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  1. Wow, you are absolutely unbelievable. I can't tell if you're a GM employee or just a fanboy. You repeatedly downplayed many posters comments about a potentially lethal issue with these trucks. For the average consumer in a high traffic situation it isn't going to make a difference if the brakes have failed at the 100% point or the 10% point. The only thing you are accomplishing is alienating good folks who have experienced a BRAKE FAILURE. My wife almost crashed into an intersection last week full of 60 mph traffic. If several of the vehicles hadn't swerved when the truck entered the interse
  2. I'm currently deployed overseas but my wife just got our 2019 RST back from the dealership after a week. She was driving and went to apply the brakes and the pedal went to the floor. She said there was almost no braking at all. The dealership replaced the left front brake wear sensor as you can see in the attachment. They also told my wife did a software update. Needless to say, how can anyone feel safe in one of these trucks. A software glitch causing loss of brakes is insane!
  3. I would find a different dealer for sure. While mine couldn't do it either, they tried for more than 2 hours. Never once did they expect me to pay for what they could not do and in fact apologized they couldn't perform the job.
  4. Sorry, my edit isn't working right. Just wanted to add that a lot of the new lifted trucks at dealerships have full warranties because the trucks are built by companies like Black Widow and others that add supplementary warranty coverage and as you can see by the sticker price, you are paying a premium for that. Also, when anyone says it's no problem with your warranty after lifting etc, ask them to show you pictures of their aftermarket lifted 2019 T1.
  5. And this right here folks is firsthand, not just the usual I see them lifted at dealers all the time stuff that has the potential for disappointment later down the road. I also provided a firsthand account of my experience at my dealer on a 2019 Silverado. I also called numerous dealerships in the State of Mi and every one of them said they couldn't do it. BEFORE you move forward, DO NOT count on what you read in a forum. Get it in writing from your dealer! I'm okay with it and built my truck the way I wanted. I can afford to absorb costs normally covered
  6. Well here are a couple pics of my RST with the Readylift 4" SST. I've put just over 6,800 miles on the truck since the lift was installed. Mostly country roads but about 600 miles on two trackers and rougher terrain than most new pick-up owners will ever travel. Also much time pulling a light 4,500 lb camper. I have no CV boot rips, sway bar has never hit the driveshaft in spite of a great deal of articulating and no other negative issues the above youtube commentors spoke of. Aside from a slightly firmer ride due to the, now load rated E tires, the ride is very much
  7. I think they stopped offering those because they got in the way of the tie down hooks. I also recall them being quite a bit more than $200 per side....like a lot more. I'd like to get something like that though.
  8. Initially my dealer said they could only reprogram to the largest size offered on my model T1 which I think is the 275/50R22, could be wrong on that though. Once at the appointment, they said they couldn't even do that because GM wouldn't release the code to do it.
  9. Obviously someone who didn't read the posts in the thread, lol. ^^
  10. Wow, that would be a shame if the AT4/Trail Boss's have issues with the Readylift 2" lift with UCA's. I just installed the Readylift 4" SST lift and I have no issues at all. I haven't hear of anyone else having issues with this kit on their 2019 T1's either. Is it something specific to the AT4/Trail Boss platform due to the factory 2" lift?
  11. I doubt they will ever offer a software update to allow this due to the obvious liability. You could however, just wire it to a + tap in the fuse block.
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