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  1. I’d rather have more power than gears personally Everything in the intake path and exhaust path would get my money before them
  2. I believe they operate totally differently. i think the 8l90 never has to cut power during the shift where as the 6l80 does. i was under the impression they are on different planets. When I drove one on the camaro, I was blown away. It was awesome. The 1-2 shift felt like a fast a furious movie where they hit the nitrous button. This was on a bone stock camaro SS. On the trucks they are stumbling drunks. After driving that camaro, I am in shock that nearly every test of our trucks has the 6l80 being faster than the 8l90. Stock for stock or tune for tune. Something hardware related in the truck 8l90 must be really aweful because that trans is amazing. I’m not sure what it is but I’m under the impression it’s not the tuning.
  3. I believe you are the first person to do this, well at least the first the posts about it online. if you wouldn’t mind, spend like a 1/2 hour when you’re finished and do a full write-up. Pictures are great if you have them. Not sure if you realize how valuable it is to people. 1/2 hour of your time donated could collectively save people 1000’s of hours of time and $1000’s of dollars replacing blown 6l80’s, especially as k2xx’s get older and more people mod them. For example, any idea if I can swap this into my 2014 6.2? 8l90 didn’t get released until 2015. What you leaned about compatibility, the software and hardware hurdles would be appreciated!
  4. They are not even close hell go drive a camaro or vette, it’s literally the 8l90, it is a totally different experience. Why its so different, I don’t know. the only reason to go 8l90 in the truck is because it’s a beast and can handle boatloads of power
  5. 3.73 for sure if you must change them 8 speed with 4.10’s is absurd, unlikely you will see any performance benefit whatsoever. and 3.73’s they made oem, 4.10’s you have to go aftermarket IMO people put way to much importance on this in this day in age. For nearly a century when you had 2-4 gears, it was indeed very important. Mild importance with 6 speeds. Now with 8 and 10speeds, it doesn’t matter much. i think people forget the entire point of the rear end ratio is to place the ideal ratio of the number of times the engine spins to the number of times the tires spin. It’s a lot easier to do that when you have 8-10 gear ratio’s to choose from.
  6. Dude, what is this post about. Are you just plugging an ad for BG? This has absolutely nothing to do with the guys problem and he is listening to your advice, likely because of your post count. You potentially already wasted the poor guys time and money.
  7. I mean, he tested motor oil and it wasn’t much better than nothing at all
  8. So I probably going to v8 swap an fj40. I really really want my l86 drivetrain with 4auto and everything. It rains a lot here so 4auto will be nice with 400hp in an fj40. The problem is, I believe swapping an l86 is far more complicated than an LS. My question is, if I use a transfer case from an LS truck with 4auto, does it operate/feel the same as it does in our trucks? not even sure what years they had 4auto, pretty sure they even had it in 1999 but I believe it was different back then. Thanks
  9. Projectfarm on youtube did a comparison test of rust preventative coatings. Fluid film did not do well if I recall. There are better options out there.
  10. My o-60 went from 5.8 to 5.0 with just a tune. I’ve driven a few 5.3’s loaners, man do they feel slow off the line. A tune would definitely help. For what’s it worth, I believe the 8 speeds are designed so that they keep power through the shift where as the 6 speed can’t. keep in mind the 8 speeds are installed in 650hp cars and the shifts are violent on them.
  11. Lol at this thread I have the same trans as OP, I have 3.42 instead of 3.73, I have the 6.2, I also have a blackbear tune. So off idle, I probably have atleast 100ft lbs of tq more than him. Then you take into account my throttle is actually tuned for much higher sensitivity than stock. I’d bet with my tune and higher throttle sensitivity, 40-50% throttle input on my truck has similar torque output to WOT on his. I have no issues whatsoever modulating the throttle. Rofl at 3.73’s causing this traction problem. It’s his tires
  12. Could be stuck trans thermostat, that’s what happened to my truck. It’s supposed to open up at 190-200F. This is how to diagnose. The thernostat is basically attached to the trans on the outside. It allows flow to the trans cooler. When your trans is hot, feel both of the cooler lines. In my case it would allow a little bit of flow regardless of the temp. I don’t know if they are all like that. So my drivers side line was hot, burning hot. But the flow was so slow that it was ambient temp by the time it left the trans cooler. So I had one line hot and one line cold regardless of temp. After I had the thermostat replaced. It was the same exact thing, only when I reached 190-200, the passenger side line was hot as well. Both lines should be very hot when it’s flowing. Like too hot to hold onto. The dealer was incapable of diagnosing this, I basically had to self diagnose and explain it to them. I suppose it could also be low on fluid. i would advise getting the trans fluid replaced as well
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