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  1. Have the same cover on my 2019 AT4. And agree with above post. And I second the recommendation on the front seal. Wish I had done that before installing.
  2. Does anyone know if the harness that comes with this kit has a separate part number that can be ordered? I’m interested in just the harness if possible. TIA
  3. The rub must be coming from the width as my AT4 stock tires are 275/60R20 which are 33" tall as well but clearly narrower. I've talked to some that say Ridge Grabber 35x11.5 fit without rub but that 35x12.5 will require trimming. All assuming stock 20" AT4 wheels. Hard to know what to believe.
  4. Installed Borla type S on my 6.2L AT4 about a month or so ago and would agree with everything TylerAt4 says. Cold start is louder than I expected but settles down fast and sounds glorious after that. I do have a bit of the “helicopter” sound when DFM kicks in but it’s not bad IMO. Much less noticeable than i expected.
  5. What model and make protector do you have on your hood with the leds? I like it.
  6. Thanks. Going to look into the first option.
  7. I love this setup but I'm going to have to ask a stupid question, how do you use a high lift jack on these trucks unless you have aftermarket bumpers?
  8. Installed the S-type (#140733 stock tips) about a week and a half ago and agree that it’s louder than I really wanted on cold start but seems to settle down quickly and isn’t bad on the highway or around town. I haven’t noticed the deceleration issue with my AT4 which is a 6.2L 10-speed. I may switch to the touring if possible. Going to give it another week to decide.
  9. Check out the following part numbers. Borla offers all their tip options with the dual system. PNs 140778, 140779BC, 140779CF, 140785 I’m looking at the true dual systems too but can’t find any sound clips so or comments regarding sound with DFM so am a bit hestitant.
  10. Been reading a lot about exhaust and I think this is the first comment I’ve seen where a poster has helicopter or drone complaints on the GM system, anyone else with the system having these issues? It was high on my list because of the lack of negative comments.
  11. I can get my passenger side off easily at 45 degree angle. Can’t get the drivers side to release in any position. How do you get the drivers side off? Please help!
  12. Been fine for me since update Monday night too. Had the black screen while driving and dropped blue tooth with prior version.
  13. It tells you there are more options. Press rotating wheel to get into the menu then scroll up or down to select mileage display over the last 25, 50, 100 or 200 miles I believe are the options. The slider just shows where you are within these options.
  14. Thanks Darren. Looks like a good place. It looks like the lip is squared off on the Silverado. I believe it’s rounded on my Sierra. Will have to check it out because you placement is much better from a visibility standpoint.
  15. Nevermind. I think this was actually referring to the navigation compass making contact with the satellites as the message appeared in the area compass heading is normally shown. Feeling kind of stupid. Haha.
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