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  1. cant really do that without the costly and somewhat hard to find 'intellihaul' camera system. would need to be installed, harnesses ran and then programmed to function with your HMI (radio screen). - a quick trick i use is to hook the tailgate rope around the latch anvil and it will angle the tailgate down slightly enough to not get in the way but down enough to get a pretty damn good line on your hitch. hell of a lot cheaper. give it a shot, let me know. otherwise look up 14+ GM truck intellihaul camera package. see what you find. its pretty costly for a few cameras. - good luck
  2. Apologize, ive been out of town with family issues. As i have a K2 platform and not a T1 this wont work for me, so i apologize i cant take em off your hands but i appreciate you taking the time to message me with details. GLWS
  3. Do you still have this? is this for the 19-current T1 platform or the 14-18 K2 platform? intersted but wondering about the camera package itself. can you post pictures of this? or text a phone number the pictures if that works better? i can DM you my number
  4. I dont have any experience with the high desert but if you took it off how much would you want for it/location. Ive kinda always wanted one but none are for sale. Good luck in any case!
  5. @DCazares id say no. i bought them cause i couldnt find decent factory C headlights for my 14 to 16+ front end swap. they are good, but i personally dont like the black background of these and prefer the factory chrome backing. actually would be willing to trade my morimotos for factory ones but idk. 1200 was a lot to spend on em. and the light throw seems to be the same as my factory 2016 silverado with the LED lights. mori's big claims is they output twice the lux of factory LEDs. i dont see the difference personally.
  6. I flushed the fluid in both my 16 silverado and 14 sierra with Dexron VI. Never had an issue. Use amsoil for a better quality fluid or the OEM stuff. You should be fine. Fill to the top hole, wait for no drip, and put the plug back. Should take less than 2 quarts.
  7. Hell yeah thatll help me out! I have a line x bedliner and it looks about the same! Great tip man!
  8. Did you make your light up GMC badge or did you buy it somewhere? Looking to get one Truck looks fantastic!
  9. Replaced my 14 Sierra headlights with Morimotos and im looking to clear out my garage. willing to ship, but id have to DM or chat with you to find out zip code for shipping. buyer pays for shipping. all the LEDs work just fine headlight bubs are still halogen btw. they are completely stock. , i just really wanted the 16+ headlights for my swap.
  10. selling due to the fact i totalled my silverado. put 3m protective film over the glow area to keep it clean and scatch free. have a Sierra now so this isnt going to work out... :(. selling for 235 but throw me an offer. when i got it a year or so ago new, it was 280 to 350 for these, so i know they can be a pain in the ass to find and new is tough as well. willing to ship. thanks for looking.
  11. Bought when i had a 16 Silverado. removed when it was totalled in an accident last year. saved it for my new truck, turned out i got a denali and it already had one from factory, so im looking to get it sold and out of my garage. posted for 65 but throw me an offer. willing to ship, DM me and we can go from there. thanks!
  12. Looking to get rid of the chrome door handles that came with my Denali when i purchased it. I swapped to black and these are collecting dust. looking to get 80 for em,but throw me an offer. they are in good shape. will ship at buyers expense. any questions ask me thanks!
  13. Trail boss wheels on a centennial edition isnt something i thought i needed to see. But here i am. Lol thanks for the new wallpaper! Love the truck!
  14. i have the PDF for the 2018 Chevy accessories catalog. part number for chrome is 84134045 part number for silver painted is 84134046 part number for black painted is 84134049. these are the only ones i can find and are pre painted or chrome. hope this helps 2018 Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado Trucks Accessories Catalog.pdf
  15. This is EXACTLY how i want to build my Sierra. Like... down to the last detail EXACTLY. Damn fine looking truck my man. Cannot like enough. Also this is my new wallpaper for my pc lol
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