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  1. LOL, I think you just proved every posters point and explained a lot Keep on keeping on, but damn glad your not my neighbor
  2. Though recommended, the suspension does not need to be installed by GM. Once the install is completed, you can take the truck to the dealership and they can upload the calibration changes to the vehicle as it was included in the price of the kit. Also, as mentioned above, I have yet to see a warranty dispute due to utilizing a different shock than the factory shock.
  3. My suggestion would be the Eibach Pro Truck Lift or Bilsteins. They are both a superior suspension system to the Trail Boss Kit and the Eibach system comes with front springs as well. If you get a chance to drive a TB or AT4 with factory suspension and then drive any Silverado, TB or not, with Eibach or Bilstein suspension components, you will notice a HUGE difference. However, like Transient mentioned, Bilstein and Eibach components do not come with the additional GM factory support that GM would provide with their system. Though I have never heard of a single instance where GM denied war
  4. That will work fine. Check out the Eibach Pro Truck lift. It provides springs as well as shocks and the difference in handling is significant. My truck pulls a trailer much nicer now and handles greater weights without the sway and pontoon effect.
  5. If you are 4WD, then pucks that mount on top of the strut for sure. If you are 2WD then the location is irrelevant.
  6. Octane boost is about useless, don't bother with it. With the tank almost empty, fill your vehicle with 93 octane gas and see if that solves your problem. If it does, then you know your issue is poor fuel. If it doesn't solve your issues then you need to start checking other things. Also, dash lights do burn out so I would suggest scanning the PCM just to verify if there are any code or not. Given the older model truck you drive, you would most likely get better advice by posting in the proper section for your year model vehicle. If it's a common issue those individuals would
  7. 1004 HP, 4 more than the Hellephant. Coincidence? I think not I love it, but I doubt you will be able to get one for less than 18 grand considering the 572 is over 16 grand. One these in an older K5 Blazer and I would sell my first born.
  8. HD's ride considerably more harsh than 1500's since they are designed for much heavier loads. Alterations would include adding significant weight to the bed of the truck or lowering the tire pressures. Suggestions on how to setup the truck to ride "better" would probably be best offered from the HD group on this site so I would urge you to ask your question there to get the best responses.
  9. Stick with the monotube. Adding weight to the bed of the truck will help settle it down significantly until you can get your new suspension installed. Until then, an ice chest loaded down with water, coke, etc. is always nice to have and the additional weight over the rear axle will settle it down nicely
  10. It really depends on your vehicle. If you are starting off with a TB or AT4 and adding 3.5", you will definitely want a diff drop amongst other things. However, if you are taking a base 4x4 or Z71, you can do a 3.5" lift without a diff drop as it would basically be a TB or AT4 with a 1.5" additional lift which is doable. However, at that point I would suggest UCA's because of the geometry and extended TB CV's if you plan on doing any off road driving where you will be significantly flexing the suspension. Good luck with your setup, the anticipation and information gathering sta
  11. Being an LD, your available wheel options are different than the T1's due to different offsets/backspacing, fender clearances, and suspension clearances. What works on an LD will not necessarily work on a T1 so you would be limiting yourself by asking T1 owners "What Fits?". I would try the other forum for best results.
  12. get shock extensions if you want to keep the same shock.
  13. Those are based on my own calculations from materials I have reviewed. The reverse gear ratios would need to be validated. Basically, the 8 speed and 10 speed transmissions do everything better, from top to bottom, even when the 6 spd is paired with the 3.73's. If you pair the 6L80 with 3.42's or 3.23's then the 6l80 is not even remotely close. The only real question would come down to reliability in which case the early 8 speeds did have issues but those same issues seem to be resolved in the newer models. I have not had a single hiccup from my 2020 8-spd and I have 45k miles
  14. 6 Spd Auto Gearing (X:1) 4 Hi Final Ratios 4 Lo Final Ratios 1 4.03 15.03 40.44 2 2.36 8.80 23.68 3 1.53 5.71 15.35 4 1.15 4.29 11.54 5 0.85 3.17 8.53 6 0.67
  15. Its the fuel pump priming. The parking brake creates a noise near the front bulkhead of the truck and is often associated with a click sound as well upon completion of activation.
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