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  1. Does anyone have a parts diagram for the flex fuel crew cab? I found a another thread where it appears he bought all oe parts for a factory finish. ACDELCO 13577429 GM GENUINE 23171538 GM GENUINE 20967834 GM GENUINE 23158923 There was also part# 23171537 listed but I couldn't find it. I'm trying to figure out what he did exactly...
  2. I've found a number of different threads on e85 and they've been helpful. However, I'm not sure if you have to replace the entire fuel line when going with the oem route; or if it's just a matter of a couple quick disconnects and your done. Will the 5.3cc flexfuel sensor swap over to a 6.2cc?
  3. Afe has an aftermarket y-pipe that fits. I have no idea if it requires a tune, or if it actually free's up any power like they claim.
  4. Thanks, was hoping to avoid cutting fuel lines, probably for the best though as I'm thinking about doing an e30-40 mix. Ive read that it may be the best balance between the fuels. Potentially improving fuel economy and not missing out on that much power compared to e85?
  5. The mutlticore is the same tech that's inside the borla attack. Something to do with tubing in the muffler that produces different exhaust notes. That being said I've read that the attack drones, and will be insanely loud with headers. So figuring out which xr1 muffler to go with would take trial and error.
  6. Is this accurate? E85 Flex Fuel Description E85 compatible vehicles no longer use an alcohol sensor to determine and adjust for the alcohol content of the fuel in the tank. Instead, the vehicle calculates the alcohol content of the fuel through measured adjustments. The ethanol calculation occurs with the engine running after a refueling event has been detected via a measured change in the fuel level sender output. The virtual flex fuel sensor (V-FFS) algorithm temporarily closes the canister purge valve for a few seconds and monitors information from the closed loop fuel trim system to calculate the ethanol content. This logic executes several times until the ethanol calculation is deemed to be stable. This may take several minutes under low fuel flow conditions such as idle, or a shorter time during higher fuel flow, off-idle conditions. Air-fuel ratios and the corresponding ethanol percentage are updated following each purge-off sequence. The fuel alcohol content percentage value can be read on a scan tool. When an E85 compatible vehicle is built, an ECM or PCM replaced, or if the learned alcohol content has been reset with a scan tool the fuel system will need to contain ASTM gasoline with 10 percent or less ethanol content. A minimum of 11 liters (3 gallons) must be put in the tank in order for the vehicle to recognize a re-fueling event. It is not necessary to turn the ignition OFF in order to have the re-fueling event recognized, however local safety regulations should be followed. After the re-fueling event, the system registers the amount of fuel that was added, relative to the amount that was in the tank. Reading fuel trim and O2 sensor activity, the system determines if the fuel added was either ASTM Gasoline or ASTM E85. Based on that determination, the system adjusts to the expected alcohol mix in the fuel tank, and then the fuel trim and O2 sensor activity fine tunes the adjustments. The system must remain in closed loop in order for this adjustment to occur. Numerous short trips after switching from gasoline to E85, or E85 to gasoline, can result in driveability symptoms due to the inability of the system to adjust for fuel composition by not attaining closed loop operation. Switching Between Gasoline and E85 No special precautions need to be taken when switching back and forth between gasoline and E85 other than re-fueling events must be 11 liters (3 gallons) or greater, and the vehicle must remain in closed loop long enough, usually by the time the engine has maintained full operating temperature, to calculate the composition of the new blend in the tank. https://forum.hptuners.com/showthread.php?51424-Flex-Fuel-6-2-Silverado This forum post is claiming the 6.2 doesn't need to have a flexfuel sensor to operate on e85?
  7. Your going to want a multicore xr1 then. The catbacks a single in - dual out.
  8. It has afm, but with updated design. I think it uses the same solenoids on the l87 instead of oil pressure to collapse/activate the lifters.
  9. I can't say I disagree with anyone, but I imagine manufactures build intake manifold's based on the engine and a target power output, efficiency concerns etc. I think a more, "powerful" manifold is always possible, but with draw backs; increase in size, increase in fuel/emissions etc. The LT2 has a slightly different cam profile, but it appears that manifold is good for 22 rwhp on that camaro. Great for them, not so much for the trucks though.
  10. Thanks Grumpy. I forgot to add that I didn't really hear any knock either. I thought I could have heard something but it was to hard to tell if it was the valve train, injectors etc. or if it was knock. The truck is loud, makes it difficult to tell the difference. And I'm using the highest octane I can get here. Justin was saying that the octane rating should be the same but doesn't usually work out that way. The ethanol seems to provide more knock resistance. It doesn't help that overall cdn gas seems to be worse.
  11. I tried searching and I couldn't really come up with anything. I'm trying to find out if there's an acceptable level of knock on the Gen V engines. Justin did up the tune for me and its been great, But I've been trying out e0 (tuned e10). I just filled up today and I'm pretty sure they've made the switch to winter gas now, and the log is showing a max of 4.8 degrees knock ******. Where as before it wouldn't move far from 3 degrees. Happens at wot, and low rpm going up a hill or accelerating without downshifting. Wot seems to be consistant around 3 degrees, its the low rpm/load that has me concerned. I don't have access to the tune, and it is on efilive... I'm just not sure if its safe to go through this tank then put in some e10 or if I should be looking for some octanium right now?
  12. GPI got back to me. I guess they tried the intake on a stock 5.3. It made the same power and lost torque in the mid range (real shocker). But, it fits! I think most of their business is 5.3 owners, so unfortunately I don't think they'll test a 6.2 with mods..
  13. I had rpm fluctuations along with vibration's (rumble strip). I found the tsb regarding my issue and sent it to the dealership telling them I want my truck fixed. I already had two dealerships tell me it was normal. The tsb also states, "that no diagnosis beyond customer complaint is required". They flushed the trans with the new trans fluid and it's been great so far. Really smooth, Like a new truck actually. That being said there are other potential causes of the shake. Valve body, torque converter, or the entire trans. But they usually start with the trans flush and go from there. I know online it talks about driveshafts being the issue, but I haven't seen any actually evidence to support that. It came about because owners needed an explanation, and it was taking gm a long while to find the source of the problem. \ Don't get me wrong, there was drive shaft issues. But I think gm fixed that for 2016 model year.
  14. Right! I wonder if msd will come out with a manifold for the C8. I think there's tons of room for one? It'd be nice if they went to town and made one that puts out some real power. Or an edelbrock crossram, power across the board. Here's the dyno of camaro lt1 vs lt2. Gains aren't as high as I thought they would be, but not bad.
  15. Yeah, its not an apples to apples comparison.. I'm just thinking the Camaro guys seem to be making power gains across the board with tuning (I'll try and find it). I think the LT1 has the same cam as the L86?? It does really make me wonder if all that mid range power is just being moved up top. Its difficult to figure out because there all tuned differently stock. And it looks like the truck has massive gains everywhere compared to the msd with tuning...
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