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  1. It says right on top, "subjective". That is not science, nor is it a UOA. You keep posting these ridiculous subjective stats and articles. You do your own research, I already have.
  2. I never once said conventional oil is as good as Amsoil. I said, if you change your oil every 5k, you will not have an oil related engine failure regardless of the oil you use. All engine oils are good these days. Let's see a UOA in the same vehicle, Amsoil vs any other synthetic, and show me by that analysis where it's better.
  3. Neither one would suffer an oil related engine failure. That I can guarantee you.
  4. Actually, you're being ridiculous. I'll stick to my original statement. Change your oil every 5k miles, and your engine will last 250k no problem. I ask for one engine failure that you can prove is related to the oil used, and the fact is you can't produce it.
  5. A bunch of mumbo jumbo to try and confuse the sheep. Show me one engine failure related to the oil used, just one, that's all I asked.
  6. Show me one, just one, modern day engine failure related to the oil used if the engine had regular oil changes according to manufacturers recs. Stop drinking the cool aid, it may be spiked.
  7. Change oil every 5k with ANY oil, and your truck engine will last 250k miles easily. Even dino oil.
  8. Quick lube place caught my truck on fire in 1995. Do my own oil changes since then.
  9. This. Broke both ankles 11 years ago and now have arthritis in ankle joint. Really bothered me when getting up for the first time, anytime I sat more than a couple hours, especially if there was AC. Started using CBD cream in July, and i'm like a new man. No more pain, except if I stand for a long time, and even that is nowhere near what it used to be.
  10. Most reputable mechanics are advising against resurfacing the rotors. I fully trust my mechanic, and when he did the brakes on my 07, he said nobody advises resurfacing, so I got new OEM rotors.
  11. This, right here. Everyone makes excuses to buy new vehicles, I don't get it. My last truck was an 07 with 170k miles on the clock, and it ran great. Only got the new truck because my brother was in bad shape financially, so I gave him my 07 so he could keep roofing, as his old truck was dying. Even if you spend 1k bucks a year in maintenance, it beats 400 a month on a payment. I will keep my 18 for a long time, I love it.
  12. This. With the deals so strong right now, get new. Heck, I got 12k off my truck in July, now with the 19's out, you can do better. Get new.
  13. If you are keeping the truck a while, always get more options. You NEVER regret getting more options in a vehicle, but ALWAYS regret not getting what you want.
  14. I'm very happy with my 5.3 mpg. Don't know what it is, or even care, but I'm getting around 100 miles more per tank compared to my 07.
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