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  1. Here's another sound clip to listen to.
  2. Well I took my parents to the airport today and I said sorry those back seats are hard and they both said these are nice and comfortable I like them. Lol
  3. Yea your doing an awesome job all the way around. And sinking some serious money into her as well. How long was the gloss window trim installation and how much did the dealer charge for the trim parts? It annoys me how mine is rough plastic look.
  4. I've always wondered also why rams have the sway bar and no others did.
  5. I dont think they pleased anyone. My father in law said the back seats suck compared to the front the day I got it. I didnt think anything of it until I had the chance to try. Just comes down to needing more cushion over the hard base of the seat.
  6. That's a nice lawn for right now lol. Best bet would be to locate the part number and just have the dealer order them. Grab a vin number of a truck with the correct badging also. You have to do all the work and provide the dealership pretty much with instructions to get them to do it.
  7. I agree completely. The exterior design is awesome on all the new gm big trucks.
  8. Thank you for the info. That is unfortunate. I'm surprised nobody sat back there for an extended period of time during the design period.
  9. I have the larger cab with cloth seats. And I do like how they added storage behind the back area but my god the seats are hard and not fit for any kind of comfort especially for a longer trip. Are the leather seats the same in the back? I would assume they have a little more cushion being that they have to be in the higher levels. The other night I had a few drinks and got to sit in the extra roomy back seat but man was I disappointed.
  10. Maybe that's why they have him a smoking trade in value on his Camaro SS. The dealership had a fish on the line for that truck and just had to make him happy on a trade in to pull him in. Also helps the managers average profit margins on the new car sales side with the 5 to 7k pure profit on the aftermarkets for just this single sale. In the end it's a nice ride with hopefully a nice warranty on those parts and they won't blame your lift kit for not doing warranty work. So that's nice.
  11. I had the z71 for my last two trucks(14,17) and now that I have the max tow rst it drives so much better than the pathetic ranchos. Those shocks are so bad off road and will bounce you all over the place. My rst has the twin exhausts, wheel well liners and a factory bedliner. I would test drive the z71 over some dirt roads back to back vs any other package shocks. Living in michigan and specifically our off the grid house up north made me hate those z71 shocks to the point where I'm one of the many that criticized gm for still keeping them around.
  12. They have grown on me and I love them now. Especially how quiet they are on the highway for being so large
  13. I just painted mine last week. Provides some red in the dark plastic fog light surround.
  14. What's this exhaust hack you speak of that only the 5.3 can get?
  15. You should never hear that rattle. Go to a different dealer.
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