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  1. I would think 7" Should be plenty. Depends on what wheels you're using really. On stock 18x9 I run 35s with a 5" lift.
  2. Just say no to PNP LEDs. Atleast buy quality. Those listed are trash and blind everyone on the road. Look into Diode Dynamics SL1 OR Morimoto 2stroke 2.0 if you have to have LEDs. What truck is this on? P.S. of course they would recommend their own brand!
  3. I haven't tried but I think it can separate here
  4. I don't like it. Makes it look like buck teeth. I believe there is a 2 part separation to keep the outside grey piece but remove the very bottom trim that makes ride height look low
  5. My Nittos are my favorite tire to date. Nothing performs like them. I've had KO2s, suck in sugar sand, Nitto Terra Grapplers, decent but don't look aggressive at all, and now Ridge Grapplers. Aggressive and ride smooth and quiet but handles all terrains. To each their own everyone drives different mileage and environments. I'm in Florida so it's all pavement, sand, and occasionally dirt/mud. I originally had Goodyear Duratracs A/Ts which looked good and rode ok but were super loud for some reason.
  6. I've had nothing but good things of my Nittos. I also didn't buy a truck for MPG. I wouldn't care if it got 12mpg it's a truck. I get an average of 16-18 on 35" Ridge Grapplers with the 5.3 6spd.
  7. Plenty of proof at dealers and forums. Not so much past 2013 but I don't trust it.
  8. No, AFM will reduce reliability, removing it is for the best. As far as the sport tunes I can't say. I only use my truck once sometimes twice a week. I had the same tuner on my old 08 and put a decent 30-40k on it with no issues but long term I don't have that experience
  9. I use the Diablosports Predator P2 on mine. No complaints. I have AFM disabled, and calibrated my Speedo for 35s. Also running a sport tune that shifts through gears like butter.
  10. That's bullshit dude. Call corporate and report the driver.
  11. Performance parts and forever vehicle don't go together all that well. But best of luck to you. My idea of a forever truck would be taking a 99 Silverado where there isn't many electronic modules and modifying the interior to look like a 16. Hopefully no rust. It's not usually a crazy concern in Florida
  12. Oh interesting. That I'm aware they are led chips. Not easy bulb swap.
  13. I get 16mpg 5.3l 35s and whatever factory gears which I believe is 3.42 so yes 8mpg is awful.
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