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  1. Does anyone know where the speaker wires route out of the interface under the glove box, 8 inch non bose . Does the driver side wires go down the passenger side and then over to the driver side or do they go to diver side through the dash? I need to tap a powered sub into rear speakers and wondering the best place to do that, at the interface where the plugs are? at the passenger side near B pillar? If anyone has done this any help would be appreciated. I know the wire colors, just wondering where to tap into them the best, and easiest Thanks.
  2. I have the 8 inch non bose and i have replaced my front and rear speakers with kicker and i was wanting to add the kicker hideaway 10 inch. I was wanting to run power wire to battery, use auto turn on and tap into rear speakers. What color wires did you use and did you use 2 channel or 1 channel or tie both channels to the right rear. I know just enough to get me in trouble so i need some help? Not really wanting to spend $600 on factory sub.
  3. Just like factory but black gmc letters.
  4. Anyone know the size of the slt premium pkg 20 inch polished wheels center cap size? I bought the black emblems for front and the back and want to get rid of the red GMC on the wheel center caps, any suggestions vinyl stickers or buy new caps, anyone done this yet? Help
  5. It’s not gloss black. It’s kind of a metallic black sort of dark gray, one of the reasons I wanted to change it.
  6. Holy hell, not sure I world recommend this mod to my worst enemy. Had to remove bumper, valance, old insert, fog light wires. Plenty of black tar on fingers to elbows. I’m a big chrome lover (ol school) but not sure it was worth it??
  7. No part number, Just search ebay for denali chrome lower front bumper.
  8. I want to replace my black lower front bumper on my slt with the chrome denali one. i found one for sale on ebay. Has anyone changed this part? Does it just clip on? How hard is it to install? Any help would be appreciated? Its the lower middle part that incorporates the tow hooks? Thanks.
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