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  1. I have them and they're alright. If you have the money I'd go with Diode Dynamics or Morimoto. If it's an HID projector you should stick to HID. I don't drive my truck enough to buy again.
  2. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/204942-2016-silverado-dash-cam-and-power-options/#comment-2032312
  3. Yes, one minute let me find the link, also yes my Rexing came with 1 fuse but I didn't want to go through the extra work of making it turn off with the key so I removed the fuse and tapped the wire into the fuse
  4. This may not help at all but there is another thread for this subject that involves spare constant power fuse slots. I cut out the fuse on mine and tapped into the radio fuse. Dashcam comes on when the key is on and off when off.
  5. Those Fabtechs weren't on the market when I made a purchase. It was the CST or Rough Country. The knuckle lifts normally allow OEM use it's the bracket lifts that say you can't under 20". Mine even says cant use with factory 18s but I saw someone else do it so here I am. Rules are meant to be broken.
  6. Well the more you know. Unfortunately only 4" and can't use OEMs
  7. There is no such thing as a knuckle lift that won't increase track width. Bracket is the only way.
  8. I have a 5" Rough Country bracket lift on stock 18s and 35s. Stock track width.
  9. Ironically Headlight revolution page is pretty awful too. Their brand is overpriced and it isn't even the best. They won't test the top dogs against theirs directly
  10. The difference is night and day. The LED he chose is not focused and doesn’t have any “cutoff”. That’s why it has a bunch of bleeding light hanging out up top. The lux on the outside beam looks weak too. You would get the same results off $40 Auxbeams but you paid $60 more. I’m not going to sit here and argue but I am just trying to enlighten you on why they aren’t good.
  11. You could not be more incorrect. Ask any headlight expert or someone that regularly does retrofits. They would not be pleased. It is a piss poor beam and unfocused as can be. I tried to help but funny enough no one listens, even when actual photos of his truck was used in a quality product and used to show actual results vs the same crappy before and after shot used in every aftermarket LED out there. Why do I even bother? Provide path to quality and they dive for the cheap ****** every time...
  12. You ordered the wrong ones smh... going to be so much glare and useless light out of there
  13. I love it. Still has tire, has some nice track width. Rim color is perfect. Not overdone and proportionate.
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