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  1. oh cool perfect! thanks for those of you with the opt7 lights - i see it has double sided tape as a mount - i think when LineX sprayed my bed they went down to where it would mount aka the sticky tape is useless - is there any other mount options for it?
  2. So i ordered and got those caps - seem well made and look just as good as factory - BUT i somehow didnt realize the right lower passenger cover has what i now know is a outside air temp sensor, has the clip mounts for the sensor and an indentation molded into it... I cannot find a GM part number for this! The numbers molded into my black piece is 807074 - this number comes back with nothing even tho these are GM mirrors. EDIT: nvm i found it chrome one is GM#23444121 Now I do need this sensor and such for a 1500 with a 5.3L non flex LT right? I coulda sworn this sensor was only for diesel trucks...
  3. Yea i asked on a detailing forum and they say deff do another dawn and scrub brush then an IPA wipe.
  4. trying to keep my 2018 silverado look nice and notice some of the plastics are starting to fade. Looks brand new when i use 303 or back to black but washes off after a few rain storms. Lookign for more permanent solution and cerakote is highly rated but its a ceramic coating thats permanent. Dont wanna fudge it up. Plan to apply to all exterior textured plastics. They all have had either 303, back to black, or tire shine sling off on them. I have washed with dawn and a soft scrub brush once - plan to go over it again tommorow just to be sure but is there anything else i should try? Some kinda degreaser and scrub brush?
  5. yea thats my concern - i see aot of trucks with em and they do help visibility but i have seen alot of crap ones. Or after a few year sit goes from clear to yellowed
  6. Im no stranger to properly doing electrical work but curious if you've guys found an LED strip that sticks well (or mounts more permanently) and how you went about wiring it up. I assume the easiest is to just splice into the flat 4 towing plug wiring right?
  7. No longer need the wheels so lowering it to $800. Ill ship it via UPS but wont be cheap. Im willing to drive a bit to meet you if that helps.
  8. Cool thanks! Do they fit just as good as the factory? do they rattle at all once they are clipped in? https://www.1aauto.com/chevrolet-gmc-mirror-cap-4-piece-set-trail-ridge-tr00478/i/1amrk00056/1098009/2017 these the ones you get? Just curious why they stop at 2017...
  9. So I think I want to get the upper and lower pieces that snap in place of the textured black that I have. Partially because I think it would match the truck better and partially because the factory ones rattle like a bastard as you drive and Id have to take them off anyways to put some foam tape under em. The GM ones are like $54 a piece (so an absurd $216 + shipping for some chunks of chromed plastic) Meanwhile I see ones on ebay for $48 for all 4 pieces - these snap in place of the ones just like factory not some self stick covers. Or 1AAuto has a set (brand is trail ridge) for $75 but says it only fits 14-17 towing mirrors?? Im pretty sure mine are the 17 version as I bought them in 2017... These would go on a 2018 LT 1500 with the factory GM towing mirrors - clearance light, turn signal in glass, LED cargo lights built in, heated, powered, manual fold, manual extend...
  10. wow you dont... mines an LT but Z71 package so its painted body color. I do not have sensors. Im in central IL
  11. i honesly didnt know they made non step bumpers... i have a 2017 gloss black step bumper with very minor damage on the right edge if anyone else is interested lol. What uhh package is your truck? WT?
  12. Sweet. Im nearby in central IL haha. I saw that great deal and had to post it for you. I picked up a set of 1500 steel rims with tpms sensors and centercaps with like new tires for $300 on friday myself haha. Yea junkyards want $50 a naked rim still around me...
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/227071935237417 saw tyhat set - 4 rims 4 center caps $60 Fort Wayne IN
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