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  1. Thanks I'll try it out. that's too much work. There should be an easier way to restart the system. These refreshed models are still new so there's not a lot of documentation on these, but I'm guessing the technicians probably have a way for a quick restart of the system in their troubleshooting literature
  2. Today, the infotainment screen was stuck on the GMC logo for hours. I shut the truck off and opened the door to shut off the infotainment but it kept starting up to the GMC logo, I did this few times. But I guess it takes a while for the infotainment to completely shut down. It probably goes into hibernation after the vehicle is shut off. I'm guessing this is so that it starts up quickly, unless the truck is shut off for longer period. I don't know how long that is. So wondering if there is a way to quickly restart the infotainment system by holding down some combination of buttons.
  3. Maybe sport mode depends on engine option? I have a 2022 at4 refresh with 6.2 and no sport mode.
  4. I actually like the little gurgle it makes when all the cylinders turn back on. And no the exhaust doesn't sound annoying at all and at highway speeds you can't really hear it much. I don't know if it'll be considerably louder with all 8 cylinders firing at that speed.
  5. I really like these steps. They were part of the premium package I believe. I'm coming from auto-deploying steps on F150, and compared to those these are narrower.
  6. Yea for sure. People give it a second look and ive been asked a few times what options those wheels are. Unfortunately GM doesn't offer 35s from factory.
  7. It's titanium. Apparently I was the first guy to get that color it in western Canada. Glad it turned out to be a fantastic choice.
  8. Anyone using the hypertech inline speedo calibrator? Does it also adjust the fuel mileage along with the speedo?
  9. Anyone know any solution for Speedometer re-calibration that wont void the warranty?
  10. The GM catback is supposably the Borla Touring exhaust. I went with a little more aggressive S-type. I can't even imagine the Atak exhaust. That would get old quick. I haven't driven it much on the new tires to see the fuel difference. One of my gripes is 90L tank. My F150 had 130L tank.
  11. (I don't see a dedicated 2022+ section on the forum, so I thought I'd post it here) I originally wanted the Denali Ultimate, but it wasn't available to order. Then I Ordered an AT4X, but it was going to take 4-5 months to build and deliver, but no guarantee. So I changed my order to a fully loaded AT4 that was dealer ordered with the engine and color I wanted. So I was able to get it in a month. I was planning on changing the rear bumper on the AT4X to the one from AT4, so I could have exhaust with quad tips. I realized that I didn't really need the AT4X because the main difference is the lockers and suspension, as I wouldn't take it rock crawling or serious off-roading for the departure angles to matter. Engine - 6.2l (Read somewhere that GM has stopped the production of the 6.2L V8 Engines until next year or possibly longer. Lucky to have mine, just before the announcement) TIRES - 305/55R22 (35.2inch tall by 12 inch wide)- Nitto Recon Grappler Tires WHEELS - GMC 22 Inch Aluminum 5-Split-Spoke Wheel - Part# 84799395 EXHAUST - BORLA S-Type with Quad Exhaust tips - Part# 140774BC My next upgrade is adding the GMC kicker subwoofer to the truck. Truck exhaust sounds really good! So glad I went with that exhaust. No drone, Quad tips look better than the HDMI exhaust tips. Wheel and tires are actually smidge taller than 35inch. Toyo Open Country 35X12.5X22 are actually 34.5 inch tall, they have an easier time fitting than these Nitto Recon Grapplers. The weight of the Stock 275/65R18 tires and wheels was 80lbs. The weight of the new 305/55R22 tires with 22inch GMC wheels are about 106lbs. Difference of 27lbs extra per wheel. Which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Let me know, if the pictures don't show up.
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