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  1. What's this exhaust hack you speak of that only the 5.3 can get?
  2. You should never hear that rattle. Go to a different dealer.
  3. I to wish it was for a longer period of time. 30 seconds or just on as long as you want
  4. They told me that my 17 was going to smooth out as well over time. You know what happens over time?! It gets worse and you have no warranty eventually. I would try to get new rubber personally. I had the service guy say trucks arent going to drive smooth like cars. You can f off because my 14 and now 20 Silverado have been smooth as glass on a good road since mile 1. You shouldn't have to worry about shakes in a 50k truck
  5. I did the same thing a couple years back. We made police cars all the way to custom police 4 wheelers loaded with lights and stuff. I found it crazy when I did teardowns of old cop cars I would find light bar wiring wrapped around airbags in the pillar just to use access wire. Shit was wild.
  6. Nooo! I have a 20 rst 6.2 as well with the same build date and I purchased two weeks after you. Shucks I was thinking I would be in the forever dry club. But it's not going to be that way for long by the looks of it.
  7. Just use a 3 cent diode wire and connect the same two wires that the boost is essentially connecting. Just a less costly way. I've done it to my last 3 trucks over 7 years and no issues ever.
  8. Yea I had the same thing on mine within weeks on the 14, 17, and now 20 Silverado. I'll have to get some spray as well.
  9. It sounds awesome in my opinion. I do hear some drone in the 70s but goes away after 77mph. I have a flowmaster series 44 here I might add on to stop that. It sounds similar but talking to some guys with it and they said it cured the drone. It's crazy How quiet this motor gets when it settles down in gear going any other speed though.
  10. Yea it was a small shop just outside flint Mi. I know they are cheaper than most for sure like alot of smaller shops. But I think even Muffler Man who is a bigger chain in these parts wouldnt charge more than $70. But yes I was happy with everything!
  11. I was charged $55 for them to cut the muffler off, add 3" stainless pipe and they did a perfect bend in it to line right up. And all welded because I cant imagine anyone else seeing clamps on a 50k truck exhaust even though they should work perfect. Just seems cheap when you can have someone weld it for next to nothing.
  12. Probably going to be faster to post a photo of your truck and say is this normal etc. Instead of having someone else go outside and take a photo to upload here for you. Also many dealers post photos of interior that might help.
  13. Yea that hood is amazing looking. Absolutely love it man.
  14. Seems stupid to start another rear window leak thread when one already is going just fine.
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