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  1. I have a change of clothes in my seat-back storage since my work generally gets me covered in filth. Under the seat I installed a Du-Ha storage container and in it I keep 2 tow straps, multiple ratchet straps and tie downs, a Gerber Silver Trident, wipe down rags, jumper cables, a chain, and multi-size trailer hitch, tire patch kit, rain jacket, and mini tool set.
  2. I believe the skid plate removal was only for the use of the pry bar. You get a better angle advantage with the skid plate removed.
  3. Removal Warning: To prevent personal injury and/or component damage, do not allow the weight of the vehicle to load the front wheels, or attempt to operate the vehicle, when the wheel drive shaft(s) or wheel drive shaft nut(s) are removed. To do so may cause the inner bearing race to separate, resulting in damage to brake and suspension components and loss of vehicle control. Caution: DO NOT use air tools to remove the wheel drive shaft nut. Damage to the wheel drive shaft threads could occur. Use hand tools only. Note: It is not necessary to completely disassemble the steering knuckle. Only perform the steps necessary to remove the steering knuckle from the vehicle. Caution: Wheel drive shaft boots, seals and clamps should be protected from sharp objects any time service is performed on or near the wheel drive shaft(s). Damage to the boot(s), the seal(s) or the clamp(s) may cause lubricant to leak from the joint and lead to increased noise and possible failure of the wheel drive shaft. Raise and support the vehicle. Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle Underbody Skid Shield (2) » Remove — Underbody Skid Shield Replacement Remove the left front tire and wheel assembly. Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation Have an assistant apply the brakes. Front Wheel Drive Shaft Nut (1) » Remove Front Wheel Brake Rotor » Remove — Front Brake Rotor Replacement Remove the steering knuckle from the vehicle as an assembly. Using a suitable, flat bladed tool (1), release the front wheel drive half shaft (2) from the front differential carrier. Front Wheel Drive Half Shaft - Left Side (1) » Remove
  4. I don't know of any. One of the major upgrades to these trucks was the braking system and it would seem silly to spend money on making it brake worse, just to avoid a spacer. If its a mass manufactured wheel, there is a good chance it's made with multiple offsets. Good luck to you though!
  5. No reason to worry until there is a reason too When you pick up the truck, ask for additional warranty on the drivetrain and go home with a smile knowing that your covered for an additional period of time above and beyond the normal.
  6. I'm with you. I don't have the option on my LT, but I would really like to have the puddle lights if at all possible. I too am wondering if you can mount them to a T1 that didn't originally have them installed from the factory?
  7. "On backorder indefinitely" stinks. I hope its Covid related and not simply because they cancelled orders since nobody was interested in them. I looked at them very closely when I first purchased my truck but decided against them since I often load multiple dirt bikes in the bed and needed the extra room. If they were cheaper I might would purchase them anyways for road trips, but I cant justify the high price for what would be limited use for me. I am interested in what owners thoughts are that purchase them, so please speak up if you already have one or both sides.
  8. I purchased my truck in February of this year and I had it briefly before it disappeared.
  9. Mine updated last week. It updated in my parking lot at work yet I have no clue how it connected to the internet since I did not have Wifi around me and I do not have the data package. I assume GM has its own dedicated carrier for these things. PS I have no clue what has updated since I have not noticed any visible changes in layout or format.
  10. I thought I saw this exact meme on this post a few months ago and thought it was hilarious then. Not sure what's going on, lol.
  11. My truck updated 2 days ago while I was at work. I have never connected it to any WIFI systems and its not connected to any networks as far as I know, but the update still occurred. I'm assuming GM is able to utilize a private internet host/provider to upload the software on our vehicles wirelessly without us knowing.
  12. I didn't know the T1's came with a 17 inch wheel. Is your 2019 the old or new body style?
  13. As far as I can tell through my research on the boards, there are no known instances of mechanical failure, degradation, or diminished materials performance as a result of using the blocks with the composite springs. GM has a reason for what they are saying, but I don't know if anybody outside of GM knows why.
  14. My battery did the same thing and I was told by the dealership that a battery cell on the newer style batteries will often times go bad if it sits on the lot too long.. They replaced the battery and the truck has been flawless since. If you do a search, its a very common issue with newly purchased vehicles and the problem is resolved with a new battery, so don't worry, relax, and enjoy your truck.
  15. Check craigslist. Here is a local to me factory set with OEM tires for $850....hard to beat that. https://houston.craigslist.org/wto/d/humble-18-original-2019-gmc-sierra-at4/7197527666.html
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