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  1. I believe crutchfield has a huge database of vehicle specific wiring
  2. Mine has been like that since new. As far as I know every 4auto truck makes the noise.
  3. Aftermarket Brake kit

    After driving the ‘19 denali ultimate, I thought for sure my ‘14 had slightly better brakes. But the truck only had 90 miles on it and I didn’t try any full on braking. Not sure if that played a factor. But for general street driven braking I thought the ‘14 was a little stronger.
  4. A member here did an extensive towing towing test and got great results by simply installing a lower temp engine thermostat and activating the fans at a lower temp. I believe it was “Jon A” if you want to search
  5. Feel the line coming out of the passenger side of the trans cooler. It’s super easy to reach from the front with the hood open. if it’s ambient temp when your trans is like 200 degrees, then you have a stuck thermostat. It’s an external part to the trans and relatively easy to fix. The line should be scolding hot when your trans is 200. I’m actually super happy my post may have helped someone, I went through hell trying to diagnose it and get it fixed.
  6. Thank you! That is what I suspected.
  7. ?????? Ok by definition yes the coilover is the whole assembly including the shock. in the aftermarket world, it’s popular to convert to coilovers, and coilovers are the spring/perch assembly and the shocks are the shocks Example: “I just installed koni yellow shocks and ground control coilovers” You said I installed aftermarket coilovers when I installed an aftermarket shock on factory coil-over suspension
  8. If you know a way of telling people that you already know more than them about the suspension and I’m looking for very specific help and doesn’t make me sound like a dbag, please let me know. Because I don’t see any nicer way of putting it other than not responding to them which could be considered more inconsiderate.
  9. I did not swap the coilovers, this is just a shock install. Hell yes I would get an alignment if I used aftermarket coilovers.
  10. I was looking for expert advice, not “you just should do an alignment just because thats what I heard somewhere” I am well aware of the shock/coilover assembly and have changed shocks, springs, coilover assemblies, tie rods, wheel bearings, sway bars, etc etc etcand I’ve even done a few alignments What I’m not aware of and what most others don’t seem to be aware of, is the particular procedure for our trucks. Also if you don’t increase the height of the truck and you don’t actually move anything that adjusts camber/caster/toe, why do you need an alignment? Because bilstein adds a generic line in their installation instructions to get an alignment done after installing an adjustable height shock which in 80% of installations people are adjusting the height? why don’t I want an alignment? Because what many of you don’t understand is if the alignment is actually good, which is was spot on, I sure as hell don’t want somebody changing it. If you’ve ever done an alignment with a modern hunter machine, you’d know it takes a long ass time to do it correctly and there is no way your typical technician does it like that in your typical 20 minute alignment. Finding someone to do a grade A alignment job is near impossible, and that’s what I had before I took the truck in and am hoping a still have now, a perfect alignment. Also I said I would take it to the dealer I just want to be informed. I also am taking it to the dealer. I listened to one of the few good posts and came to my senses that it’s probably just a wheel weight that fell off. So pretty much everything you just said is wrong.
  11. Man everytime I drive a nice new car I love my projectors even more. Just had the ‘19 denali and my headlights are so much better. I forget how good they are until I drive a “high end” vehicle. d2s mini 4.0, morimoto 5500k 35w from fast headlights. Just crushes every factory car in light output and beam pattern. Kind of a pain to install, took me 7 hours my first time ever working on headlights, but it’s so worth it if you’re keeping the truck for a few years.
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I’ve driven about 10, and 2 were shakers. All pretty much brand new from dealer. Even if its only 5-10%, thats over 100k trucks and more than justifies taking any truck you purchase up to highway speed.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I’ve driven about 10, and 2 were shakers. All pretty much brand new from dealer. Even if its only 5-10%, thats over 100k trucks and more than justifies taking any truck you purchase up to highway speed.
  14. Forgot to mention, was not too impressed with the headlights. Granted, I have a d2s mini 4.0 projector and morimoto 35w bulbs. But my headlights blew the ‘19 denali headlights away. I guess the light output wasn’t bad for stock, but the beam pattern was really bad. The notoriously bad ‘14-‘15 sierra projector headlights actually had a sharper cutoff. The ‘18 denali had better headlights than the ‘19. From an outside appearance perspective, ‘19 denali looks amazing all lit up at night with the fogs on.
  15. Rears I did myself, they are really easy and anybody that has ever turned a wrench should do them on their own. It’s literally two bolts. I had the dealer do my fronts at 1/2 labor for each shock. Costed me $120 in labor. I had just bilsteins on the rear for like 6 months. I thought it solved most of the ride issue and wasn’t in a rush for the fronts. Man was i wrong, ride is so much better with the fronts on. Don’t wait to put them on.

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