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  1. Much more better!!!!!!!!! That's what I'm talking about as it now looks like a "truck" and will perform as designed. Well done!
  2. You'll get "noise" with a different muffler but not performance. Manufacturers stopped leaving HP/torque on the table well over a decade ago. This is especially true in today's performance race amongst manufacturers. The engineers at all manufacturers have this pretty well figured out via computer modeling, analysis and testing. Most vehicles lose performance going to an aftermarket muffler. Aftermarket buyers typically mistake more noise for more performance...
  3. 2” front lift to level trailboss

    The Search engine is your friend. MANY, MANY, MANY threads and posts discussing the question you pose...
  4. destrade, nice truck. Only thing I would do is remove the handicapped steps as they get ripped off or destroyed the first time you slide them along some substantial rocks or rough terrain. They significantly take away the extra ground clearance offered by the AT4 or TB. I'm not certain why someone would want to lose the extra 2" you pay for when they buy a AT4 or TB with handicapped steps. I can understand if the owner is truly handicapped.
  5. Damn, a 1" spacer!?!?!? Were the OEM studs long enough or did you have to install longer?
  6. As the OEM tire is 32.3" tall I think it's a lot of "work" for a measly 1" taller 33" tire. Does your mirror have a chrome cap or is it just the picture?
  7. LOL. Yeah, it would have helped if I included the pound symbol (i.e., 250# dirt bikes). Also doesn't help mileage towing at 83 mph. Speed limit is 75 mph so I set it at 7 over and forget about it. What I found interesting is I get about 1 mpg less than my 2010 Tahoe with the 5.3 towing the EXACT same trailer the EXACT same 160 mile round trip trek to the motocross track and back at 83 mph. I'm surprised the mileage is less.
  8. I don't recall ever seeing that display message in 3,500 miles since new.
  9. Love the mentioned colors just because they're different than the white, black and gray/silver we see on 99% of vehicles on the road. The lack of color and imagination drives me absolutely bat shit crazy. I HATE that 99% of the vehicles on the road are either white, black or gray/silver. What an absolutely horrible and boring monochromatic world. It's time for a color explosion of the entire spectrum. My next Corvette will be bought white but repainted Kawasaki green like their motocross bikes the week I take delivery. The world needs more color including the brown mentioned. ANYTHING is better than the horrendous white, black and gray/silver world we live in.
  10. I get just under 13 mpg combined city/highway and 9.8 towing a 6x10 enclosed trailer with three 250 dirt bikes in the trailer. FWIW, I don't care what mileage I get and I drive it as such. Gasoline is so damn inexpensive these days I surprised anybody that can afford an expensive vehicle gives a damn. Then again, I'm VERY proud of my VERY large carbon footprint. Bigger the better!!!
  11. IIHS front tests are out

    Car & Driver is no different than the majority of buyers. I nor anyone I know gives a single second to the "safety rating" the government assigns vehicles. Just not a factor or consideration for most buyers. Same with fuel mileage. I figure the lower the better on ANY vehicle I buy. My "fun" car is a C7 Z06 and I really didn't look at mileage when buying. I'm happy to get 3.9 mpg on track with the car. Burn through a tank in about 35 minutes on track. Truck and performance car buyers I know could care less about safety ratings and fuel mileage, the lower fuel mileage the better as it usually equates to more power.
  12. FWIW, the 285/60/20 he's running is only a 33.4" tire. As such, there's no way it's going to rub as it's only 1.1" taller than the 32.3" OEM 275/65/18 tire.
  13. Gear shifter buttons

    I'm really shocked that this isn't explained in detail in the owner's manual!?!?!?
  14. Yeah, best work around for me is easy and acceptable. Vehicle in neutral with parking brake set will run until it's out of gas. Works for me.
  15. Interesting. I saw a rather detailed post by a guy who put a lower spacer on and had to take it off as the axle was contacting and grinding on the spacer bolt heads. He stated had to take it off in go with a top strut spacer.

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