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  1. 2017 Silverado 5.3. 6speed. Afe Cai, range afm delete, borla s-type cat back split sides.i have 23000 kms on my baby. On 20s w 33.5 nittos rg. I have gone thru 6 injectors in last 3 months. If I shift to low d1. N 2 foot it to try n light them up. I get a choked out bog when floored let go of break an truck barely rolls away like it's dead or mega limp mode. Used to lay rubber any time anywhere or gear or 2 footing or not. Now f+*+ all ??? Any ideas why? Torque converter ? I'm lost. Dealer ship say it's fine but a 2017 w 23000 k that can't do a burn out ? Wtf not to mention I couldn't pull
  2. 16 days ago truck thru cel ran rough no power shifted hard.. warranty we go. Bad #8 injector. 300$ later all good last week same ****** even worse. . Took back same ****** bad # 3 , 5 ,6 20% less volume need replace aswell #8 replace 30% over flow. $1000 later It runs smooth. But if I 2 foot it I rev out at the floor 1200rpm 0 break free burn out jus a dog. Cudnt pull boat up launch no balls even in 4x4. Is it my injectorS again or torque converter.. Truck used ta do a 1/4 mile break stand.. now I gotta have help pulling my 19ft boat up a ramp. Wtf.. I'm lost here.. Truck runs fine on stree
  3. Sorry forgot to post back bro. Looks decent. If ya still need info msg me. My jl box still pounding away. Hope urs is too. Cheers
  4. I have same on passengers aswell. Scratch started bout 3weeks after tint. Total piss off. Took panel off can't see what or why but it's there..
  5. Mines in fulltime on my 2017. I've tested in an out hiway n city driving. Mpo is minimal mpg change if any but love the response with it in . I hate the up n down shift lag off. I feel at some point it will pre maturely wear my tranny out shifting so much.. just my opinion..
  6. I did get an original p0101 code but that has since cleared n the rest have came up. I am gonna try a maf clean while removing the spacer for ****** n giggles. But I don't see it changing anything..
  7. Have all the same codes on my 2017 5.3. Runs like a donkey. Gonna make a date w local gm for warranty. Gonna take tb spacer out jus incase. Leaving cai air raid,n borla cat back dual sides in. Ranger afm out for weeks pedal commander still in at sport +1. Trucks rough as hell cold, fuel consumption terible. Power loss is stupid . Throttle body spacer ?? Well it's in value ??? Pedal commander works killer.. Jus a fyi. My remote start don't work anymore... why ? Not sure.. all I know is my truck ripped n was never a worry or concern from the get go n now I'm not happy.. I'm miss my lil engine
  8. Spend the $ borla cat back s type. You will love it no flap bs. Jus pick the style out dual side , straight bak or both side. It's jus right. City hiway towing ya hear it but not stupid. V4 drone. Get a range afm disable. Fml. Mileage is same or better than stock. N no lag or slop jus a v8 waitin for the pedal..
  9. I have a17 5.3 . I did s type cat back both side outs. I love it imo. Touring no point n for me atak is to much. Mine did burn in say 350 ta 450kms n get deeper n growlyr. Mite do a hi flow cat or even remove. For a lil more umf n sound. Cheers jus my 2 pennies worth..
  10. I have stype on 2017 5.3 both sides out. Imo I love mine(touring..lol..why bother) . I do like the atak jus a lil loud for me. I mite suggest or I mite try a high flow cat or even remove.. 100%it will b loader than a stype but still less than a atak w cat.
  11. i did bds kit. 3.5. 1in over level.. love it.
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