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  1. I'll definitely give that a try. We've got an ice storm headed our way and the rear defroster would be nice to have! Thanks for the update.
  2. @kodiakdenali This is right in your wheelhouse! Any thoughts/advice on this idea?
  3. My dealerships service dept is very backlogged due to a COVID outbreak. Not sure when I'll be able to get my truck in for this issue, but please share what you find out with us here!
  4. My apologies. I thought that was what you were looking for. Looking at the GM Upfitter manuals (page 7-250 of the electrical manual) https://www.gmupfitter.com/pdflists/view/45 the electrical connector you want is BCM X1 (white plug) pin 23 (Gray wire) it is the 2nd gray wire on the plug closer to the bottom.(Bottom row, 2nd in from right)The plug wires are numbered if you look at the plug from the side where the wires go into it. That is the one that will dim the cabin lights. I've tapped into that wire for my footwell lights and they dim just like the OEM lighting now. Hope this helps, DC
  5. absolutely. I have disabled the defroster from automatically coming on with remote start and also made an appointment with the local dealership.
  6. Alex, I'd encourage you to look at page 2 of this forum thread. Smoothbassman has a pic and a description of where the correct wire is on the BCM.
  7. 2020 Sierra SLT This morning I noticed a buzzing noise coming from the rear of the cab. The sound came from the right bottom of the rear window. The buzzing stops when I turned the rear defroster off. Turned the rear defroster back on, the buzzing started again. Has anyone else had, or noticed, this problem? I tried to find a connecter to see if it was loose but couldn't find it. I don't think it's affected the performance of the defroster, at least not yet. I figure it'll require a trip to my dealership's service department, which I'm not a huge fan of. Thanks for your time, DC
  8. @kodiakdenali What wattage of LEDs do you recommend for doing this project? My first thought was "more is better", but I want to make sure the electrical system can accept the load. @2k19Sierra Did you have to use a relay or any additional parts or did you just tie into the reverse light wiring to provide power to the lights? Thanks DC
  9. Would you be willing to add a link to the lights you used and a walkthrough on how you wired it all in? I'd like to see where/how you mounted the aux switch and how it's wired in as well. Thanks! DC
  10. 2020 Sierra 1500 I saw this mentioned in a thread on here, but after looking through dozens of threads I can't find it again! After struggling to see while in Reverse, I think I'd like to install flush mounted LED pods into the rear bumper footwells in order to provide more light while backing up. Would someone who's done mod this be willing to provide a walkthrough on how to install the lights? (how you installed the light pods, where to splice, what you used to splice, etc)? If you could provide links to what light pods you use or recommend that would be much appreciated! I've got a Putco Blade Quick Connect Harness inbound, which I'll install and use for any splicing. Thanks for your time and help! Daryl
  11. I used a RED Posi-tap (18-22ga per the packaging) and it worked with no issues.
  12. If this is your truck could you give a description on the quality and look of this product? What color did you choose? I went to their website and, while it lists the colors available, it doesn't show the color options. $147.oo is the cost for the kit and they're made of billet aluminum per the website. DC
  13. If you want to lock your keys in the truck you hold the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons at the same time for a sec or two. That'll lock the truck with the keys in it. Continued pressing of those two buttons will fold the side mirrors(if your truck has that feature). I'm still not sure how, or if, you can change the code to a personalized one.
  14. @kodiakdenali I agree 100% with you on the placement of the task light/fog light switch. Are the task lights on a separate circuit? I'd like for them to come on when the truck is remote started and after the truck is turned off similar to the puddle lights. Maybe puddle lights to task lights w a diode? As for the step pocket LEDs, I was looking at a flush mounted set on Amazon. Any recommendations on which ones to use? The lights power wire would tap into the trucks reverse light wire and the ground would go to the chassis or would it have to go into a ground wire? The tailgate light bar I was researching plugged into a harness made by Putco. The Putco harness connects into the trucks wiring harness so it doesn't require any tapping or soldering. Then the light bar connects into the Putco harness. Like you, I'm all for maximum lighting when the truck is in reverse. Not only for my benefit but hopefully for other drivers or pedestrians.
  15. @kodiakdenali One light mod you might give some thought to is how to make the task lights (the lights on the mirror) come on when the headlights come on, or get the task lights to come on when the truck is in park. They come on when the button on the headlight control is pressed, but the button needs to be pressed each time for the lights to come on. I'm not sure what the purpose is of those lights. Like you, I'm looking for more light when the truck is in reverse. I saw a mod where small LED lights were placed in the footwells of the rear bumper. They were flush mounted so the footwells were still usable. I've also looked at the light bars that go under the tailgate. They seem to provide extra lighting as well. I look forward to hearing about other light mods you do. Please post them up here so we can learn!
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