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  1. Bump! Still looking!!
  2. I need to get a set of these for my 18. Where did you get yours?
  3. Denali seats conversion

    If you want leather seats see about the katskinz. This is a cheaper and easier way to get leather and won’t lose any of your functions on your seats. Otherwise if you want the real leather seats I’d look for seats that are from an SLT/LTZ with the same options your seats have. Will be better off then messing with things you don’t have.
  4. Yep since I’ve had my 18 I definitely miss my power rear sliding window. I’m throwing that in the list of things for Phil lol. You can use my truck for the guinea pig if you want. I have no problem making the trip lol
  5. Ha! You are probably right
  6. Just have yours painted haha
  7. Disabling AUTO Headlights

    Dang. So if I add the resistor to this it may not work for the auto temp then? It needs to be unplugged and the resistor in the plug
  8. Disabling AUTO Headlights

    I just found the video for adding the resister, only question I have now is how do I get to the light sensor through the dash?
  9. Disabling AUTO Headlights

    Doesn’t that disable the DRLs though? I’m not looking for that. Just the auto headlights themselves
  10. Has anyone come up with a way to disable just the auto headlights? I don’t want to turn off the DRLs and I know if I turn the headlight switch to the left it disables the DRLs. For some reason my 18 is so sensitive in the auto headlights. Going home today they headlights came on around 4:30pm. The sun was shining etc. No clue why they would just turn on. Anyways if anyone has come up with something and I’m just not seeing it let me know. Thanks.
  11. Took my dads old tonneau cover off his hands since he down sized vehicles and no longer needed it (4 years old). Cleaned it up and looks brand new again. Love freebies!!

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