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  1. 2020 Sierra 1500 The two storage compartments in the upper dash (right above the radio) don't get used much. But when they do get used the items in there slide around. I've been looking online for rubber liners, similar to the ones sold for the cupholders, door pockets, etc) with no luck. Would anyone know of, or have a link to, a site that has liners for those storage compartments? Thanks in advance, DC
  2. On the S20, from the home screen swipe up in the search window, type wireless charging ensure the slide button for wireless charging is activated. I have the S20 and mine charges on the pad. Hope this helps, DC
  3. Thank you for taking the time to make a great walkthrough! In your write-up there's a link to a post about the BCM connector under the drivers dash. I wasn't able to open the link. Could you please either post it here separately or PM it to me?
  4. Reviving this post, I just had the dealership install the Keyless Entry Keypad (KEK). I would like to be able to lock my keys in the truck but the truck still recognizes the Key Fob in the truck and keeps the doors unlocked. Is the ability for the truck to allow the key fob to be locked in the truck a dealer programmed option? I asked about it and the service manager said I would have to look up the procedure online and program it myself. I also wanted to enter my own code to unlock the KEK. I'd appreciate any info you could provide. My dealer's service center doesn't give me a "warm fuzzy feeling" when it comes to maintenance on my truck! DC
  5. George, Was installing the Putco harness difficult? I"m guessing(hoping) the harness comes with installation instructions? Any of the connectors difficult to get to? Any install information/tips greatly appreciated!
  6. George, Is your truck equipped with the Tow Package/Safety Features package (Blind Spot detection, park assist, etc)? I've got a 2020 GMC Sierra with the Safety Features Package and wanted to know if the Putco harness allows the Redline light bar to work without any towing warnings or prevention of the Safety Features from working. Thanks for the info! Daryl
  7. The adapter has arrived! My trailer is currently being borrowed but once it's back I'll hook it up and report back. Here's hoping the adapter solves the problem!
  8. Did you use a 7 pin to 4 pin adapter from the Tow Ready Adapter? My trailer is only 4 pin.
  9. 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT factory tow package. I hooked up my aluminum motorcycle trailer (Aluma MC210 ). Initially, the truck recognized the trailer was attached, all trailer lights work, all good. Once I put the truck into Drive, the truck displays"Trailer Disconnected" and power to the trailer lights stops. While towing the trailer, lights would intermittently work. Trailer Connected" would display then, after awhile, "Trailer Disconnected" would display again and the trailer lights would go out. I took the truck and trailer to the dealership to let them troubleshoot the problem. Dealership said they hooked the truck into a diagnostic system and all systems were good. I hooked my trailer onto my older truck (2002 F150) and all the lights worked fine. I had a aluminum trailer hitch and switched to a Reese hitch just to see if that would help anything, no difference. I ran a new plug with the ground going straight to the coupler.(non aluminum) still intermittent. I went under the truck and checked for any loose connectors or disconnected wires but all looked good. I'd appreciate anyone's advice on what I can do to ensure the GMC "recognizes" the trailer and will tow it with all trailer lights operational. I don't like towing the trailer when the lights aren't 100%. I think I read where the GMC has a CANBUS type electrical system (similar to my motorcycle) and only puts power to the plug when it recognizes the need. Could my trailer not be providing enough ground to the trucks system? Should I run a ground wire from each light to a main ground then main ground to the plug? Thanks in advance for any help! Daryl
  10. Great forum thread. Thanks to the OP for starting it! 2020 Sierra 1500 5'8" bed. After reading all 12 pages of this forum thread it looks like the only choices for a roll-up, non-Velcro option for a tonneau is BAK Revolution X2 or X4. I had a Truxedo tonneau on a previous truck and after about 9 years the Velcro began to wear out and wouldn't hold the sides down. I wasn't able to find a way to replace the Velcro. If there is another option for a roll-up, non-Velcro tonneau out there? Thanks in advance for the help! DC
  11. 2020 Sierra 1500 SLT. Stock suspension/no lift. My first foray into the world of GMC trucks with 20 inch wheels and tires. I just finished browsing through all 34 pages of this forum thread...wow, what a great place for wheel and tire advice! My truck came with Bridgestone Alenza 275/60/R20. Not a bad looking tire, but I think I'd like something a wee bit taller and all terrain. What options do I have to keep the stock wheels but get a taller tire and not have to cut/modify the wheel well housing? In a couple of the forum posts I thought I saw someone with stock suspension saying they had installed 285/60/20 or 275/65/20, but I failed to notice if they had a AT4 or a SLT like mine. If anyone has pics of a stock SLT setup w different tires, please share! Thanks in advance for your help! Daryl
  12. My apologies, forum police! I thought this was a forum thread to ask questions and get advice on modifications to our trucks. I tried using the search bar function (biggest stock tire, stock suspension, stock tire replacement, etc) with no luck. So if you have a better idea on how to search for an answer then please share. Or if you have something constructive or informative then please share that. Otherwise, you're just being a keyboard troll and I invite you to save your comments for something you might have knowledge of.
  13. 2020 Sierra 1500. Stock suspension/no lift. My first foray into the world of 20 inch wheels and tires. The truck came with Bridgestone Alenza 275/60/R20. Not a bad looking tire, but I think I'd like something a wee bit taller and all terrain. What options do I have to keep the stock wheels but get a taller tire and not have to cut/modify the wheel well housing? Extra points for attaching pics of your tires! Thanks in advance for your help! Daryl
  14. The bulb specifics are W5W T10. I ordered these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0821GVXB3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 6000K is the "bright white" color you'd want to match the rest of the lights. The current license plate bulbs look like 4000K (soft white). Once I get them installed, after what sounds like much cursing and sore hands, I'll post up some pics. Thanks everyone for the advice! DC
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