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  1. Not that this topic needs another fly in the ointment, but if I lived in one of the states that has moved to prohibit the sale of new ICE vehicles after 2035, I would be more concerned if I could get my ICE vehicle repaired rather than who could do it. I could see back door legislation prohibiting the sale of for example crate engines or any other parts needed to keep an ICE vehicle on the road to force people into an EV.
  2. Couldn't agree more with this more Grumpy, I always practice the SMOOTH when traffic allows, I alluded to this earlier when I mentioned anticipating traffic lights. Your mention of using hills to your advantage is a good tip, when traffic allows I also make my lane changes gradual and on rural freeways with light traffic I will do a gradual lane change to diamond a corner decreasing the corners radius. Probably results in infinitesimal mileage improvement, but may help tire scrub a tiny bit. Back to the hills, brings me to freeway rest stops and how some states do a better job of locating them than others. Back in 2005 I drove my 71 SS Chevelle cross-country from Wa. state to SC and across the Wyoming state line on I-80 flat land Nebraska had located their welcome center rest stop on top of a knoll, whether it was natural or man made IDK, but it allowed the 18 wheelers to de-accelerate easily and conversely accelerate much quicker than normal to easily blend in on 80mph I-80. I gave the unknown civil engineer that designed that a mental tip of my hat. On the other hand here in SC we have a rest stop on I-26 between Columbia and Charleston that's located on a long uphill grade so merging back on the freeway safely in my wife's Equinox with the anemic 2.4 almost requires taking it up against the rev limiter, I now avoid that rest stop. One of the highest compliments I've received in my life is when my late MIL commented to me on a round trip road excursion to Atlanta what a smooth driver I was. Not only does the SMOOTH improve mpg and vehicle longevity, but more important at least to me, you and your passengers will arrive at your destination more relaxed and not on edge. Long live the SMOOTH!
  3. I know the OP has decided to WALK on the truck he ordered because of the nefarious actions of his dealer and I applaud his decision so this is addressed to those in the same quandary. If your contemplated truck purchase is more a matter of want than need, if you can hold off I believe your wallet will thank you. I am retired and as such keep a pretty close eye on my retirement accounts and the financial news. Inflation has pushed the Fed into a corner where they have no choice but to keep pushing interest rates higher (another rate hike today) and the general consensus is that the Fed will need to keep raising rates to the point we're in a serious recession in order to dampen demand enough to tame inflation. The 30 year mortgage rate is already over 6% and that has started to decrease real estate values because it lessens the pool of those that can qualify for a mortgage. The latest promotional offer I received from GM was geared more towards financing rather than actual cash off, but I believe that will soon change. Will we see deals like we did during the 2008 financial crisis? Probably not, and the dealers aren't stupid, they see this coming too, so they're trying to wring every last dollar out of you, the consumer, while they can, but I can almost guarantee you that the days of MSRP or even MSRP + market adjustment are short lived. The manufacturers need to keep the assembly lines rolling and the dealers have overhead to meet so that salesman that recently laughed at your offer may soon be melting the circuits on your cell phone.
  4. Your call waltman, after all it's your money, but if it was me I would get my deposit back, tell them their word wasn't worth squat, and WALK.
  5. Grumpy, I'm afraid I'm guilty of relying on the DIC in my wife's Equinox but I only really check it when I'm the primary driver on road trips, not on her around town driving. Road trips for me involve gassing up at different stations and using different pumps, so there's that lack of consistency needed for actual data. I don't use the DIC mpg for any type of bragging rights, but more as another input to my sensory ones on how well the motor is running. I really need to step into the 21st century and get a scanner capable of recording live data, but my wife says my middle name is procrastination and I hate to keep proving her wrong all the time.
  6. IMO nothing will increase your city mpg and brake longevity like anticipating traffic lights and nothing teaches that better than learning to drive with a manual transmission. Unfortunately with the dearth of MT's over the last couple of decades the current generation and those going forward will not learn this skill. One thing I can say for my wife, she will never have to worry about rusty brake rotors!
  7. Regarding California Teslas seen in other states and provinces, not surprising as California doesn't have enough electricity now to power their current EV fleet, let alone after 2035 when they're all in on EV. And they won't be able to rely on Washington states hydropower either as they're going down the same primrose path. Seems like California's only plan to deal with their electricity shortage is to expatriate enough of their citizens by making life so intolerable there that only those rich enough to remain there comfortably can lecture and look down their noses at the proletariat.
  8. For those interested, Guns and Ammo is pretty much the ultimate guide to anything related to shooting. For example their search engine lists over 20,000 results for 1894 Winchester .30-30. I wouldn't trust Wikipedia for accurate information regarding something that could be potentially dangerous to you or others such as a firearm.
  9. Curious as to what car that is Stan? I still have my old 71 Chevelle SS with 4 speed and 3.31 12 bolt. At 70 mph it turns 3k. Peak torque comes on @ around 3250 so almost a perfect match for cruising at that speed. I wasn't much of a "rodder" but if an 18 wheeler was tailgating me even at 70mph, opening up the spreadbore made for almost an instantaneous dot in the rearview.
  10. Pure child's play Grumpy, check out the Army way in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/HY7mTCMvpEM This happened a couple of years before I was born, about 20 miles from where I grew up, I was aware of this because of local lore.
  11. Don't own one but a little research tells me that in addition to DOHC the 2.7 turbo has 4 valves per cylinder so yeah, as many lifters as a pushrod V-8.
  12. No, not the differential, the transfer case, although they do appear to have that in stock now for something like $1030.
  13. Grumpy, one can't help but admire your dogged determination to get to the bottom of the myriad of problems that the GDI 2.4 engine has, I just hope you don't get to feeling so good about resolving the engine issues only to get bit in the arse by the transfer case. I belong to a Terrain/Equinox forum and judging by the threads I see there, it appears that the transfer cases have an abnormally high failure rate, and surprise, surprise, GM is unable (or unwilling) to supply new, replacement transfer cases to their dealers. I looked up the curb weights of the AWD and FWD comparable models and was somewhat shocked that the AWD only weighs a little over 160 lbs more than the FWD. So we're not only talking about a transfer case, but a driveshaft, rear differential and axles and that only adds up to a 160 lbs? Makes me think that these are uber light duty components more suited for a side by side ATV than a 4000 lb crossover.
  14. That ATV episode has me realizing that my arthritis maybe, sort of, is kind of a blessing in disguise. I don't do ladders anymore, heck I don't even step off a curb anymore without weighing the potential pain impact. And I certainly don't repeat the dumb stunts of my youth.
  15. Chip an seal is a much more economical method of paving than laying down pre-mixed asphalt allowing local governments to actually pave more gravel roads or maintain existing asphalt roads rather than using an asphalt overlay. The big disadvantage is that invariably you'll meet up with some cretin going the opposite direction lickety split in excess of the speed limit (generally 35 mph on fresh chip an seal) spraying you with rocks and chipping your paint and cracking your windshield. Ask me how I know.
  16. garagerog

