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  1. The leather is just a cover, so at worst you would just swap your seat covers over.
  2. For the win! If all else fails, check the owners manual. Now for the popcorn... "what's the best Dexron 6 ATF for my vehicle?"
  3. You would need to go from a 3.23 rear gear to a 3.33 rear gear which would be so small of a change that it might as well be non existent. If staying with the same load range tire, going to a 275/65-20 would feel no different and there would be no need to change gearing.
  4. Now at 82k miles on my 2020 5.3. On my third belt, but other than that no major engine issues.
  5. Definitely easier and quicker, and i considered it briefly, but I didnt like the aftermarket bumper piece and the pseudo bull bar. The RAM trucks have an awesome factory hidden winch setup and it would be awesome if GM could do the same.
  6. I took a winch plate from an aftermarket bumper kit and modified it, fab'd up a fair lead mount with gussets, and welded the fairlead mount to the modified winch plate. The entire setup bolts directly to the frame, but I had to drill 4 additional holes in the winch plate; two additional holes to mount it to the frame, and two additional holes in the base of the winch plate to mount the winch at the depth I wanted. I rewired the control box with longer cables so it's now at the top of the passenger side fender so I don't have to crawl under the truck to access the controller. I also cut an opening in the upper baffle in order to reach the clutch from above.
  7. Finally completed the hidden winch install while retaining my factory bumper. It took waaaaay to much time and effort so I don't know if I would do it again but I do like knowing it's simple, clean, and unique since I only know of one other truck that has done it as well. I haven't had a chance to cut off the hook and add my Factor 55 cable attachment, or clean the cut around the fairlead, but those are next. Please forgive the dirty appearance, it gets used like a truck.
  8. Are you certain that you have 3.42's on your TB? I know in the past you could get the 3.42's in a Custom trim truck with the smaller 6 speed transmission, but I'm pretty sure the only way to get the 3.42 9.76" axle with the 8 or 10 speed is to get the max trailering PKG, and that is not available with the TB or AT4 last I checked. Do you have a window sticker or build sheet? Yours would be the first TB I have seen or heard of with the 3.42's if that's the case.
  9. This is almost silly. If you have stock gear ratios then you have 3.23's. By going with a 295/70/18 tire, you increased marginally to a 34.26" diameter tire which would only require a 3.35 ( an extremely small change of .12) gear swap to be back to stock performance. If the performance of your vehicle dropped as significantly as you say above because of a 1.26" increase in tire diameter, then you need to get your vehicle checked out for engine issues or you bought some really crappy/heavy wheels and tires. Then again, there is also the potential for a slight exaggeration here in performance degradation...maybe? To answer your question, there are very limited available options for front and rear gear-set swaps on the T1 platform. As they become older and cheaper to find, people will start modifying them more heavily and the aftermarket will fill in the voids where needed. Give it time, various sized gear sets will become prevalent in the future, just not sure how distant.
  10. Yes and yes. However, I cant remember what size socket I bought. Tq spec was 185 ft/lbs
  11. TB CV's arent gonna fix rubbing, but i would definitely install them just from looking at your CV's in this picture. Also, see you have aftermarket UCA's, but make sure you check your UCA's often. A 4" lift will wreck the CV's over extended, or off road use. As for being nose down, I would lower the rear a half inch via a smaller block and be done with it.
  12. The Nitto Ridge Grapplers are in the same category as the Duratracs, but not as good off road. If you are looking for quiet, neither tire is anything near what you are wanting. If you are looking for off road, the Duratrac will outperform the Nitto. Either way, it doesn't appear that the RG is for you. Opinion here: Ridge Grapplers are for those who rarely go off road, but they want an aggressive looking tire that can still be driven on the street without howling toooooooo much. Its an OK street tire, its an OK off road tire, and it's an OK blend of both for people who want to be able to off road to their camp site 2-3 times a year. Lets be honest though, how many people on this site have gotten their T1 anywhere near being even bumper deep in a mud hole, much less stuck in a mud hole? If you're not going to be driving your truck any were near a situation that might devolve into that, then the Duratracs or Ridge Grapplers are overkill to begin with.
  13. because it gets old going through all the different posts that could have been condensed by a single user into a single post, particularly when its obvious the person asking the questions either: a) didnt even do a 1 second cursory search that would have shown the question has been asked and answered multiple times over, or b) did do the search but decided that he wanted to pose the same question that has been asked prior, just for the sake of making a post. This is definitely the place to ask questions, just try to be mindful of condensing and combining topics if they have already been covered extensively.
  14. i rotated every 5k-7.5k miles and they stayed quiet for a while. Once I got around 35k on them, they started getting noisy regardless of rotation interval or type.
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