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  1. Auto 4x4 Noise

    They all make a whining noise I’ve launched it in auto4 atleast 100 times. It can take it all day long.
  2. Oil pressure 6.2

    Here’s my 6.2 at idle, in gear, and hot as shit. This was the 3rd 0-60 pull in a row.
  3. Crew cab vs double cab

    As a double cab owner, there is no doubt that most adults would not be that comfortable in the back of a double cab for more than 45 mins. I’ve gotten numerous complaints and I’ve sat back there. I do no like it.
  4. Callaway 560 Package

    Oh nm, I’m guessing its a tahoe rst with a supercharger, definitely a ripoff then
  5. Callaway 560 Package

    Do they even make that truck in 6.2?
  6. Crew cab vs double cab

    double cab is great for one kid with a rear facing car seat. you put the car seat in the middle of the backseat. Unlike nearly every other regular car, the truck is so wide that the car seat can actually fit between the two front seats. I have a read facing seat in my double cab and I can also comfortably drive 4 adults and a baby. If you have two kids, one will likely be foward facing. So it could potentionally work. That being said, I still wish I had a crew cab. Just saying that a double cab can work.
  7. Damn 240-275 seems really hot for plastic and adhesive I suppose the whole assembly is designed to withstand some fairly high temps
  8. A camless engine that’s reliable? They actually do not have that ability.
  9. The ol conspiracy theory about how they are holding back, come on. he’s been working on that for like a decade now and still hasn’t released it into production. if a manufacturer could engineer that system to work, it would be out. Any manufacturer would kill babies to implement a fully functional camless internal combustion engine.
  10. I’ve learned a lot since I posted that and I would never swap to an lt1 intake. if I was trying to make big power and I wasn’t going tow much I’d go ported msd.
  11. Morimoto HID problems

    Correct, just had to make a ground connection
  12. Morimoto HID problems

    I bought all my stuff from phil at the retrofit source and could not possibly be happier. he stopped selling his kits with the morimoto ballasts because of people having issues, he now sells them with the Hylux ballast. I have oem levels of reliability with my 35w hylux ballast, morimoto bulbs, and d2s mini 4.0 projectors. No special wiring, options, or canbus hardware. Just wire the ballasts up and you’re done.
  13. Dont you still have unassisted brakes if the vacuum pump goes out?
  14. Heated steering wheel

    I’ve honestly found the more of a man you are the nicer the heated steering wheel is. man shit in cold weather = freezing cold hands. where as the ladies just go from the house to the car
  15. Last good z71

    My issue was resolved the second I put on new tires. I used to drive around in auto4 everytime it rained. Now I never use it. It is a normal rwd vehicle now. Can confirm it’s not the truck

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