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  1. I really wanted the slider on the truck when I was looking at them, but now that I have it I can honestly say the only time I use it is when I first hop into the truck and open all the windows to vent out the heat here in Texas. Other than that, it gets very little use. You might want to spend a moment and consider how often you might actually use the window before going all out on an install. To your original question, I have no clue if the LT comes with the wiring harness already present, but you could pull the rear bench seat and take a look pretty easily.
  2. Incorrect. The fuel tables will still adjust accordingly and the computer will learn long term trim values, but they will not exceed stock parameters. You will get more power and probably see/feel a noticeable difference in the truck with CAI intake and catback exhaust, but without a tune you are not going to see as much of a gain as you could with a tune. The tuning aspect really comes into play when you start playing around with intake manifolds, headers, cams, etc. things that will significantly alter the volume of air coming into and out of the motor. Bottom Line Can you modify the trucks without tuning them? YES Does a tune significantly help? YES Will you have any issues if you don't adjust your fuel tables? No, as long as they aren't significant modifications.
  3. For the sway bar link you have to hold the bolt stationary while you thread the nut down to the base of the bolt. Once the threaded nut reaches the base of the bolt, you can tighten it down to its specified torque spec without having to hold the bolt as well. Torque Specs for the Upper Control Arm Ball Joint First: 26 ft/lbs Second: Additional 60-75 degrees (A little shy of a 1/4 turn of a wrench) Strut Bolts Upper: 43 ft/lbs Lower: 37 ft/lbs
  4. In the Houston market, I see the 20" GMC and Silverado wheels with "Like New" tires (less than 500 miles) go for $1,000 - $1,300 depending on style: silver, polished, silver & polished, black, etc. The 18's with like-new tires (less than 500 miles) go from $700 - $1,100 depending on the combination (Trail Boss/AT4 vs Standard OEM).
  5. Purchase some blinker fluid while your at it. TB spacers lost their purpose when modern fuel injection arrived.
  6. Bridgestone Dueler AT RSW's on my 2020 Z71. I was very nervous about the noise from AT tires but these have been surprisingly quiet and very smooth. These are much nicer and quieter than I expected them to be and unless something significant occurs, I expect I'll replace them with an identical set when these wear out. As for off-road ability, they do fine for me but I'm not rock crawling or swamping my truck. When I did get the truck stuck, it was in a situation that I knew better than to be in but I did it anyways and paid the minor price of an extended vehicle cleanup. The design or manufacturer of the tires would have made no difference in that situation.
  7. Mine experienced the same problems that yours is, and the answer I received was that it came from the factory with a "bad cell" according to a technician. They replaced the battery and I've had no issues since. Something else that I noticed is if I accidentally leave my keys in the truck over night, the battery is sometimes weak in the morning.
  8. Whether or not the Icons are worth the money is entirely dependent on the user. If all you are looking for is a shock with better on road characteristics then there are much more budget friendly alternatives that will give you a "better" ride according to most (bilstein, eibach, etc.). If you will be doing significantly more off-road driving than most, or simply love the Icon product line, then the Icon's might be worth it. Take an honest appraisal of your needs and make a decision based on that.
  9. Mine didn't click down, they just slid down on the bolt and stayed there. I did have to finagle it a little to get the orifice to line up with the bolt, but once lined up it lid down perfectly.
  10. The harness should slide back down and sit flush.
  11. You can go as mild or as wild as you want with this tire size. DIscount Tire has darn near every imaginable "road worthy" tire in this size. Nitto Ridge Grappler Nitto Exo Grappler BFG TA KO2 TOYO Open Country AT III Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac General Grabber ATX Procomp AT Sport If you wanted to go more aggressive but deal with tire drone all day, you can try out the following tires, all in 275/60/20: Patriot RT Federal Explora Haida Mud Champ MIlestar Patagonia This tire size is near limitless for most drivers. I'm not real sure how much more aggressive you can go before the tires become non-DOT.
  12. Maybe i'm misunderstanding your questions, but GM mounts Bridgestone AT's to those wheels from the factory. However, the wheel is irrelevant, any type of tire can be mounted to it minus bead lock types. Generally speaking a 20" wheel is not preferred for off-road scenarios because of the shorter sidewall. That's why the Trail Boss models come with smaller wheels, primarily for the purpose of having more sidewall available. However, the 20" wheel and tire setup is just as capable for 95% of the soft-road driving these trucks will ever see.
  13. I can't tell if its injector noise or lifter tap. Though the dealership will assuredly tell you it's normal, I would take it in just to have it checked so you have documentation of it if anything happens in the future.
  14. Mine is a Mexico truck, no problems and I wouldnt expect any either. If you've ever toured a modern manufacturing facility you would see that 95% of the assembly is robotic controlled. Standards are standards, and they have to be met. A Mexican pushing a button vs an American pushing a button has ZERO affect on the outcome of the build.
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