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  1. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    It’s is not like that at all. Nobody prefers the 5.3, they just prefer the cost of the 5.3. nobody wants less power, it’s like saying some prefer a lower quality TV. The only thing to debate about 6.2 vs 5.3, is if the 6.2 is worth the extra money (yes that includes the premium fuel in the 6.2, because that’s just money as well)
  2. He’s in a 1500 forum......and so are you
  3. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    It would take quite a bit of weight for duramax to be faster, just guessing that like 8k lbs is the break even point. It also probably feels a lot better and more effortless in the duramax. Duramax would last a helluva lot longer and get better mileage with a trailer. Butttt.......Towing 8k lbs in a 6.2 @ WOT may feel like your punishing your truck, but it sure moves.
  4. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    I actually raced a new duramax in my 6.2 It was a stoplight with 6 lanes and an exit about 1000ft away. Neither of us were in the exit lane and both of us launched it to get ahead of everybody else. I was like a bus length ahead of him. He launched it hard too. I heard him spool it up while still stopped.
  5. Gear ratio is not that important with the 8speed Knowing all that I know about these trucks, I wouldn’t care if it was 3.23 or 3.42
  6. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    What on earth are you talking about? when my foot is on the floor yes I’m shifting at max rpm, and yes I want max hp. Who on earth does not want max hp at WOT?? If you want to shift at 4500rpm dont put your foot on the floor, it’s pretty simple.
  7. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    Lol wow Hey lets just shove in 50lbs of boost and shift at 2k rpm to meet our target hp. I swear it’s safer.
  8. 6.2 swap

    I would just do some research on the rest of the drivetrain to see what’s different. Brakes, driveshaft, rear end, axles, transfer case, etc. If I was going to commit to an l86 swap, I probably wouldn’t want to hack up a ‘17.
  9. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    I’m promoting the 6.2 for the OP. You’re promoting the 5.3. It’s not an emotional arguement. The 6.2 is an incredible engine and worth the extra money. I’m am no GM fanboy, but I’m pretty sure most enthusiasts would agree the l86 is the best motor ever installed in an oem truck. The old “but if you modify this one it will be this much faster” arguement is as old as the hills. Modifying has it’s own downsides and is not simply just a matter of cost/hp. In an extreme example, we can buy a honda civic for $5k and throw $15k into it and roast lambos on the drag strip and the circuit track, that doesn’t mean the lambo is a dumb purchase. Stock for stock or mod for mod, the 6.2 is much faster, and it’s well worth $3700.
  10. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    Very few are. Maybe hero times. Hell the single cab 5.3 is slower than the crew cab 6.2 stock for stock. Single cab is like 1200lbs lighter.
  11. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    Aftermarket tuned 5.3 will not feel like a 6.2 lol.
  12. NJ They’ve had no moisture for like a year, all of a sudden it was raining hard one night and I drove in it, next day I see the condensation. It’s been well over a week with seemingly no change in the amount of water inside so I’m thinking I need to some how let it breathe and warm it up. I cut the back off I didn’t bake the headlight. Thinking maybe I missed a spot with the adhesive. I also think I only installed one of those 3d printed support bracket things, when your directions say to install 2, so it may have seperated.
  13. So I don’t think I did a hood job of sealing this headlight up when I did my projector retrofit. Any easy way to get the moisture out without taking the headlight out? Also Phil, whats the black glue/sealant you spec’d for the retrofit? so I can buy another tube.
  14. Yeah but no other truck is getting this good of mpg so you had no alternative.
  15. i get about 9mpg around town in my 6.2. Dense surburban traffic and I have a heavy right foot. If I set the cruise on 65mph during the summer I will get 25+ mpg every time. I go from philly to jersey shore often and both directions regardless of conditions will always get me 25 or higher, so the road is flat. Winter best I can manage is like 22-23mpg

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