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  1. i have the same issue on my 3500, i think they get worn from more turns in a direction and out of balance weight loading in the bed
  2. Big oil is now the property of Vanguard Finacial and Black rock financial. my local mobile refinery was purchased by black rock about 8 years ago. so the ball is in thier court if they want to shut us all down in favor of batteries and solar panels
  3. i did a COSTCO run yesterday, and there was nothing but diesel oil on the shelf, The only oil that was NOT available there was the two jugs of Kirkland 10-w30 and 5-w30 for $25. mobile1 oil everywhere at $43 for two jugs.
  4. pokismoki

    Joke Thread

  5. its easier to remove the crossmember mounting bolt under the rear of trans, and just lift the unit with a small jack
  6. I wouldn't go so far as to say its the converters fault as the guys at sonnax say. it's more of GM's strategy to immediatly activate the TCC in all gears especially 1st, 2nd-3rd. those gears have the most torque and inflict a lot of wear on a flimsy tcc clutch. if you looked at older GM strategy in the 4 speeds they never activated TCC in 1-2nd gear, they saved the lock up for overdrive gears to minimize wear and tear and gain MPG. if you do get a new converter order the 6 BOlt 6L90 unit and retune the tcc
  7. https://www.brighteon.com/4938fb56-a9e2-4dda-8fe8-c43945a3b070 https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06-23-diesel-engine-oil-additive-manufacturers-that-have-declared-force-majeure.html is this true Mr.Grumpy? who's doing a COSTCO run tomorrow
  8. talking about starters, you guys with 8 speed transmissions have it tough, since the starter is built into the trans bellhousing, GM wants you to pull the tranny to replace the starter. how F****ed up is that?
  9. relays shorting out for the fans? i wonder if the tech2 clone tool can test and find the issues with the fan, otherwise take to dealer for a computer check up.
  10. only money opportunities in aftermarket parts like these would be selling them at local auto parts store like CAN Tire , autozone, etc... but you will need to get it made in the land of the Yellow Man, hey but its fun to see what new stuff you can come up with. R&D is always fun , tinker away
  11. could try driving in "Tow Haul", this has a whole other shift parameter map function VS "Drive" gear change mapping
  12. if these aren't tuneable, then I would reflash the factory TCU software or updated GM software into the transmission, or have GM tech do a relearn proceedure. the clutch to clutch hand offs for gear swaps are getting hung up, and need to be dialed in
  13. wow that price is very high for 3d printed, can't you just stamp these out of some sheet metal and sell them for $25 each?
  14. ball peen hammer a dent into the headers where they touch the frame
  15. https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/grizzly-bear-fight_jRjc8G7r33El9ut.html
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