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  1. Yup i bought hylux ballast and morimoto bulbs from a member here with an online retailer. He specifically recommended them instead of the morimoto ballasts because of issues. I’ve had 0 issues in 2 years. Love them user on forum (sp?) = fastws6ta fastheadlights.com is his website I think (going off memory here) he was the cheapest retailer I found when doing my retrofit, and he was literally helping me via text message during my retrofit over the weekend. I highly recommend you order from him just because of that. also you have a ‘14 sierra like me. Oh man you have to do the projector upgrade if you have time. (Took me an honest 7 hours but that was with 0 experience and being super neat and careful.) I got the d2s mini 4.0, morimoto bulbs, and hylux 35w ballast. Installed for 2 years now and could not possibly be happier with performance and reliability.
  2. Follow the directions fastws6 gave you, except use a hot knife instead of a dremel. I used a dremel, wasnt too happy with results. Also make sure you actually use the 2 brackets when putting the headlight back together (or use your own) Most of the difficulty is getting the headlight out of the truck. The actual headlight bench work was pretty easy and straight forward. it was my first time removing anything from my truck, and my first time working on headlights. Took me 7-8 hours while following directions very carefully. Much of it was time on the bench so, so it was a relaxing 7-8 hours
  3. The 6l90 was LS only to the best of my knowledge Doubt its worth looking into the only transmissions offered on the LT platform is the 6l80, 8l90, and the 10r80.
  4. Carbon buildup from di has been known to cut out like 25-30% of hp while it looks bad compared to port injection, it looks fantastic for di. Probably losing like 5-10hp tops. his is the worst ive seen for the lt motors, and its really not that bad
  5. Did you do the projector retrofit or you still have the oem projector? that might help a lot. I believe the oem one focuses the light right in front of you for more of a spotlight effect, where as the upgraded ones spread the light out. 2 years later I still think to mysef “damn, I love these headlights” i did them both the bulb and projector upgrade at the same time so I never saw my 35w’s in the oem projector.
  6. Ummm that doesn’t look bad at all its black and nasty looking but as far as Actual buildup not that bad
  7. Really? Do you have upgraded projectors? It’s unavoidable to shine headlights at peoples faces in certain situations like cresting a hill. I already feel bad for oncoming traffic with my 35w’s, I can’t imagine 55w’s. Although I was stationed in north dakota for a few years and it was completely flat, wouldn’t be that bad there.
  8. Its not the bulbs, its the ballast They wont work with that one piece ballast bulb combo, they will work with the separate ballast that is mounted in the engine bay. (Well I know they work with 14/15’s)
  9. They are paltry compared to the 35w hid, I can promise that. The externally mounted hylux ballast is pretty damn easy if they have something. It’s just a little box that plugs into the oem wiring and then plugs into the bulb. You only need to find a ground, which was easy as pie.
  10. I suggest contacting phil at fastheadlights.com he’s a forum member here also, i believe the handle is fastws6. posts alot in the big headlight thread. discount for forum members. He was literally texting me on the weekend helping me with my install
  11. Yeah screw that, I’d want my auto headlights. There has to be another solution that involves mounting a ballast in the engine bay
  12. Yes, there is no effect on operation. auto works fine. granted I dont have the same hardware as you. i have a ‘14 slt, so my hylux ballast is a box I mount in the engine bay, and then that’s wired to the bulb. I also did the d2s mini 4.0 projector retrofit.
  13. Output Is amazing If it was any brighter I would be too concerned with blinding people. Glad I picked the 35w. If I you live somewhere you want brighter in certain situations, I’d still get the 35w and add a light bar.
  14. I can’t say I remember. I do remember being surprised how much whiter they were than my led running lights.
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