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  1. Any thoughts on adding the 6.2 intake manifold? I think it's good for 15-20 hp.
  2. Thanks. Is this an updated part or is he just refering to the pill flip.
  3. I know on mine when the exhaust is cold the clamp's at the ball/socket joint will sit loose, and can make noise if you hit on it. Other than that... it could be the substrate is loose in the cat
  4. Yeah I hear you, I'm just quoting what Kooks said to me; Mine might be just as short as your's is. I ended up jamming a 2x6 bewteen the axle and the muffler to force it forward and bolt it up I have a borla 40004s muffler I might try and fit in there. In hindsight I should have gone with ARH.
  5. Yup, I have that problem. I contacted kooks and my understanding is that I have over tightened the y-pipe to header connections. I've been meaning to take a rubber mallet to the y-pipe to break the connection (ball/socket joint). Bolt up the cat back first and then "snug" it back up to the headers. Ball/socket connection doesn't need much torque (just enough to hold it in place); heat from the exhaust will do the rest.
  6. Search for wheel/tire/lift combo to find what fits without rubbing Custom Offsets Gallery | Largest Gallery of Custom Trucks (customwheeloffset.com) Wheel spacers may correct the problem or they may create another problem. Look for trucks that have the setup that you want and adapt from there.
  7. Nice find, I always thought they were plastic but it looks like they're aluminum. Only difference between the Z71 and non-Z71 trucks is the diff/transfer case shield.
  8. I wasn't necessarily talking about you or anyone in particular when I said, "you guys" are thinking about money. That was overall what I took away from the thread, complexity of the project put aside. You can put any engine/transmission in any vehicle as long as it fits, and you have money. Someone has LS swapped a Telsa, LS swaps are popular popular with jeep owners. I've seen a LS7 swapped into a Mazda Miata. Magazines have nothing to do with what is, or isn't possible. Hell, I bet you can find a golf cart that's been LS swapped. Also, you can no longer buy an ls7 crate engine. You can purchase a race spec'd block from gm and build an ls7 out of that, but that's it.
  9. I do agree with you when you say it's A LOT of power for a truck. It could be a death trap and have to be driven as such, unless its tuned for safety along with suspension upgrades. But not 4-5 times the power, its a 1000 bhp which really isn't that hard to come by anymore. Stock Silverado's have run upwards 700-750 bhp with the right blower or turbo's. And that's with the stock drive line (which will fail sooner rather then later). You can modifiy the 6.2 block to hit 1000 Now if he said 2000
  10. I haven't read anything about that, but I'm thinking that maybe it only applies to light duty vehicles?
  11. Nope, It screams you're jealous OR your are assuming he's full of it and doesn't have the money to achieve his goals. In either case you responded incorrectly. He's looking for help, not judgement.
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