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  1. I'm not going to argue with you because that's clearly what you want. Especially about the definition of criticism.
  2. Nope, you must have a crystal ball. Your flat out criticizing my opinion, because it doesn't align with your opinion. You think you know best? You should probably contact the auto manufacturers of the world and let them know their doing it wrong. I made a comment about how auto manufacturers are going electric, and they are. I don't pretend to have answers for your concerns or beliefs. I myself don't want an electric vehicle, that doesn't mean it isn't going to happen.
  3. Yup, products, technology and businesses fail all of the time. I don't pretend to be a fortune teller, I'm looking at the market and what appears to be happening. But since you have that crystal ball, I would really like to know the next winning lotto #!
  4. If you ask me, it sounds like the volt was just a test vehicle for greater things to come. Electric vehicles are going to explode. There's the Rivian pickup truck, the f150 will be going electric; anyone notice the ecopo Camaro? I've read that the C8 could have a hybrid version, electric motors in front, 5.5 twinturbo v8 for the rear wheels pushing a 1000hp. Only downside is more green house emissions if everyone goes electric, (vs internal combustion).
  5. Stabilitrak

    I'm confused. If you read the comments it sounds like the fuse was still in place during that video. The owner/driver (Brett) says he didn't remove the #3 fuse for that video, and that he left it in 2wd with traction/stabiltrak turned on; launching off idle. Which is pretty badass. But beating a gen1 and 2 raptor in the desert? If this is true gm should turn this into a commercial.
  6. WHY? 4-6-8

    Ok, well I rest my case... You wouldn't find the page. I'm stating that I'm Canadian. And I wasn't sure if you were playing stupid or you really didn't get what I was talking about. *Edit* And in case you didn't get that. I AM NOT MAKING A THREAT... I don't know any other way to say that, any clearer. I believe the authorities will be able interpret it, if you feel the need to contact them.
  7. WHY? 4-6-8

    Wow... We are not on the same page. Where do you live in devon, I'll be there in 2hrs. I'd give you the page number but I don't think you would find it...
  8. WHY? 4-6-8

    You need to read my post again. I am not embarrassed by my 6.2; and no where did I say I was making a comparison between the ecoboost and the l86. What I said is embarrassing is that ford can make an f150 5.0 with... +400 hp/tq? Higher in the mustang I'm sure... And gm needs 6.2 litres to pull out in front of that. I could be very wrong but I think the 5.0 in the mustang makes 420hp, 460tq. Obviously different rpm ranges/curve, engine tech , application, but peak numbers are peak numbers. With that being said, I will say it again. I don't want an f150 or a 5.0. I love the 6.2 wish I had the extra cash to get my headers on it, tune it, cam it... and heads. I was comparing power output to the number of litres it takes to get the job done. Oh, and this is the only forum I visit. But with the number of idiot's on here really thinking about discontinuing it... Especially because of Canadian idiots.
  9. WHY? 4-6-8

    I've never owned a ford, and I don't plan on it right now. I love my 6.2. I'm looking at NA engine technology vs power output. And I'm talking about the 5.0... 6.2 minus 1.2 = 5.0. I didn't mean to put a kink in you gm hard on, I apologize.
  10. Ok, Thanks for clarifying. I had just assumed gm would have left more room between the limiter and the limits of the driveshaft. Not too smart having a driveshaft that blows up 1mph over the limiter.
  11. WHY? 4-6-8

    Well, I can tell you now. Car and driver always has the fastest times for gm trucks... anywhere... Unless you count some guy driving down a hill with his g-tech; claiming 4.6 seconds 60mph. Motortrend always has the slowest times. I think everyone else just copies and pastes.
  12. WHY? 4-6-8

    Completely different engine tech, but its embarrassing that an engine with1.2 litres less displacement, isn't far behind. Guess gm should be thankful ford didn't make a new gen 6.2...
  13. WHY? 4-6-8

    Glad you shared that. Hate to think they shaved 450 pounds, went to a 10 spd and got slower. That being said, I would have thought losing that much weight would have had more of an improvement with acceleration. Anyone know the top speed of the 19's? Looks like it did the 1/4mile .1 quicker at 100mph. 100 the limit? Looks like the ecoboost goes 5.1 and 13.7. Unfortunate gm didn't update the engine a little bit...
  14. WHY? 4-6-8

    I know my 17 took 7-10,000 kms to feel like it was 6.2. Stepped on it one morning, couldn't stop grinning the rest of the day.
  15. ? I mean the limit of the driveshaft...

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