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  1. just slap an adapter plate on and see what happens , butterfly might hit manifold not sure?
  2. sounds like i'm better off with cheap Costco sythetic oil
  3. go to lowes and find a smaller tube material from the plumbing dept. its usually a white poly hose for ice makers in the fridge, then get a piece of rubber hose to make the union connection from the extractor line to your custom adapter line
  4. do you need the l86 manifold to install the lt5 TB on the motor
  5. trans cooler, Max tow radiator, 180 thermostat, activate the PE function and set it to come in around 60% throttle, get the trans tuned for towing, more line pressure, and synth oil also get
  6. going bigger on a stock truck will make up for the loss of TB opening 83% on our trucks
  7. i would like to see this test data showing it performs as good as amsoil... i use to run Mobile 1 in all my cars, until it began sludging up the heads and oil cap.
  8. this will not work unless you have a tech reprogramn the BCM or CAN bus. try calling WAMS.com he can do it but will cost alot. cheapest rout is the Curt brake controller and curt plug in harness on Amazon, i paid $100 and it works great https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LWP00J3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. 6.2 supercharger parts wont fit ? the ecm is probably harder to tune or has more encryption which yet to be cracked
  10. if you want to just pretend to make power, then honestly i would just do a larger throttle body for the l83 manifold, if your not gonna tune it. if you go the whole L86 induction then you might as well do it correctly and install a stage 1 or 2 cam from BTR, then bolt in the lt5 TB with l86 mani. ported or not. then you'll have a good starting point to go from. and real seat of the pant ride.
  11. thankyou for the help! i bet it cost a pretty penny...
  12. Techm has delicate pressure switches inside it, they have rebuild kits, I would have the trans guy install all new seals and the mounting seals from the case to the pressure ports that feed the techm, if you do a low pressure test on the feed ports you might find you have a leak around the piston that puts pressure to the clutches. could be part failure due to manufactuering or the high temps GM runs the 6l80 at. you'll know its been overheated if the seals are hard.. the Torque converter should last longer with a trans tune, GM over cycles the TCC too much and this causes the wear and failure on the TC
  13. whats the part number for the larger radiator that drops into our 1500 trucks?
  14. i think these new engines have weak oil control rings installed on the pistons wile using very thin 0-20 oil, it might help if you use 5w-30 or 10-30w this summer, see if that helps try installing a cheapo catch can off amazon inline with the pcv system
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