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  1. I have a 2019 AT4 with stock 20” wheels and am ruining NRG 35x11.5 with the only change zip-tying the drivers side wheel liner forward, closer to the bumper bracket to eliminate a very slight rub that only occurred at full right lock in reverse. No rub after that.
  2. I'm running 35x11.5 Nitto RG on a stock AT4 with stock 20-inch rims and have no rub. Had a minor rub in front of drivers side when at right full lock and backing but was easy to remedy by zip-tieing the front liner bracket to the bumper bracket. There's maybe 3/8" between the tire and UCA so I agree that there is no way a 12.5 would fit with stock rims.
  3. I have the Putco harness and opt7 light bar and everything works perfectly including the sequential turn signals. It may be something with the rough country setup.
  4. Yeah. I only posted because with Filthy, you can specifically configure for a TB which I would assume (would have to be verified) is the same as for AT4 as the poster was asking. Shuperlift doesn't seem to have an AT4/TB option.
  5. Try this site. https://www.filthymotorsports.com/King_OEM_Silverado_Shocks_p/king-25001-174.htm
  6. Nitto RG's are on stock 20x9 rims. No lift beyond stock AT4 setup. Only had minor rub in front of drivers side and only in reverse at full lock. Zip tied the bracket behind the liner to the fender mounts and rub is gone. No cutting needed in my case. I only purchased the passenger side SwingCase so don't recall there being any distinction. Maybe drivers side would be a problem because of assist handle.
  7. I’ve used them several times and not had any issues.
  8. Love it. It really depends on individual taste but I think it’s about perfect and I get many compliments on it and people asking “what exhaust is that? It sounds so sweet!” It’s actually louder than I expected on cold start but then quiets down quickly and I have virtually no drone. Generally quiet cruising unless climbing a steady grade, then I’ll sometimes hear it.
  9. If anyone has one of these they haven’t installed, I’d really like to see the installation instructions and pics of all the connectors on the wiring harness including the wiring colors going into them if visible. I’d like to see if I can maybe fabricate my own for use with my grill lights. TIA
  10. Where did you see that the Borla S-Type was GM approved? I have one on my truck and hadn't really worried about it but would like to have the reference if it's out there. Thanks.
  11. Your're going to have a great time! Congrats. Here's what I've done to my 2019 AT4 Bakflip MX4 2 coats Ceramic Coating applied Tinted front windows Installed Opt7 Tailgate LED's Blacked-out (plasti-dip) badges except for red "4's" Installed 'Rapture" style grill lights Installed 7” “shorty” antenna Installed Multipro tailgate LEDs GM Performance CIA Installed GM Factory black exhaust tips Borla S-Type Exhaust Calipers painted red Installed Nitto RG 35x11.5x20 (on stock wheels) Installed Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box
  12. I believe I'm starting to see this on my 2019 AT4 as well. I initially though "rock chip" but there doesn't seem to be any scrapes or marks. I'm going to watch it closely and follow up with the dealer if it continues/expands.
  13. I could see the lights flash in the reflections off the vehicle in front of me at stop lights.
  14. Just so you know, I had initially wired my grill lights from that fuse as well but noticed they “flashed” when the auto-stop cycled and didn’t like that so moved to the side marker light fuse. Just and FYI.
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