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  1. You're wheel/tire rubbing experience is very common, and they all rub in the same spot; The back side of the front wheel well. I ended up doing a process similar to this on my '15 Yukon XL: The whole process was pretty straight forward, just take your time. I had rubbed a whole in my stock fender liners so ended up purchasing a new set and ended up taking a heat gun to the fender liners and reshaping them a bit pushing them in a shape that was closer to the metal away from the wheel.
  2. 1999-2018 General Motors 1500 Series Wilwood TX6R 6-Piston 16" BBK #140-13876-R "Partial Kit" New & Used Parts This brake kit will fit various Chevrolet, GMC, & Cadillac 1500 Series "Full Size" Truck and SUV Models Included in the sale are the following: (2) Lightly used Wilwood TX6R 6-Piston Front Calipers Red - <62K miles (2) Used Wilwood Brake Pad Retainer & Pin Kits. One for each Caliper (2) Freshly Powder Coated Gloss-Black Wilwood 16" Rotor Hats. One for each Driver & Passenger side. (2) BRAND NEW Wilwood Caliper Mounting Brackets w/ Hardware. One for each Driver & Passenger side. (1) BRAND NEW Wilwood Caliper Bolt Kit, Bracket Hardware w/ Washers & Shims. Includes mounting hardware for both Driver & Passenger side. (2) Paper copies of Installation Instructions Various Wilwood stickers The calipers are used but in great shape and in good working order. I tried to clean them up as much as I could to show their condition but there are still a couple tough spots of brake residue in some areas and small hard to reach places. There are a few marks/scratches in the powder coat in some areas on the calipers, more visible on the drivers side caliper than the passenger side. Most of them are not visible once installed but for some small ones on the driver side caliper. I attribute these marks to normal wear and tear. Posting a lot of detail on the condition of used items I'm selling is important to me, as well as taking the time to take very detailed pictures. I have a lot of pictures with detail, and am highlighting even minor blemishes that have no affect on the form and function of the brake calipers themselves. While the kit was on my truck for about 62K miles I only ran Wilwood Hi-Temp 570 Brake Fluid #290-0632. Parts You Will Need to Complete the Big Brake Kit: (1) Wilwood Left Hand Rotor Ring #160-8954-GTB (1) Wilwood Right Hand Rotor Ring #160-8953-GTB (2) Wilwood Rotor Hat Bolt Kit #230-12176 (1) Wilwood BP-20 Brake Pads (4 Pads) #150-13773K (1) Wilwood Stainless Steel Brake Lines #220-10979 or #220-8998 (Depending on the model year of your GM Truck/SUV) The Wilwood Stainless Steel Brake Lines are needed to install these brakes. Please note that this Wilwood 140-13876-R brake kit does not include the Wilwood Stainless Steel Brake Lines #220-10979 or #220-8998 as a standard item in the kit, but must be purchased to install. Asking $800 OBO Plus Shipping and Paypal Fees. I'm located in Dayton, OH and willing to meet up with anyone within reasonable distance. Calipers will be bubble wrapped and shipped in their original Wilwood boxes, rotor hats will be bubble wrapped, and all hardware packaged separately will ship together in their own larger original Wilwood box that the items arrived in. Feel free to DM me with any questions, offers, or if you need any additional information. I'm posting as many pics as allowed in a single post. There are additional pics that can be seen at the imgur album link here: [MEDIA=imgur]a/Ea0kuev[/MEDIA] PASSENGER SIDE CALIPER: DRIVERS SIDE CALIPER:
  3. Looking for a 2.3 Whipple Supercharger?!?! Good luck in your search; Never seen or heard of one of those before...
  4. The Morimoto 2 stroke 3.0 LED bulbs don't come in a D3S size that would work with a Yukon Denali low beam headlight. Why not just look into purchasing these GMC Yukon (15-20): XB LED Headlights | Plug-N-Play | TRS (theretrofitsource.com) Probably better light output than OEM Escalade headlights and they're designed to fit your truck.
