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  1. garagerog


    Greed has always been with us, it's nothing new, just part of the human "condition". It's just easier to be greedy in times of tight supply and high demand. In times of abundant supply or low demand, competition in our capitalist system severely punishes the greedy black-hearts.
  2. I have no real world experience using E85, so when I mentioned the roughly 30% hit in mileage I was going by the often published difference in BTU content. Of course there are many other factors that come into play, one for example could be cD, the lower aero drag vehicles probably would take less a hit, I dunno. Maybe some one a lot smarter than me can come up with a real world equation (akin to the Drake Equation in the astronomy world) that can come close to the actual mpg loss one would see, not me tho, higher math makes my head hurt.
  3. It does if you're the Henderson's toting Harry around.
  4. garagerog


    There is talk now of an impending diesel shortage, if that happens, the infant formula shortage was only the beginning, the canary in the coal mine so to speak. I'm worried about our country, whether we can survive another 2+ years of ineptitude.
  5. It's my opinion that ethanol blends higher than 10% have little chance of being economically viable outside of the corn belt. Why? Transportation, especially now with the price of diesel. You would need a whole new network of pipelines from the corn belt fanning out through the country and that stands a snowball's chance in hell given the current political climate. I live in SC and E-85 is somewhat available here, but it's only a few pennies cheaper per gallon than E-10, so unless you're tuned and want the performance benefit, it's just not worth it. I believe the Colonial pipeline passes through our upstate, so the trucking costs are negligible here for gulf refined gas. The ethanol for higher blended gasohol would have to be trucked in (maybe rail, which still takes diesel) and therein lies the rub. My wife's Equinox is flex fuel and I would love to use E-85 in it in hopes of mitigating valve coking and other issues, but it's just not worth it for the roughly 30% hit in mpg.
  6. You're a wise man to listen to your Mrs., Donstar! About 7 years ago I purchased a new JD lawn tractor so I could ride instead of push as I was beginning to have back problems even tho my yard isn't that large. This worked well until last year until the arthritis in my back worsened to the point that hefting my propane powered weed whacker became the real issue. I could still use the lawn tractor if I wanted but the ancillaries such as weed whacking and edging are a no go now. I was fortunate enough to find a guy who is both reliable and inexpensive. He does this as a sideline to his full time job at Lowes, which is an added bonus for me because if I need Roundup or ant killer he can pick that up for me saving me a trip to the store.
  7. Heard a term the other day that's my favorite to replace "can't take it with you." "Ever see a hearse towing a U-Haul trailer?"
  8. Not for sure, but I believe the HD 6.6 gasser does have VVT, but neither of the cylinder deactivation modes AFM or DFM.
  9. Stan, I know you already know this, but just a friendly reminder, you do risk the bearings, even the camshaft bearings if you're getting coolant in the oil. And that sludge the tech noticed, it's going to get even into the lifters. Very frequent oil and filter changes may help stall the inevitable, but unless the Bar's Leak has stopped all of the coolant getting into the oil, IMO you're courting engine failure without a proper fix whether it be an intake manifold gasket or a head gasket.
  10. garagerog

    Joke Thread

    U-Haul Truck and SUV Impounded, Driver Cited for Dangling Vehicle – NewsRadio 560 KPQ
  11. There has been a lot of discussion on the various business media channels as of late on whether the inflation we're experiencing will cause the economy to slide into recession. At my age I don't get out all that much any more, but when I do I tend to be fairly observant. The local Starbucks drive-thru generally has a line out to the street but this am there was not one car in line for their drive-thru. An indicator that people are retrenching? I dunno, but seems likely to me.
  12. Does the 2.7T have active grill shutters? If not, I wonder if the dealer or GM even thought about the intercooler freezing up, since the OP mentioned it happens below O degrees F. This has been a problem in the 1.5T found in the newer Equinox/Terrain lineup. The solution there was in some cases an intercooler replacement but in most cases GM just provided those in cold climes a radiator cover to be used during cold weather.
  13. Not impressed with Goldman Sachs' Marcus either. My old GM card still works, haven't received my new card yet. I always pay my credit card bills in a timely manner, I never carry a balance as I hate paying outrageous interest rates. I always got a thank you email from Capital One for payment, all I received from Goldman Sachs were semi-harassing emails reminding me that payment was due. They got their payment in time confirmed by the next months bill and the emails had stopped, but nary a thank you like I always received from Capital One.
  14. The oil industry is beginning to worry about demand destruction which will happen if prices climb much more. If you hear "stay-cation" make it back into the vernacular because of gas prices, a recession may be in the offing. It will start with hotels, tourist destinations, and the service industry will be hit the hardest, first. During the 2008 recession, manufacturers practically had to give their bigger, less fuel efficient vehicles away and 2 out of the 3 of them went bankrupt. Manufacturers and dealers have no good will left with the consumer now due to supply issues, price above MSRP, and so on and will rue their actions this next go around.
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