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  1. Excellent post!!! Well stated. I started this thread after freezing my nuts off sleeping at a job site. I laid down and it was nice and toasty only to be wake with icicles hanging off my nostrils and the engine stopped. My first reaction was WTF!?!? Too many people don't realize there are MEN working jobs that run 24/7/365 like oil and gas drilling rigs. We never shut down. I will proudly mention I've never been inside a Starbucks and have never imbibed in any of their product(s) or spent a single penny with that despicable company. I know, I digress...
  2. Did you really put 2" spacers on this poor truck!?!? How long are the wheel studs!?!? Hard to comprehend...
  3. WOW, just WOW. Thanks for sharing that with us. I'll now sleep well tonight.
  4. Interesting. I was scrolling thru the menus on my 19 AT4 with 12,400 miles and was shocked to see the brake pad monitor displated front pads had 33% and rear 65% of pad life remaining. I'm pretty certain I'm 99% harder on brakes than the average driver but to have them almost gone is a stretch even under my torturous usage.
  5. When backing up to hook up a trailer I often need to pull forward a bit to get centered on the hitch. Problem I have is after backing up too far I put the truck in drive to get properly positioned, however, the camera shuts off as soon as I put it in drive. Is there a way to keep the camera on a bit so I'm not pulling forward "blindly" and just guessing/hoping I got it correct? I've looked to no avail...
  6. I resolved the load stop issue by simply balling up a shop rag and stuffing it below the hinge. Looks ghetto but functional. Funny as the other day I was pulling out of my driveway and my wife waved for me to stop to let me know I had left something (i.e., the shop rag) on the tailgate. Oh well, shade tree engineering fix at it's finest. I just put the shop rag behind my driver seat for when it's needed.
  7. I'd be surprised if you guys weren't familiar with the "Hill Descent Control" feature. It surely sounds like that's what you're experiencing and talking about, however again, I'd be really shocked if you were ignorant specific to this feature. Here's a description and functional explanation just in case you guys just aren't aware. This video is for a 17 truck but it's the same for the new trucks except the button is in a different location. On my AT4 it's nestled in the row of buttons at the bottom of the center stack
  8. I imagine this was a Mexico built truck...
  9. Seats are fine for long distance drives. My lower back is an issue but not in the AT4. My back takes a beating after 3 - 4 hours in my C7 Corvette but not in the AT4. As far as "hopping", a set of traction bars will eliminate the issue....
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