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  1. Do not buy from them. you probably read one of my posts recommending them. he disappeared, probably not in business anymore and just leaves the website active highly recommend retrofit source
  2. I’m Assuming you are doing the obvious and resetting the codes each time.
  3. Pretty sure meth won’t add any power by itself. From what I understand all it does is cool the intake charge and prevent detonation. Kinda like octane in fuel, or e85… it doesn’t add any power unless you adjust the tune to compensate for the fact that it resists detonation. More resistance to detonation = more aggressive tuning = more power
  4. No that has the morimoto ballast and all that other BS. Hylux 35w ballast and bulbs is all you need. just call them, its easier. The people that answer the phone know what they are doing.
  5. “The perfect racing car crosses the finish line first and subsequently falls into its component parts." -- Ferdinand Porsche Is it still amusing coming from the founder of the most successful racing company that was ever created.
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of professional racing, and lasting until the finish line is well known saying. I wasn’t talking about racing boats either. You said engines don’t like being at max rpm for a long time, well that’s exactly what they do in boats. The literally put car engines, small block v8’s just like ours, into boats and they can and will sustain high rpm for hours. Max rpm is an arbitrary number the manufacturer decided to limit the rpm too. Evident by my point that they limited the l86 to 6k rpm. I mean, yeah obviously 6k rpm is worse than 2k rpm.
  7. Pretty sure there are some boat builders and owners that would disagree. Race engines are totally different, the perfect race car engine blows up as it crosses the finish line.
  8. Because it means we know for a fact they put the rev limiter far below what the engine is actually capable of spinning without damage. Which also means they probably did the same thing with the 5.3 considering it has a similar power-band and architecture. Which means the OP probably doesn’t have to worry, which is the entire point of this thread
  9. Dunno how to delete this with stupid mobile format
  10. You did zero damage. There are people who hit the rev limiter everyday. I mean the 6.2 has the cutoff at 6k rpm, and it’s the exact same engine as the one in the corvette, and that cuts off at 6600rpm. You did zero damage at the cutoff and it could probably run through an entire tank of gas bouncing off the rev limiter, well if you had enough cooling.
  11. If you have slt/denali projectors, because that’s what I have and I dunno what the other type of headlight has or if it‘s any different hylux 35w ballast, morimoto 35w bulbs, plug in and done if you want the fancy pants beam pattern, which is actually functionally better as well, and don’t mind a little diy work, d2s mini 5.0 projectors. (I have 4.0, i think they came out with 5.0 now) buy from retrofit source Led’s and regular bulb upgrades pail in comparison to 35w hid. i think if you tried 100 different setups and were the worlds leadi
  12. Well it’s good info to know when you drive a vehicle with a 6k rpm redline and the identical motor in another vehicle goes to 6600rpm.
  13. Yeah right dude, you were blasting music, its ok i’ve done it before too.
  14. And 6600rpm when the identical long block is installed into a corvette
  15. I seriously doubt the ride is as nice as that old tahoe….or buick roadmaster, or a host of other 90’s boats. I mean it’s pretty damn easy to design a suspension to be good at one single thing and suck at everything else. Also, tahoe had air suspension too….courtesy of the 5” smaller wheels than your denali. I suppose I can’t really be sure without driving a new denali, but I’d seriously doubt it. I’m not knocking your denali, it’s better than an old tahoe in like 999/1000 categories. me saying the tahoe rides better than your denali is kinda like
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