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  1. I run Nitto Recon Grapplers 305-55R22, they're way quieter than Duratracs and good in rain. Mine are 35.2inch tires but im sure they come in the size you're looking for. I also run Nitto Exo Grapplers for the winter, because they're stud-able and better in ice and snow. Here is what I posted in another thread:
  2. No I stopped looking into it when GM dealers told me that I might void my powertrain warranty because I have changed the wheel size or use a module for the speedo calibration. I spoke to few dealers who said, GM has denied powertrain warrant claim for vehicles that had their tire size different from what OEM options are. Some say the speed calibration module leaves an imprint the vehicle ECU that tells GM that the vehicle was using the speedo calibration module. I guess it depends on the dealership and the claim manager but I can see GM using any excuse necessary to weasel out of a claim, especially its gonna cost them a lot of money. I will wait and see what options become available and if GM causes issues with them. Off topic: is there a software similar to ForScan (for Ford) for GM vehicles? I have used ForScan to change a lot of options on my F150, like Bambi mode, that allows Highbeam and Fog lights to be on at the same time and increase the brightness of DRLs etc... lots of ECU modification with ForScan. I was hoping a similar product existed for GM.
  3. Yea that's what I figured. The dealership said I'd be looking at 2-4 months for the grille. He said if it was 4-5 weeks it would show in the inventory. I called most of the GM dealers in Canada, and the ones who had this grille on hand, they were holding it for the body shops. I tried to see if I could get the elevation or vader chrome grille off the Denali Ultimate lol. Same issue. It was a fully grown deer, and I was doing about 110km/h (~65mph). It was about one second when I applied the brakes and hit the deer. So I had slowed down to maybe 60kmph. And I hit its ass end, as it was mostly off the road. But it still managed to get airborne and land in the ditch.
  4. I slammed on the brakes and grill took majority of the impact. I saw the deer go up 10-12ft and land in the ditch. I was expecting my front end to be smashed as well. Guess I got lucky and thank god the air bags didn't go off, as that would've cost more.
  5. I don't know if I will, as I switch between both Ford and GM. I usually don't mess with the wiper setting too much either as I leave the setting on Auto. And if I need a wipe in between, then I just use the quick wipe button. But on this I always have to move the wiper switch from whichever setting its at, all the way to the bottom and twist it for a quick wipe then rotate the switch back all the way back to where it was. Seems pretty stupid in my opinion. I'm new to GM, so maybe the GM customers are already used to it. But I would love to be able to remap the button.
  6. These tires are way quieter than than the duratracs the truck comes with.
  7. Met a guy at the dealership today, who was buying a similar truck as mine. He looked at my set up and wanted to replicate it on his AT4. He priced out everything at the dealer and seems the costs have gone up. He got a quote that was almost $1000 higher than what I spent for the exact same parts.
  8. Went to the dealership expecting to grab a new grille for $400-$500. Instead found out that the grille is $1800CAD and there is no stock or ETA from the manufacturer as it is on back order.
  9. I'm talking about the "Auto Highbeam" push button on the turn signal stalk. I wish it was a "quick wipe" push button to activate the wipers once. I mean how often are people turning the auto-highbeams on or off? Either you leave this on or off. However I'm constantly having to twist the stalk end for the 1X wipe. Is there a way to re-map or switch/swap these buttons? It's quite often that reach for the push button hoping for a wipe. On my Ford, this is actually a wipe button. And there is no auto highbeam on/off button as it is an option in the settings.
  10. Well they need to find a better way with some holding down button combinations or something. I can't imagine doing this in the winter in -40. Summer or winter, still seems like a waste of 5 minutes for this archaic method.
  11. Wow you weren't kidding. I'd say it's gone up more than 5K. I was looking at ordering Denali Ultimate back in March but becUse of the chip shortage for supercruise they weren't taking any ordered for it. Then I found an AT4 that was already on its way to the dealership and it was the right color and fully loaded, so I got that and have been happy with it. Since I payed MSRP, I priced out the same vehicle again and it has jumped $10K
  12. Is this the update that adds +20HP and +10mpg
  13. Thanks! TIRES - 305/55R22 (35.2 inch tall by 12 inch wide)- Nitto Recon Grappler WHEELS - GMC 22 Inch Aluminum 5-Split-Spoke Wheel - Part# 84799395
  14. did you get different ones? or are you going without the steps?
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