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  1. My truck is lifted 5" and yes the light output was decent was factory but not worth more than $200 imo. Better options out there.
  2. The Lasfit bulbs claim to have heat control and dissipation. They said if signals are left on for 8-10 minutes they will hyper flash to protect the bulb and housing of the light.
  3. I didn't think the technology was there yet but I am wrong. You pay a little more up front but the end result is better from what I can see.
  4. No that's not how it works. You'll still need a resistor. EDIT: Forgive me as I am outdated. Those appear to work as advertised so feel free to give them a shot.
  5. Link 2 is the one. I can't open link one for some reason. And realistically all ballasts come from China but Hylux is a very reputable brand like Morimoto
  6. Something to mention: make sure you do these if you don't want any cutting or splicing: https://hidkitpros.com/shop/hylux-d5s-oe-headlight-xenon-hid-bulbs/ Doesn't have to be that site but they do another set that requires cutting into the dust cap that allows for even brighter options but modifying the dust cap. https://www.distantxtremes.com/store/p1164/D5S-Hylux-HID-Upgrade-System.html#/ An install video is also available with that one if needed
  7. On our trucks it's all in one which makes it more expensive and less options. In order to keep the dust cover you have to stick to plug in play options. They're called D5s bulbs
  8. Yes on both. They are plug and play and I'm not sure about the Hyluxs but the Morimotos for sure will make Auto headlights (at night and tunnels) not work properly.
  9. If you're looking for the best option I'd say a set of Hylux 35w bulbs and ballasts. Morimoto is very expensive for some very mixed reviews, some reporting losing their auto lights. My info is based on research I've done the last few weeks and my conclusion is going to be a complete retrofit
  10. Honestly if it’s for visibility I wouldn’t bother. They look nice but they don’t do a whole lot. Go to Rigid or BajaDesigns and get a decent set of pods or a light bar OR you can get your lights retrofitted like I am going to do with a nice projector and HID kit.
  11. That's everything on these damn trucks. Everything has a module now. If you want an upgrade you gotta get a whole circuit and harnesses it's stupid. Oh you want LTZ lights? Different harness sorry guy.
  12. For sure! Alright sorry OP for jacking thread. Back to original topic
  13. Truly a legend. I feel it’s more cost effective to open my current lights up and go all out than it is for a set of LTZs. Hard to find too
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