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  1. The small town, high volume dealer where we bought my wife's 2017 Equinox is showing 5 2019 1500's in stock on their website. All CCSB, 2 LTZ's with 6.2l and 4WD, the LT's were all 2WD.
  2. Even with the camo, the lines on this new vette look really, really sweet. And I much prefer the exhaust tips moved to the ends of the bumper rather than the center exit. With a mid-engine configuration the Corvette should really enter the realm of a euro super-car killer, at probably the 1/3 of the price. I'm old school, grew up with front engine, trans right behind that, driveshaft, then rear diff. But since the vette moved to a rear trans-axle, why not take it to the next step?
  3. If I remember correctly a cord of wood measures 4' x 4' x 8' so unless the OP is using side racks with the wood stacked over the top of the side rails and is not hauling a very heavy wood like ash a 1/2 cord would be an optimistic load for his bed size and he should be fine.
  4. Monster Lift on 2019 Denali

    True, but I guess I'm self-controlled challenged, so . . . . . . . It looks like a RC toy.
  5. By my count only 39 states listed, a couple of glaring omissions where vehicles see severe duty are Alaska and Montana, there may be more, but I doubt Honda comes out on top in states such as those. The Dakotas are missing from the list too.
  6. As others have said let the dealer replace the front rotors and even if you have to pony up for the pads on your own dime, do it, the old pads may groove the new rotors. With a boat trailer I'm guessing you have surge trailer brakes, might want to check the hydraulic fluid reservoir, if there is an adjustment on the surge brake that might need tweaking too. As Hizzo3 said, check the trailer brakes too.
  7. This is not germane to the topic at hand but as good as place as any for a tip of the hat to Donstar. His posts are informative, written in a thoughtful manner with concern for the OP's problem, and he's always polite and non-confrontational which is a breath of fresh air around here at times. Maybe that's because he's from a western province or with age comes wisdom. Donstar if you read this I was born and spent most of my years in Ea. Wa. state, hope you're not getting all the smoke from the wildfires in that area.
  8. As an old buzzard and long time GM owner I find it beyond bogus that to get the highest performance motor you have to buy the highest trim level with bells and whistles that many drivers don't want or need. Maybe it's the new GM and need for higher profits, but back in the 60's 409's and then the 427's were able to be ordered even in the lowest trim level in the Chevrolet car line, the Biscayne. For those much younger than me that don't recall the Biscayne, it was bare bones as it got, we're talking about a rubber floor covering rather than carpeting. Now if you wanted to step up to a Bel Air or Impala so be it, all motors from a 250 six to the largest big block were available in the full size car line. GM p/u trucks took a little longer to follow suit, in the mid-60's you could get a 283 V-8 but the 292 six was the ticket, late 60's the 396 was top performer followed by the 454 in the early 70's and guess what, you could get those motors without a sunroof too!
  9. OP, just to rule out your dealership, after a normal drive when you've only used your brakes a moderate amount, feel the front wheels to see how warm or hot they feel in comparison to the rear wheels, shouldn't be much of a difference. If there is I would suspect the front pads are dragging for some reason, maybe something wrong with the ABS or traction control from the factory that wouldn't be readily apparent with a normal pad replacement. I take it with the addition of the SC your bumper to bumper warranty was basically null and void and your were on your own $ wise for the replacement pads.
  10. In the late fall of 2016 wife and I were looking over GM CUV's, at our local GMC/Buick dealer we looked over an Envision that was way better equipped and much less expensive than the Terrains on the lot. I almost bit until I saw the made in China on the window sticker, I apparently wasn't the first one to pass because apparently they couldn't sell it for anywhere near asking price. Has nothing to do with politics, just concern over quality of Chinese made products, we ended up with a 2017 Nox.
  11. Trans Operating Temp 2010 4x4 5.3

    Burbs, agree with everything you say except the engine vs. transmission temp of 230, long term 230 won't hurt a thing on the motor, eventually it will on the tranny even with Dex VI. Now when you get into catastrophically high temps like 250 and above it will show up almost immediately on the motor unless it's cooled down properly, it will take awhile to show on the tranny. Hallelujah on the lift thing, I grew up and lived most of my life in eastern wa. state where winters make 4wd almost a necessity, now that I live in SC where almost all the p/u trucks are 2wd, I see lifted 2wd's and think to myself, just 4wd wannabees.
  12. My wife

    Boardmember, it takes a real man, one that's secure in his masculinity to make such a post, but more importantly you got me to thinking. I'm getting up in years and as such a little crippled up, my pot gut doesn't help either so it's getting difficult to clip my toenails. When the time comes I'd much rather have a cute pedicurist working on my toenails than going to a podiatrist.
  13. New Truck Break-in

    1000 mile drive home, any time after that would be a good time to change out the factory fill oil and filter to get rid of any assembly lube, any fine casting material, etc. especially if this Sierra has sat on the lot for awhile.
  14. 2017 Silverado Engine Miss

    Peruse your owners manual regarding GM roadside assistance, you should still be under bumper to bumper warranty and have the roadside assistance in effect. If your dealer doesn't come up with a fix before you leave on vacation, drive it anyway, unless your going to some swamp area in the boonies. If it should break down on you, the tow and loaner to continue your vacation will be on GM.
  15. Wild guess here, but I take it this vehicle didn't have the factory radio with it, wiring to the left of the factory connector looks like a PO had installed an aftermarket radio unit. I see what looks like duct tape rather than electrical tape covering some of the splices, ackk! I had an 84 K20 HD camper special before my son shipped it off to Kodiak Island. Only time I got into dash wiring with it was to replace the toggle switch for the saddle tanks and that was only a 2 wire connector. Again a wild guess, but I'm going to guess a factory connector for a stock radio, pink wire hot, black ground, 2 different green shaded wires would be speaker wires, if not that, perhaps for the HVAC head unit, should be easy enough to check that out, but it looks like it has wires going to it.

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