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  1. Check out the following part numbers. Borla offers all their tip options with the dual system. PNs 140778, 140779BC, 140779CF, 140785 I’m looking at the true dual systems too but can’t find any sound clips so or comments regarding sound with DFM so am a bit hestitant.
  2. Been reading a lot about exhaust and I think this is the first comment I’ve seen where a poster has helicopter or drone complaints on the GM system, anyone else with the system having these issues? It was high on my list because of the lack of negative comments.
  3. I can get my passenger side off easily at 45 degree angle. Can’t get the drivers side to release in any position. How do you get the drivers side off? Please help!
  4. Been fine for me since update Monday night too. Had the black screen while driving and dropped blue tooth with prior version.
  5. It tells you there are more options. Press rotating wheel to get into the menu then scroll up or down to select mileage display over the last 25, 50, 100 or 200 miles I believe are the options. The slider just shows where you are within these options.
  6. Thanks Darren. Looks like a good place. It looks like the lip is squared off on the Silverado. I believe it’s rounded on my Sierra. Will have to check it out because you placement is much better from a visibility standpoint.
  7. Nevermind. I think this was actually referring to the navigation compass making contact with the satellites as the message appeared in the area compass heading is normally shown. Feeling kind of stupid. Haha.
  8. Just self installed the GM Performance intake. Anyone else notice the “CAL” indicator in the lower left of the DIC upon first startup. I haven’t had the dealer flash the ECM yet so not surprised but hadn’t seen anyone mention this before.
  9. Would like to see pic of where you installed it. Close up please. Thanks!
  10. Did you leave the flappers and resonators in the system? Any sound clips?
  11. I have my original AT4 mats that I’d sell if anyone’s interested. Make me an offer.
  12. These are the ones I used. Different than the OP. I think they are about right for brightness. Hard to photograph at night but in person, they are separate and distinct but come no where near headlight bright. Q&A list them as 110 lumens and 9 watts. In the daylight, not all that visible at all. YITAMOTOR 10PCS Eagle Eye LED Lights Amber Daytime Running DRL Light 18mm Ultra Thin Waterproof Aluminum Shell Car Motorcycle Fog Tail Backup Reverse Light https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWPDZKJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_SoTbEbGXP37WP
  13. Finally got mine all together and installed. I used the misc. ignition fuse because I wanted them on whenever the truck was running. Anybody see issues with using that fuse position? Thanks for sharing method and pics on mounting method TXguy.
  14. I have noticed this too. Changing stations up and down brings sound back.
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