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  1. First brake job?

    Most reputable mechanics are advising against resurfacing the rotors. I fully trust my mechanic, and when he did the brakes on my 07, he said nobody advises resurfacing, so I got new OEM rotors.
  2. This, right here. Everyone makes excuses to buy new vehicles, I don't get it. My last truck was an 07 with 170k miles on the clock, and it ran great. Only got the new truck because my brother was in bad shape financially, so I gave him my 07 so he could keep roofing, as his old truck was dying. Even if you spend 1k bucks a year in maintenance, it beats 400 a month on a payment. I will keep my 18 for a long time, I love it.
  3. This. With the deals so strong right now, get new. Heck, I got 12k off my truck in July, now with the 19's out, you can do better. Get new.
  4. New truck options

    If you are keeping the truck a while, always get more options. You NEVER regret getting more options in a vehicle, but ALWAYS regret not getting what you want.
  5. I'm very happy with my 5.3 mpg. Don't know what it is, or even care, but I'm getting around 100 miles more per tank compared to my 07.
  6. HATE My High-Beams

    So, as suggested, I aimed my lights lower and problem solved. I had no idea you could adjust the height of the beam. Took literally 30 seconds.
  7. Auto 4x4

    Drove mine from my house in VT to my house in CT in auto 4, didn't even think twice about it.
  8. Cooper ATP vs. Falken A/T3W

    Not on my truck, but on my car for the first time I bought Cooper instead of Michelin. I am very impressed with the Coopers. Michelins are great tires, but they're getting pricey for me. When I need tires for the truck, only at 9k miles so far, I will likely buy Cooper, but the Falkens based on this thread have me intrigued.
  9. First Drive: Chevy's 2.7L Turbocharged Four Cylinder

    That truck looks just like a Tundra. I'm glad I got an 18.
  10. What's the longevity and reviews on those grapplers?
  11. HATE My High-Beams

    Low beams are too bright. I had one guy in front of me going nuts waving his hand out the window to get me to turn my high beams off. I had the low beams on. I backed off to 30 yards or so.
  12. HATE My High-Beams

    I agree not much difference. In fact, on low beams I get people all the time coming from the opposite direction flashing me to turn off my high beams. Any buddy else notice this?
  13. Very interesting thread. Is it stock or is there a spacer? LOL. The pics of the truck look like there is a lift. The pics of the stock spring looks like its factory. I have the rough country 2" leveler on the bottom of the strut.

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