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  1. WOW, great explanation. I would NEVER have known.
  2. Well, not so fast. Got 3 quite harsh downshifts today. It's so random it's annoying. I go get a coffee every morning with my dog and drive around listening to the news. Some days it's perfect, some days it's shit. Thinking of changing out the fluid now that the lube guard did not take it away completely. It is better though.
  3. I can keep coming up with UOA after UOA all day long. I'm done with you baiters. I'll ask again. Show me a UOA from the same vehicle, with the same oil change mileage, where Amsoil beats any other synthetic, and I will say you're right, I was wrong. Show me it.
  4. Read for yourself, troll. https://www.thedrive.com/the-hammer/12762/10000-sample-study-on-motor-oil-supports-what-consumer-reports-concluded-a-decade-ago
  5. A full bottle, 10 oz. It says 1oz per quart of tranny fluid. How much do our 6 speeds hold.
  6. So, my truck has the dreaded clunk when downshifting, especially noted when hard braking. Even my wife noticed, and she doesn't usually notice anything. I read somewhere to add lube guard red. I was a little hesitant because the truck is still under warranty with 27k miles. I couldn't take it anymore though, and added it. It made shifting, and especially downshifting 90% better. It did not eliminate it completely. but now way more often than not, it does not clunk.
  7. Once again, I'll ask, like I did a month ago. Show me a UOA from the same vehicle, at the same mileage between Amsoil, and any other GM approved synthetic oil. Show me the wear metals difference, and that any of these oils fell out of viscosity grade, or that the wear metals were out of range.
  8. Sure. Use the approved oil in your owners manual, whether it's super tech 0W20, or whatever 0w20, and change per the OLM, or 5K miles, whatever suits your mind. Do this, and you will not have an oil related problem.
  9. There's no way Blackstone is gonna take the leap from a 5k mile oil change, and say you can go 20k. Prove it. Let's see the report.
  10. Not better, but equally as good when changed by GM recommendations.
  11. It says right on top, "subjective". That is not science, nor is it a UOA. You keep posting these ridiculous subjective stats and articles. You do your own research, I already have.
  12. I never once said conventional oil is as good as Amsoil. I said, if you change your oil every 5k, you will not have an oil related engine failure regardless of the oil you use. All engine oils are good these days. Let's see a UOA in the same vehicle, Amsoil vs any other synthetic, and show me by that analysis where it's better.
  13. Neither one would suffer an oil related engine failure. That I can guarantee you.
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