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  1. I have noticed this too. Changing stations up and down brings sound back.
  2. I have a minor “squeal” on my 2019 AT4 when slowing for the security gate at work right after work some nights. Seems to be only when cold and some moist air. Never in the mornings when leaving home for work and not every night. Started at about 4,000 miles. Most of which are highway miles. Also have the rapid break wear indicated in the DIC. Haven’t been to the dealer yet, waiting for first oil change.
  3. I’ve been wanting to do this and bought some bolt lights a while back. Would you mind posting a couple of close up pics of how you mounted the lights/aluminum bar to the grill?
  4. I have a 2019 AT4 6.2 and believe I feel this on occasion too. Would agree that it's erratic. I don't notice much with on ramps under consistent acceleration but definitely in traffic where it's more stop and go. Also occasionally when leaving stop lights. It's almost like it "lunges" towards the car in front of me. Can be disconcerting if the other driver hesitates.
  5. I have a different but somewhat similar issue. Sometimes, not everyday, after startup and pulling out of the driveway I lose sound from FM radio. Switch the station to another FM channel and I get sound back, change back to original station and sound is there still. I suppose it could be the radio station but it seems to happen to frequently. Almost half the mornings. Sometimes happens after starting the car to come home from work as well. Anybody else seen this?
  6. I see my DIC blinking when I first enter the vehicle, assume it's all the systems "booting" up but it stays on steady after that an never any issues with the HUD.
  7. I don't have any drone with my 6.2 but have definitely noticed the jerkiness on occasion. Generally not too bad at steady speed but if there's any traffic, the subtle throttle adjustments seem to set it off and you feel it.
  8. I have a 6.2 and am averaging about 18 MPG on commute of mostly highway driving at 70MPH or so. Both by in dash computer and manual calculations. I’m at about 4,400 miles and have averaged 17.9MPG based on trip computer that hasn’t been reset since purchase. I’m happy with it. About the same as the Toyota Highlander I was driving previously. I do mainly use 2WD mode which seems to be a little higher than when I run it in 4-wheel auto.
  9. I installed one on my AT4 but hardwired it to avoid issues with trailering, cameras, etc. On the AT4, the clearance between the bumper and tailgate is narrow so careful positioning in height is critical for it to be visible. I do have light contact with the tailgate in the center when open and I had to use thicker 3M tape for mounting because the bar extends past the sheet metal wrapping the corners of the bed and just popped off using the provided tape.
  10. I replaced the GM mats in my AT4 with Husky and are very happy with the fit and coverage. To me a better product than the more rigid GM mat. I’ll sell anyone the GM mats if your interested. May NA offer. I’ve had Weathertech in other vehicles over the years and always end up disappointed in that they don’t hold their shape and begin to move around. I think the Huskys are much superior.
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