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  1. Welcome to the forum and what a transformation! Lots of elbow grease I suspect!
  2. Something is weird about that door jamb sticker meaning the imported by Bisbee Importing, Inc. I assumed this vehicle was first registered in Canada and you bought it used in Michigan? The Bisbee Importing website is confusing as it appears they're only into corporate data. I assume you arrived at the 3.08 gear ratio by reading the rpo code on the glove box door?
  3. Not sure that a 600-900 rpm idle is to low.
  4. OP, since you mentioned the flickering lights you may want to start with your electrical system, i.e. battery condition, negative battery cable, grounds and even alternator before you go down the rabbit hole of chasing what ifs.
  5. Some time ago I was looking at a Google Earth view of the Kentucky Speedway and I was surprised to see their parking lots full of new Ford p/u's, I would assume from Ford's Louisville assembly plant. So GM is not the only one to store vehicles in this manner. I seem to remember reading about a lot of new vehicles being flooded at a Tampa Bay/St. Pete area airport parking lots by an unexpected storm.
  6. Jsdirt is on the mark except it has been since the 2005 model.
  7. Donstar, either a chev with the 292 or ford with the 300 and a compound low or granny gear would fit your bucket list wish nicely. Not sure about the ford 300, but the chev's 292's peak torque came in at basically high idle of around 1700 to 1800 for that stump pulling power. Ford used the 300 six for a lot longer than chev used the 292, so your chances of finding a newer and nicer p/u with that setup rest with the blue oval.
  8. Donstar, it's a good thing I'm not one of those wealthy people that can afford one of those collector cars only to warehouse them. I'm from the muscle car era and I would love to thrash the ever loving SNOT out of every one I could get my hands on. I'm not talking about smokey burnouts or donuts which I think are childish, I'm talking about redline shifts in every gear and pushing the limits on cornering in twistys, but that's just me
  9. I second Grumpy's suggestion on an UOA. Jeff, to solve your problem may require some thinking out of the box, e.g. have you tried checking your air filter for pinholes with the sunlight test? Have you tried using a synthetic media oil filter? But yes, a used oil analysis has the best odds of pointing you in the right direction.
  10. So that's where this little engine gets it's torque, from the incredibility long stroke given it's displacement size, not just the turbo boost. I'm old school and certainly not an ICE expert, but it's always been my belief that a long stroke equates with low end torque, e.g. diesels and in the gas world the old straight 6 chevy 292 and ford 300.
  11. One thing I like about AC-Delco batteries is that they have a date code which I believe is an estimated date placed in service date to allow for shipping and dealer turnover time. In the case of the battery in this picture it's February of 2016, the P followed by the 026 R. No matter where you buy your battery or whether it has a date code, not a bad idea to drag along your multimeter to check the voltage on that supposedly fresh battery before you walk out the door with it.
  12. I believe swathdiver is correct. PCM controls alternator charging rate, so programming was probably changed to deal with the start/stop function and GM does call for AGM batteries in all vehicles with this function.
  13. Watch any of Joe's recent interviews and it's apparent that the White House is nothing more than a memory care unit, meanwhile the inmates are running the asylum. Sad for Joe, and even sadder for the country. I'm worried, really, really worried for my children and grandchildren.
  14. Nice! How did you like the U-Haul car trailer? I know they are relatively light and have surge brakes so no need for a brake controller. Asking cause I may need to use one in the future.
  15. I know you folks in Texas have had more than enough to deal with the power outages and now water issues and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I believe your roads will be going to shyt too. If Texas is like most southern states, your highways probably only have 2 to 3" of gravel base whereas the more northern areas probably have 8-10" at the very minimum. I hope I'm wrong but I'd be surprised if the frost heaves aren't already showing up, soon to be followed by the inevitable potholes, shoulder crumbling, etc. We went thru this in SC 4 winters ago, and it didn't even get as cold or did we have as much snow as you folks have endured.
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