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  1. His major problem was installing an under the shock spacer. ALL companies selling the 2" under shock spacer warn very clearly they are not to be used on the AT4 or TB. This is why companies such as Rough Country sell a specific leveling kit to be used ONLY on the AT4 and TB.
  2. I considered the Ready Lift setup but it wouldn't work for my desires. It only allows a 33" tire which is same as OEM so it would serve ME no purpose as I wanted to run 35s. I don't understand why someone would go thru the effort and expense to only be allowed to run stock sized tires. I guess if you're happy with 33s and just want to level it's a good option. Additionally, the Ready Lift control arms prevent running a wider tire compared to the OEM arms. The Ready Lift ball joint housing extends out farther contacting the tire compared to the OEM arms.
  3. Wheels are stock. Weight difference would be the differential between a 33" DuraTrac and a 35" Toyo. Not insignificant and surely a contributing factor. That's why I included the fact that I was running 35s in my post. I'm familiar with energy Suspension bushings from race cars and have used teir products. They don't show an application for anything newer than a 2013. Thanks for your input.
  4. I thank you for your insight. I don't believe the bolts were loosened when installing the kit to allow them to relax and re-index themselves. I followed the Rough Country directions and they never mentioned this. I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't think of this while installing. Worse yet, I now remember loosening the bolts on my last truck when I installed a leveling kit as I could feel they were in a bind after installing the "spacers" and putting it back together. Humiliating....
  5. That's the somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment I made in last post. Mostly all vehicles anymore have a stink bug stance that I despise. One of the reasons I made the post is that I'm unaware of people having problems with bushings with the setup I have. It's why I posted the ball joints are in great shape. I was surprised I have a bushing issue.
  6. Well, if the truck were level from the factory I wouldn't have had to install a "leveling" kit on top of the factory leveling kit you reference. I appreciate what you're saying but I'm just sayin'.....
  7. I have a monthly pass for my black AT4 with 29,500 miles at a drive thru WITH brushes. Brushless are worthless and don't clean anything. I'm very happy with the protocol I utilize and truck looks great. I run it through about twice a week. I do the same thing with the car pictured as my Avatar. IMHO, too much ado about nothing regarding brushed drive through washes. As long as it's a well maintained, high quality drive through you're good to go.
  8. FYI. My 2019 AT4 has 29,500 miles and around 15,000 of those miles with the Rough Country AT4 specific 2" leveling kit and Toyo Open Country 285/75/18 (i.e., 35") tires. Truck has seen limited and light off road use. Mostly highway miles. The left upper control arm bushings are really trashed. There's about 1/8" - 1/4" play in the bushings. The right also show they're on the way out with significant bushing wear but nowhere near as bad as left. UCA ball joints seem fine and tight. I heard the left UCA making noise which is what alerted me that there was an issue. The lower arms are fine. Took to dealer today and they are replacing both UCAs under warranty. They know the truck is leveled 2" with a leveling kit and of course know I have 35"s on it. FWIW, I have a really good relationship with my service advisor. I'm not certain the leveling kit and tires destroyed the bushings but I'm at a loss to think what else it could be. Truck is otherwise stock. Posting just to give you guys a heads up. The truck was aligned after installation of leveling kit. I hope I'm not going to be replacing UCAs every other time I get the oil changed but I am concerned...
  9. Several months ago I installed 35" Toyo AT3's on my AT4 along with the RC 2" leveling kit. I like them a lot. NO regrets. FWIW, I've run BFG's for literally several decades and just wanted to try something different.
  10. UPDATE: Don't waste your time on the Amazon sourced LEADTOP specific lights I used. One of the lights burnt out after about 3 months followed by another a couple weeks later and a third one today. Shows you get what you pay for. FYI, the friction fitment held up GREAT. They didn't move at all. I need to find some high quality lights that don't burn out so quickly. Did anybody find a better price for the 3 light Raptor looking setup shown in this thread. The link provided says they cost $80. I won't pay that much just out of principle
  11. UPDATE: Don't waste your time on these specific lights. One of the lights burnt out after about 3 months followed by another a couple weeks later and a third one today. Shows you get what you pay for. FYI, the friction fitment held up GREAT. They didn't move at all. I need to find some high quality lights that don't burn out so quickly.....
  12. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/243158-at4-with-rough-country-2-leveling-kit-and-35-toyo-tires/?tab=comments#comment-2457829
  13. Don't be so lazy. Search through the threads we've worked hard creating and populating for people like you. We shouldn't have to do your homework for you, especially considering we've already done the work. If Search engine is lacking then go through the threads one-by-one like the rest of us.
  14. It's about time somebody asked this question!!! Oh wait, never mind, I forgot it's been asked/discussed ad nauseam in over 5,000 different threads...
  15. WOW!!! Finally somebody asked a question about tire fitment......
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