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  1. Gonna do fender flares?? Those stick out pretty far. I’d be afraid if rock chips all along the sides
  2. Agreed! I did this to my 15 Silverado a few years ago but the 18 I have now needs this upgrade. I feel your pain in that part being a pain!!
  3. Ecological bumper shellz 2016-2018

    Would you sell just the rear or prefer the whole set sold at once?
  4. What you should do is sell your OEM wheels and get some replicas and have those powdercoated tonyour liking. I wouldn’t powdercoated your OEMs as it’s one of the nicer wheels gm offers. Just do the same wheel in replica form.
  5. I’d be interested for sure. At least for a rear bumper cover. I have never seen a front cover for an 18 Sierra. Definitely would be in for a rear though
  6. Bilstein 5100 shocks for sale - 2014 Silverado

    How many miles on them?
  7. +1 for Diversified Creations in Brighton
  8. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    Did you do the 2500 front end conversion or did you already have a 2500 but added the newer headlights?
  9. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    Uh did you not read the very first post that has everything you need with the part numbers??
  10. Ok so I’m looking for a certain style grill emblem for Sierra. Does anyone make custom grill emblems? I can’t seem to find any company online that does emblems in what I’m looking for. I want a red border around a black gmc logo. All I can seem to find are either black, white or red logos with chrome borders or all black and no chrome. Any one point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  11. Bump. Took a break from searching. Seeing if anyone might be interested.
  12. Billstein 5100s for 14-18 Sierra/Silverado

    Any chance what the shipping might be on the 5100s to 48843??

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