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  1. too bad gas is so high , takes all the fun out of tuning
  2. might help if you post a scan file of the datalog run when you ask those guys
  3. there are real professional shops around the country which will require you ship the truck to them do have it installed and tuned to a high level of professional skill. many guys can be found at hptuner forum, or call whipple dealer and ask who they recommend nearby
  4. while your dropping money Uprgrade the front rotors and calipers to the T1 truck front brake system,, the hellwig rear bar make it handle even better on the street. feels like a BMW if your not gonna upgrade to a T1 brake, I would get heat treated rotors, or have OEM cryo treated and EBC pads to replace the stock pads. stock rotors like to get warped when hot
  5. must be a huge battery in these things, kinda makes them even more useless seeing stuff like this. what are the Ford EV's like for comparision https://vidmax.com/video/215234-lol-the-new-gmc-hummer-ev-takes-4-days-to-charge
  6. i think there was a lot of complaints for the K2 trucks with leaf springs clanking and making noise, GM wouldn't put 21" rims on trucks if they where concerned about unsprung weight
  7. Yes, try pulling out the rear block first see how you like it... i used the .75" level block under the spring shcok mount. works well, very easy to do, unless your a 4wd. Be sure you get the headlights re-aimed afterwards, these HID projector lamps are brutal to other drivers on the road at night only other issue with gm trucks and doing lifts is GM uses a whimmpy ass ball joints, and if you run 35's you really need to upgrade that ******
  8. any K2 truck with the 6.2 and a fast shifting 8 speed , is desirebly from a collectors view. but for daily driver it might be a waste of money. they are exspensive to repair, i'm sceptical if its on a toyota lot. was used for a trade in, so origional owner was getting sick of it and bought a reliable toyota product..lol
  9. these trucks have smallish rod ends, they cant handle too much stress offroading, if your a 4x4 on 35's I would replace em or find a stouter upgraded part if you go wheeling and ur lifted Recommend the beefy front swaybar, really helps handling on road
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