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  1. i am having a problem with my abs &traction control. in my searching i found some wiring problems under the dash going to the ing. .it looks like someone installed a after market alarm on it then took it out there are some cut wires and some spliced. so i pulled the upper dash out to get a better look at it and found a small control box of some kind just hanging there it has 4 wires to it and is marked with a number and it says abs on it . any clue what it is the housing is broken and missing parts of it .could this be my problem
  2. i thought that i was going to hear what you said . i was dreaming i guess. i checked the wiring ( since the conduit was falling off ) all the way down to the pump and couldn't find any problems. the pump was running all the time when i plugged it in. so hopefully i will be ok and the traction control will work. thanks for your help .i hope that this will be the end of the problems with it . i'm about to paint money pit on the tailgate.
  3. i have a p1571 code . is there any way to bypass the traction control so i can clear the code so i can get the truck smog? the abs pump mod. is bad and i have it ordered but i can't wait on that to get here.
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