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  1. I would double check to make sure the first pump was actually changed and not "repaired".
  2. Check the D rings of the rear seat seatback where the seatback slides into its retainer system. I had to add electrical tape to the d ring because it wasn't a snug fit and was rattling in its attachment point.
  3. I followed the break in procedure to the T with one caveat. I conducted multiple "spirited" runs up to 55 mph to generate enough cylinder temperature to ensure the rings seated properly.
  4. It really doesn't matter how you lift it, its how high you lift it that affects UCA failure. UCA failure is entirely dependent on lift HEIGHT, not what component gets you to that height. Whether utilizing spacers, shocks, or springs, it's all irrelevant to the UCA failures. 3.5 inches of total lift height, above the factory ride height utilized on a base model 4x4, seems to be the highest people are able to elevate consistently without failures of the UCA. Again, how you got those 3.5 inches is entirely irrelevant. Being an AT4, yours comes from the factory with a 2"
  5. Adding Eibach springs would lift you approximately 1". I haven't seen, or even heard of, any TB's or AT4's breaking UCA's with 1" of additional lift.
  6. My suggestion. Its a higher quality spring than stock and will increase your ride height by approximately 1 inch.
  7. I'd pull that parachute before the rockets ever kicked in
  8. Same here, I'll prolly do a transmission fluid change at 45k, but not a flush.
  9. Caution: The transmission fluid level must be checked when the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) is between 30–50°C (86–122°F). If the TFT is not within this range, operate the vehicle or allow the fluid to cool as required. Setting the fluid level with a TFT outside this range will result in either an under or over-filled transmission. TFT>50°C=under-filled, TFT<30°C=over-filled. An under-filled transmission will cause premature component wear or damage. An over-filled transmission will cause fluid to discharge out the vent tube, fluid foaming, or pump cavitation. Caution:
  10. According to the recommended maintenance interval in the back of the owners manual, for Severe Service the recommended interval is 45,000 miles for fluid and filter change. I cant find an interval for non-severe service.
  11. He better not be grinding anything! Top mount spacers need to be flush to fit perfectly between the shock absorber mount and its corresponding mating surface within the cup on the frame to maintain proper perpendicular angles. If the spacer is ground down at an angle at all, it results in an improper alignment of the shock with gaps between the mating surfaces. Once torqued down in this configuration, the forces would try to bend the 3 mounting mounting bolts at best, or bend the shock shaft at worst resulting in a broken shaft or premature wear of the oil piston and valves.
  12. I wish I could, but I have no recommendation on a spacer or UCA kit as I have not installed a set on this truck. As such, I have not researched the functionality or quality of any particular brand's UCA product. I would recommend looking at finished product dimensions as certain UCA manufacturers give forewarnings as to what wheel dimensions(width and offset) can fit with their UCA's as well as what lift heights can be utilized with their UCA's. I would hate to install an aftermarket set of UCA's only to find out I could no longer use the wheels I liked or operate my vehicle at the ride hei
  13. With the AT4 I would recommend new UCA's if you are gonna do a spacer larger than 1.5" or a suspension increase of greater than 1.5". Whether you do a spacer kit or a suspension alteration to get the additional 1.5" above the AT4 stock ride height is up to you. I would suggest you think about your stock suspension and decide whether or not you like the stock ride characteristics or want something different. If the stock ride is comfortable and to your liking, go with a spacer kit. If you want a more controlled ride(less roll, bounce, and sway) go with an aftermarket suspension kit but unde
  14. I'm starting to think the same, and I kinda like it that way
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