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  1. Thanks Cam, Yeah I was originally going to just swap the muffler out but you can't actually buy that muffler separately. In fact, I think the only 3.5" c/c muffler's they make are short and loud. I was going to go with a xr1 but when I emailed borla for a recommendation they wouldn't give me one. So as far as I'm concerned, if they're an exhaust company that can't recommend a muffler they won't get my money. I have no interest in playing musical mufflers... Not a fan of magnaflow... I would keep the Corsa, but when you see people wince and/or go ballistic inside their car when you pass them... its too loud.
  2. Anyone running flowmaster? I'm finding mixed results on whether or not these mufflers kill power. I have a kook's/corsa setup and its great but I'm looking to take it down a notch. It doesnt seem that flowmaster is very popular but their single exit sounds like it might work for me. https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/exhaust_systems/flowmaster/force_ii/parts/817603
  3. Wow, that's ridiculous. Why not just replace the valve springs? It has got to be cheaper then all that testing. Plus your adding mile's with wear and tear on a new truck. Not to mention it could blow and cause further damage. Lol, who the heck is running gm these days?
  4. Lifter tick and ticking from the high pressure fuel pump are very similar. At least to my ears.. The dealer just didn't want to tell you that the problem isn't bad enough to fix yet.
  5. Unless its an electrical glitch I think your transfer case is done.
  6. Ford is crap, Ram is expensive "looking" crap, Toyota is a dinosaur and everyone else isn't worth mentioning. Oh... And GM has lost it. They forgot about the customer and started thinking about their wallet after the bailout.They stopped making trucks we wanted, and started telling us what trucks were supposed to want. Meanwhile those other two can't stop comparing wiener size. And now were all supposed to buy ev's that cost a gazillion dollars. Which is funny because they should actually be cheaper to make imo. And for those of you that are mechanics, better start coming up with a plan b right about now.
  7. My truck is tuned and I was spinning in 4hi fairly aggressively in deep snow going reverse/forward etc. Stock, the truck wouldn't have done what I was doing because it would have limited torque. Anyways, I heard a warning chime yesterday and now today after a little back and forth in the snow. No dtc's, I didn't see a message pop up and didn't seem to effect operation. I know things get super hot in a situation like that, the under hood temp was definitely toasty, but the coolant and trans temp weren't showing an increase above operating temp. Ideas?
  8. Interesting.. So what happens to your truck when you drive in Colorado at 8000 feet, or along the coast of Florida at sea level. The air density/overall power output of your engine varies substantially. But an air intake that makes 1hp at the crank needs to be reflashed?
  9. And its not for the fuel tables. The less restrictive exhaust is good, the air intake does nothing. Realistically, aftermarket air intakes make power because of the less restrictive filter. If you can see day light when you look through the filter media, your good. Looking through gm's dry filter is like trying to see through two pairs of jeans. However, I do believe gm when they say the air intake when coupled with the exhaust will make 1hp.
  10. Is the scratch just in the clear coat? If so it just needs a cut and polish..
  11. Yup... I think the city should be paying me for vehicle depreciation with all the salt used on roads. Gm doesn't want their vehicles rust free, otherwise you wont buy a new one.
  12. Pretty sure he hangs out in T1 section.
  13. Is it working fine now? Maybe the knob got bumped while the truck was turned off
  14. I think there's just to many variables to compare trucks with the same mileage. How the performance of your truck varied over the last 100 is the best indicator of what you could expect in another 100. That being said, do you have any pictures of your intake valves?
  15. My Corsa sport (single exit) works with both. It came with a section of pipe that you can add to fit the standard box. One would think they do this with all their kits?
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