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  1. So I just called Scoggin Dickey and was told the pre-painted are discontinued. So I would have to order the pieces and have them painted. Anyone have other ideas?
  2. Anyone know where I can get black door molding for my 2015 Sierra 2500 crew cab? I tried to order GM 23233850 but was told the parts are discontinued. This seems bizarre since the part is for trucks up to 2019.
  3. Great dad moment. I had my son, 8, help me flush the power steering fluid. He said he loved it and wants to help next time I work on the truck.
  4. Been here a while, but am introducing myself. I'm a dude, with a 2015 Sierra 2500. I'm in the process of learning about diesel engines, but am very familiar with gas engines. I have a 2001 Camaro SS that I have replaced the motor with a LS2, and completely rebuilt it myself, twice. I like the smell of exhaust, racing, long walks on the beach, and books by the fire.
  5. I think his point is there is very little gain from going from stock manifolds to shorty headers. You gain significantly more power by installing long tube headers.
  6. I have Cooper STT Pros on my 2500, and they performed great in the winter. Overall I am very happy with the tires. I was thought they would be louder on the road, due to how aggressive they are, but are not nearly as loud a mud tires.
  7. I installed Kryptonite on my 2015 2500, couldn't be happier.
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