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  1. Im looking to replace my oem headlights on my 14 silverado and was trying to find a style that i like best so im wondering if anybody wants to show off there updated headlights with links to purchase
  2. Anyone else on here find a good solution for the dust cover after installing the auxbeam leds? They stick out so you have to cut a hole in the dust cover but problem is water still gets in around where the bulb pokes through the hole in the dust cover.
  3. Anyway to phase out one or the other its weird because some parking lots it looks crooked as hell and some you can barely tell
  4. Months back i got side swiped and sent into a ditch now my right side of my truck is sagging about an inch and a half lower. i replaced the front shock which corrected the front lean but the rear after replacing the shock is still leaning is it possible my leaf spring is bent? Im really hoping my frame isnt twisted
  5. I thought the offset is what really gave it poke or not
  6. So a 10 will ensure no rubbing? What offset?
  7. So i want to replace my stock rims on my 14 silverado with black rims and i want to have them poke out what size do you guys recommend? Im running 18s right now so im just gonna stick with that size for now so i dont have to change my tires too also i have the 2 inch leveling kit
  8. My 2014 silverado has 97k on it and has been acting up where down shifting to or shifting into about 2nd gear and jerks hard and makes a loud squawk noise does anybody know what this is and hiw screwed am i i just bought this truck
  9. Ive got a 2014 silverado 1500 and a couple months ago i was hit in my front passenger wheel and that put me into a ditch preety hard. The body work has all been done but my truck now is sitting an inch lower on the passenger side the shocks are not leaking and ive had a couple different allignment shops look at it and nobody can seem to figure out why its leaning. The only thing i could think of is the shock so im getting that replaced but i was wondering what you guys all think it could be if not.
  10. I got a 2014 silverado 1500 z71 that needs the front shocks replaced does anybody know which rough country shocks were stock for these it has the 2 in leveling kit and i wanna make sure to get the same ones
  11. I meant more as in replacing the filter inside and what not
  12. I just bought a 2014 silverado 1500 at 96k and i believe they recommend a transmission fluid replacement at 100k just wondering what exactly should be done and how hard it is to do? The truck ive noticed shifts a little rough when its driven from cold off flat ground but when parked in my driveway which is a good incline it shifts nice and smooth from a cold start so thinking if anything maybe the fluid is low.
  13. I know this might sound stupid but ive never done an exhaust change before so here it goes. Im replacing my stock exhaust with an mbrp and the v band clamp on the catalytic converter is preety rusted and i cant get a wrench on the bolt so im thinking im gonna have to cut it off all i have is an angle grinder and im just trying to figure out which way i should be cutting it so as not to damage anything?
  14. My driver side headlight got water in it now my parking light bulbs upper and lower is not working (turn signal is tho) anyways is it possible to gain access to them to replace them through the hole on the inner fender so i can avoid taking everything apart?
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