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  1. I’ve never hydroplaned with my truck, it’s pretty resistant to it. Imo if it’s deep enough it doesnt really matter what kind of tire you have. You could have just hit one really deep part.
  2. Really cut me deep. You should consider a career in some form language arts.
  3. No Dumbass, i’m a member of this forum, performancetrucks, silveradosierra, ls1tech, and I have not heard of anybody doing an l86 swap except one youtuber with an l86 rcsb. There is also a company doing l86 jeeps. usually, in the year 2020, when they break ground with swaps, the information is available somewhere online So it is not my world at all. It is literally the world wide web
  4. i am not talking about who can afford what. modding is all about 3 things cost/reliability/performance. at no point, with any horsepower goal or any budget goal, does the 6.6 swap make sense. everybody has a budget, and if your budget is smaller, you’ll do better with the l86. If your budget is bigger, you’ll do better with a custom shortblock. At no point does it make sense to use a 6.6.
  5. Eh, depends entirely on -how well off you are financially -how good you are wrenching -how much spare time you have Single auto mechanic - swap away Attorney with 3 kids under 5 - hell no
  6. Well here’s your data to compare. Completely stock with a tune.
  7. Same architecture and different heads and internals, so what’s going to be more mod friendly, a motor that’s been out since 2014 and likely had over a million produced, or a motor released in 2020 for only hd trucks. i realize it’s not THAT much different, but it’s still different. L86’s are a dime a dozen at this point. And you want to proceed with an all new motor as a platform, a new motor which doesn’t make any more power stock, and is likely much heavier, just for like a 6% increase in discplacement? new flash, bolt on vettes and camaro’s are making 500whp! You’re talking about swapping the heads and pistons rofl. If you’re going to swap the heads and pistons, why start with the 6.6L anyway? Just for the block? Surely it’d be cheaper for a 427 shortblock. You don’t actually know what you’re talking about. Nobody casually swaps heads and pistons in LT motors. These aren’t LS motors. Maybe in 10 years the 6.6L will be the way to go, but it sure as hell isn’t now.
  8. The l86 was used in the camaro and corvette. i’m pretty sure if you’re goal is to build the motor, you’d be far better off with the l86.
  9. I am waiting for somebody to do the swap and writeup the details. Now that prices for k2xx are dropping, It’s only a matter of time until we see some highly modified vehicles with swaps. I badly want to build an awd rcsb 6.2
  10. 6.6 doesnt have anymore torque. it’s the 6.2 with lower compression and an iron block for longevity, they only increased the displacement to compensate for the power loss. I’d rather have the l86 personally
  11. Also get your trans fluid changed when you figure out solution, that’s past the limit where I’d be comfortable keeping it in there. just to give you more info on trans thermostat, it opens up around 190 degrees. It still allows a little leakage when closed. correct operation 180 degrees = drivers side trans cooler input line hot, passenger side line cold 200 degrees = both lines hot AF thermostat stuck closed drivers side is always about the temp your trans says it is, passenger side is ambient dealerships could not diagnose this, took me months to figure out why my trans was hitting 230 degrees
  12. That’s way too high. check the passenger side line off the trans cooler, if it’s ambient when the transmission is above 200 degree’s, it means your trans thermostat is stuck closed
  13. There’s a ground under the dash right next to drivers side a column that causes a lot of problems. usually a bunch of weird electrical problems is a grounding issue it seems
  14. Pretty sure ventilated seats were solely engineered for schweaty balls
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