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  1. it's a true lift, and front end geometry is still very good. came with spacers for the diff, new UCA, etc to maintain stock geometry.
  2. Hey y'all, Would like to upgrade the shocks on my 15. I currently have Rough Country's 3.5" lift kit on, with their original shocks. The ride is MUCH worse than I expected it to be, and after 25k miles I decided I'd like to throw some new shocks on and call it a day. Rough Country released their new "Vertex" shock which I thought about trying but am weary about quality, as I haven't been all that impressed with their other products, and at ~$1400 for the kit I'm not willing to take a chance. As of right now I've narrowed it to Bilstein 5100/5160's or a set of Fox. My main issue, is that neither has a shock rated for a 3.5" lift. Can I run a shock that's for a 4-6" lift? and with my rear having a 1.25" block, can I run a 0-1" shock? open to suggestions and other brands as well!
  3. do you have a link to that pan? when you refilled it how many quarts did you put in?
  4. lol, already spoke with the warranty company. As long as I have a receipt that shows when I purchased the materials. the date and mileage the service was done at, then im A-OK.
  5. Has anyone had the trans fluid changed on their gasser truck? Or even changed it themselves? I read that you need a specific machine to extract all the fluid out to change it properly, and was looking for some guidance. I know some don't agree with changing the trans fluid, but the extended warranty i have requires i follow factory maintenance intervals, which calls for trans fluid change at 50k. Can I do this in my driveway? or do I really have to bring it to the dealer? Thanks for your help.
  6. well guys, sorry for the late update, Turns out the reason for my brakes fading so fast was a caliper that was frozen, and caused it to burn through the entire pad on the backside of the front caliper. Luckily, I have an extended warranty, so I ended up just paying the deductible and the dealership changed 1 caliper and both sides for pads. The seemed to think it was a common issue with trucks up North, although I can't say that I've had the issue before, and it happened in the middle of the summer, so I'm assuming they have no idea what they're talking about. None the less, crisis averted, and the brakes are back up in good condition. thanks for all the help!
  7. Has anyone changed the brakes on their 2015+ 3/4-1 tons yet? mine have started to fade fairly quickly.... im at about 48k miles, and it seems a little early for a brake job. I will say though, I did take 2 2000 mile trips with a fully loaded 24ft trailer and a non working trailer brake. Non the less, i honestly can NOT get this caliper off. Air, battery, heat, pipe on a ratchet, I've tried EVERYTHING and I CANNOT get this caliper off. Anyone had any issues with it as well? The guide pins are sealed, so the bolt that I'm talking about is the actually caliper mounting bolt. Maybe one of you has some sort of tip or trick to get this done.... never ran into this issue before
  8. my neighbor runs them on his silverado with no problems
  9. I did, went to transmission and it showed nothing. All it would show me was the oil filter. Must be something weird with my computer. Ended up finding it on Rockauto which I completely forgot about if we're being honest haha probably gonna go with WIX. From what I hear they usually make pretty good stuff. Thanks for all the help you guys!
  10. Trucks at about 40k miles, and I'm looking at doing a trans fluid change. I have fluid from amsoil already, but cant seem to find the filter for sale anywhere. checked GM parts direct and everything! Called my local dealer and he said he could sell it to me, but he wont give me the part number. Anyone have any info on a part number for the filter? Or do I really have to go through this guy? and just to double check, if I'm just draining from the pan, I only put 6 qts back in, correct?
  11. So I know there's been quite a few threads about HIDS, and I guess it's my time to have issues. I had the same HIDs in my camaro, for 3 years (DDM'S base HID) before upgrading to their ULTRA HID, and have had zero issues. Along with the bulbs that were in my camaro live on in a buddies car. I put their ultra HID in my equinox SS and had zero issues. I put a brand new set of Ultras into this truck, with a warning canceller, and have had nothing but issues. not really sure what to do about it. I'm pretty sure I have the proper warning canceller, but it seems like every couple of weeks I'm swapping a headlight. Only thing that's different, is this is my winter rig, and it gets REALLY cold here, so may that affects it. As of now, when the light is supposed to turn on, it'll flicker maybe 3 times, and then stay off, and it's done that every time I've had an issue with it.... Just wondering if y'all had any insight on what to do next, or even other suggestions. Thanks
  12. hahaha I think the headaches are more expensive with any "honey" than any money spent on a trailer! Yea I do have a IBC, Right now I just have a 5" drop ball hitch but I'll look into a different one! Thanks for the help!
  13. Hey y'all, looking into buying an enclosed trailer! I'm moving duty stations, and can't drive two cars at the same time, so I'm looking to buy an enclosed trailer. I figure it can be dual purpose where I can put my car in, along with some stuff from my home to make it easier to travel with. Looking at a 8.5x24 with 5200lb axles. Not really sure what else to look out for, in a trailer. Am currently looking at this one. tell me whatcha think! thanks guys! https://www.prolinetrailersales.com/enclosed-trailers/enclosed-car-trailers/8-5-x-24-black-out-enclosed-trailer
  14. I have a rough country 3.5" lift. It's their budget, no cut, lift. around $550. On the stock 5 star chevy 20x9's right now. But as we speak they're being mounted on a 20x10 fuel maverick D610 -12 offset wheel
  15. I have nitto ridge grapplers (35x11.5x20). Quite possibly one of the best tires I've ever had on my truck. It plows through all the snow in upstate NY, and I've never had issues during the rainy season. MPG is about the same, maybe 1 mpg less. I can't hear road noise from them at all, except for maybe if you had all the windows down, and no music playing. Otherwise I don't notice it at all. about 10k miles on them for me, and so far a pretty decent wear rate. zero issues thus far, very aggressive looking (kind of like a MT) but keeps all the benefits of an AT
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