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Gas Prices


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There is talk now of an impending diesel shortage, if that happens, the infant formula shortage was only the beginning, the canary in the coal mine so to speak. I'm worried about our country, whether we can survive another 2+ years of ineptitude.



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Again politics is not a subject for the site. It's specifically mentioned in the site rules. People are only going to argue.


Gas price listing are fine without all the political comment.


Blatant Political comments continue then thread is gone.


Check the Site Guidelines

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I use the Gas Buddy Application and since I try not to get below half a tank this gives me some real flexibility in how far I go for it. Trip planning and all. Within a 25 mile radius of home there are at least 50 stations the spread is HUGE. 50 to 75 cents a gallon on E-10 and over a $2 spread on E-85! $30 a tank!!


Interesting side note; on local station that is about 20 cents over the median is also a 'full service' station. Yea, guy pumps your gas, checks your oil, does the windows..... A real throw back. Now if he would just wear a bowtie and cap 😉 

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5 minutes ago, Salsa De Piña said:


Still almost 30% cheaper than 2 hours to the north (factoring in the exchange rate.)

Yes, and we're even higher priced than MB!   I've parked my truck off to the side in a way that is not convenient.  My wife's little 4cyl Toyota is front and centre to take care of those incidental and regular needs.  If the weather remembered that winter is over, I'd be putting more miles on my trike!

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I'll pay $7 a gallon so all our young  Zoomers don't end up fighting Russians and ending up like lucky veterans going to VA twice a week or living there in the VA roach motel.  Roaches check in but NOT OUT.  




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in 2 weeks the price of 87 octane went from 3.99 to $4.69 here in Eastern Mass. if the price goes up 1 cent nationwide the oil companies make millions of $ more every day so it seems like somewhere someones getting  VERY rich

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28 minutes ago, CamGTP said:

Paid $2.79 a gallon for E85 like 2 weeks ago and paid $4.04 yesterday for 88 octane to fill up the car.



E85.  My truck is tuned with flex fuel added, 93 or E85 in my case.  E85 is only 10 cents cheaper than 87, $4.59 vs $4.69.  I'm in NY.  I took a screenshot back when the pandemic hit, was like $45 bucks for 24 gallons of E85.  That same amount cost me $102 the other day.  

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