  5. I have for sale a set of Raceline Surge wheels that have been freshly coated in PVD Black Chrome. Since I have gotten them back they have not been mounted, and are brand new in the box. I am including a set (4) lightly used 78.1 to 106.1 aluminum hub centric rings to be used in mounting these wheels to your GM full size SUV/Truck. Brand new Raceline Surge center caps are included, the center caps are plastic and black in color, I have wrapped them with some Black Chrome vinyl and they match the wheels pretty nicely (see pics of the wheels on my truck). To not cause confusion I did previously have these wheels on my '15 Yukon XL, they were later removed and sent to Wheel Creations PVD to be stripped and re-coated in PVD Black Chrome. Since I have received them back they have remained in the boxes, unmounted since being finished in PVD Black Chrome. So they are brand new and unmounted as they sit right now. I really like these wheels; They're a simple 6-spoke concave design. As you can see they cleared my Wilwood big brake kit, they will clear the factory GM Brembo front brake upgrade and the +15mm offset makes them flush to the fender with a factory alignment. The only reason I am selling is because I have decided to go up to a 24" wheel. I removed the wheels from the boxes for these pictures and they are repackaged and ready for shipment. I have shipped many sets of wheels before and have added pictures of their packaging. Each wheel is double boxed, a foam lining placed on each face of the wheel, and then the entire wheel is placed into a plastic bag to keep the foam rim face protector in place before being double boxed. Wheel Brand & Model: Raceline Surge 156B Diameter: 22" Width: 9.5" Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 Offset: +15mm Hub Bore: 106.1 PVD Black Chrome Coating performed by Wheel Creations PVD https://www.wheelcreationspvd.com/ Included in the Sale: (4) Brand New PVD Black Chrome Wheels (4) Lightly used Motorsport Tech 78.1 to 106.1 Aluminum Hub Centric Rings (4) Brand New Center Caps - Vinyl Wrapped in Black Chrome Vinyl I know I will not recoup my cost into these wheels but I will share the figures for reference: Raceline Surge 22"x9.5" wheels = $900 +/- Brand New PVD Black Chrome Coating = $1,200 Motorsport Tech Hubcentric rings = $125 Total = $2,225 +/- I am asking $1,650 OBO plus shipping and PayPal fees. I'm located in Dayton, OH and willing to meet up within reasonable distance with anyone local as well. I'm posting a lot of pictures with close up detail and different angles so you can see the quality of the finish and how different angles and amounts of light affect how the PVD Black Chrome looks. The entire wheel face, back side, and wheel barrel is completely coated in PVD Black Chrome.
  6. I would definitely do it again. I think upgrading the factory HID bulbs on the Denali's is the best "bang for your buck" headlight upgrade you can do. It's a relatively easy and non-invasive upgrade, simply remove and reinstall low beam bulbs. There a plenty of nice options from OSRAM and Phillips for HID D3S bulbs that offer more lumens, better color, and more light output. Upgrading the headlights further from here would involve a headlight retrofit and that is significantly more costly and time consuming.
  7. Sorry for the double post. I thought my previous post was just an edit. (Is there no "Preview Post" option before submitting a post?). Personally I own a ‘15 Yukon XL Denali and decided to just upgrade the factory HID D3S bulbs to OSRAM CBI's. OEM stock HID on the right (passenger side) and OSRAM CBI D3S bulb on the left (drivers side). The OSRAM CBI offers a color closer to 5000K more white without decreasing light output. In fact I think they are brighter. This is plug and play as all you have to do is swap the OEM D3S low beam bulbs out for these. Again these are HID’s and since your Denali already has factory HID system all you need is a whiter bulb. I feel they are brighter and the color matches the LED DRL strip and my LED fogs nicely. It’s hard to capture headlight photos and color comparisons from in front of the headlight. They never represent the true color in real life. I would be cautious about purchasing OSRAM bulbs from Amazon or eBay. There have been some counterfeits sold through Amazon, which is represented in the significant price difference of Amazon compared to other legit retrofit headlight sites. I picked mine up from HID Concept because they had the best coupon code at the time, but also check The Retrofit Source or Lightwerkz. you should be able to find better deals around the Holidays; Independence Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday, etc. and get about 15-20% off.
