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  1. From what I've read, the 19's only have a 24 gallon tank, down from 26 in the previous generations. Owners Manual is your friend under capacities. It's probably in the towing forum, but a lot of bitching and moaning from those that tow, about piss poor mileage range with a 24 gallon tank, not like the extra 2 gallons is gonna get you that much further down the road, but still. . . . .
  2. Secure a replica owl, fox, or coyote to the cowl area, anything that likes catburgers.
  3. New Shocks...

    Better yet, buy them off of Craig's List, ha.
  4. With the amount of rust on the weights and springs I would suspect corrosion on electrical connections somewhere in that HEI, I'm old and more familiar with the points and condenser setup, but I'm curious about that grooved plate just right of the right weight, river probably can chime in, but it looks like to me that slot should slide in under the top module mounting screw.
  5. If you have the stock style quadrajet carb, there is a fuel filter in the base of the carb where the fuel line goes in, you'll need to use two wrenches to remove the line without twisting it, and I see River just beat me to it, ha.
  6. All good ideas above, the only other thing I can think of is to ask the OP is to use the dash switch to go back and forth between the saddle tanks ( btw, I believe they're 20 gal) and make sure the fuel gauge moves. There is a solenoid that controls a valve that determines which saddle tank is being drawn from. Unlikely, but I suppose it's possible that the valve could get stuck in such a position where it isn't drawing gas from either tank.
  7. Road Trip Mods?

    How the times have changed. When I was a kid on a road trip with my parents, my brother and I would have a competition on how many out of state license plates or different wildlife we could spot. My kids played Slug Bug, my point is previous generations had their eyes out the window and took in the scenery and the surroundings. This generation of youngsters with their eyes glued to electronic devices is missing out on a whole wide world out there. If you don't send your young adults to a trade school and are hell bent on them going to college, I highly recommend an optometry school, should be a high demand for corrective vision.
  8. Could be the tongue weight is off, you could be right about having to much tongue weight, with the taller Bilsteins you probably wouldn't notice sag, with not enough tongue weight you would be getting sway. You could experiment with the ATV location on the trailer or better yet scale it and shoot for about 12-15% tongue weight of the loaded trailer weight.
  9. If you have room on your trailer to move the ATV forward some to add tongue weight to your hitch, that might be worth a try.
  10. What type of hitch is this?

    Looks like a custom job to me, with the back-plate, even the trailer ball appears to be welded to the ball mount although with less weld than the smaller/auxiliary ball. The welded areas have taken less rust than the original parts.
  11. Possible winter salt damage? Conspiracy theory here, Michigan is one of the largest salt mining states in the country, they ship salt to all of the upper mid-western and north-eastern states. So what's good for the Michigan salt miners is good for Detroit by speeding up the vehicle replacement cycle. There are alternatives to salting winter roads, I used to live in eastern Wa. state where they never used salt or brine on winter roads, sand and in later years they've used the corn based squirrel pee stuff.
  12. Trail Boss vs LT

    Is your TB 4WD? OP says his dad needs 4WD to access his farm/homestead.
  13. Full disclosure here, I'm an old bastid set in my ways, but come on, do we really need sensors to tell us brake pad life or air filter life? Just more shyt to go wrong IMO, as if there wasn't enough already in new vehicles. Brake pad life can be inspected with tire rotation, and as far as the air filter, check your owners manual if your to lazy to inspect it on your own. My 2005 K1500 has the HD air filter with a Donaldson restriction indicator, easy check and nothing ever goes wrong with those, but OMG, I have to pop the hood!
  14. Overcome Power Loss?

    There have been a ton of threads about lifting, bigger and heavier tires and the resultant bitching and moaning about mpg and power loss. I'm never ceased to be amazed that these people spend thousands of dollars on those mods and fail to save some coin for a gear change, then they bitch again because they don't want to spend the dollars to fix what they screwed up in the first place.
  15. 2nd: Women never like to tell "told you so" Wow! Your experience with women has been a lot better than mine if that's the case!

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