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  1. I've had various electrical issues that have "fixed" themselves by cycling the truck off and on or just cycling through several restarts/reboots. I've had saved settings revert back to default factory settings which I've had to manually reset myself. I've had the radio playing FM and Bluetooth simultaneously through the head unit as well as erroneous DIC codes displayed which cleared without having to pull out the OBD-II. I don't like the gremlins but it's nice having a machine that fixes itself!
  2. Thanks. I'm going to take your advice and try a 1.5" piece and see if that resolves the issue.
  3. I offer a different perspective to your statement for consideration: The standard truck components work together to lower a AT4/TB truck 2". As for the comment hoping I find it's installed improperly that's not going to happen. It's a simple straight forward installation of a simplistic spacer. Pull the wheels, loosen top strut tower bolts, pop UCA ball joint, disconnect the steering arm and sway bar and then slide the spacer in below the lower shock mount securing with provided hardware. Do the exact same on the other side and then reverse your steps and you're done. It's that simple.... Instead of jumping on the bandwagon you might read what I actually wrote and consider the points I bring up regarding technical assistance questions. Rarely is the question asked actually answered. I can ask something like "does the spacer go in with the shiny side up and the next 20 replies will address the virtues of a suspension lift versus a body lift. The points I make are valid. In today's PC world you can't have a frank discussion as sensitive people don't like the uncomfortable feeling of being challenged when facts are presented that are in conflict with their thought process.
  4. Good point. I'm also not certain why I only got 1.5" of actual lift from the 2" lift kit. I saw the same as your pointing out that many have gone 1.5" so I think you might be onto something. A 1/2" isn't much to most but when you consider how complicated chassis design is with dynamic angles and loads it's a science unto itself. The extra 1/2" is certainly a possible cause for the binding. I might just order a 1.5" as you suggested just to experiment and determine if that extra 1/2" exceeds the threshold for the current design. Interesting even with the 2" that only gave me 1.5" I've still got 1.0" of rake with the front at 39.5" and the rear at 40.5". If people are actually getting 1.5" of lift from a 1.5" kit I'd end up where I'm at right now while possible eliminating the binding. No down side to doing as you suggest except for the relatively insignificant cost of a Motofab 1.5" kit.
  5. Sounds like you can't take criticism, constructive or otherwise without resorting to childish name calling. You say you're out but you won't be able to resist, you'll be back. It's a shame you can't have an adult conversation of fact without getting butt hurt. Whatever. All you had to do was answer the question by stating that you didn't experience any binding. Too bad you're not willing to learn when the opportunity is presented and that you have an inferiority complex in dealing with intelligent, educated people. It's actually fun getting into a battle of wits with a defenseless, uneducated and ignorant person. BTW, you should change your avatar. The circus is looking for the person who stole the wheels off their clown car...
  6. I'm not being hostile, I'm stating facts. Some people don't like it when you point out their "facts" are incorrect. I didn't criticize anybody, I corrected them. I have no tolerance for "participation" posts, they're as meaningful as participation trophies.... Dismissing what I don't need doesn't help anybody improve and wastes a educational opportunity.
  7. Dan, As a degreed engineer and automotive professional who lives by the creed that WORDS ARE IMPORTANT I would also point out a misnomer you made as do others which is posted on the forums daily. You state, "Trying to add two more inches to an already 2" lifted front end...". This is not an accurate or technically correct statement. The AT4/TB IS NOT an "already lifted" front end. The front end on a AT4/TB is designed and equipped by GM with a suspension that is 2" taller than other 4 wheel drive models. It IS NOT already lifted. "Already lifted" implies it's been changed from its original design and delivered height. GM did not take a standard 4 wheel drive truck and "lift" it. The AT4/TB come with a suspension DESIGNED to provide 2" more clearance than standard models. An analogy demonstrating my point would be to state GM is over stressing the chassis and running gear by installing a 6.2L instead of the 5.3L. GM is trying to add 70 HP more (i.e., 355 vs. 425) to an already maxed out 5.3L engine. Not a true statement as the 6.2L is a completely different design than the 5.3L. It's not a 5.3L with some bolt-on's in some guys garage to produce more power. Another incorrect example would be stating GM is trying to add 500 lbs payload capacity to a 1/2 ton truck by putting a 3/4 ton sticker on the vehicle. Not true as the 3/4 ton trucks are designed for the additional payload. In both examples the machine was designed for the various configurations, they aren't just adding on to an existing component. The AT4/TB were both designed with different front AND rear suspensions to provide additional ground clearance, they didn't just put a leveling kit on at the factory to get their 2".
  8. Your response is off base on several points. I really don't think many people consider a 2" leveling kit as "maxing out the suspension". Additionally, you state the "proper answer is an....installed by a professional" WRONG! That's an answer to a question that wasn't asked and as such, it's a wrong answer. Also, for the record, I am a professional.
  9. Thanks. I just finished the install late last night and have an appointment for an alignment tomorrow. None of the many other leveling kits I've installed have had binding issues prior to the alignment but it's good to hear you've experienced the binding I'm getting.
  10. Correct, I don't need or want help with your "answer" to a question that wasn't asked. Your response has nothing to do with the very specific question I asked. The issue on many forums is people want to help, however, they fail to address the question asked. Would anyone really ask the question I asked without confirming the installation was correct!?!? Mistakes do happen, such as mistakenly answering a question that wasn't asked. I painstakingly choose the very specific words in my posts to prevent getting answers to questions I didn't ask.
  11. Tires

    I'm not certain what tires came as OEM with your truck but I got the DuraTrac's and am thrilled with them. I've never run anything but BFG AT for the past 25+ years. I've bought over 24 sets of BFG's over the years and my subjective analysis has always found them to be the best dual purpose tire on the market. I didn't think I'd like the DuraTrac's but they are an absolutely fantastic tire. I never thought I'd switch from BFG but for my usage the DuraTrac are a much better tire. In sloppy, muddy conditions the BFG's ball up as soon as they touch mud. They also hydroplane with alarming frequency. The DuraTrac's perform MUCH. MUCH, MUCH better in mud and off roading in general and I'm amazed at how they handle standing water. I think your statement regarding "the crap they put on at the factory" is unfounded specific to the DuraTrac's. They're a great tire.
  12. Read the first post in this thread. It's installed properly as stated, I don't need to check installation.
  13. If it were an unrelated problem I'd have noticed prior to installing the leveling kit. All your other comments are just "noise" unrelated to the question being asked...
  14. 2wd on pavement when turning. REALLY noticable when going in reverse. Truck has OEM DuraTracs and OEM wheels.
  15. Interesting. I'm not sure why someone would spend the coin to install taller tires for improved ground clearance on your 4 wheel drive only to then lose all you've gained and then some by installing handicapped steps that hang 8" below the rockers!?!?!? Seems like an exercise in futility???

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