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  1. decent. so basically the tube is gonna buffer or eliminate any of the overload spring sqeek/clunk that happens. hows it holding up?
  2. thanks.. i added 2" bora spacers to the rear today.. omg .. it looks killer.. an so far it feels sooo much more stable.. hard to explain really but now that the wheels are matched the whole cornering/ body roll has changed imo for the better. i'll post new pics tomorrow if time permits
  3. any way to change that? or anyone know of a possible sport mode? now that would be sweet..
  4. seriously.. its so simple but it allows for jus that little extra space for whatever.. its killer.. a must do..
  5. this works.. but stabilitrack seems to kick out at bout 40-50kmh on my 2017.
  6. not sure were in this forum i read it/saw it. but for those who never heard of this... its awesome. as we know the rear seat back doesnt fold down/just the base up. by removing the rear seat full bench or the60/40 it works the same. but once removed you will seethe 2 back hooks on bench/3 on 60/40 that lock back rest to cab. cut 2.5 inches off the tabs. no more than 2.5 in. but 2.5 seems to be the magic #. after the cut. give the tabs a small tweek out.. an reinstall. now when u fold up ur back will unlock n fold down or lock the base up w the back etc. it allows you to access behind the seat. i did my amp rack there an theres room to put whatever u like. hold seat back to wall an let base go.. full lock. love it..
  7. bicycle tubes? how were? that ones new to me.
  8. swaping is true but not always.. as sometimes the foam is cut per side specifically to accommodate the slide out.. but good tip..
  9. borla s-type cat back. split pipe/ both sides. love it. not crazy on the pedal like atak but loud enuff to say hello.. lol. air raid cai a must. also suggest the range afm. love it.. an if ya really wanna wake the 5.3 up add a pedal comander. . leave it on sport.. 1 word.. killer
  10. i did the husky liners on my 2017. bought from amazon. hard abs. took wheel off to make life easier. too about 15mins aside. look great and was not a biggie to install. was cheaper than oem.
  11. i did the borla s type cat back split. 1 per side from my stock single. love it. but it took about a week to burn off/in the muffler. tone changed. for the better. it just needed to break its self in( burn off excess packing). so give yours time.. hiway long runs heavey on n off pedal. it will tune in so to speak..
  12. shouldnt be an issue, google tire calculator plug in ur stock #s plug in your wanted. n read.. . good luck
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