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  1. weird. Not entirely sure what you mean by "on position". Truck was running if thats what you meant. I havent bought the parts yet as i wanted to see how big of a pain it was gonna be and i see now i need to wire the socket.
  2. Thats good, i finally got some small enough test leads clipped on the pins. I have no voltage either. (seems weird since i do have heated seats, heated mirrors, and remote start...) I will have to rewatch the youtube vids to see what is needed to do.
  3. But no more air bag message now that the clips are fully in? I still need to get under mine and figure out how to get 2 test probes on the dang pins while laying on my back, flashlight positioned and meter positioned so i can read it... Will try with some skinny test clips
  4. sounds like my 17 that got lemon lawed for a very similar issue. They replaced both pos and neg cables, fixed those ground points, repinned comm lines on modules that were dropping out, replaced modules, replaced wiring harnesses, etc. Would be fine for a few days to 3 months 100 to 3000 miles, hit the smallest pothole on one side of the truck to make it jiggle and spaz city. Gauges go to zero, service: 4x4, trailer brake controller, stabilitrack, ABS, and steering input reduced. Hit another bump and it would come back. Last 2 times it did it the power steering went out too. Refused to start on several occasions because it didnt know where the gear shift was. Ive got a video i could upload. If adding grounds solves the problem id love to relay it onto the dealer as they tried their hardest to get it fixed...(i had 12 loaners - most were average silverados but 2 Tahoes and an impalla lol)
  5. Damn - my 7 had this issue and man was it annoying. Sounds like the exhaust manifold blew out around one of the cylinders that tsst tsst tsst tsst sound that got louder in 4 cyl mode. Not all the time but noticeably there alot of the time. First time i heard it i thought shit flat tire! Wish i woulda seen this thread earlier as my 18 hasnt made the sound yet (maybe a tad but not anywhere near as bad as the 17)
  6. i sure hope not. I dont see how it could. Can you even physically install the airbag wires to the airbag like criss crossed?
  7. awesome thank you! i know i sound "needy" but im afraid of messing up my warranty or doing something that causes a weird electrical problem. I had a 2017 silverado and first 10,000 miles was perfect, then one day hit a bump and gauges went out (everything went to zero), 6 error messages from service ABS stabilitrack, trailer brake controller, 4wd, and then steering input reduced please drive carefully message. was in the shop 4 times for over 3 months total. last 2 times the power steering actually went out mid drive (last time i almost took out the dealers garage door turning into it). left me stranded once as it wouldnt start because it didnt know where the gearshift was. Left the mechanic stranded twice haha. Got a call at about 9 am sunday morning as i gave him permission to drive it home over the weekends and test it out. Asked if its ever not started. I said no.... thats new...FIrst few times i thought cool they fixed it no biggie mass produced stuff has hiccups. but the 3rd time i JUST got back from a 1000 mile road trip around wisconsin. Literally 2 days later it spazzes out again on the interstate. I was like oh god what if it did this when i was up there? How the heck would i get home? How do you deal with a dealer thats never seen this shenanigans before? long story short dealer and GM were in a no argument agreement i needed a new truck and fell under lemon law no questions asked. So my 18 has been good but approaching 10,000 miles again haha. (side note a few months after the deal was done i found my old truck for sale in Wisconsin - hope GM actually fixed the problem...) so as you can see im quite nervous about messing with electrical stuff thats computer controlled...(Ive done many upgrades including clock spring replacement to add radio buttons on an 02 blazer and wired in tons of electrical vehicle stuff over the years so its not the physical DOING of it) This upgrade looks like a very self contained circuit, power from fuse to plug to steering wheel switch to heaters back to ground. Doing these upgrades ever cause anyone warranty or dealer headaches?
  8. sweet yea it sure looks like it. Do we have dual airbag connectors like that?
