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  1. is it possible to remove this in the software using HPtuners, where would i find these tables to delete the "grade breaking?"
  2. grade braking occurs on my truck going downhill , over 50mph i'm guessing, and i have depressed the brake pedal down for 30-60 seconds or longer, then you will feel an extreme downshift. I really dislike it, and know how to down shift manually the 6l80e once downshifted into 2nd gear on me while i was going downhill on the grapevine at about 70mph, i was gently riding the brake pedal for awhile, then ******'n Whamm, got 2nd gear at 70! like WTF just happened ... thats when i left a brown staine in my undies. unreal who's the jerk at GM who programmed that ****** in! Now
  3. hold tow haul button for 6 seconds to disable it
  4. its not too difficult pulling the pan, I did mine 2 months ago, at 50K miles. it sure was clean inside too. i stumbled onto an easy way to drop it, when i discovered GM forgot to install the crossmember mounting bolt into the trans mount bushing, i was able to lift the tailshaft up enough to gain clearance, by supporting with a jack. this was a little messy but worked , I since installed a brazed in drain plug into a factory trans pan.
  5. no no, I ve shot at thieves before. its OK as long as you don't murder the guy. you can blast thier tires, windshield, radiator gas tank. even better I've pulled them out sent them home with the option of turning them into cops or I get thier truck or car... easy peasey i've got one car from a kid stealing catalitic converters. he learned his lesson and is better for it
  6. that's how my nieghbor lost his new Toyota Tundra, went to dealer for service, then two weeks later around 2AM, his security camera catches a Mexican guy walking up his driveways with a key fob, unlocks truck drives away..
  7. you only need the catch can if your running boost .... the guys that are catching crazy amounts of oil have engine problems they dont know about. need to source the cause not the bandaid fix the reason I suggest deleting the valve cover breather lines to the TB is because it's unmetered air the MAF is not measuring, and this air contains oil residue going directly into the intake manifold. much cheaper to install valve cover breathers than a big clunky catch can
  8. $900 ouch... how much is the 6.2 or the MAX Tow package radiator from the dealer?
  9. its a just a way to make you feel like your doing something positive and making an improvement by purchasing and installing a BS product
  10. find a set of 2500 take offs on craigslist, mount those tires on your 1500 rims, 17-18" 3/4 ton tires are dirt cheap used with low milage and work great, they also last an extrordinary long time. i have a set of 2500 takeoffs I still use today, bought them back in 2012. here's an example https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/wto/d/riverside-2021-dodge-ram-wheels-and/7370118516.html i usually see 17" tires new go for $400 a set
  11. lol faraday bag is not gonna do much besides add to your paranoia. you can delete the fob units themselves thru the software. and i believe there is an rf id chip inside the key , its good enough protection. definatly remove all paperwork and registration from inside the truck that has your Vin #, address and Name. I like to cover or black out the Vin numbers on my dash too, 'cause its the employees who are the criminals that have access to databases, software , and key cutting tools
  12. https://economicprism.com/the-great-computer-chip-shortage-of-2021-is-just-heating-up/ bring back critical infrastructure to USA, otherwise you wont have a new truck, what happens to us if somekind of attack or natrual disaster takes out the Asian chip foundries?
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