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  1. Maybe the batteries in the demo box are low? I had the opposite effect, the lights in the package were very bright but being driven by two 9-volt batteries so really over driven, they are not quite as bright wired into the truck in my case.
  2. They are plasti-dipped, then pealed the red centers of the "4's".
  3. Long travel beast for example: I want to know more about this truck. Any links to more information?
  4. I purchased the same kit from ShopChevyParts.com and took my truck to the dealer for the include reflash, showed them the paperwork and had no issues. Walked out for free with a receipt showing the reflash had been done and a charge of zero. Just like the the paperwork that comes with the item says it should be. I think it's pretty clear and most dealers are just being jerks. I will say I bought my truck from a different dealer because the sales folks were totally unreasonable. The service folks have been fantastic despite the fact the truck was purchased elsewhere.
  5. OK now I'm nervous because I have the gap filler too. I'm not sure i understand what it caused to be damaged. Can one of you add some details and/or maybe a pic so I can keep on the lookout for issues.
  6. Was wondering the same thing. It might not sound the same if the muffler was replaced without the resonator.
  7. I have the Borla S-Type and love it. Anytime I've had it to a shop the guys are always asking about it and comment on how good it sounds. It's louder than I expected on startup but quiets down quickly. I don't have any drone but I don't tow either. Have had it loaded up heavy a few times and it didn't change then. It's definitely noticeable when you get on it. Very happy with the purchase.
  8. Nice truck. Tell me more about this? I've looked at their website but want your impressions. Can you display how many cylinders are active and what gear you're in? Wondering what displays are active in the 6.2L.
  9. I removed the led DRL emitters from my headlights all together and installed the product below. The factory wiring remains disconnected inside the headlights. I didn't get any codes so there does not appear to be any monitoring circuits. https://www.oraclelights.com/collections/gmc-sierra-products/products/2019-2020-gmc-sierra-oracle-colorshift-rgb-w-headlight-drl-upgrade
  10. I've also added Oracle Colorshift DRL's to my list of mods as I wanted amber DRL's. Not sure I'd recommend this mod cost/benefit wise. Difficult mod as you have to remove the headlights and "bake" them open to install. They are not as bright as I would have liked and you have to be careful ordering the corresponding controller to be sure the controller has persistent memory. Bakflip MX4 2 coats Ceramic Coating applied Tinted front windows Installed Opt7 Tailgate LED's Blacked-out (plasti-dip) badges except for red "4's" Installed 'Rapture" style grill lights Installed 7” “shorty” antenna Installed Multipro tailgate LEDs GM Performance CIA Installed GM Factory black exhaust tips Borla S-Type Exhaust Calipers painted red Installed Nitto RG 35x11.5x20 (on stock wheels) Installed Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box Oracle Lighting Colorshift DRL's
  11. I'd like to see some white paint matched flares too.
  12. A few. Not the best pics but here they are....
  13. Check that the jack is firmly held down under the rear seat. Mine was slightly loose when I got it and that proved to be the source of the rattle. Now if I could just figure out the new one I have in the driver side dash. It's getting progressively worse over time.
  14. I have a 13" version of this antenna that i would sell if interested. I bought both the 7" and 13", started with the 7" and it's done fine so never have used the 13". https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L57LR7X/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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