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  1. I had my ac go out on me on my ‘14, I paid 50% of the cost, which ended up being about $330. So it was $660 at the dealer.
  2. Morimoto HID's

    That’s nice but sierra slts don’t have reflector housings
  3. Ceramic Pro

    This is exactly why I want ceramic coating. Because I don’t feel like properly washing and waxing the truck every time. with a ceramic coating, you can literally just drive through a touchless car wash and it will look like you just got finished a full detail, and you can do this for years. with wax you have to go through said process every six months, thats if you use a very high quality wax. Ceramic is legit.
  4. Ceramic Pro

    I wash it 3 times with dish soap, after the first wash I ironX’d the whole truck when I said polish, i meant compound.
  5. Ceramic Pro

    I tried diy method. First you have to paint correct. I bought a real DA polisher, all the pads, products, and followed all the steps to a T. I researched the shit out of it, I washed the whole truck, iron X’d it, washed, washed, washed, polished. After I’m done polishing I can’t wait to see the results. Didn’t do a god damn thing. I couldn’t polish it, it did not take anything out. I wasted like 5 hours of research, 6 hours of labor, and $200. Apparently GM trucks have a difficult paint to work with. Take it to a pro for sure. Only GM could engineer a paint that’s easy to scratch but difficult to remove scratches. The folks that tune the transmissions must have moonlighted as painters.
  6. 6L80E Performance build

    You doing awd launches? curious what you need to do to the transfer case at those power levels. All I’ve learned about thr 6l80 leads meto believe you will be hard pressed to get any builder to ever have it handle a ton of power long term. As I’m sure you already thought about this, shame you didn’t dump all that money into a 2015+ with the 8l90. Now you have a ridiculously awesome truck that could potentially never reach its potential without a 4l80 swap.
  7. They are so much comfier than the stock rancho’s!!! OP, don’t recommend fox 2.0’s because they aren’t much better than the bilsteins if any for a significant price increase. IMO in order of comfort to price, 10 being a rolls royce stock - free, comfort 0 bilsteins - $320ish - comfort 3 bilstien 6112 $1500ish - comfort 5 (educated guess based on reviews) fox 2.5 or king/icon - $2400ish - comfort 6 To get beyond that you need custom spring rates, which will effect capability of the truck, depends how important that is to you. If you want the perfect ride, like comfort 9 on my scale, you’re looking at custom spring rates, fox 2.5’s or better custom tuned for the spring rates. Then airbags because you undoubtably have softer rear springs to achieve that. Maybe $6-7k total I’m guessing. But if you think about it, how much does someone pay for the ride comfort of a range rover.
  8. I had a stuck trans thermostat awhile ago. you can check if its stuck by feeling the lines at the transmission cooler when your trans temp is 190 or higher. The output line of the trans cooler will be ambient temp. It is on the passenger side of the trans cooler. If it is working properly the line will be hot as hell. It is a rare issue it seems. 208 is nothing btw, zero cause for concern at that temp

    Most of the ones I had were just normal silicone couplings with hose clamps. I’m sure you can buy higher quality stuff. It’s often overlooked though. I don’t know what they normally use in very high pressure situations, most boost I ever ran was about 16 psi.

    Turbos +power +efficiency +less shock to drivetrain when power is applied +tuneability with adjusting power on the fly or even by the gear +if your crafty you can piece together a turbo kit very cheap as the turbo itself is generally not the expensive part +lower intake temps are easier to achieve because of flexibility with intercooler size -well packaged do it all kit with quality parts = super expensive -lots of piping and different parts to fail, will reliable if you do a good job, but a lot of people don’t. Charge piping is a big one. Think about it, your intercooler doesn’t move, but the turbo and the intake manifold move with the engine, so you need flexible charge pipe couplings. 15-20psi or higher inside a flexible tube will surely test your connections. You need oil and usually water to the turbo. -In a V motor, you usually need two turbo’s because your exhaust is on either side of your motor. You can do a single turbo but it’s just a lot of exhaust piping. This is the fundamental reason when dealing with aftermarket forced induction, v8’s usually use superchargers and if you go over to the honda forums almost everyone is turbo. A supercharger is just slapped into the valley and your done on a V setup. Much easier install and less complicated.

    Just a little bit lol I had a greddy profec B electronic boost controller 20 years ago, and gear dependent boost like 18 years ago.

    With a turbo you can do it with the push of a button, so it can get easier than that, much easier.
  13. Sierra Differentials

    Yes, it would be a heavy load on the diffs, but not the front one because of turning locked in 4wd. All the towing does is make it easier for the front tires to scrub.
  14. Sierra Differentials

    Yeah I know my point was the dealer said the cause was towing in 4wd, but towing in 4wd puts no more stress on the front diff than not towing in 4wd, it actually puts less stress on it
  15. Sierra Differentials

    So I just thought about how how the differentials operate and towing, and I have no idea how a front diff would be effected by towing. Towing actually takes weight off the front end

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