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  1. Not difficult at all, just a matter of removing the screws holding it in place. You'll probably want to pull the tire off to give yourself some room to work on the dent. If the metal is exposed on the outside you might want to look at putting some kind of coating or paint over it in order to prevent rust from setting in (which will spread).
  2. Every cold start I put it in manual and when its at or over the shift point for 2nd, I put it in drive. Barely feel the shift, and it sets the tone for how it performs the rest of the drive (great). Unless I drive aggressive and then tone it down and drive normally. It doesn't like that. I've noticed that If I let it slam and flap around for its first shift after a cold start its going to drive like crap and shift poorly from there on out. Engaging the shift AFTER the fluid has had a chance to circulate properly seems to make a difference for me. But this is on an 8spd. I believe that because the poor shift didn't occur, it doesn't screw up the transmissions learning. Which is why it performs great after that. *edit* I should note, I do drive slowly (12-15kmph) down a stretch of alley way and the road a bit in 1st before putting it into drive. Mostly because of the shift, but also to try and keep the noise of my truck down best I can.
  3. You need the Whine-O-Meter, its right beside the board stretchers at your local hardware store All joking aside, keep driving it to the point that it pisses you off so much you go into the dealership angry. AND don't leave there until you have an answer on how they are going to fix it. This is the important part. You won't take no for an answer, you won't take, "we've done all we can do" for an answer, you won't take any answer other then, "We'll get your truck fixed right". You must be royally pissed off, with a get out of my way attitude. Ask for the service manager if you have to. And most importantly be respectful. This isn't personal, you say and do all the right things but you be as big of pain in the ass that you can be. People don't care about you, your truck, or whether or not it whines. You want change, you have to make the change happen.
  4. Are you guys new to gm vehicles? You know this is just history repeating itself right?
  5. So if I understand this correctly, You don't see that the op provide his available options in his first post? And you don't see that he's asking someone else to find a shop for him? On that note.. To the OP. I recommend you hire someone to steal it off the yard at the dealership and/or stage a crash. Preferably a big hill. As long as your not caught you wont have to pay for repairs, or worry about finding someone to do the repairs. Hell you don't even have to worry about selling the truck. Just sit back and collect the insurance money. You might even get full value regardless of whether or not its running. Its a damned if you, do damned if you don't situation. He's not the first to experience it, and he wont be the last. You either do something or you don't. Not liking it isn't an option.
  6. That happens with my 8 spd when I transition from driving aggressive to driving normal. It sounds like your right on top of maintenance so I don't know that there's much else you can do. I've learned to live with mine, it may blow up or it may not. But ultimately it really doesn't matter. Because I'm not going to go out and buy a new trans, just have it do all the same stuff my current one does (or worse).
  7. I feel for you, I would have gone off the deep end if that happened to me. I think with everything that's taken place, you don't have too many options left. You can trade it in like diesel said, or you can drive it until it throws another code. Shouldn't onstar have a record of what the vehicle was complaining about? I'm also wondering if perhaps the notice wasn't a problem, but part of regular maintenance. Maybe you hit the mileage gm recommends a transmission flush?
  8. Great, like I said. I can only share what information I have available to me. You don't have to like it, you can hate it! But that doesn't change anything. What you can do is state who you are, what you know, and how you know what criminal organizations can or can't do. It's fantastic that your... somebody who knows all the inner workings of gm. But I don't think dealerships or techs ave started an auto theft ring. And are running around using approved diagnostic equipment.
  9. Really? I don't have the privilege of having access to the same information the investigators did. But I can tell you the video showed the thieves standing beside the vehicle. One of them was focusing on a thick tablet he was holding. The doors unlocked, they got in. The vehicle started and they drove away. This didn't happen quick like they had a key, it took longer. How law enforcement determined exactly what they did. Or how they knew the device came from China, I don't know. I'm doing some mind reading now... If your flustered because we were informed the device came from China... You may be thinking this is racist, or possibly targeted misinformation? In which case your wrong and ignorant. Acting on emotion instead of logic. I shared my experience. To be upset with me is ilogical. Take it up with the Calgary police department and stop trying to defame me or what I've said.
  10. I'm not in the US. And the information I stated was provided by my local police department (on the news), along with video footage capturing a vehicle being stolen right off someone's driveway. I'd like to know, how you know there's not ONE single wireless system in the US? If this is true GM should have made their trucks as secure as their delphi systems. Wait... They are! You can't just break into a vehicle and steal it anymore.
  11. So people should just bend over and let government's brand them, and herd them around like cattle? Because that's where its going, whether you choose to recognize it or not. Its simple, Government's sole purpose is to maintain control. We are in an ever increasingly small world, population isn't going to shrink, it's going to spiral out of control. At some point something has to break, it's not an if; it's a when. And if you were in power and recognized this fact, what would you do? Do you let humanity run itself to the brink of collapse, or do you take control and determine that you get to decide whats best for people. You get to take away their right's, lives, and free will in the name of doing what's best. You may ask how people could let this happen? People already have and are. It's a slow process on purpose. People follow whats popular, what society dictates is appropriate. Not what's true and just.
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