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  1. Yes Grumpy, that's the AC-Delco part number, available from your dealer or even on Amazon probably cheaper as long as you trust the seller isn't selling a Chinese knock off. There are other alternatives I've read about CFM makes a billet breather cap that replaces the stock oil cap for about $80, ZZZ performance sells a cheapo plastic one for about $20. I have no idea if a fully vented cap would effect fuel trims or anything else. There is another company out there that sells a vented cap that vents at a lower pressure than the GM FC219 but I couldn't find the name of it, it's expensive too an
  2. Grumpy, there were a few other things I forgot to mention. Apparently the 2.4's are not the only ones prone to timing chain issues, some of the newer V-6's are also prone to them too. If GM would have only stuck with the tried and true pushrod 3800 for the passenger vehicles. The Generation III 3800 had the lower intake manifold gasket issue ironed out and was indestructible, even the supercharged ones. I did see on the Nox forum where a couple of guys had made it to over 300,000 miles on their 2.4's. One of them to 333k and this was on a 2012 probably before the piston ring redesign without m
  3. Hi Grumpy, I've been following this thread with interest as my wife has a 17 Nox LT with the 2.4L. We bought new in Feb. 2017. I would have preferred the 3.6 but they were just not available and besides I couldn't beat the deal on this one, with GM incentives and my GM card earnings the MSRP of over 27K we were out the door at right around 20K before trade and T and T. I was hesitant to wait for a 18, new model year and turbos. Anyhow, I frequent the Equinox/Terrain forums to try to stay ahead of major problems with the 2.4L. Common problems I'm seeing with normal maintenance are VVT solenoids
  4. SuperDuper, you're fine, after all it's not like you're breaking in a new motor like Finnegan and Freiburger would. The towing restrictions probably have as much to do with bedding the brakes and breaking in the differential gears as much as the motor.
  5. I also saw that, in my case on FBN. They also had a guest analyst on that was an insider in the chip industry who stated that other than Toyota all the auto manufacturers brought this on themselves with their "just in time" inventory practices and he didn't feel one bit sorry for them.
  6. Just remember by going from a tire 33.2" in diameter to 35" in diameter you're going to effectively decrease your numerical gear ratio by around 5%, may or not matter depending on how heavy you plan to tow. Also your mileage will probably suffer with that and the heavier tires, again may or not matter as I understand the 6.6 gasser's mileage isn't all that great to begin with.
  7. If you're doing the tire rotation yourself, the short answer is yes, at least on GM vehicles.
  8. Not an expert on trailers, but looks like the boat trailer may be poorly designed, even downright "fishy". With the tandem axles located completely "aft" much of the weight of the boat and outboard is probably being directed on the tongue of the trailer so as Phantom and newdude have suggested get that tongue weight. That trailer looks more suitable for a boat with 3 large offshore outboards hanging off of it.
  9. I feel for the OP and I wouldn't blame him for never coming back to this forum after his thread being hi-jacked by BMW fanboys!
  10. You've done just fine. If indeed your truck was strapped down unevenly for that length of time it is quite conceivable that your leaf pack (blades) has lost tensile strength or retained memory of the compressed position. As dieselfan suggested replace the springs on both sides.
  11. No worries or need to feel foolish, all new vehicles take some acclimation, anyone that has gotten into an unfamiliar rental car knows from what you speak.
  12. Cam you're a lot more knowledgeable than I am about these things but the OP in his title for this thread did state that the 04 was a HD half ton so it's a 1500 to 1500 swap he plans.
  13. Thanks for keeping everyone updated, hopefully they'll get you back on the road soon and you won't have to wait on a new transfer case. Curious if your dealer checked to see if it left the factory with low or no transfer case fluid.
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