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  1. Everyone....Thanks for all your input. I will need to think about the true dollars now. It appears the dealer would be the easiest, one stop, but of course the most $$$$. No wonder a few here call them stealerships!
  2. I am a long time reader but have not needed to ask too many questions until this week. Our current drive, 2014 Silverado CC, has started making a loud noise when backing into a parking space at low speed. It seems that when the wheels are turned left or returned from left to center I can hear a pop or load click. On my last visit to the dealer for the infamous ac condenser problem I had them look into this, thinking it was a ball joint issue. They called be back later in the day and claimed they traced the noise to the steering rack due to a binding and quoted $3200 for the replacement and alignment! What great news to hear since the truck only has 70K miles and is all stock. My old mechanic that we used for our last vehicle, 2003 Trailblazer, has said that he could only get the part from a GM dealer as none of his parts suppliers have a aftermarket rack. I found a rack at Flow GM Parts for around $1400, in the door. The mechanic quoted around 4 hours to replace with an alignment after. 10 years ago I would have tried this without thinking twice about it. Funny how old age catches up with your body! My question for all is how common is this problem on these trucks? Will the rack or controller need a flash after replacement? If so, would the truck still be drivable to get it to the dealer?
  3. Has anyone had any experience using one of the available screen protectors? Just trying to save the screen for the longterm.
  4. TJay74 You were right on the mark. I got down on my knees and there it was on the VERY lower b pillar. I feel a little stupid once I saw it! Thanks all for your help!
  5. I hope its me. I think it will be a fiasco to get the dealer or GM to replace the label.
  6. I have looked over all four doors, the a b and c pillars, glovebox and even under the hood. No where to be found.
  7. I expected a second label in the same area but there is none to be found. There is a RPO label and a bed trailer label in the glove box. The owners manual says the label I am looking for should be on the b pillar - cant find it anywhere. I guess the next step is back to the dealer.
  8. Hello All, New to this site since my purchase of a 2014 Silverado. I have found a lot of great info and inputs from all at this site. I moved up to this truck from a 2003 Trailblazer and it is used for towing a travel trailer from time to time. My problem is I can not find the weight/tire cert label that should be on the B pillar. There is a tire label attached that shows correct size/pressure and total truck capacity. I would like to find the weight limits per axle like the label on my Trailblazer showed. Am I missing the label?
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