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  1. Yep, Already did this. I added led lights under the bed rails so I could see what's in there at night under my tonnue cover. I tied into the bed light switch. You can use the same method to run any other lights you want back there. Its a simple process, but you will need to use a relay to do it as the BCM looks for a specific voltage on that circuit. Adding more current draw on that circuit causes the bed lights to shut off after 3 seconds. So I tapped into the bed light as the relay trigger. (top right of photo with the T-Tap) and pulled power from the trailer hitch circuit to run the additional LED lights in the bed. Installed the fused relay right to the body behind the tail lights (bottom of photo) so it would stay dry. Works well with no issues in 6000 miles of running this truck.
  2. That's the next size I'm going to after these wear out. Looks like there's enough space to get them tucked in with the Trailboss Lift. Running a LT 285/50-22s now on my Truck
  3. I would be interested as well. That aside, I would look at a few things. Air pressure - drop it in the 40 psi range. That's where I run mine unless I'm towing. Tire balancing - make sure they are all road forced balanced. I had a vibration at high speed on my 19 Trailboss and after road force balancing we found a bad wheel. Changed out, rides like glass now at any speed. Alignment. To much toe out leads to instability. After the level did the shop get it adjusted correctly? Make sure it's right. As for the noise, you picked a tire that isn't the quietest. For that very reason I went with the Terra Grappler G2s on my setup. Just start to eliminate variables one by one and see what helps.
  4. The brackets hold it on from the back and essentially clamp the light in place. I checked them last week and they have not moved since I have installed them.
  5. Well it's just dumb that they take the mirror away when it can work with the safety systems.
  6. Very nice work!! 3D printing is great!!
  7. Very tight. Less than an inch from that bottom edge. When I get a chance I'll measure it.
  8. Very nice!!!! About to do this modification in the spring.
  9. That version is plug and play. It's a little pricey. I got mine with shipping for 40 bucks.
  10. Please share, what's the answer that you found.
  11. Yes. I installed the OPT7 floor lighting kit. The lights turn white when you open the door. Easy 60 minute install.
  12. Map lights are led soldered to a circuit board. Not removable.
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