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  1. You could post it for sale here or craighslist. Facebook marketplace but im not sure how they are removed. How much would you be selling it for?
  2. If its a constant tick with the same rhythm its most likely the high pressure fuel pump or the lifters. Have someone step on the gas. If the rhythm is the same but faster, its those things.
  3. file downloaded! this is awesome! i tried having the L82 extended funnel added to my K2 silverado a while back but it never sat right and i removed it. At my workplace we have oil go through some metered flow guns and i have no need for a funnel usually but this is such an awesome idea i figured i just had to have it. props man!
  4. Not a problem! Theres a few posts/threads on here with the pods/light bars. Look up a guy called TXgreek. He did a 30 or 32 inch curved bar inside the grille. Looks really well done. Others have done A Pillar pods with ridgid or baja designs with brakets. If your into that route, SDHQ has brackets where they fit in nicely. Check out their instagram. Believe they have a silverado/Sierra section where youd find em. Cheera man good luck! Dont forget to post in the what did you do today section when youve got something in. Not enough people doing those mods eivht now.
  5. For the 1500 the 2016 and newer have only assemblies. no bulbs. the 2014/15 fog lights were halogens, but the 16 and newer trucks had built in LED bulbs inside the assembly and cannot be replaced as easy as just a bulb. Really the only way to do anything about the fog light brightness would be to install something aftermarket or getting into a big can of worms with ripping open the housing(assembly) and taking the soldered in LED's and replacing them with a stronger one, by, of course resoldering them in. Even with all that effort you still might not be doing anything substantial
  6. Agree with Jim here, a regear would be my fix but I honestly wasn't factoring in people and gear to max out the 3.73s and going waaay past the 3.42s the 2500/3500 gambit is the best choice. I sympathize with O.P as I bought a 16 5.3l because I wanted black, leather and CC short bed with the face-lift model and color match bumpers. My only regret is getting some with an 8 speed but that's what I found that I wanted to the tee and sometimes there's one small change that just isn't perfect for what you need it for. Fortunately people have a new generation to trade in for, so there's plenty of t
  7. Well a regear is much better than trying to resell and getting something with a bad history or underlying problems due to lack of maintenance. Regear is the way to go and yeah my 5.3 with 3.42s is rated for 9600. The law could care less about that because it has no ecological impact for them to legislate against cause its not like removing a muffler (loud noise, disturbing peace or whatever) or removing at catalytic converter (enables emissions). Regearing is 100 percent legal everywhere in the states. Never saw anything ever against regearing a vehicle. Its legal to do a LOT of mods to
  8. Just reading through the thread and looked through the pdf on here and just spitballing here but wouldn't the problem be solved by throwing a new set of gears at it? 3.08s to 3.42s or even 3.73s would bump that rating up no? The ratios can be changed by swapping out gears in the front and rear differentials and the rest of the trucks are built the same... Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, and yeah, you called it. I heard back from insurance and they are going forward with repairs. I've only been more happy to have a 5.3L once... and that was the day I picked this thing up as my first truck, first chevy, and first car I went out of my way to look for, and purchase. Proud of it. I just hope it doesn't do what my jeep did and exact revenge every time I cash a paycheck XD Thanks to everybody for their kind words on the whole thing. Pretty tore up about it as the other guy had his family with a little girl inside. Even though I have a girlfriend and no kids planned, it s
  10. Thanks, and to[mention=191210]CajunFries[/mention] it is a yellow tint wrap I got from Amazon for like 7 bucks. Tbh, kinda wanted to get rid of it last couple weeks but the output is pretty cool and useful (I'd say). Low and behold, I got in an accident with the truck today.... Pretty beat up over it, but I think she will be okay. I hope this truck isn't totalled, I want it fixed, but if it is, I'll get another one. I love it so much, I hate to have it be this way. In a dumb way of thinking I feel like I let her down today. She's never given me any sh*t, despite all the coworkers at my Toy
  11. Ah. Well that's the right way to do it. Now it'd just be calling different dealers and asking if you can get the update and if it's free or paid for. Might get lucky.... Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  12. At that point I'd call every dealer in a reasonable area and ask if they'd do it and for how much... mention that you have heard it's free update and if they say it's free then throw em a bone and get an oil change there or something so they get something out of it too. They'd be more inclined to do a free radio update if they get 50 bucks out of you for something else. When I had my old jeep I paid a tech 20 bucks to get my new key fob programmed cause the writer didn't want to make a ticket for it. And at the dealer I work for we do small stuff like that for people if they ask and are payi
  13. Subbed as I've wanted to do this to mine for a while and in same boat (broke lol) Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
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