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  1. From what I have read and seen online, the only issue arises when using an 18" wheel and that's because of caliper clearances. It is my understanding that if you go larger than 18", there should be no issues.
  2. The headers should mount up to the heads with no issues at all, bolt pattern should be identical to the last few generations of the 5.3. I do not know whether the piping from the collectors rearward are the same, it might require a different y-pipe but I would think you could call up Kooks, Lemons, etc. and they would know.
  3. I placed the shock in a vice and the rubber would flex but not turn. I'm 6'7" and placed my full weight on it and it would only flex, not turn. At least I can admit that I am very impressed with the quality of materials thus far, its a very robust shock. Eibach sent me two replacement shocks so I hope to give the install another shot this weekend if the weather holds up.
  4. Eibach sent me two new shocks but I was in Alaska for work all last week and in California for work the week before so I haven't had the opportunity to do the install again. If the weather holds, I hope to install them this weekend along with another addition if it arrives in time.
  5. Just drove 52 hours to California and back. Mostly highway cruise control at 81-83 mph and got 19.6 mpg in a 2020 5.3 4WD with an 8spd. I usually drive between 70 and 75 mph on the freeway and average right at 21 mpg. This is in Houston, Texas, so being at sea level helps I'm sure.
  6. Incorrect. Headers on a 5.3, depending on diameter, have shown improvements across the board. The more significant improvements are in the upper portion of the RPM band, but there are improvements throughout the entire RPM band. I have not seen it on a 19 or 20 year model yet, but the basic (LT/LS) engine flow characteristics are the same.
  7. All other specs equal, a taller sidewall will give a softer and more pleasant ride. Just be mindful that often times the softer ride is at the expense of responsiveness and with taller tires the vehicle might feel more sluggish when trying to change lanes and might also feel less responsive to steering wheel inputs. Its a trade off, but one many people are happy to make, including myself with certain vehicles.
  8. I purchased 2" blocks to go with my Eibach kit, but I don't have them installed yet. Hoping I'll be able to this weekend.
  9. The primary reason is that on the 2019+ models a header install would most certainly require a tune which is cost prohibitive at this point.
  10. A canvas top is a great alternative to a Hard cover for a truck. I load dirt bikes all the time and cant do so with a hard top or a tonneau cover and the removal of each is a burden when having to do it every weekend. The purpose of the soft top for me is to have something that can fold out of the way when loading dirt bikes, but then be able to pop back in place when not hauling dirt bikes, mulch, etc.
  11. To preface this comment, I have the Z71 package on a 2020 5.3 Silverado. Shocks - Despite what others have said, the Ranchos have been very smooth and have done great on the light off-roading I have done. Though the Ranchos do not compare to an aftermarket shock, they are performing admirably as a STOCK factory shock. I have eibachs that I am getting ready to install (round 2), but I have no real complaints on the stock suspension other than the softness which is designed into all factory 4x4 suspensions. 4-Low - Mine is mostly a concrete queen, but I have off-roaded it a few times in the past 3 months of ownership. I've only been stuck in the mud once in which case 4-Low did nothing and I actually got out using 4-Hi, but the 4-Low came in handy when pulling a buddy out of a mud hole while I was on dry ground. Little effort and smoothe application of torque kept the tires from blowing away and maximized available grip. Skid Plates - Not sure if they will ever get abused on the bottom side of my truck since my local area is primarily mud and sand, but I'm glad they are there and I'm glad they came on the truck. AT Tires - I have the Bridgestone Duelers on 20" factory wheels. They are very quiet on the roadway and I don't hear them at all. Maybe that changes when they have 30k miles on them? I rotate tires regularly and will be giving them their first rotation in the next 2 months. As quite and smoothe as these tires are, I might be replacing them with another set of the same when it comes time too. Locker - Nobody is discussing this and maybe there is a reason, but the G80 locker is a big selling point to me. I have seen 2WD's with lockers go places that open diff 4WD's couldnt. The G80 locker is a solid addition to a truck and I will never own a truck again without an auto/elec. locker. Those things aside, I have had 4WD's in the past but this is my first 4WD truck. I too considered purchasing the 4X4 model instead of the Z71 thinking that I would probably never use the options available, or tried convincing myself that I could just add those components later if I wanted, or work around the need for them. After debating for a period of time, I realized that for the additional cost of the Z71 package when compared to the cost of the truck, the additional cost is negligible and worth not having to worry about adding anything else in the future or worrying about whether or not I have the available options to get through a muddy or friction delinquent surface safely and without damage to the truck. If your considering it, I would go ahead and get the Z71. There is a lot of value in simply having "Peace of Mind", and you will enjoy your truck that much more knowing you have those options/tools available to you if you ever need them. My F250 is 2WD and I like the truck a lot, but I regret not having 4WD on it since the day I purchased it and talked myself out of the need for 4wd. Does it need it, not necessarily, but I still regret not having it. I would image the same holds true for the Z71 package if it was me. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Peace of mind goes a log way. Bottom Line: If you don't get the options you think you might need or want, you will regret it the first time you find yourself in a situation where you could have used the options that you opted out of. The overall vehicle price difference is negligible so purchase the option your heart or gut is telling you to go with or you will regret it later.
  12. Kudos to you for using your truck like the tool it was intended to be!
  13. Eibach sent me a drawing for their shock and I will be comparing measurements this weekend to see if the shock is in accordance with their specifications. Do y'all by chance know what flange nut size you used?
  14. Glad to hear Im not the only one. I've considered removing the clips and using a washer and nut combination, but I want to see what Eibach has to say first.
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