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  1. Hey guys, new to me Denali with ~63k on it. Right now I’ve got a few quirks. Both cigarette lighters up front under the radio, and the one inside of the center console aren’t working. If I plug the same thing into the one on the back facing rearward, it does work. It makes me think fuse maybe, but does anyone know the actual fuse? also looking to have the software updated on this HMI. I currently am unable to download anything from the store, etc. Is there a way to do this myself? Or is it only at the dealership? Thanks for the help!
  2. an enclosed unit at a local storage place. No rodents or anything that I can see.
  3. Bumping this as I did a re-read on my truck. So airbag code is still the same B101D-00 "Electronic Control Unit Hardware" The Stabilitrak light is all listed under ABS Codes 1.C0800-03- Control Module Power Circuit- Low Voltage 2. C0287-5A- Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Circuit- Not Plausible 3.C0196-5A Yaw Rate Signal- Not Plausible 4.C0187-5A Lateral Acceleration Sensor Circuit- Not Plausible. From what I can see the Stabilitrak light is because one sensor isn't getting power. Anyone gotten that control module power circuit code before? Thanks for the help!
  4. Just took my truck out of storage after my deployment, and have two new lights on that I'm having trouble tracking down, B101D00- service airbag light is currently on because of this. Anyone ever had it? What'd you do to fix it? C0187-5a- service stabilitrak: lateral accelerometer circuit range/performance. I'm reading stuff about potentially a yaw sensor, or even wheel speed sensors. Currently my scan tool shows each wheel reading so not sure what it could be. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Went with the Kryptonite. I'll let you guys know how it is!
  6. The rides pretty good on them? How about clearance issues where they bolt to the frame there? I heard some stories about people needing to trim right there...
  7. Looking to get a new set of UCA for my 2015 2500HD. Right now I have a 3.5" rough country lift, and am looking to upgrade from the rough country ones to something a little beefier, and hopefully will improve my ride quality. Currently leaning towards kryptonite. Seen a lot of good reviews on them. Anyone have any input, or experience on aftermarket UCA for our trucks? Also looked at cognito and readyLIFT. Downside to ready lift was that they require quite a bit of trimming from what I hear. Thanks for the input!
  8. it's a true lift, and front end geometry is still very good. came with spacers for the diff, new UCA, etc to maintain stock geometry.
  9. Hey y'all, Would like to upgrade the shocks on my 15. I currently have Rough Country's 3.5" lift kit on, with their original shocks. The ride is MUCH worse than I expected it to be, and after 25k miles I decided I'd like to throw some new shocks on and call it a day. Rough Country released their new "Vertex" shock which I thought about trying but am weary about quality, as I haven't been all that impressed with their other products, and at ~$1400 for the kit I'm not willing to take a chance. As of right now I've narrowed it to Bilstein 5100/5160's or a set of Fox. My main issue, is that neither has a shock rated for a 3.5" lift. Can I run a shock that's for a 4-6" lift? and with my rear having a 1.25" block, can I run a 0-1" shock? open to suggestions and other brands as well!
  10. do you have a link to that pan? when you refilled it how many quarts did you put in?
  11. lol, already spoke with the warranty company. As long as I have a receipt that shows when I purchased the materials. the date and mileage the service was done at, then im A-OK.
  12. Has anyone had the trans fluid changed on their gasser truck? Or even changed it themselves? I read that you need a specific machine to extract all the fluid out to change it properly, and was looking for some guidance. I know some don't agree with changing the trans fluid, but the extended warranty i have requires i follow factory maintenance intervals, which calls for trans fluid change at 50k. Can I do this in my driveway? or do I really have to bring it to the dealer? Thanks for your help.
  13. well guys, sorry for the late update, Turns out the reason for my brakes fading so fast was a caliper that was frozen, and caused it to burn through the entire pad on the backside of the front caliper. Luckily, I have an extended warranty, so I ended up just paying the deductible and the dealership changed 1 caliper and both sides for pads. The seemed to think it was a common issue with trucks up North, although I can't say that I've had the issue before, and it happened in the middle of the summer, so I'm assuming they have no idea what they're talking about. None the less, crisis averted, and the brakes are back up in good condition. thanks for all the help!
  14. Has anyone changed the brakes on their 2015+ 3/4-1 tons yet? mine have started to fade fairly quickly.... im at about 48k miles, and it seems a little early for a brake job. I will say though, I did take 2 2000 mile trips with a fully loaded 24ft trailer and a non working trailer brake. Non the less, i honestly can NOT get this caliper off. Air, battery, heat, pipe on a ratchet, I've tried EVERYTHING and I CANNOT get this caliper off. Anyone had any issues with it as well? The guide pins are sealed, so the bolt that I'm talking about is the actually caliper mounting bolt. Maybe one of you has some sort of tip or trick to get this done.... never ran into this issue before
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