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  1. I’m just screwing around for the sake of arguing, seemed like an entertaining thread
  2. You should not run 87 want proof? Buy an obd2 bluetooth dongle and use a diagnostic app on your phone. Just watch the knock sensor, we’ll wait to hear back
  3. Ok so you’re saying by running the engine and using the trans to force the fluid out it will mix. I don’t know enough about the transmission to deny that. As a former usaf hydraulics technician, specifically assigned to the most complicated hydraulic systems in the entire air force because of my asvab score, the kc-135. I will say hydraulic pumps do not mix fresh fluid with old fluid. What sort of pump and automatic trans has I don’t know. But if it’s anything like a high pressure pump, the fluid is traveling in series.
  4. Yeah but the volume of fluid that commingles is what’s important your glass example is not applicable because the commingling of fluid is much greater. your math assumed the glass was mixed with the two fluids entirely if you have a 100ft garden hose full of dirty trans oil, and you push fresh trans oil through one end, it’s going to be like 98% clean oil after 1 gallon goes through. you can’t math your way through the trans cleaning unless you are extremely familiar with the internal fluid passages. Filling up a glass with a different fluid and allowing them to mix is the worst example ever in regards to a trans flush.
  5. Ok yeah so it doesnt effect anything except open loop? i believe it changes some parameters, but hardly a “limp mode”
  6. My thermostat was stuck closed and I saw 212 every single day for 20k miles. I never noticed even the slightest difference in how the trans acted, and I am pretty intune with that sort of thing.
  7. Do tranny fluid and the transfer case -relevant info -auto4wd is the same as awd, it can handle quite a bit of power -the 6.2 is the same long block as the corvette lt1, only difference in exhaust and intake manifolds. -if you never see “v4” displayed, afm is probably disabled
  8. I’ve always wondered if you could use tahoe or suburban springs on our trucks. I’m just fine with 6-7k lbs of towing instead of 11k.
  9. You have to feel the lines. When your transmission is hot, like 200 plus, you have to feel your trans lines. if one is hot and one is much cooler, problem has been solved, your thermostat. if they are both hot, good luck go under your truck and feel the if you want
  10. Well not sure how nobody knew this, or how I didn’t. But that little rubber piece just lifts right off. The plastic tray is bolted down
  11. How can I get this off! Do any of those pieces remove easily? thanks!
  12. I’ve had issues with all of them. mostly connectivity issues and switching sources on my phone. it’s been the same issue in all of my loaners so if you didn’t have any you were probably just a basic user. For someone that uses nothing but streaming music services and is constantly on the phone, the k2xx was an issue. Not the end of the world, but issues for sure existed on all of your trucks.
  13. You are not paying for sq with that kit, you are paying for the custom enclosure and it being easy to install. If I didn’t want to spend a lot and I want SQ, I’m buying a couple used amps, 4 speakers, a sub, and a diy enclosure.
  14. I have a ‘14 slt and had a ‘19 denali loaner I can confirm it is much less laggy and less buggy. No phone connectivity issues either.
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