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  1. SO i plan to get a set of the worktruck rims powder coated so when i get tires put on i need to use stick on weights - is there enough room between caliper and rim for stick on weights? Factory they used the clip on rim lip style which would scratch the crap outa the powdercoating...
  2. i really wanted to find the old 70s steel rims you can snap dog dish hubcaps to but noooo noone makes them. Need min diameter of 17" to clear the brake calipers. I eventually want to get BF KO2's on the rims i have.
  3. Yea still no luck, managed to sneak the pos clamp on directly to the battery and that allowed it to blink yellow at me which means its not charging. Gave up and bought the harbor freight Viking 4A auto charger. Hooked battery back up to the truck, clipped that thing on for standard battery winter mode (as it got to a warm 17*F today) and let it charge. Fully charged and should be good to go. I think that stanley trickle charger is just junk and not rated the best review wise (i got it black friday like 2 years ago for $5 so eh. Can always salvage the clamps from it)
  4. Going to try taking the neg terminal off and trying the maintainer again this AM.
  5. Hmm could be remote start, my 18's goes down if i just sit and idle with it running normally. But yea the remote start i mean most of the truck is dead including the cluster till you stick the key in so it may not have those modules woken up yet if you do alot of remote starting.
  6. so its a 2018 silverado LT with 5.3L. Not experiencing any battery issues but its been parked for 2 weeks while we get this massive salt dumping off the roads. Winter beaters can turn white all they want but trying to keep this truck as nice as i can for as long as i can. Id wash it if all the car washes weren't closed due to below 0*F temps. Anyways i wanted to hook it up to a trickle charger/maintainer. Ive had this barely used Stanley 1amp charger/maintainer - perfect. Let my neighbor borrow it to top off a new battery inside his apartment a few days ago before he installed it so i know it works. So its got 3 lights: one red for wrong polarity, a green light when its full, and a yellow charge light. Normally, hook up battery, plug into wall and yellow charge light comes on. So the truck has that circuit board thing blocking the pos terminal but has that red cap your supposed to jump from. Hook red to red black to black like normal, plug charger in and got no lights on charger. (truck still has dome light, bright headlights, flashes parking lights with key fob so its got enough voltage) Where it gets weird is disconnect red clamp the charger light comes on for charging....hook red back up unclip black, still no lights Disconnect both clamps no lights as it should.. Im going out on a limb and guessing its my maintainer that's not happy for some reason. Maybe the truck is drawing more than an amp sitting there with the hood open? Could the intelligent maintainer be interfering with the intelligent battery circuit board on the truck? Anyone ever had an issue with smart chargers/maintainers on the terminals? Id undo the ground terminal so its just the bare battery post and hook it up to try that but got too cold n dark - how long can the truck sit before radio presets and such get forgotten? (Or is there a time limit?) Sorry for the long post...
  7. Follow up: they did indeed replace the external temp sensor. Also had them do that TSB about backup camera screen too bright at night.
  8. which info screen are you looking at? the 25 mile average? 50 mile average or 400 mile average? Or the tripometer avg mpg?
  9. Does it work well? We dont really have hills in IL haha. Most we get is rolling slopes or they salt the piss outa the few steeper roads.
  10. yea i have it in my z71 and hardly use it. Don't see the need honestly. I use it just to play with it and it is funky - think of activating the ABS constantly as you decent so its that growly grabby noise. If it slows too much it lets it roll then ABS kicks in again and can be kinda jerky. Id be afraid to use it in the winter honestly but I dont even like normal ABS on snow. (altho the system in these trucks isnt half bad - my 01 rangers , 02 blazers and 92 jimmy systems can go straight to hell though and i pull the ABS fuse every winter in them)
  11. So my 18 silverado with 18K on it (5.3L gas) hasnt had any issues. Till today I was driving down the road (maybe 20-25*F outside) and after 30 min or so i start to notice im still cold. Turn the auto climate up to 80*F. Notice the fan picked up but still blowing lukewarm air. Dash says engine temp is slightly under 210 (normal spot for this truck). Turned the knob all the way to HI and start getting blasted with very hot air as expected. Turn it down to 89 and starts blowin cold. Wtf. Then i notice the upper corner of the infotainment screen says its 190*F outside... I assume this is the sensor behind the grill up front? After about 2 hours of off and on driving today the check engine light comes up so I scan it for P0072 : Ambient Air Temp Sensor Circuit Low. Called dealer and got a warranty appointment for Monday but just mainly curious if this is a simple dead temp sensor or if anyone else has ever encountered this. I was driving in the slushy frozen crap few days ago that did cake the front end and its melted off the truck but its still all over the trees and non road areas so maybe water got in the sensor/sensor plug and it froze? Does it have 2 air temp sensors? One for outside air and one for inside air? Its gotta figure out what the in the cabin temp is at any given time to be able to auto adjust right?...
  12. Therte was a TSB for badly made main battery cables, also theres a TSB for several improper grounds up under the dash. id highly susupect the system has poor grounds and causing power to drain from other places causing issues.
  13. He found a thread where i was asking about changing fluids and recommended using Amsoil along with a dozen other people. He mentioned he is a seller of it and all members get a discount but i felt zero pressure from him and even said some of the other brand equivalents are just as good. I ended up deciding to go with Amsoil and PM'ed him my want list. He got back within a day of a price shipped to my door. I said lets go ahead and do it, went thru paypal, and from the time he ordered it to drop ship to my door was 3 days even during the holiday season! Will definitely go thru him again!
  14. yup got it - fast shipping! Thanks everyone! First new vehicle first time using Amsoil and dont wanna screw anything up haha.
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