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  1. Same here, and maybe different trucks get different updates, who knows? I've had my truck for a few days over one year and this was my 3rd update for what its worth, 2nd in the past 3 or 4 months.
  2. It's not the same update from a few months ago. My truck did the prior update a few months ago and just got another update request yesterday. Based on other people's posts, mine is usually one of the first to receive updates from GM so I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch more people started receiving update requests.
  3. The Eibach system is probably the most bang for the buck of any system out there, I don't think you can go wrong with it. Take your time on the install and you can knock it out in a few hours easily, and the on road riding characteristics will be night and day compared to stock, especially with the addition of the Eibach springs. Thanks for the compliment, I'm happy with the look. I got a great deal from an AT4 owner who took them off his truck to replace them with something substantially larger. $800 for wheels and brand new Duratrac tires that still had the rubber tags on them......SCORE!
  4. I would have to STRONGLY disagree. My OEM brakes are FANTASTIC and have zero fade, creep, or sponge feeling after 25k+ miles. I think the general consensus on this site and others is that the factory brakes are far superior to anything GM has put out in past trucks and I would have to agree. Are they comparable to a Corvette? No. But they are darn good compared to any other truck I have driven or test drove before purchasing this one. The Silverado may have 99 problems, but the brakes ain't one.
  5. Mine hum a little bit in the lower speeds but seem to quiet down as speed increases. At highway speeds I barely notice them, if at all, but while at 20-30 mph I can noticeably hear them. I rotate them every 5k miles and it helps A LOT. For an AT/MT hybrid tire they are not bad at all, but nowhere near as quiet as my factory Bridgestone Dueler AT RSW's were, those were quiet like a church mouse at 20K miles but then again the tread design was nowhere near as aggressive as the Duratracs. Side Note: The Duratrac has been a fantastic tire for me thus far. I've been able to traverse things in 2WD with the Duratracs that I needed to traverse in 4WD with other tires. They are a very grippy tire and the treads clear out nicely when going through gumbo clay.
  6. 33's weren't an issue before the lift so they wont be after either, and I used the RC 2" blocks.
  7. Yes, you will need a 2" block in the rear to maintain proper rake if your using the kit to actually lift your vehicle as well (which is what its designed for). The kit is superior to the stock ranchos for DD'ers and those looking for a much more "planted" feel as so many on here seem to describe them. Its shocks are a definite upgrade and the springs are an added bonus.
  8. For sure, but for those people who cant turn a wrench and have massive amounts of disposable income, this fits the bill for immediate gratification
  9. I know it's a 2020 Tahoe and not a T1, but if they could do this to a T1 I would be all over it like stink on ******! PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=167775574914046
  10. Double check your cameras, I wouldn't be surprised of somebody is helping air escape from the tires.
  11. Figured it was a blown shock, mine did the same thing as mentioned above until I replaced them. Glad you got it fixed.
  12. I did the same thing while not paying attention awhile back. I had to remove the coil and shock from the vehicle to repair it.
  13. I've used 4 low a couple times now, mostly with extraction/recovery of other vehicles, and the ability to keep the tires from blowing away if I gave it too much gas was nice. It's kinda weird to hear the engine working hard and not have that "herky-jerky" throttle response, the 4 low made things much smoother. I would agree with the above statements though, 4 low isn't truly necessary and a single speed transfer case with a locking rear dif would be perfectly capable in 90% of what most people perceive to be off roading.
  14. I liked the Ranchos on my Z71 A LOT, they absorbed imperfections on and off the road remarkably well. My problem was they didn't last 20K miles before the front end would float like a pontoon boat over every rise or swell on the roadway and would continue to bounce 2-3 times before settling down. If it wasn't for that, and that fact that the Eibach kit came with new springs as well, I would have purchased the GM kit. Holding the shocks side by side though, one looks like a child's toy while the other looks like a real, get it done, shock. Just remember, whatever you would pay to a dealership for a desired component or system, you can usually find a MUCH better equivalent for cheaper elsewhere.
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