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  1. Modern cars have what’s called a can bus system that allows all the computers and sensors to communicate with each other. It allows a lot of features, functionality and safety measures that would otherwise be impossible. While it’s not impossible to LS swap a k2xx, it is so difficult that the cost and time would far far exceed any savings or benefit that can be had from the swap and you would probably be going with a custom dash with custom gauges.
  2. So if I take it to the dealer, are they going to swap the fluid out with the new stuff? I’d rather not pay for that stuff.
  3. Gotcha so I have a problem. hmmm do I diy recharge or take it to the dealer?
  4. Yeah but shouldn’t the cabin eventually get to 70 degrees and kick the fans down regardless? fan was running at full tilt for 30 minutes
  5. So my 2014 AC went bad about 2 years ago as they all do, had the dealer make the repairs. Recently on a 97 degree day I was parked outside in the sun doing some work, and had the AC set on auto to 70. Even though I was sitting for about 30 minutes, the fan just ran on full blast the entire time and it never seemed to get comfortable inside. I don’t remember the AC ever having trouble keeping up regardless of the temp outside. Just curious if your guys trucks can handle that no problem. It doesn’t seem that cold anymore and I suspect there is a pinhole leak. But I guess it could also be all in my head.
  6. Justin from blackbear street tuned my truck in person. While analyzing the stock tune data...... I quote “wow you’re not getting any knock, you have good gas in nj” i have a 6.2 and was using 93. Considering he’s probably read more Live LT knock sensors than anyone in the world, it’s probably pretty accurate to say most people with stock 6.2’s are getting knock and pulling timing on 93! He highly recommended I stay with 93 for the tune. I don’t think the brand of fuel matters at all for knock. i think the quality is regional. He said DC area has the best fuel. Yeah filling with premium sucks. I probably get the worst mpg on the forum because of the dense suburbia I live in. If I had a 5.3 I would try to go lower octane, but with a 6.2 your stuck with 93 imo.
  7. I’m not all that concerned with the reliability. I don’t doubt the cooler one has the edge there. I’m mostly concerned with efficiency if it’s 150-160 in the summer, and then 130 in the winter, I’d imagine 130 vs 190 has a pretty big difference in fuel economy
  8. I’m more curious about the winter temps, i would have zero concern if it was summer all the time
  9. GM Pickups dont have the ride quality but yeah I used to have a tahoe, thing road like butter. Had ****** for payload but it sure was comfy.
  10. Yup I’ve come to realize there is a wide range of quality in these trucks. Not sure if it’s because of sloppy tolerances or because they are built in different places. I have to admit I wouldn’t expect the engine to be one of those places where you’re rolling the dice. Usually everything is precision machined.
  11. I read it again, I still don’t understand they never put a 6.0 in a 2014-2015 camaro, it was a 6.2L ls3, and the supercharged zl1, and the v6. there was no 6.0 motor and there was no LT motor in the camaro prior to 2016 so again, I ask the same question, how does an ls oil pan fit an LT motor
  12. Yeah until it looses itself up and the only way to fix it is to take the pan off again
  13. LS pans fit on lt motors? Never would have expected that
  14. make a new thread not enough info either, did the oil end up on the ground? I’d ask the mechanic what is wrong with the motor, he must know if he said it needs to be replaced
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