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  1. Ok for short trips or for cruising the blvd. but for long trips, not so much. I used to have glass packs with no equalizing pipe on my 71 Chevelle SS, sounded great at lower speeds, especially when de-accelerating in 2nd or 3rd with the M20 4 speed. But it got old in short order. I ended up with a dual setup with an inverted H-pipe and Walker Dyno-Max turbo mufflers, still has a little drone @ 2000 rpm but it goes away at freeway speeds. In 2005 I drove this Chevelle cross-country from Wenatchee, Wa. to the low country of SC where I now reside. 80 mph on I-80 for hours on end and I was turning 3500 rpm with the 3.31 geared 12 bolt. The rusty cast iron manifolds even blued for awhile. But it was whisper quiet in the cabin, I'm sure a drive-by recording may have been different. Pretty certain I would have lost my frigging mind if I would have had to listen to a pulsating drone for 40+hours on that cross-country trip.
  2. In a nutshell, an X-pipe or H-pipe evens out the exhaust pulses from the respective cylinder banks, lowers the back pressure a little, but the main benefit is acoustic as Grumpy alluded to, it will eliminate the annoying pulsating drone at highway speeds in a true dual setup and no need for separate resonators.
  3. V-6 vs. V-8? pfft. If I had the where with all I would have a '40 Buick businessman's coupe with that long hood built with a Rolls-Royce or Packard Merlin V-12 powering it. In my estimation the best V engine ever built if only for the fact that we would all be saying Seig Heil if not for that motor. I've heard them in person when the unlimited hydroplanes ran them before switching to turbines. Can't say that they're sweet sounding, more like deafening with those short little zoomie exhausts. The RAF claimed they got an extra 10 mph out of a Spitfire with those shorties turned straight back rather than down where it might have been easier on the pilot's ears.
  4. Grumpy pretty much said what I was going to, BECAUSE THEY CAN! As long as people want luxury car features in what once were utilitarian vehicles, they will charge what the traffic will bear.
  5. garagerog


    I haven't taken a stance in this thread on the politics or even the mask vs. non-mask argument in regard to Covid-19, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I did learn this morning that an elementary and HS classmate of mine passed away earlier this week in a Portland, Or. hospital of Covid-19 complications. How many in my HS graduating class you might ask? 18 as in Eighteen total in the small eastern Washington farming community school that I attended. No I'm not going to draw any kind of statistical analysis from such a small sample, but still it has hit close to home and got my attention and raised my awareness level.
  6. All 3 of my rigs have sealed batteries so I just use a multi-meter to read the voltage and compare to an on-line state of charge chart to get a rough idea of the batteries condition. With my wife and I being older and high risk in this pandemic era, we're not going out much and I've had to throw a battery charger on 2 of the rigs in the last week, that's about all of the vehicle maintenance I've done in our now low mileage household. Diyer, if you're talking about a load tester, the chain auto parts stores will do that for you for free. From what I've read, rapidly falling voltage after a fresh charge will probably mean that said battery will fail a load test and needs to be replaced.
  7. Welcome, very nice looking truck, exterior paint looks great, maybe just a little dent on top of the tailgate? Interior pictures would be helpful if you want opinions on replacing the seat upholstery and headliner. I used to have an 84 K20 HD camper special so I'm very familiar with this era of square bodies. You mentioned that the transmission was a three on a tree but that refers to a manual transmission, I would speculate that you have the TH400 automatic with that 454, if a manual was available with the 454 it would have been a HD 4 speed with compound or granny low. My 84 was just a 350 with the HD 4 speed manual and 3.73 gears. Also those aren't premium chrome wheels, they are just the premium hubcaps with a painted steel wheel underneath. I had the same ones on my 84 with the exception that the front hubcaps had the cutout for the 4wd hubs, steel wheels were painted white. I notice that your spare tire has been relocated to the bed, did a previous owner add an auxiliary gas tank in it's place? If so, that's a bonus! I assume you already have the dual saddle tanks, but no pictures of the passenger side so I can't confirm that. Again nice looking truck! Oh, one other thing, your truck appears to be a C20, not a K20 4wd which you have listed along with your Avatar.
  8. Had to do this on a 84 K20 HD, steering column per se doesn't have to be torn into, but the steering wheel itself has to come off, a lot more complicated now with an airbag system, so OP if you're not comfortable with that, find a competent mechanic.
  9. Pffft, that ain't nothing to what GM used to offer. My son still has my old 84 K20 HD that was equipped with the SM465 manual transmission with the compound low or granny gear that had a 6:55:1 ratio, the transfer case was a NP208 with a 2:61 low range ratio and it had the 3:73:1 differential ratio. With the transmission in compound low and the transfer case in low range and engine at idle, you clocked forward progress with a calender, not a clock.
  10. I can't speak to modern diesels with electronic fuel pumps, but as an old farm boy familiar with the mechanical DI fuel pumps used on the old tractors, those for sure you didn't want to run out of fuel. Gravity feed on the fuel through 2 huge filters before the diesel got to the mechanical pump. No fuel gauge and the fuel pressure gauge was located on the pump, not on the dash. So basically you needed to know tank capacity and gph usage, some elementary math, and a safety factor to know when to fuel up. Also those were before glow plugs, so iH was start on gas and switch to diesel, Cat used a gas pony motor, and I believe AC started on ether, no joy in any case. Sweet spot for diesels were the modern ones before DEF and DPF's.
  11. garagerog


    This thread is a microcosm of what's going on in our country right now with this virus, we're being pitted against one another, mask vs. non-mask, wide open vs. shutting everything down, some of the social unrest is probably due to frustration with the whole situation. Is this divide and conquer part of a larger game plan? IDK, but I for one would like to see the anger and frustration directed towards the responsible party, the Chinese communist party.
  12. Modern engines don't require a formal "break-in" procedure any longer, just vary the rpm's and avoid towing or hauling heavy loads for the first 500 miles. For peace of mind an early oil change is warranted. Most new vehicle owners are obsessed with the engine and don't consider the brakes, brakes still need to be broken in properly, consult your owner's manual.
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