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  1. very anxious to see the refresh. will likely be my wife's next vehicle
  2. 4” readylift. I love the look of the stock 20’s but you’re limited on tire size if you don’t want large spacers. I’m running 295/65/20 (35”x11.75”) with 1/4” spacers in the front only. Slightly rubs the factory stone guard when turned at full lock to LEFT ONLY. If you can live with larger spacers or are doing a 6” lift you should be able to run 35”x12.50”. FYI even with the 1/4” spacer on my setup the front tires touch the UCA when the truck is on jacks. When it’s on the ground there is ~1/4” gap.
  3. glad i'm not the only one experiencing this and that it looks like a non-issue for the most part. i have 65% on the front with less than 3k miles on mine. will ask about the reset when i bring it in for the first scheduled maintenance.
  4. just got my 4" Readylift installed and it looks perfect. got a couple more small mods in the works but will be posting my first pictures on here soon. i initially bought 295/65/20 nitto trail grapplers (35.47" x 12.13") but they just wouldn't fit. ended up switching to ridge grapplers instead which are about 3/8" narrower in that size. i'm running the factory 20" wheels so it's been a bit more problematic than an aftermarket wheel would be. FYI for those out there considering using the factory 20's with this lift kit and 295/65/20's you WILL require a 1/4" spacer in the front only. the tires will touch the UCA when the truck is in the air but once it's on the ground you should have ~3/16" to 1/4" gap. very slight rub on the felt liner but only at full lock. you can run wider tires with this lift + factory wheels, but it'll require bigger spacers and trimming your lugs or lug nuts. my advise is get some aftermarket wheels if your budget will allow it.
  5. havent pulled the panel yet. will snap some pics and post when I do. i'm no electrician but i'd assume since the rough country lights come pre-wired and use the battery as a power source its a matter of replacing the relay switch included in the kit with one of these panel switches ???
  6. thanks, you beat me to it. Yes the circled ones are just spacers but they're functional switches on some of the LTZ and High Country trim levels. This leads me to believe there is a way to wire up a factory switch but it may be labeled as something else. once the aftermarket catches up a custom switch should be fairly simple to produce.
  7. Looking for an auxiliary switch that'll mount directly in the factory locations and haven't been able to locate any GM part options. I'm trying to maintain that factory look. Is anyone aware of any aftermarket options? I recently purchased the grill mounted dual 10" light bars from Rough Country that I'd be using this for.
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