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  1. My 03 Cadillac EXT has 103K on it and the BCM has gone south, causing false error codes on the dash and interior lights to work intermittently. Being 18 years old, I expect the electrical system to start showing gremlins, but those are minor annoyances and I cant blame GM since its 18 years old. As long as the drivetrain holds up (other than the ~$1500 I recently spent installing a new front differential) I can deal with most everything else.
  2. I expect vehicular basics (engine, transmission, steering, weather tight interior) to work flawlessly for 100K miles when utilizing manufacturers suggested basic maintenance according to the owners manual. After 100K, I expect yearly repair costs to increase but I for darn sure better not have any of the basics failing me by that point. However, techno-gizmos are going to fail, that's a given, but those are just icing on top and aren't needed so much as being simply intriguing. That being said I really enjoy amenities like push button, on the fly, 4WD selection, independent temp
  3. With regular maintenance you should see closer to 300k-400k, if you chose to own it that long. Although there was the valve spring issue early on, the 6.2/5.3 LS/LT architecture has been around for over 20 years and is considered bulletproof overall.
  4. That comes out to a 34.8 inch tire. All manufacturers are different and some running slightly bigger than advertised while others run slightly smaller than advertised. However, as long as you are on factory wheels it should fit just fine. If you go to an aftermarket wheel with different offsets, you will most likely rub.
  5. In simple terms for modern tire size identification: ******/XX/XX First number is tire width in MM Second number is the sidewall height given as a percentage of the first number(width) Third number is wheel diameter so 275/65/18 Width is 275mm Sidewall height is 65% of 275mm: 179mm Tire is for a 18 inch wheel
  6. I'm almost certain it would bolt right up, but the circuitry alterations to make it integrate with your truck seamlessly might be an issue. Although I have the 2spd transfer case, I'm curious to see if this is able to be done to a single speed transfer case vehicle of the 19-21 vintage. It would be nice to be able to add that functionality to an off road truck, especially if buying used and its a simple upgrade.
  7. Awesome File, thanks for sharing!
  8. The flattened pipe has shown to have little affect on exhaust flow since the volume of the flattened pipe is near equal to the volume of the non flattened sections: narrow but tall oval vs round. I would have to search for them to find them again, but there are multiple dyno pulls with varying headers and y-pipes showing this.
  9. Gangly


    I wish, Im 6'7" and 280 lbs. I fit fine in my 4th Gen with t-tops though :). I went looking for a camaro in 2017/18 and I just couldnt fit in them, knees were in the dash, but I wanted one REAL BAD. The Chevy SS was next on the list. Your Camaro is beautiful, love the color.
  10. Fab Fours has a MATRIX bumper specifically for the 19-21 GMC Sierra with an optional grill guard nearly identical in function to the one you posted above . I cant seem to find the 19-21 Paramount bumper guard so maybe I am wrong on that one though.
  11. Fab Fours and Paramount both have bumpers with grill guards for the Sierra
  12. Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP is a hybrid tire that comes in a D rating. Its highly rated by purchasers and comes in larger sizes.
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