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  1. I purchased the wheels brand new from a Giovanna Wheel shop and have since chosen to go with a different set of wheels. Unfortunately the wheel shop I purchased from does not accept returns, so I am listing the wheels for sale. Wheels are brand new and unmounted, I only unboxed (1) wheel for picture purposes only, then it was repackaged with all the original manufacturer's packaging. Wheel Details: Giovanna Dramuno 6 Machine Black Finish Size: 24" x 10" Offset: +30 mm Bolt Pattern: 6 x 139.7 Center Bore: 78.1 mm Fitment: 2007+ Yukon/Yukon XL, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra 1500, Silverado, Avalanche, Wheels will ship double boxed and with all original manufacturer's packaging just as received from Giovanna. Asking Price is $1,750 OBO shipped to the continental U.S. Prefer Payment via PayPal I'm located in Dayton, OH and would be willing to meet up within a reasonable distance. Plastic Protective Cover still on Center Caps: One of the deepest concave style wheels available; About 3" Deep Concave from rim lip down to center cap: Repackaged with Original Manufacturer's Plastic Lip Protector: Some "Stock" Images:
  2. The 2015 hd is done!!

    Nice looking truck. What kind of lights did you put behind the grill? LED light bar? I really like how from the first pic you can't even see that there are lights somewhere behind there when they're off. Nice work!
  3. Dr. Colorchip offers some really nice DIY paint chip repair kits. I’ve used them numerous times with great results. https://www.drcolorchip.com/
  4. Yeah I would definitely steer away from the grills with the mesh. The mesh would make it very difficult to clean behind. I like the one one in the last pic if it was available without mesh. It seems to fit and complement the lines of the front end the best, but that’s all just opinion...
  5. Yes it is very much a personal preference, and as shown above can really change the look of a truck.
  6. Just depends on what you're going for. Personally I think there's more to do with the type of tire in regards to ride quality, there are plenty of 20" and 22" tires for that matter that ride really well on the larger full size SUV's, and IMO 20's even look small on the newer large size SUV's especially with the LWB of the Suburban. As previously mentioned going down to 18's will make the wheels look VERY small, and somewhat out of place I think.
  7. Red Rally 2 build

    Truck looks good. Kind of on the fence with the black stripes along the side, sometimes it looks ok, sometimes it looks like too much. Clean truck.
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    Overall I think I like it, but as previously mentioned the front fender "badge" seems a bit much. Also, I just noticed the way the side view mirrors are attached to the door is very different than previous GM trucks. Is the triangle most corner piece of the drivers side door glass? Able to see through it?
  9. Wood trim wrapping

    Awesome. Thanks for the looking into that and posting up.
  10. Powerstop Brakes

    Did you bed-in your new brake pads properly?
  11. Agreed. Like others have posted, I will have had my '15 Yukon XL Denali for a year here at the end of August and I've already put 32K miles on it. I usually average 25-30K miles a year.
  12. Even with stock bulbs I can tell a difference with having them on or off, sure it's incremental but I can tell. If going with LED bulbs, I would recommend trying to find LED bulbs that have light output lumens close to HID bulbs, something with 3000+ lumens would be ideal. Vanquish Auto has some very nice high quality LED's check them out: https://vanquishauto.com/ V-LEDS has some nice bulbs as well, I seem to have a hit or miss experience with them lasting a long time though: http://www.vleds.com/
  13. Yet another GM Crossover/SUV, how many variations do they need? It's not a bad looking vehicle, it's just disappointing with the "Blazer" and "TrailBlazer" history that it comes back as a re-release as a crossover. The real question is; Will GM start using an "SUV" platform to start offering REAL SS models.

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