    Gas Prices

    I hope those Florida solar farms aren't displacing citrus orchards or other farm land. As an old farm boy I'm concerned that the push for renewables at any cost will displace farm land. We need to eat almost as much as we need the juice for the blockchain people (sarcasm intended). Wind turbines can be farmed around and they may kill off some of those pesky crows that eat corn but the same can't be said for the solar farms. In short food security and independence are as important as energy and in fact are intertwined, farmers need the diesel!
  17. I like turned down tips, it's the old school sleeper look. Have them on my 71 Chevelle SS although not in chrome.
  18. Happy 4th of July!
  19. garagerog

    Gas Prices

    Not exactly on topic but maybe interesting to a few anyhow. I had an opportunity to talk with the farmer that farms my family's ground in e. Wash. state this week. He told me even there he's heard rumblings of a diesel shortage due to additive shortages, fuel jobbers already not taking on new customers, etc. So he's stockpiled 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel, sounds like overkill but he has 3 Challenger tractors that probably use 15 gph+ each, do the math. He was terrified of not having fuel when wheat harvest rolls around, not sure how many gph his JD and iH/Case combines use but probably as much or more than the Challengers. I didn't ask him how much per gallon he paid for that diesel, but probably enough for him to be a real believer in the old saying that you can make a small fortune in farming as long as you start out with a LARGE one.
  20. Cam, when I was a youngster my Dad and uncle always had a canvas water bag handy during wheat harvest. For those young enough to be unfamiliar with them, they weeped just enough water to make use of the cooling effect of evaporation to give a nice cool drink. Their canvas water bag was retired once the advent of the plastic gallon milk container made for a frozen gallon of water that would give you ice cold water all day.
  21. OP, newdude has made some good points. In addition I wouldn't go past 3k miles on factory fill oil anyway, you want to get rid of any possible assembly "cooties". As far as 10K mile or extended oil changes on synthetic oil, the fly in the ointment with that is fuel dilution (viscosity killer) which is exacerbated with short trips with these DI engines. Some DI engines require oil changes every 3k miles (depending on type of service). In any case I wouldn't go push it past 5k miles without an Used Oil Analysis to see where you stand with fuel dilution and viscosity indexes.
  22. Before I dive to far down this rabbit hole, let me just clarify one point. CAFE and emissions are 2 separate EPA issues, the manufacturers have done a decent job except for some of the diesel issues with emissions, meeting FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EPA CAFE standards will be impossible without EV's. Only industry driven motive I see is survival, comply or go out of business. I'm not gonna bite on getting into any political discussion.
  23. To say that the federal government is not driving EV's but industry is, is more than somewhat disingenuous. Is the EPA not part of the federal government? EPA mpg regulations are forcing the auto manufacturers into manufacturing EV's to meet CAFE standards. And speaking of Ford and fine tuning, they can use all they can get, check out the recall on the Mustang E-Mach.
  24. A little off topic, Grumpy, maybe you can answer this. On vehicles with fuel dilution issues, which would affect oil viscosity degradation the most, E10 or E85 or would there be a discernible difference?
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