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  1. I bought one from a fab fours setup, drilled 2 extra holes for the factory tow hooks, and some minor cutting if I remember correctly, and it mounted right up. Factory Bumper bolted right up with it as well.
  2. I have a 20 with Eibachs at all 4 corners and it handles wonderfully, better than any factory truck option for my needs. I was primarily comparing stock ride characteristics though.
  3. I KNEW IT. I had a GM guy telling me at the Auto show that the GMC tailgates wouldn't physically fit on the Silverado, and that neither the GMC or Silverado adjustable tailgate would fit on a truck that didn't come from the factory with it. I called BS and he couldn't tell me why. Thanks for doing us all a service Sharpie.
  4. At certain times of the year, mine will rarely come on, especially during spring and summer. If I have the radio going at a decent volume, and the AC or Heater on high, it will RARELY come on. I know there are parameters within the system that keep it from "kicking on" that deal with battery draw, so if you are charging items in your truck while doing other things that require a substantial draw on the electrical system, that might be why yours doesn't activate.
  5. Not sure, but the diesel is a heavier engine, that might be why you have the increased rake.
  6. I had the chirp as well. Within 1k miles after hearing the chirp, the belt let loose. I was a full days drive away from home but managed to Uber around to local parts stores, get a new belt and install it in a parking lot. The front of the engine was covered in belt dust as others have mentioned above.
  7. Nitto Recon Grappler. A hybrid like tire with a blend of road manners and off-road aggressiveness.
  8. Peak numbers are useless bragging rights that mean nothing to people who know better. The L84 5.3 make's its power early and holds it for a looooooong time, with a beautiful and long plateau, PERFECT for towing or grunt work. In the tow and haul industry(hotshot, etc.) where efficiency is everything, peak motor numbers are for arm chair bragging rights, "area under the curve" delivers a real world product.
  9. Not trying to argue, but forged is heavier than cast, not the other way around. The 2.7 revs faster because there are only 4 pistons, much less rotating mass per given hp. I went with the 5.3 because like the 6.2, its a bulletproof motor when the internal components are to spec from the factory (lifters and springs). The 6.2 and 5.3 share identical technology with effective variances only in displacement. One is not newer or older than the other regarding technology and design, and both benefited from the head design changes implemented after the introduction of the LS7 427 motor (rectangle port heads vs cathedral port). They are effectively near identical motor designs other than displacement and accompanying features related to displacement. If you were to say one design is outdated, then you are saying both engines are outdated. The only reason I didn't go with the 6.2 is because of increased gas costs since the higher octane gas can be upwards of a dollar or more in cost per gallon here. I put 30K plus miles a year on my truck and that dollar per gallon adds up. Al three are great motors, especially with the updated values for 2022. If I had to chose again, I would stick with the 5.3. If gas price plummeted back down to 1.89/gal, I would strongly consider the 6.2.
  10. For squat I would go with a Deaver leaf spring pack. Airbags are another option if its in your budget. If you want to change the shocks, Eibach and Bilstein are your two best options.
  11. For awhile I thought it would be the RAM that I looked at next since the RAM has the best interior, and best UNLOADED ride in my opinion. With no weight in the truck, it rides wonderfully compared to the other 2 brands. However, my boss has one that he bought new, fully loaded, and the thing is falling apart at 60K miles. The brake pedal feels like mush, the interior is already making noises, and the handling characteristics when loaded with any kind of weight is very sloppy at best. It feels like a pontoon boat floating over a huge wave while swaying side to side. I use my Silerado, sometimes harder than I should, and it handles the same loads INFINITELY better. That's not necessarily praise for the Silverado since our Fords haul the same weight about as equally as the Silverado's, but a knock on the RAM since it's nowhere near as confidence inspiring with weight in the back. The HEMI is more than adequate power wise, but the suspension is what lets it down when towing or hauling, at least in my opinion. I guess I would go with a F250 Tremor with the 7.3 gas motor if I had to go with a different brand.
  12. I agree with the above. It might be much cheaper and simpler to have an exhaust shop fab up a y-pipe and run the exhaust to the rear for you. Either way, its simple enough but I would definitely get the part number for the exhaust hangers.
  13. You are correct, the weight is not evenly distributed. The most accurate measurement would be to load your truck up in a manner as near as identical to how you plan on using it, then weigh each corner to get an accurate representation of weight distribution. Once you have an empirical value for your eight distribution at each corner, use that to formulate a solution for your needs. Ideally, when you take your measurements you should make sure that the weight you place in the bed of your truck is shifted as far forward as possible to minimize squat and adverse handling characteristics.
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