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  1. IDK for sure but perhaps an air or vacuum leak that's only audible during turbo spindown? Have the dealer check it out since you're most certainly still under warranty.
  2. Artie, reread what Maverick had to say, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the lower the profile or sidewall height of the OEM tires your truck will be equipped with to keep the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combination all roughly the same across the 17,18, and 20 inch wheel offerings.
  3. Colossus, you can't go wrong with Kawa's, but I'd be looking at the KX250 rather than the 650, over a 100 lbs lighter than the 650 and should be more than adequate for your stated needs. No matter the displacement, the single lungers have great low end torque and are well suited for off road and for puttin around town, your stated goals.
  4. No need for fuel injector "service" on anything under 100.000 miles as long as you're using top-tier gas and throw a 20 oz. bottle of Techron in the tank every blue moon or when you can get a BOGO on it. I doubt anyone using Techron on a semi-regular basis would ever need "fuel injector service" for the life of their gasser. Diesels may be different. As elcamino mentioned, it's strictly a dealer up sell and profit item.
  5. uh, why? Not a rocket scientist here, but this may be at the root of your issues.
  6. Sounds very familiar, in 2005 I drove my 71 Chevelle SS (L48 350, 4 speed, 3.31 12 bolt) across country from Washington state to SC, wasn't towing anything, but packed to the gills with tools,etc. Good part of the trip was on I-80 where you had to be going a minimum of 80 mph to keep from getting run over by tractor trailers, 80 mph with the 3.31 gear ratio equated to 3500 rpm on my Chevelle. By the time I got to SC the stock cast iron exhaust manifolds had blued, now I've seen bluing on chrome motorcycle pipes, but bluing on rusty cast iron? Must have been running some pretty extreme exhaust temps.
  7. Maybe it's used for what a pick-up truck was originally designed for and it's not a boulevard queen. Welcome and Merry Christmas to the OP.
  8. Just my opinion, but it looks to me like the frontier would do a better job of mitigating damage from a deer impact, unless it was a totally centered impact it may work like the cattle catchers on locomotives of old and deflect the animal to the side, the iron cross on the other hand looks like it would scoop an animal over the hood onto the windshield.
  9. You would have thought the EPA would have been satisfied with low sulfur diesel fuel, but no they have saddled modern diesels with DPF and DEF, anecdotal observations showing the DPF system the most problematic, especially, with diesel p/u trucks and city driving. Farm equipment and OTR tractors seem less susceptible, perhaps because they're driven hours on end at the upper end of their RPM limit.
  10. Look for a one man independently owned muffler shop with a performance car parked in the owners spot. Last time I did the exhaust system on my 71 Chevelle SS the muffler shop owner was driving a sweet 71 or 72 Torino which he obviously took pride in, it carried over into his work. He installed a modified H pipe, more of a U pipe with the bottom of the U facing forward, I can only surmise he did this to make the crossover longer, but the end result was absolutely no pulsations between the cylinder banks and that along with the Walker turbo mufflers made for a sweet sounding exhaust, more so outside than in with the windows up.
  11. If you have the 5.3 it may be piston slap, especially if you're just hearing it when the engine is cold. Although I haven't heard of this as much on the newer 5.3's, it was quite common on the older ones such as in the L33 in my 2005. Apparently it's due to the short skirt piston design, no real cause for concern, just don't drive it like you stole it until the oil warms up.
  12. Yor all overthinking this, it was a tow strap, not a chain. What you felt was a slight rebound effect when the tension was released from the tow strap.
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