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  1. How embarrassing. Somebody ought to shoot those poor trucks and put them out of their misery...
  2. This "layering" and playing of different music "sources" simultaneously is occurring more frequently and is terribly annoying. I was on a 6 hour road trip this weekend and it did it at the start of the trip. I tried all the mentioned means for "rebooting" the system to no avail. I didn't unhook the battery to see if this would resolve the problem as I didn't have time or tools with me. It's so frustrating as I despise listening to "commercials" on FM/AM stations but am forced to as the damn infotainment system is flawed and getting worse.
  3. One act to consider is in keyed vehicles people turn the key off and remove it as they need the keys to unlock their house door and/or it's a memory function to turn and remove the key(s). When people already have their key(s) they don't need to turn the vehicle off to get them as they already have them.
  4. This thread has absolutely NOTHING to do with the auto-stop feature. You might want to read at least the first post...
  5. I thought ALL new GM trucks were keyless ignition?
  6. Thanks for the post. I'll try to reboot mine as described next time it does it. I've tried cycling the truck on and off by turning off engine and opening/shutting door prior to restarting to no avail. I've not tried the power down sequence as described but will give it a shot. I'm curious if yours is layering the music via Bluetooth when phone is unplugged. Mine does the same thing when it's hard wired via USB and also unwired thru Bluetooth. I'm hoping you or others will post when a fix is available as a number of people are waiting. I appreciate your help.
  7. Guys, this isn't on GM, this is your tax dollars and government once again intruding into our lives. This feature is a mandated safety feature which increases the cost of every vehicle with questionable benefits. It's not an EPA mandated feature. The vast majority of drivers are clueless on this driving "thing" and aren't into vehicles as a hobby/interest. With the "new" keyless ignitions some folks are forgetting to turn their cars off when they park them, often in their garage. A person or two died from breathing the exhaust fumes and so the government decided to impose restrictions on every vehicle when in fact Darwin's Law was working.
  8. I don't have the option of switching to the radio then back. No matter what I do the radio continues to play regardless of what switches I try to change. My only option is turning off bluetooth or Car Play and listening to FM/AM and commercials. I can switch between AM and FM but that's it. The problem is the system doesn't turn off the radio when a bluetooth or USB signal is sent to it, it just plays both sources.
  9. Anyone else? Mine seems to be doing this with increased frequency. I'm hesitant going to dealer as they won't have a clue on how to fix it and look at me like I'm crazy. They'll just give me the failure to replicate response. Not sure they have any other option. It's hard for them to fix a problem they can't see. It'll never do it at a time I can take it to the dealer to see for themselves. I could video the abnormal operation but again, not much help when it fixes itself before I can get it to dealer...
  10. Happens to me on a somewhat regular basis, about once a week. Very frustrating as there is no way to turn off the commercial FM or AM signal. You hear both your phones output through the same speakers as the FM/AM signal and the only solution is to turn off the phone's bluetooth and/or Carplay. Fixes itself once you shut the truck off for an extended period of time. I was on a 4 hour highway trip and had to listen to radio with commercials the entire way...
  11. Three times now the base stereo in my AT4 has performed in a bizarre manner. The stereo will play FM stations simultaneously with Pandora via Bluetooth. I actually hear the two songs/voices/broadcasts being played from the trucks speakers. Bad part is the only way I've found to stop it is to manually disable bluetooth on my phone. It won't let me change to AM or anything else. I think this has happened while hard wired to Apple Car Play but I can't recall for certain. After a couple of start/stop cycles it corrects itself. This truck sure does have some strange electrical gremlins. One of the problems is I don't think I'll be able to get it fixed as it's happened only a handful of times over 6 months of ownership. As such, if I take it to the dealer they'll just write the infamous "Failure to Replicate" in the diagnosis portion of their ticket.
  12. My 2019 8 speed AT4 experiences the hard shift as described in post #1. It does it hard enough that it scares me. It only happens occasionally and on a random basis. It seems to only occur after the first start of the day. I'll reverse out of my driveway, put it in drive and go 20' or so, it will hesitate and then HARD SHIFT/SLAM into gear. What's interesting is it only does it occasionally and it's unpredictable. As such, when it does it it scares the hell out of me.
  13. AT4 OEM Front 38.00" Rear 40.75" Rake 2.75"
  14. I've had various electrical issues that have "fixed" themselves by cycling the truck off and on or just cycling through several restarts/reboots. I've had saved settings revert back to default factory settings which I've had to manually reset myself. I've had the radio playing FM and Bluetooth simultaneously through the head unit as well as erroneous DIC codes displayed which cleared without having to pull out the OBD-II. I don't like the gremlins but it's nice having a machine that fixes itself!
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