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  1. You just need bilstein 5100’s for your make and model truck. The fronts shocks are height adjustable to go higher than stock up to about about 2”. They do not allow you to go lower. The rears are not adjustable. There are no variations of the 5100’s to choose from (except what vehicle they are designed for) The 4600’s are pretty much the same shock but are not height adjustable. They are a must buy. Basically what the truck should have came from the factory. And to clear up the confusion of so many people saying they are firmer or softer. They are slightly firmer when going over small stuff like cracks in the road and just general driving. But if you hit a fairly large bump or pothole, they are wayyyyyyy softer than stock ranchos. so basically they slightly improve handling and they vastly improve the feeling of hitting a large bump. They are not any better for cruising down the highway. cliffs: perfect compromise between on road handling, towing, and ability to take a bump should you need to. You want a Cadillac soft ride, worse handling, more body roll, worse towing, with a baja racing hobby on weekends, you’d be better off with some higher end stuff.
  2. I think you have something wrong with yours. The bose system in our trucks sounds fantastic at max volume. I dont hear any distortion. Maybe the door panel is missing a clip or 2? maybe try moving the balance all the way to one side so you can test to see if it’s both or one of the door speakers.
  3. I launch the living hell out of my 6l80 6.2. Its tuned so way more violent launch than stock. Done it 100’s of times, awd launches. i’m starting to get a little slippage now at 67k miles. But you have a converter, i just have the factory garbage. lets be honest, 500hp NA out of a 5.3 will take quite a bit of breathing mods and it will shift the powerband to the high side and rev higher. Which means the violence of low end torque or forced induction will not be there to destroy the transmission. i have no doubt in my mind a 500hp NA 5.3 would be just fine for a 6l80. Especially one with a converter.
  4. I’ve never taken apart an LT motor. I’ve heard its 18-24 hours of labor to do a cam on these, and that’s for someone that’s done it before. If that’s true, that’s a pretty big freaking job.
  5. Just keep in mind the 6l80 was formerly oem on the 6.2. Including the c7 vette, which made 460hp. Gotta figure your peak torque with headwork probably won’t be much higher than the 6.2, if any. I’m not a transmission expert, but I believe their primary limitation is input shaft torque, which means hp by itself would not matter much.
  6. Uh i dont think anybody gave you any “don’t do it” responses. the lt1 is the exact same motor with exact same lifters as the l86, and it calls for 5w30
  7. L86 and lt1 are the same exact motor with different tuning, exhaust, and intake
  8. There is nothing that is oem quality except buying a better bulb.
  9. Can someone take a picture of their driver seat all the way forward. my seat tries to take off the plastic trim when I slide it forward. I have to slide it all the way forward to put car seat in back. i’m not sure if the plastic seat trim is too low, just want to know what it’s supposed to look like. Seat has never been removed or anything. these are slt leather heated, but not ventilated, seats if it matters thanks
  10. I believe you need to know the “carrier size?” like I think the all the 6.2’s had the 9.76” like there is only one year and model for the oem 9.76” 3.73. Thats a 2014 max tow 6.2L that was the only year the 6.2L had a 6speed
  11. Wouldn’t that negate your post about learning via knock sensor? i mean it’s changing to a different map, I’d assume it’d have to relearn. also I though the learning process was much much faster than a few tanks. i can’t verify this, just what I’ve heard
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