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  1. i test drove a 2020 5.3l with GM's performance exhaust on it. they told me it was equivalent and made by borla to thier middle setup - touring i think. Nice exterior idle sound, nice sound accelerating but just cruising wasnt any louder than stock - i got out on the interstate with it worried the v4 mode would fudge with things but no drone no weird noises just quietness. stomp on it she growled nicely. I plan to get the same dual out on my 18 when funds allow.
  2. what about the glove box one?
  3. youd have the light ash grey. Tan is tan tan
  4. still makes me mad that havana brown only comes on reg and ext cabs only - no crew cabs like wtf...
  5. does your yukon have a tow haul function?
  6. when i bought the KO2's for my ranger i waited till a local farm store had a buy 3 get 1 free sale. Then took that quote to the dealer who price matched and i got a free loaner for the day lol
  7. so those of you who have owned 4x4's for hundreds of thousands of miles, for a new silverado when would you change the front and rear diffs and transfercase? When would you change the trans fluid?
  8. looks good but id do fender flares before you do tow mirrors that can get taken out by rocks kicked up...
  9. found a video - i do not like how loose they fit in the sockets with the amount of dust and dirt that get kicked up in that area on trucks.
  10. not bad! i was wondering what that era looked like on these trucks. i was thinking these style https://mullinaxford.com/sale/used-chevrolet-tahoe-police/2016-chevrolet-tahoe-police-1gnlcdec3gr139373
  11. got a pic? ive seen a police tahoe with them but never on a truck.
  12. when i was shopping for lightly used trucks i had one dealer voluntarily put it on the rack and sent me about a dozen pictures as he knew i would of been coming from 4 hours away and said thats just the way we do things around here. I did specifically ask how rusted the underside was first. He said if you decide to come we can put it back on the rack for you to inspect yourself if you wish. Castle Chevrolet in chicagoland i asked several questions about a particular truck and to verify off the window sticker what it had on it as i told him ive been burned before between online listing says vs window sticker. He said fully understandable and went out and sent me a pic of the sticker. I ended up finding one locally so i sent an email back to castle saying thank you for your time and they said well since you did buy a chevy product and your ever in the area heres a coupon for a free oil change on your truck! thought that was cool of them. There are good dealers and absolute shitfests i could write a book about.
  13. agreed, minor cracking like that in the tread grooves is fine, get nervous when it starts on the sidewalls.
  14. do you notice them getting hot at all? anyone got some clip leads and an ammeter to see how many amps they pull VS factory bulb the circuit was designed for?
  15. curious how GM does he 3rd brakelight and some bars had the overhead lights on them - how does GM power these???
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