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  1. Love em. Thinking I might replace my OEM off-roads w/with those RB20s. But the RB20s look like they sit higher on the rocker panel than mine?
  2. What running boards are those? They look great from this angle.
  3. Good point. I’ll probably just do a pressure washer rinse, foam, and rinse instead.
  4. I recently picked up some Optium OPTI-CLEAN, waterless wash. Worked great on minor cleaning of the white diamond tricoat hood of my Yukon Denali. Next test is pollen and tree sap on my metallic graphite Silverado.
  5. I was using Adam's Interior Detailer to get a matte 'new car' look instead of the glossy 'detailed' look. It went on well but the dash always appeared blotchy in the sun after application. So based on a recommendation by Matt at OG I tried P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner. Has a bit of a smell as you apply it that goes away as soon as you buff it out. Dash, doors, and interior look great!! I also used it on my 2014 Yukon Denali and same great results.
  6. Hmm. Am looking for something for drying after a wash so may try the Chemical Guys or Griots Garage. Ceramic Pro's seems pretty pricey. Thanks!
  7. Hmm. May have to get some more mitts and try that. Another advantage for me would be having to drag only one bucket around the truck.
  8. Shade's an issue for me too, especially on long hot summer days in TX!
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