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  1. no i dont have the number, i remember it years ago a forum member had it happen in a K2 and had it repaired , re-programmed at the dealer for the update. so he said. good luck finding anything on the search bar here..
  2. i believe there is a tsb update for offroading without acitivating airbags
  3. OE pads lack good cold initial bite, i think OEM is ceramic, i'm not impressed by this brake material try a set of EBC yellows or Greens, they are dusty but better, Also the T1 rotor and calipers are bigger and swap over to the K2, after this Hydrobrakes from a 2500 truck makes the trucks stop better with increased pressure
  4. I would start with a 17x10 rim, smaller tire diameter for street truck, these trucks are overweight imo to call them performance anything... I would start with a Colorado and the 5.3 motor, or get a 6.0/6.2 Camaro if you want to feel performance if you go with 4.10 gears, 35 tires, lift kit yada yada yada.... its gonna accelerate and stop and handle like crap. but ur ego will feel like a bad ass, and your wallet will be drained $6000, and resale will suck
  5. i guess we'll see how serious they are up there about forced injections in a couple days, I have no idea what Canadian truckers can do to impact our country, besides wood, I think USA is self suffient enough to not feel a pinch from this even in the next days
  6. you dont think the intake valve and intake port is the main restriction?
  7. looks like a laptop fire in back seat.. pre encrypted year easy tuner https://vancouver.craigslist.org/pml/cto/d/port-coquitlam-south-2015-chevrolet/7430354150.html
  8. if u pulled the heads, send them over to Katec for a cnc blend and porting, maybe oversize the intake valve while they're in there.. truck will feel like a low boosted l86 i would stay away from adding more lift, this causes wear and tear. choose a cam that holds the valve open longer
  9. i think the ported lt5 tb on a stock motor is a waste of effort, thats only for S/C or built motors stock 5.3 with 6.2 manifold and stock 6.2 tb is good enough, unless you plan on doing a set of l83 blended and ported heads, wont see any more gains
  10. usually faulty thermostat causes this condition from my experience with a cheapo JET thermostat i installed
  11. if you guys are concerned with water absorbsion in oil, i found an aftermarket product made by two companies, MotorGuard and Frantz filters, they both use toiletpaper roll or similar style roll, as a depth style filter used in bipass mode from the main oil feed. its better than the Amsoil bi-pass filter, since the TP roll is so dense and thick, it has so much surface area, very impressive simple design! I found after installing it once on several engines with old dirty oil, that the the filter element actually Absorbed the water moisture in the oil. it does a very good job in grabbing dirt amd at dehydrating the oil
  12. learn to ride a horse, throw a spear, carry a dagger and collect ur wood in summer.. petroleum has empowered the weak and lazy. that;s about to change!
  13. order new pins, and install new o-rings where the pins slide, use lube when installing orings and on the slide pins. use a beam torque wrench to tighten to spec. other than that check run out. what else is left? it takes 500 miles to break in new pads and rotors too.. i would skip the braided lines for now
  14. i appreciate all the detailed explanation, will look it over in the morning to solidify it in my head
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