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  1. Just installed them on my 2022. Love 'em. Will never go to another step.
  2. I put hot shot anti gel in mine. -31 in Quebec this year with it. No issues at all. Love, Love, Love this engine.
  3. My brand new truck has a weird issue. The radio, while playing XM will suddenly stop transmitting and sound will go dead, but then the screen goes black. 10 seconds or so later the sound will come on but the radio is still black, then it will lite up again. If it keeps happening, obviously will bring it to the dealer, but any ideas?
  4. I canceled my order for my 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 3.0l Duramax, because I was able to locate one in a neighboring state. I found the best way to locate a truck, was to keep checking autotrader and look for newly listed. Set your criteria, and look in your area. If you see something newly listed, contact the dealer. The truck I saw as newly listed was spoken for, but the salesman said he would look to see what they had coming in. They had my truck coming in, and I put a deposit on it. The rest is history. I got a 2022 1500 Elevation with the Duramax, X31, and driver alert package. Anyway, as far as the heated steering wheel and seats retrofit, how are they going to notify the customers that the vehicle is ready for the retrofit? My salesman had surgery the day I picked it up, so I forgot to ask, and was not told the process. Will the dealer call? GM will notify customers? Thanks
  5. Well, after ordering my Sierra 1500 with the 3.0l diesel, I actually found one at a dealer, and is currently being shipped. Will be here Tuesday 1/25. I have a house in northern VT, and it gets extremely cold there at times. This past Sunday was -22F. Reading the manual online, it says DEF freezes at 12F. What about the fuel gelling? Is all this negated by just plugging in the block heater? Is there and additive to the DEF or fuel to resist freezing? Thanks in advance.
  6. Deer just ran into the side of my 2021 Genesis G70. 5,100 in damage.
  7. What is the average wait time on an order? Also, because of supply chain issues the truck will not come with heated seats or heated steering wheel, but according to the sales person these will be fitted later when supplies return. Anyone have any experience with that?
  8. I just ordered a truck today. On the managers sheet you could order Satin Steel which I did. Not sure if I will get it though. On the web site its not there.
  9. Well, I just put an order and deposit on a 2022 Sierra 1500 SLE with the 3.0l Duramax. My 2018 SLE has been a good truck, but honestly, I'm sick of the POS shifting 6 speed. The clunk from 3-2 and 2-1 was so annoying. Now the wait which I hear could be 6-8 months.
  10. I replace my batteries every four years, regardless of how they seem. Cheap enough piece of mind.
  11. WOW, great explanation. I would NEVER have known.
  12. Well, not so fast. Got 3 quite harsh downshifts today. It's so random it's annoying. I go get a coffee every morning with my dog and drive around listening to the news. Some days it's perfect, some days it's shit. Thinking of changing out the fluid now that the lube guard did not take it away completely. It is better though.
  13. I can keep coming up with UOA after UOA all day long. I'm done with you baiters. I'll ask again. Show me a UOA from the same vehicle, with the same oil change mileage, where Amsoil beats any other synthetic, and I will say you're right, I was wrong. Show me it.
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