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  1. Premium Fuel

    I've ran shell 91 (no ethanol) exclusively since I bought my truck, Its always had a few odd ticking sounds at certain rpm/under load. It wasn't until recently that I found out it was pre-ignition. It was minus 25c out, I was going up a steep grade and the truck downshifted twice reving a little over two. I applied the throttle a little more and immediately it sounded like there was a quiet firecracker in the engine. My point, I get this intermittent sound year round under certain engine loads; just not to the same degree. One or two ticks under hard acceleration. I thought knock sensors would have picked this up but nothing happened. Pre-ignition sounds very different in these engines. Its quiet, one can easily mistake it for valve train noise or injector noise for that matter. I`m 3500 feet above sea level too. There`s a reason the manual calls for 93, and it does; It doesn't say 91 or 92, it says 93. You can run what ever you want in it, but you run the risk of pre-ignition. Unfortunately there`s no decent 93 around me either.
  2. Which one do you find more fun to drive. Acceleration/response etc.
  3. 265/70R18 vs 275/70R18?

    Yeah, increasing the Tires surface area to ground contact does nothing for traction. Pfft... Stupid top fuel dragsters. Stupid muscle cars. Stupid off-road racing trucks. Stupid rock-crawlers... I dunno, google it you'll probably find some more...
  4. 265/70R18 vs 275/70R18?

    Bigger the wheels/tires = less power to the ground. More rotational mass, and your effectively lowering your gear ratio with taller tires. That being said, tire width is your friend if your fighting for traction, but weight is the enemy.
  5. V4 mode

    Not on the 6.2. GM actually states that because of the larger displacement over the 5.3 it can stay in afm longer because it can handle a higher torque load. And I can attest to this. Just last night it was driving me nuts, basically had to take it over 1/2 throttle to get out of chopper mode. I go through phases where I drive in m7 most of the time and then when fuel goes up I put up with the v4.
  6. KNN Throttle Control Module

    I haven't tried the pedal commander, but I'm willing to bet a lot of people don't realize this happens. It accelerates hard, with less of a lag but it is definitely not kicking down to the right gear and this isn't a matter of me just not feeling the shift (its not making it). I'm guessing because its going wot that much sooner in the throttle input, the computer's deciding it can't make it happen because its all ready going balls out at half throttle and kickdown mode is activated right at the end range of the pedal. I don't think this position changes at all even though the unit is sending a higher voltage.
  7. KNN Throttle Control Module

    I tried a sprint booster, I liked how it improved part throttle response, but full throttle actually made my truck slower. Acceleration would come on faster but my truck would not go into kickdown mode, despite the pedal being completely floored.
  8. Headers/cats question

    ^^This^^ But don't expect anything close to what a factory y will do.
  9. There's something wrong though when your trucks are almost as quick, or as quick as your sports car. Sounds to me like the truck division needs to start working on mustangs and vice versa.
  10. I had a 2010 Silverado with the 6l80. I did nothing but complain over and over again about how it clunks and doesn't shift right, and it got me nowhere. That's why I haven't gone in for my 8spd issues. Unless there's a recall I'm not wasting my time. All fixes for the 8spd up until this point have been hit and miss. Not every fix works for everyone, these transmission are just crap. I haven't met anyone with an 8spd who hasn't experienced the common issues. If you don't have any problems with your 8spd right now, you will. Either that or you have horse shoe up your butt. I don't care what this poll says. I accepted this when I decided to buy another gm. The days of quality products are gone, its the era of more for less.
  11. If this was true gm would do a recall. Have they? Because if they have I'm going in to get this done, otherwise I'm not going to waste time at the dealer arguing about how a transmission is supposed to operate.
  12. I'm not arguing with that. Personally I think the intake I have probably provides less performance if idling for too long at a light. But historically a, "cold air intake" means its drawing air from outside the vehicle. People don't think of what temperature sensor's are reading when deciding whether or not it meets that designation. The stock unit does draw air from the engine bay. Many manufactures draw air from outside the vehicle like the new Silverado, or in some applications almost like a ram air intake. You can paint it any way you want it, k2xxx don't have a, "cold air intake".
  13. long tube headers?

    That's nuts, I paid 2400 cdn........ with cats

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