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  1. Absolutely love mine. I get about 13.5 mostly city driving and I hit the gas like you should with a 6.2. Pulled my father in laws almost 9k lb trailer just fine. The 10 speed is just so damn nice.
  2. Anyone able to help find the parts identifier for the new tahoe interior? The 120v outlet up front had a nice led touch going around it and I wan to switch it out with my current one. It matches and looks like it would fit just fine.
  3. That intake looks great. Surprised no real youtube videos on the gm intake they offer. Sound, dyno, fuel milage tests after dealer programmed.
  4. Same here. I tried every password I can think of. Wont go away.
  5. Is that lift mark even in the correct spot to lift the trucks up from?
  6. Doesnt look to bad. I wonder if it has any positive effects while driving short or long term like fuel milage, acceleration and crap like that
  7. Mine has done it two times now. And it does the enter password thing at the bottom that I hit never ask again but it still asks every time I start the truck
  8. Just 2 more inches and you're satisfied huh. She sits so dang high now and you don't love the stance as is.
  9. Is it the motor not running in v8 mode and maybe less cylinders resulting in a little rpm spike?
  10. It's this a quick free thing to have done while getting an oil change? Or schedule an opponent kinda deal.
  11. Just sucks that it costs so much for a molded plastic part nowadays. And is justified by saying this airbox is priced in line with others for a new generation truck. Okay makes sense.... this is one of those products I wonder if it could sell 5x more if priced at a $250 price point. Making more, bringing cost down, selling more.
  12. Completely agree and I follow the same steps.
  13. Simple option that allows all 6 headlight leds to stay lit with the fog.
  14. Here's another sound clip to listen to.
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