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  1. Probably a good thing that grease fittings are pretty much gone, because the lube part of oil change and lube at dealers is gone too to save them time and increase their margins. My 2005 K1500 has 11 grease zerks and if I want to ensure that it is properly lubed I have to drag my 70 yr. old bones underneath and do it myself. I grew up on a farm and that old machinery all had bearings that needed greased, most of the lunch break went to greasing bearings. As farm equipment manufacturers moved to sealed bearings, it improved farm productivity and I'm sure much better parts sales for their dealers.
  2. For a change, the GMC engineers may have been smarter than the average bear by not having the multi-pro tailgate power down, by making it manual some dimwit owners may actually see that they have a ball mount or a trailer tongue in the way that may damage their multi-thousand dollar tailgate.
  3. New HC owner

    Nice truck and boat too for being broke, lol.
  4. Can't really tell anything about sag with the axle supported on a jackstand in that picture, and that is a little different spring set-up than I've seen before, but I will say this for Fords, like your full floating rear end, Fords have been that way on 3/4 ton for as long as I can remember, with GM you've had to go up to 1 ton to get a full floater. The 84 K20 HD camper special I mentioned previously actually was built to haul more than a standard GM 1 ton, other than the full floater rear end. Counting the overload spring, the rear stack had 8 leafs, 3 leafs on a solid front axle with quad shocks. Rather than calling those things camper specials, they were more like chiropractor specials, but they would handle a 3000 lb.+ camper and the tongue weight of a 17 foot boat and trailer, just slow.
  5. Nice spring stack on that Excursion, almost but not quite as impressive as the one my old 84 K20 HD camper special had.
  6. If the dealer was smart they would loan him a 2500 Duramax for his boat tow vacation in hopes of a big dollar trade.
  7. Ft. Wayne Assembly Factory Tour

    Guess I didn't make myself clear in my post, I was wondering how they were plugged in on the assembly line, I assume it still takes actual hands to do that, in the older vehicles you used to see black plastic electrical tape around wire harness connections, so you knew that an actual human had touched vehicle, that was before the days of waterproof connectors.
  8. Ft. Wayne Assembly Factory Tour

    Would have been interesting to see how all the wire harness were hooked up, integrated.
  9. New here

    Beautiful paint on that C10! Is that a 72? Gotta say I love those double teardrop spotlights! That's way, way old school, like the chopped and channeled lead sled early 50's Merc's had.
  10. Conspiracy theory here, maybe Onstar is messin with ya, updates or whatever. On the whatever read what you want to into that, NSA GPS tracking e.g, lol.
  11. Tire rotation.

    All this Toyota and Honda talk is going to spoil my supper, but anyway I use a tread depth gauge to determine when it's time to rotate tires. I always used to do it myself, but at 70 yrs. of age it's time for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Others may have a different opinion, but I've always start looking to rotate when there's 1/32nd difference between front and back. Often times tire rotation is a freebie when having other service done like an oil and filter change.
  12. Can anyone please identify this transmission!

    Maybe because I'm old or not so bright so I'll ask the obvious question, OP, did you ask your landlord if they knew what that trans/transfer case laying in that pile of rubble came out of?
  13. Engine Replacement Aftermath

    Cylinder #4, collapsed AFM lifter? And the business about the 6 vs. the 8 speed bolt pattern on the torque converter, WTH was that about?
  14. Although a X-pipe or H-pipe for that matter might add a minimal amount of additional hp, it's main advantage is to BALANCE out the exhaust pressure between the 2 cylinder banks. It eliminates the pulsations and uneven resonance on a dual exhaust system and will result in a more pleasant sounding exhaust system and depending on the mufflers less cabin drone.
  15. Sierra Differentials

    Not enough weight taken off to prevent damage on dry pavement. A 4WD on dry pavement is usually fairly obvious, howling noise, crow hoping in turns etc. Now if it was in auto 4WD that might be a different story, the OP might want to press the dealer, and I mean really hammer them to prove it was in full time 4WD.

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