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  1. My '86 Grand Marquis ran the OE injectors for 28 years, 220k miles without ONE problem - even on the crap fuel we're sold today. My '93 Volvo 940 is still on OE with 170k+ on her. That's the one thing on my '07 Silverado that hasn't failed ... yet ... At 94k now. Everything else has, though, right from the first day I drove the thing with 40 miles on the clock. Bottom line is, it's NOT the fuel in this case.
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Yeah, CA is REAL bad. I can't believe how far back they go on emission testing too. What a racket. I only lived there briefly.
  3. If they sit outside, they go to hell fast. Sitting in a garage only seems to harm modern junk. My older cars used to sit outside all winter long unused, and always fired right up every Spring. Never had any major issues either, aside from the occasional oil leak, or hose that blew, or slipped off.
  4. They're all junk in the 21st Century. I can assure you, any '96-up vehicle on the road after 10 years has cost the owner a pile of money to keep it going. No commuting. It only gets used for working - towing cars, coal, hauling mowers, etc.. Sits in the garage most of the time. I drive my '86 Grand Marquis, '93 Volvo 940, or '74 Yamaha RD350 to get around. Dryrot is the least of my worries with this toilet ...
  5. Geesh, I put 2k per year on my Silverado if I'm lucky, and I still have to constantly fix the POS ... Still haven't put any time into troubleshooting the reason for the monitors not running in 3k miles. I just drive with the "rejected" sticker ... Haven't figured out a way to make money fixing my own crap yet. 94k miles on her now.
  6. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I use it mainly as a fast cleaner - nothing takes stubborn crap off faster than MEK, aside from FIRE, lol. I also use it to rejuvenate my 20-40 year old touch-up paint tubes from time to time, when they dry out and become like molasses. Works great along the same lines with rubber cement for tire patches as well - those cans get left open longer than they should.
  7. Chit chat

    Thanks man - just fixed 'em.
  8. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I've got rust bubbles forming underneath the paint on my Silverado. Thing is ALWAYS clean, and always parked in the garage at night, too. I chalk this up to cheap, shitty paint / clear coat. Truck has sat for over a week, since I've been out in OH with my dad. I did manage to score a gallon of Methyl-Ethyl Ketone at an Amish hardware store though! Don't tell the MA authorities - I'll probably do time for possession ... Can't find any good chemicals in this state, thanks to the mental rejects that run it ...
  9. Chit chat

    Just got back from a road trip out to OH. I always forget how screwed up MA is, until I see how the rest of the country lives. No inspections there, so you're free to drive what you can afford. The way things SHOULD be. I can't even imagine how easy my life would've been over the years without state mandated inspections! I'd be MUCH richer, that's for sure. Rode out there in my dad's new '19 Ram 1500. Pretty sweet ride. Got to play with the touch screen and learn that on the way out there. Most aggravating was the fact that the GPS locks you out if the vehicle is underway - so if you have no address history, the passenger cannot program the GPS until the vehicle is stopped. Boy is that aggravating!! Are they all like this? Not a huge fan of touch screen HVAC either - several times I had the heat on in close to 100°F temps, because something got touched -also extremely aggravating. Glad my truck has NONE of this crap. Had some issues on the way back - some strange pulsing vibration sound that I've never heard before in my life - must be those electronic noise cancelling devices bolted to the frame. That's my only explanation for what I was hearing. Always something with new vehicles ... Got to tour around Amish country. Never knew their buggies have hydraulic drum brakes, and rear lights with brake & turn signals. Great people - never met a group so friendly in my life. Everyone out that way is friendly (whole country is once you leave the Northeast!). All good, God-fearing Americans. Love that. Saw some nice cars out there, too. Just noticed I never got a pic of the front of the new Ram - that's the best part of the truck, too. Has LED headlights - not a single incandescent bulb in the whole truck. A $900 option. Got a couple bad cell pics of a pair of carbureted Chevy 350's running 2 HUGE generators at 3,600 RPM non-stop for an Amish store / petting zoo / farm. Coolest thing I've ever seen! A testament to the reliability AND affordability of the old 350. Will never be a better engine built than that again, sadly. Saw a Lingenfelter Corvette parked out there. Had to ask my buddy with the Camaro what the heck that was. I suspected it was some high-dollar mod, and I was right, lol. Said that car is way over $100k factoring in the cost of the car itself. I'll pass on that, thanks!
  10. Good to know, newdude - I suspected that. Thanks for the info.
  11. my truck is a extended cab 2 full doors and 2 half doors.my code was fuel pump control side.I have checked the fuse the relay both are good.I also just recently Replace my gas pedal while doing so i accidently pulled the purple wire out of the plug connector i put it back in best that i could and it drove fine.I turned it off went to crank it back it would just turn over and no fuel pump. Could that purple wire going to gas pedal affect the control side of fuel pump.DID SOME TRUCKS HAVE THAT MODULE UNDER SEAT IN BACK?

          Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!

    1. Jsdirt


      That purple wire is the ground for the APP (accelerator pedal position) sensor - the ground is provided by the ECU. I don't know enough about how the system works to give a definitive answer on whether or not that can shut the fuel pump off. I doubt it, but, since its a computer controlled ground, anything is possible. The thing to do would be to check for a ground up at the pedal with an incandescent test light (NOT an LED light!) clamped to battery positive - if the ground connection is good, you should have it light up when touching above the point where you broke the connection. 


      As far as the location of the module, someone replied to your post in the Ask The GM Tech thread, that the trucks with the 4.3 do not have a fuel pump control module. I suspected that, so I believe he is right.


      Hope this helps.

  12. If it's the Classic model, you do not have one. If so, thank God for that one.
  13. DTC C0267

  14. DTC C0267

    Stay away from the dealer for the love of God! Out of warranty - no business going there, unless you enjoy throwing big piles of cash around. Any local garage can (SHOULD be able to ...) handle this. That code is for an open in the ABS motor circuit. Check fuse ABS-1 - should be a 40A J-case. I just fixed a 2007 for a similar issue - different code though (communication code) - ended up having to replace the whole module. On top of that, GM has designed this magic box to keep the $$$ rolling into GM corporate - can't just "plug-and-play" the box - it requires programming to get the ABS light off for "Configuration Error". Anyway, when I applied power to the open circuit, the motor ran non-stop. When I removed the module, it was all green crusties inside. Yet another really piss-poor design. If you live in the salt belt, I'd bet the module is done for ... or is going to be within the next 2 years. BTW, there is no sensor for brake lining thickness. Only for fluid level, parking brake, and of course, the ABS system. Also, auto parts places are the worst place to get a diagnosis - they want you to fire the parts cannon at it, as they rake in the money for selling unnecessary parts.
  15. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    Ahh, a city boy 4x4. The only off roading this thing will see is when they back over the neighbor's flowers on their way to the high-rise.

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