  9. Yea found that too but me and rockauto dont get along. 3 times now ive been burned by parts and they try to get me to pay to return broken parts or parts with missing pieces claiming i can reuse the parts off my old one. For $7 ill spend my money elsewhere. Example one: Received an ign coil that was cracked in half - obviously no good. Outside shipping box was perfect, insid ehad bubble wrap, part box was smashed to shit and part broken. Logic says the part was fubared when it went in the box. Sent an email because they dont have a phone, finally heard back 2 days later saying im welcome to ship it back on my dime. After sending a reply with pictures of the perfect outside box and fubared part and box inside i told them you will be sending me a shipping label or a replacement part express shipping, or i will show the evidence to my credit card and get refunded through them and they can deal with you. Magic response within 4 hours with a shipping label... Example 2: Ordered a new AC delco water pump for my old car. Description and picture showed pump, bypass hose nipple (odd shape but is a glorified hose nipple), and a gasket. Part arrives got the pump but no nipple or gasket. Wtf so contact them again. They said well cant you just reuse the nipple from your old pump and use some RTV? I said well probably but this isnt junkyard wars here - i paid for a water pump, a nipple, and a gasket as per your webpage both visually showing and verbally saying in the description so i expect to receive what i bought - i dont know if i can even get the 40 year old tube out of the origonal pump and its a gasket and also a spacer. They said well its still a useable part and we dont have anymore on the shelf your welcome to ship it back and we can deduct the shipping cost out of your refund. I said seriously? your shipping parts under false advertising here and you want ME to pay YOU more? Once again had to threaten to do a charge back with my credit card before they agreed to send me a label and refund all my money. Example 3: Ordered a basic V belt for the car. I thought id try the Gates polycog belt (its called poly cog because its cogged...). was on closeout for $1.10 so i thought eh why not. Picture showed cogs, description said cogs. Got the belt - first off its not cogged, second the label looks like its from the 80's, 3rd its some house brand ive never heard of with a tiny tiny Gates logo on the back bottom of the sleeve, 4th i slipped the belt out of the cardboard sleeve and stretching it the other way was greeted with that ancient rubber/plastic krinkle crispy noise, let go and it kinda stayed opposite stretched... great. Find the package and says copyright 1989. Seriously? Like i get that they buy old NOS parts alot of times but wtf 30 year old belt? Didnt even bother contacting them as im sure they want me to pay for return shipping.
  10. i plan to keep this truck as long as possible(20+ years) and within a month of buying it new i had it undercoated with the wax/oil based stuff (no ziebart tar) and keeping ti clean as hell waxed and plastic protectant to keep it from getting faded. I will follow the book to the T when it says to replace stuff and change fluids (i change oil at around 20% life left) anyways something i bought for it came with 4 caps that are supposed to plug the 2 tube crossmembers around the rear axle. Should i use them? One hand i see them keeping most of the water salt spray out of the tubes, other hand i see them trapping moisture in the tubes causing them to rust out worse than if they were open and allowed to dry out. Thoughts?
  11. Cool. where did you order it and the wheel from if you dont mind? Better prices than what i linked above?
  12. yup - i got the same oval plug on my 08/18 made silverado. how soon do you expect the parts to arrive? can you post back if it fits the oval connector or not? t hanks in advance
  13. i can verify tomorrow on the door sticker what month my truck was made or is it all 2018 trucks got clock spring design 2? And i take it the wheel has the audio controls on the back of it?the diagram shows them. Thanks for the response! sposta be 9*F tommorow morning shoulda started this a month ago haha.
  14. i bought the GM branded step bars for my 18 crew cab (same bars that came on the real tree edition silverado) i used as much copper antisieze on the bolt threads as i could and smeared 5th wheel grease on all the speed nuts and contact points between frame and board brackets. I had to pry out 4 black plastic caps in the side of the frame to slip the speed nuts. Do i just leave these out or should i modify them to make them fit again? On a sid enote i got some of the tube caps thats supposed to seal the tube crossmembers in the rear of the frame - are these a good idea or do these just trap moisture and cause rot?
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