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  1. i did bds kit. 3.5. 1in over level.. love it.
  2. just a recap... still lovin it.. kinda wish i went an inch or so more...
  3. my factory warranty is up in 1 month. i have 18000 km its low . what shud i have them do or check or replace before its up ? any and all input appreciated.. thank you
  4. i did the bds 3.5 lift. fronts still a 1in lower than rear , went to 20x10 rims w 35 nitto ridge grapplers. lower bumper valance trim 1/4in to clear. love the ride n look /everything ... it sounds higher but its only 1in over level. so far id say been more than average agressive on it and drives rides nicer than stock all around. i actually wish i did 4 to 4.5 its not much per say but it would hv let me up to bigger tires. 1 inch mite sound like nm but on a truck it can change the whole look of everything.. yet just an inch..lol
  5. jus my 2pennies.. i have the JL box in mine. 2x10s. prefab. fits mint and no bs.. it surprised me. it pounds man.. like realy @#$$%#@# pounds for 2 10s. not cheap..but pre fab. tuned and guarantee sold.. mind u i backed my truck up w frnt n rear JL 6.5 w 1" detach tweets . on JL 2ch an rear on a JL mono controlled by a audiocontrol dsp. all tuck behind rear seat. cost a bit $ but it was worth every frikin dollar.i can post pics if ya want..
  6. The front spin freely in 2hi. Locks up fine in 4low and 4hi. .light doent turn off. Checked dif sensor connection. All clean . Think it's probably the sensor.
  7. i have nitto ridge grapplers 33x12.5x20 on mine. moto metal 20x10s . love the look n they drive great no road noise to complain of .
  8. i put my truck in 4 hi yesterday while on a service road. drove for bout 5 miles. stopped dis in gauged back to 2hi put in rev rolled back stopped. put in drive n drove away. now the dash 4wd light stays on for the most part . turns off sometimes when i turn right but generally just stays on. mine is a 2017 1500 wt. manual in gauge 4x4. it does go in an out of 4wd fine but the dash light doesnt and its annoying me ? any ideas what or were to look or start? i did go through a few large puddles so moisture may be my,an idea? or loose wire connection to a sensor? any and all help much appreciated. thanks
  9. I'm on ridge grapples 33x12.5 on 20s 4" Bds lift. Love it..
  10. decent. so basically the tube is gonna buffer or eliminate any of the overload spring sqeek/clunk that happens. hows it holding up?
  11. thanks.. i added 2" bora spacers to the rear today.. omg .. it looks killer.. an so far it feels sooo much more stable.. hard to explain really but now that the wheels are matched the whole cornering/ body roll has changed imo for the better. i'll post new pics tomorrow if time permits
  12. any way to change that? or anyone know of a possible sport mode? now that would be sweet..
  13. seriously.. its so simple but it allows for jus that little extra space for whatever.. its killer.. a must do..
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