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  1. Yeah except nitrous doesnt pressurize the manifold or the throttle body, unless there’s a backfire.
  2. Mine always did it during a wide open throttle pull. i just came to the consensus that the water is doing a better job at absorbing the heat from the motor, as if they made chsnges to the coolant passages to be more effective. i mean we all know the motor gets hotter when you stomp on the gas. If the gauge told you it stayed the same temp, I’d say that’s worse than it increasing and then going back down.
  3. Yes multiple dyno’s on the vettes and camaro forums confirm that throttle body has real world hp gains. I’m sure you see a more noticeable improvement with your supercharger.
  4. Yeah I actually saw an l86 take off at a stoplight that wasn’t mine, so I got to witness it, his had black smoke too. I figured it might be oil as well. If I run it hard today, there will be black smoke, especially on the first pull. If I then run it hard again the following day, there won’t be any black smoke, (well not that I can see from my rear view) it is A LOT of smoke when I go WOT after I haven’t done so for awhile. Like a freaking cloud. That’s why I think there is a reservoir of oil sitting somewhere that gets ingested at WOT. It doesn’t help that with the blackbear tune 50% throttle feels like WOT. So I’m not sure where the engagement point is for open loop to test if it’s just open loop fueling table thats causing it or it’s just huge amounts of airflow sucking some reservoir of oil.
  5. Then why would it only do it if I have been driving gently for a few days. if I go wot, it smokes, but if I do it 3 times, it wont blow out smoke anymore the next day, it wont smoke if I do it again. That does not sound like running rich.
  6. I think you missed a key part it only smokes a couple times when I haven’t driven it spirited in awhile. when you’re WOT the ecu switches to open loop. Open loop means you’re not using sensor data and then adjusting based on those readings. The 02 sensors are bypassed. The fuel tables are pre-programmed and will be the same every time you put your foot down. If I was running rich, it would do it every time. I’m well aware of black smoke from running rich. I’m also well aware that a lot of cars produce black smoke when they first stomp the go pedal. This is not one of those circumstances. i literally used to drive around with a laptop in my passenger seat for years and monitored the wideband afr, egt’s, oil pressure and temp, intake temp, intake pressure (fabbed up my own intake temp sensor setup) granted it was obd1 and used a map sensor, so, maf’s, knock sensors, and multiple o2 sensors are greek to me
  7. Its not from running rich, have had several high hp cars with widebands. it did the exact same thing before the BB tune. It also highly variable, it all depends on how often I get on it. The only thing that could really be happening is something pooling up. I suppose it could be water in the muffler too, but that wouldn’t vaporize that fast. And our mufflers have a drain.
  8. Also I found out the v6 uses a totally different pcv and afm manifold. Wonder if the v6’s are pretty much all oil consumption free.
  9. I’m going down the rabbit whole of the pcv system. the thing is, i’ve looked into my intake several times since I use valve cleaner before each oil change. I’ve never noticed any oil in the folds of the intake hose, on the butterfly valve, or inside my limited view of the intake mani. But it has to be pooling somewhere. You should see the smoke at WOT if I’ve been babying the truck for awhile. Just a huge cloud of black behind me like I have a diesel. Then it goes away completely. If I drive like an ass for multiple days, there will be no smoke. i’m pretty sure that eliminates any sort of internal engine issues. One thing I found, on the 2017 c7 vettes, is that they reduced the diameter of the breather tubes. (There’s probably a lot more to it than just thinner tubes) Then I found a random post from a seemingly educated man how to breather tubes for our motors are too big. Hmmm
  10. There are countless comparison tests of these products on youtube. Just go off them.
  11. In the tune. i mean the maf should be able to compensate for most of it. forget all my tuning stuff. might just need a tune for open loop
  12. Motor L86 oil loss = about 1 quart every 2k miles -happened since I bought the truck with 20k miles, now has 60k miles -street tuned by justin at blackbear. When looking at the live data he said it definitely doesn’t look like its the rings. Not sure how he could tell that. -i also don’t think its the rings...because if I take it easy on my truck for a few days, and then I go WOT, I get a ton of black smoke out of the tailpipe. But this doesn’t happen if I go WOT frequently. Which means in my theory is, the oil is collecting somewhere and then is getting sucked into the engine at WOT. Once I deplete the pool of oil, it stops smoking. Typically when vehicles have bad rings, it will happen every time you go WOT. where the F is it going? It must be fixable without a rebuild if it’s not the rings and some peoples trucks don’t burn any oil.
  13. I’m burning a boatload of oil. Don’t know where its going. If I don’t check it and add it, I’ll get a low oil level warning when the oil life monitor says I’m about 25% oil life remaining. That’s a lot of burning oil. Owner of blackbear street tuned my truck, I told him about the oil consumption, and he said well it’s not the rings. Somehow he could tell that by looking at the live data. i too get great mpg at 60k miles, seems good as new, and I take a ton of short trips, which is probably terrible for carbon buildup. i would say I’m only running my engine for more than 20 minutes a time, once a month. infact I’m gonna make a thread about it
  14. Where are the pics? also odd that you running a catch can have build up problems and everybody that doesn’t run one, who has posted pictures on high mileage engines, has no problems. Weird
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