mods
  9. Oh I didn’t even realize it was a 2.9! i’ve been doing all this reasearch on 2.3’s and it seems right on the money. yeah i’d say you have a problem. Nice blower!
  10. I’m not a supercharger expert, more turbo’s and general boost related. but if you are losing air, yeah sounds like bypass valve would be the culprit. Just an fyi, i did do a little research, on a guy that has an lt4 and took off his stock blower and put on a tvs 2300. He was making 11psi with a 3.15 inch pulley. Considering your motor, without any blower attached, probably makes way more power than an NA lt4. If that’s the case, I fail to see how a 3.75” pulley is supposed to make 11psi on a stock l86.
  11. Did they ask you what motor? that would seem right on point with a 5.3
  12. Before you buy, make sure you checkout laura gmc pricing on new trucks. A lot of people fly there and drive home. Even if you don’t want to fly there, it’s what a lot of us use as a measuring stick for good pricing. Keep in mind, the extra length of time you have on a warranty, brakes, tires, and everything else that is consumable. Also depreciation since 2018 is the previous body style. They have value that you can actually calculate. If you’re only $5k cheaper than a new one, it’s likely a wiser investment to by new.
  13. Sounds about right to me think of it this way, turbo’s and superchargers are not rated in psi, they are rated in hp. If you put a gt350rs on a honda d series, it’ll take 25 psi to make 350whp. Slap it on a gmt 900 5.3L, it’ll take 4psi. Still flowing the same amount with both applications. this is what’s happening in your case. Your pulley is hp rated, it just takes less pressure to achieve that flow rate because of your mods.
  14. Test drive up to 80mph make sure no vibration. try confusing the transmission with switching from light throttle to heavy throttle known issues are shaking and bad 8speed neither are easily fixed
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