  8. That's because in a lot of ways converting from HID to LED is a downgrade. Is it doable? Sure I suppose. How far back in the headlight wiring system do you plan to replace? The factory lighting has an OSRAM D3S HID ballast in-line. There aren’t many LED bulb options in the D1S, D2S, or D3S size variant. This is because converting from HID to LED is not a conversion many people are interested in doing. Quick search shows there are some LED to HID “kits” available; some apparently just plug into an HID ballast while others somehow bypass the HID ballast? Or don’t use it? The thought of popping in an LED Bulb into a HID projector powered by an HID ballast or some sort of HID ballast LED Driver bypass “kit” just does not seem like a great solution nor a reliable one. To be honest swapping from HID to LED in our GM trucks isn’t going to really solve your problem with light output either. The problem isn’t really the type of bulb, sure some can offer slight improvements, but the major issue is the GM bulb projector itself. The pics below are not my vehicle, they were pulled from the GMfullsize.com forum. Although, this vehicle is a 2015 GMC Sierra, knowing GM, I’m confident that the type of projector is very similar to the ones in our Yukon’s. Sure there are probably some slight differences between the Yukon SLT Halogen projectors and the Denali HID projectors, but knowing GM I also wouldn’t be surprised if the only difference was the bulb socket. I only say this because of the clarity and still obvious projector cut-off Yukon SLT (and Tahoe owners with halogen projectors) are achieving by just swapping from factory halogen bulbs to LED or HID into their factory halogen projectors. The light pattern and cut-off typically remains the same just brighter. Definitely an improvement over stock, but only addresses part of the issue. Let me show you what I mean... For all intensive purposes the pics from this 2015 GMC Sierra will show what I’m referring to. Here is a photo comparison when the factory halogen bulbs in this 2015 GMC Sierra were upgraded to HID bulbs: Sure the light is brighter, but look at the light output and beam pattern closely. See how there is a dark spot right in the middle of the light output and beam pattern and other random dark spots. Those same dark spots are there with the halogen bulb and the HID bulb. Swapping from an HID to an LED will be no different in your ‘18 Denali. Because the headlight projector and lens omitting the light output has remained the same. Now this photo shows going from an HID bulb in the factory projector to the same style (35W 5000K) HID bulb into a Lexus RX350 projector retrofit: Dramatically different isn’t it? No more dark spots, the light output is consistent and the same brightness is throughout the entire beam pattern. They’re both Morimoto 35W 5000K HID bulbs, the difference is the projector not the bulb. Sure there is an upgrade in light output going from halogen to HID or LED. I don’t think swapping bulbs from HID to LED, and vice versa for that matter, in our GM factory projector headlights is going to make that much of a difference. You want to fix the light output change the projector and do a retrofit. Sure it’s a lot more involved and more expensive. But it’s clear from these images the weak point of our headlights is the GM factory projector in our headlights, regardless of what bulb you use.
  9. I didn't take any before pics but here are a few pics of mine: 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali lowered on Norcal Goodies: Belltech front drop spindles, Norcal Rear 1-4.5 Adjustable kit with Endlink/Bumpstop option and Rear Free Travel Mod Truck is sitting right at 34-1/4" Front Ground to Fender Lip and 34-7/8" Rear Ground To Fender Lip on 285/45/22's. Just a little over 1/2" rake. Very pleased with how everything turned out.
  10. I have a '15 Yukon XL Denali and I've lowered mine just slightly 1.5" Front/2.75" Rear with this kit here: https://tbssowners.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=609 Retains magnetic ride control and rides exactly like stock, with a bit less lean in turns due to lower center of gravity. Kit is super complete with instructions and everything you need.
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